Like A 12 Year Old In A Candy Shop; Claire’s New Polish

This new shade, Claire’s ‘Candy Shop’, is getting some press. I have only found one and boy, did I snatch it up! I hadn’t read anything on this until after I got it. But it is worth the buzz.

This polish makes the 12 year old in me cheer…

‘Candy Shop’ makes me think of ‘Whimsical’. Both are light-hearted and just fun to wear.

Take a gander at this confetti amount of glitter in a dusty pink base…

 I don’t know how many different sizes of glitter are in this polish but I think it is a lot! And there are a lot of colors too. I’m not using this word lightly; jam-packed!

OK, back on track. The base of ‘Candy Shop’ is opaque enough that I didn’t have to put on underwear. Yes, the 12 year old that lives in me laughed out loud too…

This is just 2 coats! And to my surprise, this glitter lays down way better than I thought it would. I topped it with a coat of Seche Vite just to keep my hair from snagging on it,though. But the removal was typical of large glitter polish. It was as stubborn as making a 12 year old go to school on Mondays.

This was a fun manicure to do and to photo, as well. I must have taken 100 pictures. And you might not have noticed until I pointed it out but, I have a really wicked hang nail going on with my middle finger. Puffy and ouchy. Too bad I can’t ignore it.

Have you seen this polish yet? Does it look like a 12 year old’s favorite polish? In 29 days, I am going to be old enough to say, I’m going to start my second childhood. It’s THE ultimate landmark birthday: 50. I think I’ll stay with 12. At lease mentally.

Cinderella’s Purse

Before the pizza gets here (and, Happy Thanksgiving, by the way), I want to show you a super deal I’m proud of finding.

I do shop at Claire’s Boutique because they have some cute things and I have to stalk the nail polishes, as well.

However, sometimes I can find the neatest clearance stuff. Like this purse…

 $32 down to $16? Pfft….try a final clearance of $5!!!!

 It’s not a big purse,but I love the teal and purple faux reptile skin.

As I was reviewing these photos, I noticed I got a glimpse of the movie poster I have up in my bedroom ‘nook’ area. When I was in the video retail industry, one of the District Managers remembered that I said ‘Ever After’ was one of my very favorite movies. He got the poster for me.

If you have seen the movie, you know that Leonardo di Vinci made a drawing of Cinderella. That is an actual drawing. And, that is what I have next to the poster. Ah, see…I do have a romantic side. 🙂

I Spy…Glow In The Dark Polish at Claire’s

There are a lot of entries for my last giveaway and even more tweets to confirm. That’s my homework for tonight! Check back for the naming of the winners.

I went to visit a client at an outlet mall today. I stopped in at Claire’s and they had their Halloween jewelry and accessories out. It was just one tower for now. But I found some glow in the dark polishes…

I’m really pleased that this photo does a great job in capturing the true colors of these polishes. The price was $3.99 each. I got it on the sly from the manager…she said come back next week and the Halloween stuff would be buy one, get one half off.

But what I really wanted to get were these…

You wind them up and they walk. See their little feet? They glow in the dark. How sweet is that mummy!! I think these were $4.99 or so.

Another client I visited is a large hotel over by a big-ass convention center. It was the one that hosted the Orlando Premiere in June that I went to. Parking is not cheap there, but I am. I park in the Walgreens’ parking lot and walk to the hotel. I know the parking lot is for Walgreens’ customers so that is why when I come back I make a point of going in there. Clever, eh?

Here’s what I saw…

Sinful Colors ‘Go Plaid’ collection. I’m underwhelmed by this one. I have read on other blogs that the purple ‘Amethyst’ is a new color. I didn’t think it was anything that I don’t have 7 of already. I was tempted by the orange ‘Chelsea Orange’, I believe is the name. But, I’m still holding onto my money for some Wet ‘n Wild collections and Metro China Glaze collection. Oh, and Sinful Colors are 99 cents this week, however, this store didn’t have one sale sign up for their Sinful Colors.

Once the sales clerk moved her….body, I was able to get a photo of this OPI collection…

It’s good and plenty picked at, so I know it’s not new. However, it seems odd to see OPI in Walgreens.
And, see how nice the polish remover bottles are placed around it? The sales clerk worked extra long and hard to arrange these just so perfectly. (Yea, I don’t have anything else to do either.)

