Central Florida Beauty Bloggers May Meet Up

Central Florida 
Beauty Bloggers
May 19, 2012
Crave Restaurant, Orlando, FL
was our location. We have outgrown this 
place already.
I think will be holding convention style meetings soon, at this rate.

More stuff than you can shake a (lip)stick at…
 No, I didn’t get a cat in the bag. I’m working on getting photos and this silly boy came over and was rubbing all over it.
 You all know that Milani Cosmetics ROCKS!
 Reviva is a brand that is new to me, and I am 
very eager to review.
Wet ‘n Wild cosmetics are right on the money 
with color trends.
Maria, of Cult Nails, gave us a sneak peek at her newest collection, Fairy Tale, to be released next month.  You can click here to find out how to put in your pre-order and also, see Maria’s swatches of them…
  Here are the beautiful, talented, supportive, 
creative, and fun
 Ladies, I had so much fun. Two hours wasn’t enough for me to get a chance to talk with everyone. Congratulations to all who shared great news. Welcome to your newest members. 
And, hugs to all my friends.
Stunning reviews and swatches coming up PDQ.

Central Florida Beauty Bloggers Each Create Their Own Lipstick Shades

Designing my own lipstick color is a dream!!! But it isn’t a dream any longer!!!
I’m starting at the end so I can show you what I got. I picked a pink with just a bit of sparkle for my lipstick. And there was left over gloss that I felt complimented my lipstick, so I had that tweaked a little bit to be my own, and now I have both on the vanity.

This is my lipstick called ‘Pink Bish’…

And my gloss is named ‘QR Me’…

I even got to add a sunscreen and a dulce de leche flavor to my gloss.

This is how I got my own lipstick and gloss made; I went to a Pucker Suite party. Sounds titillating, doesn’t it? The party was hosted Artisan Beauty

And they invited the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers to check it out…

I would LOVE to have this chemistry set on the vanity!!!

What you see are our hostesses creating lipstick to exactly each person’s own specifications. Any color you can imagine, they can make. We also had a variety of flavors, add sunscreen, moisturizers, and even plumpers to add to our lipstick and glosses, if we chose.

And no one held back in modeling their own lipstick style.  

Judi was right on the money with her shade…

Toni, being a professional makeup artist, didn’t miss a beat with her true color…

Eugenia complimented her look perfectly…

I think Alyssa is the next spokes model for a toothpaste commercial; look at her smile!!

Steph couldn’t have made a better shade match for her complexion, flawless…

I told her Phyrra that I knew her lipstick shade was going to be bold and she didn’t disappoint…

Alli flashes her gloss and her super smile…

And Brittany created a pink lipstick with power to sizzle…

Artisan Beauty is the closest thing to a Fairy Godmother of the Vanity. If you have ever dreamed of creating your own lipstick or gloss color or, if your ultra favorite shade has been discontinued, with a swipe of their spatulas, Artisan Beauty will turn your frown into a super model smile. Just like all the super star beauty blogger models you see here. 

To learn more about Artisan Beauty, go to their website here.
My lipstick was provided for my honest opinion and review. I purchased my lip gloss.

Central Florida Beauty Bloggers Meet Up

We had HOURS of fun today! I caught up with my buddies, made some new ones and did a whole lot of swapping polish!

 I took this HUGE box for trading.

 Steph of Imperfectly Painted leads some introductions.

 Pamela became our group photographer.

 Sharing swapping and enjoying our goodies. We got some incredibly wonderful sponsors that I want to thank and will do a separate post for that.

We numbered 21 today. That’s growing from just 4 of us a year ago. We are BEAUTY BLOGGERS OF CENTRAL FLORIDA!!!

Sharing Blog Love with Central Florida Bloggers

There’s a 3 part giveaway going on at Libby’s Vanity! Check my post here to enter and read the rules and guidelines.

On with the love-sharing post!!

There is a group of nail bloggers right here in the Central Florida area.  I’d like to make sure you are aware of them too.  I follow them all and they each of wonderful blogs. Just take a look!

For Me, It Works isn’t truly ‘Central Florida’ but nonetheless, she is a kindred soul.

Once Bitten shows off the classy look of nail blogging.

Imperfectly Painted is having a blog sale, so check it out and her polish reviews as well.

Clumps of Mascara gives in depth reviews on more than just nail polish.

Cult Nails has her own polish line and can give you the best ‘Rockstar’ nails you can imagine. 

Phyrra taught me to fear not the red eye shadow. And she shares her makeup talents generously.

Nails Beautiqued has the newest releases on OPI and other polish brands.

Niftyba  is a cute pixie that pulls fashion into real life.

If I have left out any Central Florida nail/makeup blogger, get a hold of me right away!