Walgreens: It’s Time To LOOK UP!!!

Every year at this time, I eagerly await to show you the beginnings of Walgreen’s gift boxes. The high up shelves have been in place for about 2 or so week, so I knew the products were on the way. I saw this yesterday at one of my local Walgreen’s…

Walgreens holiday look up

I figure if you read beauty blogs, you want to know what is coming up! How about more elf beauty books!…

elf beauty book Walgreens

These must be a hit since they had so many out this year. I’m a collector! These two will be coming home with me and going to my elf beauty book shelf.

The Color Workshop has collections that have a bit of everything in them. I was impressed with the shadow color choices available…

Color Workshop Walgreen kits


And elf has several $3 gift boxes which I think make excellent add-ons to Secret Santa gifts or just as stocking stuffers…



Walgreens elf sets


This Wet ‘n Wild Fergie collection endcap subtly hints at being for the Holidays but it doesn’t have any holiday designs on it. Either way, I’m reading several reviews on these items and, will be getting that huge makeup box very soon. Last year, I didn’t wait and bought the makeup box at full price only a couple of weeks later to have to go to half price. So, I’m going to hold out…just a bit…not much longer! I did purchase the elf beauty books that you see at the base of this display and will be reviewing those here soon…

wnw holiday sets

Is anyone else collecting the elf beauty books? I’ve bought one Christmas gift, so far? How are you coming along?


Better Late Than Never; Or, Shopping Early

I had some work, Monday, scheduled at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Once I finish my work, I take photos of it, to send to the company I work for, to show what I have done. This time, I took photos of new beauty products first.

I did it mostly because I was stunned….

Granted, Miss SinfulColors is not, like, old but, there is a new display of Adventure Island!!! It only had one bottle missing, it was that new. I thought I’d get one or two from these collections however, they were lackluster to me. No longer in vogue, or trendy to me. NEXT!!

I got around yesterday (watch how you take that!) and stopped in a CVS. I didn’t have hopes for this one either. But I did find something new to me…

I didn’t see any new shades in this 8 pack but, it has a nice color selection. The price is fairly decent too. Keep in mind, they are mini sizes.

 After visiting that CVS, I stopped at one Walgreens closer to home. If you are a nail blogger, you probably know what I was looking for. No luck. Yet this was new to me, as well. I don’t think I’ve read about it either.

More crackle. I mean a LOT more crackle…

 Peek-a-Boo! I see you, Kimberly!

Hee hee…the tops are dusty. 36 different colors of crackle? No way!

  I looked to see if there were duplicates. But I didn’t find any.

 I didn’t get any of these…yet. So, I’m unable to tell you how the quality ‘cracks’ up. It’s named Cherimoya’s ‘2012’ collection of cracked nail polish. And for $2.99 a bottle, 2 for $5; the price isn’t killer. If there is a particular look you want to do with a crackle, you’ll surely find the shade you are looking for in this collection.

EDIT: My dear reader, Shally from Polished and Not Quite Put Together, just posted a nail look using 2012’s Black Crackle. Step over here and take a gander. 

 Today, I went by a Walgreens on the way home (a different one) and even though I wasn’t hopeful about the Wet ‘n Wild’s On The Prowl collection, I stopped in.

I didn’t find them, and I was prepared for that. However, I do want to mention to my faithful readers that sometimes Walgreens puts product out on the floor but, just on the higher shelves waiting to be ‘dropped’…

All these products are shelved on the top level of the shelf. This is the aisle that has mens’ products on the other side, and on this side is the hair care/products. These items are for the ‘first wave’ of Christmas retail. You can still shop for these items; they have to sell any product they put out on the floor. However, they are meant to be dropped, or placed, on regular shelves as the older displays dwindle down.

Most of these items are from Profusion Beauty. I got a set of 3 from one of these collections. I will have photos and swatches for you tomorrow.

One last thing before I wrap up…the display of Wet ‘n Wild that had the duo packs; it is almost empty, so I’m betting another WnW display will take its place. Please, don’t let me get my hopes up!!! *sigh*…too late.

Did you know about looking up on the above eye-level shelf at Walgreens?