On Saturday, I went on an expedition; I wanted the Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Dream Weaver’ collection!!! I googled up 3 Winn Dixie’s right in my area and plotted my attack. If you check out Nouveau Cheap‘s blog, she has a map that shows were these deviously shy motha’s are found. I noticed that a lot of them were found at Winn Dixie’s and that is were I, previously, found the ‘Victorian Collection.’ So off I went.

At the second store, I found them. Just like this…

Holy Moly!! Do they not have any idea how precious these are?!!! They had all of them but one. Here’s what I got…


I haven’t owned any makeup more coveted. I wore the ‘Earth Looks Small…’ (last one) on Saturday to Maria’s, at Cult Nail‘s, birthday party. Today I wore ‘Dancing in the Clouds’ (third from the left…or right, either way). I’m pleasantly surprised that the three shades with ‘Dancing…’ work so well together. I wouldn’t have imagined that. I do have to say, I will have to wear a shadow primer to keep this one in place.

Now I’m out for the BIG score…Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘On the Prowl‘ collection. Just check out Vampy Varnish‘s swatches of these and tell me how delightfully ‘trick-or-treat’-ish they are!!!

And, hey, if you don’t know this already, many Walgreens get their holiday items out on the floor and prepped but, they have them on the high shelves over the products.

Last year I was pulling the Halloweeen Wet ‘n Wild’s down and helping myself. The sales clerk magically appeared to ask me if I needed help. I said ‘Yea. Hold this while I get another display down.’ She proceeded to tell me that these where not ‘out’ yet and I couldn’t get them. I must have the icy-est stare because she backed down in a hurry. And, I walked out with new Halloween makeup.

This Wednesday Is A Pink Sandwich

Wednesday = PINK!!! I’m in awesome company; here are others that wear pink on Wednesdays too.

 A favorite blog that I follow, Glitta Gloves, has done a couple of ‘sandwich’ manicures, in which she was inspired by another nail blogger.

A ‘sandwich’ manicure consists of a base jelly polish, a glitter polish and then, topped with the same jelly color.  Kirsten does a beautiful job. I’m inspired. Let’s see what I can do…

Here are the players…

From the Bloom collection, Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Laughing Lilac’. Next is an awesome pink, flakie glitter from Claire’s. And what I’m going to use for the sheer topcoat is Color Club’s ‘Incognto’ from their Alter Ego collection.

First is the base color. This is the ‘Laughing Lilac’, which I love that name….

I only did one coat because I want to keep the sheer look. But this one is a shiner, isn’t it?

Now comes the glitter with Claire’s pink flakie…

 And finally, ‘Incognito’…

 Meh…mine falls flat. One of two things happened. One, my base coat may have not been pale enough. Glitta Gloves uses the same polish color for the bottom and top coat. And second, my glitter is in a colored jelly base. I see that Glitta Gloves uses a bolder glitter but set in a clear polish.

On its own and not in a comparison (like me against Miss Universe!), it is just alright. But it can’t even be called worthy of a now famous manicure ‘sandwich.’

Kirsten, you are the best! Thanks for the continued inspiration. And I’ll try to do better next time.

Claire’s Green and Gold Flakie Polish

There are not any nail bloggers I follow that do not like flakies…

I found a little set of flakies on clearance at Claire’s.  Ohhh, I almost missed out on them.  This was the last one.
So, this is a continuation of my green Heaven post from earlier.  I used the green flakie over that mani…
and got this…

The flakes are gold and green.  They seem to be a bit bashful.  They are on there but, just don’t show up in the super-bright sunlight.

I have on two coats as I was trying to get the larger flakes to adhere.  They are on there, just very sparse.  And this polish is rather thick.  Hey, I don’t care!  It’s still really pretty and just because it doesn’t photo well doesn’t make it a loser. 🙂

So here I have the original polish, Heaven’s ‘Too Turquoise’, then China Glaze’s ‘Matte’ polish, and now I have Claire’s Flakie glitter on.  I have no idea why I stopped there; I still could have applied OPI’s ‘Black Shatter.’  Overkill….yea, I know.

Are you able to get at least a tiny sense of the flakies on this mani?  Do you like using flakie polish?

I’m Lucky To Be Irish

Happy March 1st!  I have a lot happening this month, how about you?

I’m going to share a lot of green polishes and makeup with you through St. Patrick’s Day.  I align myself with my Irish heritage.  I have German and Scottish blood as well.  However, I look so Irish and love all that is Irish, that it seems the dominant lineage for me.

And, I sometimes do get a bit of the luck of the Irish!  I felt lucky when I finally purchased this lemming…

Can you hear it screaming ‘DUOCHROME!!’  You betcha!  This is Claire’s ‘Venomous.’  I’m taking it to be a play on MAC’s Venomous Villains collection.  Did you notice that all the villains were women?  That didn’t seem fair.

Anyhoo…I found this to be one fascinating and interesting shade.  It makes me think of a fly’s eye color.

Does it want to be green?  Does it want to be purple?  How about both.

I have 3 coats of color followed by a coat of Seche Vite from a brand, new bottle!  Yea, that’s always a ‘yippie’ feeling to start a new bottle of Seche Vite!  I thought I had picked up the Seche Clear at first because it wasn’t a thick, goopy mess.

Just a bit of bubbling going on.  That’s on me, though.  The third coat came on too soon.  Nevertheless, I loved wearing ‘Venomous.’  I had some (nice) fun at my husband’s expense with this shade.  He’s the only audience I have to blatantly show off my new manis to.  He plays the ever-supportive role and oh’s and ah’s on cue.  I asked him ‘what color is this?’  Poor man is blue/green color-blind.  He couldn’t say what color it looked like.  I asked ‘Green?’  I asked ‘Purple?’  The ever-a-politician answer was ‘I guess.’  I delighted in telling him he was right; it’s all those colors!  Are we not just the most exciting pair?

Although it is not an out-and-out green, it starts off a foray into the Luck of the Irish fest.  I just realized that the myth about St. Patrick’s Day has to do with St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland; snakes; venomous; get it?  OK, I groaned too.

Do you have a St. Patrick’s Day manicure?

What’s Pink and Black and 300 Followers Strong?

There just has to be another giveaway; Libby’s Pink Vanity is approaching 300 followers.
Plus, I thought these items were super cute.  So, here’s the super cute 300 followers giveaway!  WooT!

 A cute pink and black coin purse, NYX’s ‘Sweetie’, a mineral shadow sample of Hi-Fi Makeup’s ‘Last Words’

 Payless Shoes is carrying a couple of lines of makeup.  Seriously!  The 3 mini polishes are: Ballroom, Dancing Queen, Twirl (2 cremes and a shimmer).  The 6 lippie palette is ‘Petal Pinks’ and the shadow palette: ‘Soft Petals’ and it has 4 shadows; 2 matte, 2 shimmer, and 2 creme eye liners; one is blue and the other is brown.

Last is a cute shadow palette I found at Claire’s.  This one is…No Name!! Ack!!  I hereby name thee, in the tradition of those that have gone before you, ‘Pampered Petals.’

I saw these cute items and knew I had a giveaway in the making.
I love the packaging!!!!

It’s evening, so the colors are not photographing well, but I do want to show you what is up for the prize.

Out of the light box for a family portrait.

Here are the rules:

(Just in case, this means you HAVE to do these two things or your entry will not be counted and that would be sad)
1) You must be a follower; let me know how you follow.
2) You need to leave me your email address so I can contact you (all your entries HAVE to have your email address!)

3) Put this on your blog and link back to here, and you’ll get 3 more entries.

4) Tweet about this giveaway linking it back to here.

5) Share this on your FaceBook, link it back, let me know about it and you’ll get an entry.

Be sweet; don’t cheat!  Post in the comments for each entry, separately or all together.  It doesn’t matter.

Giveaway is open internationally and to those who have won with me before.  

This giveaway runs quick because I have another one lined up!  I will close this one Oct. 16, 2010, Saturday at 10 PM EST.

You likey? 

I’ll share with you two of my favorite pink things;  that’s Libby’s pinky lip and her pinky toes.  That is the inspiration for my blog’s name.