China Glaze’s Ginger; A Penny For Your Thoughts

I’m going to brag a little bit about myself, in a minute. First, I’ll show you the swatch. That way if you aren’t snooping interested, you can bug out after the photos.

This China Glaze polish is from way back; like maybe Fall of 2010. That sort of tells you how deep my ‘to be swatched’ stash is. Pardon me for a moment while I shutter.

The goods…

‘Ginger’ is from the Vintage collection and I fell it love with the entire collection. This shade is no exception. Best way I can describe it is copper-y micro glitter with some iridescent/gold small glitter all tied up in a bow.

You’ll have to squint your eyes to see this because it tends to be rather bright…

Uh-hmmm…yep. Shiny like a brand new, copper penny.

It’s glitzy…not garish. I am surprised that this copper color goes well with my skin tone too.

I got the sun coming and going with these photos. However, you can still see the glitz.

OK, here’s my story:
Many years ago, so many I can’t even say, I had been toying with the idea of changing my blonde hair to red. I thought about this for a few months. Then, I made a new friend that just happened to be a hair dresser and I shared my secret with her. Her salon, which just happened to be in the same office building I worked in, made it really easy for her to come up to my office, ask me to join her for lunch, take me to her salon and turn my into a redhead. Just like that. 
When I returned back from lunch, I shocked my co-workers, needless to say. But, amongst their gasps, they told me how cool it looked. I was pleased…and relieved that it did look OK.
Only after a couple of weeks, we all went out for Friday after work drinks. Stuffed in this Irish pub, we all yelled at each other to be heard. While hanging out with my friends, I got a tap on my shoulder and I turned around. This man, who I did not know, told me the following…’There are two types of redheads: those that are really ugly and those that are gorgeous. You are gorgeous. Just wanted you to know that.’ 
Insecurity of making the leap to being a redhead: slayed. 
Reason for this story is two-fold: One, that some reds do look good on me. I was many different shades of red during the 12+ years I wore that color. And two, you just don’t know what is in store for you unless you take a leap and entertain a sense of curiosity.

The Ugly Series: Part 5, Just Plain Ol’ Orange

This is the last installment of The Uglies.  I’m having a hard time going through my stash finding anything that blatantly is ugly. Even those shades I have chosen to move out of my comfort zone are not out and out ugly. I should have saved that franken I made a month or two ago. Now, that was ugly.

This one is more of a meh…

than an ugly…

I dare say this is more scary than ugly.  Eeps!

Here is Love & Beauty’s ‘Orange’.  Just ‘Orange’. And, almost as exciting as its name…

Three coats with a top coat of China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward Top Coat’. I did a review of Revlon’s ‘Copper Penny’ and it is very similar. And I wasn’t bowled over by that one either. ‘Orange’ is a burnt orange hue. It does look brighter in the sunlight, however.


 It did have good coverage and it was uber shiny. It’s just a bit ugly and is not my favorite color. If it was a lighter shade, it might be a great one for the beach and sandal-wearing. Neither, I’m apt to be doing.

What do you think about copper polishes? Is it one you’d wear?

Pick 3 Polishes Challenge

I was up for the challenge, I just couldn’t pull it off.

The lovely, C, at Lacquerware For Tips and Toes, gave out a nail blogging challenge.  She suggested grabbing the first 3 bottle of polish you can get out of your stash, and make some type of art with it.  Sounds fun!  Check over at her blog to see the other bloggers that joined in on the fun. 

Here’s what I grabbed…

I picked my three from three different stashes and they all ended up being China Glaze.  Weird.  The first one I grabbed was the Matte Top Coat.  Right then I knew it was going to be at least ‘interesting.’  Next was ‘Hey Doll’ and lastly, I chose ‘Hologram.’

There were two different designs following in my skull.  Here was the first one…

 First, I taped off my nails in a diagonal.  I polished with ‘Hey Doll’, two coats.  Then I put on the Matte Top Coat.  After drying, I took off the tape and did the other side in ‘Hologram’.  Once that dried, I took a Stripe Rite pen, and in black, put a single stripe offsetting the two colors.  Then I put on a top coat, just on the stripe and over ‘Hologram’.

Truly, I do not have a steady hand.  Grrr… But, you get the idea, just not a clear idea.

 Then, just for kicks, I did the other idea I had…

I only am showing these because I accepted the challenge; definitely not to show off great work.  It’s not great at all.  And the colors and design are interesting, at the most.  I wanted to keep my word to Laquer For Tips and Toes.  She is, truly, a sweetheart and, I recommend you follow her blog.  That’s where you’ll see the cool stuff. 🙂

Here’s who I tag…check out their blogs because they are some of the best out there…

1)  For Your Nails Only
2) Ice Queen’s Nail Parlour
3) Kitschy Suburbia

I Like Money, But…

I had lunch yesterday with Kari who runs OnceBitten.  I was smittened; I was having lunch with a nail blogger who I admire and she is a celebrity.  Kari is a puppeteer.  Like I told her, not the Punch and Judy stuff!  These puppets are truly dinosaur size!  Go check out her blog to find out more about her and to see her in depth reviews on nail polishes and beauty products.

As a follower, you may know my unpropitious feelings for boring nail polish names.  Here’s a surprise then.  Revlon’s ‘Copper Penny’ didn’t do it for me.  Yep, it was one I said ‘meh’ to. 

Sunny window photo.

Outdoors in the sunlight.  (It’s gorgeous here in Orlando today.)

Tip wear in under 24 hours.  Here in the sunny window again.

In the sunlight is the only attribute I find for ‘Copper Penny.’  It was fussy to apply.  I have just 2 coats here and maybe could have done 3.  I have 2 coats of Seche Clear and one Vite over this.  It’s got a few bubbles.

I do like metallic polishes and know they tend to be a pistol to apply.  Usually they are worth it.  I just don’t feel that ‘Copper Penny’ is.  A penny earned, here, is a penny not worth picking up.

What do you think?  Do you like the color?  Do you find metallic polishes hard to use?


These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

OK, so not many, anymore, can appreciate the movie, The Sound of Music.  But it was quite the movie in its day.   And the song from that movie, My Favorite Things, has become a Christmas classic.  Funny, since it wasn’t Christmas in the movie.

I’m sharing a few of my favorites with you today.  What would life be without sparkles and looks of winter holidays.

This is a polish color that is like a brand, new penny…

From OPI’s Burlesque collection, ‘Rising Star.’  I got the Little Teaser collection to get 4 different colors for less than the price of 2 larger bottles.   Here the photo shows it looking quite gold, however. 

Outdoors shows a truer sense of ‘Rising Star.’  For as cute as these little mini bottles are, there are some downsides.  One, the size of the bottle is a real pain to hold onto.  And second, it takes some getting use to the squaty brush.  Well, actually the stem part.  Yet, many of us will go through this just to wear OPI.  They have the reputation of polish that applies well and wears well.

Unlike a shiny penny, this copper has sparkles of copper within it…

And for my pedicure, I choice a color that looks like sparkling snow…

From their winter collection, Finger Paint’s ‘Winter Wishes.’ 

Other bloggers that have reviewed this said that it is opaque.  After the first coat I was wondering what was wrong with my color, or my technique, because it looked more like an overlay. But the second layer give it the color depth I wanted.

I wanted it to look like this on my toes.  It’s a beige colored base with silver micro-glitter.  But I think I see some iridescent glitter as well.  It’s a new to me color and I love it.
Finger Paints are very affordable polishes and they perform quite well.  “Winter Wishes’ was very easy to apply.  But it didn’t dry as fast as I thought it would.  So, after some sitting around the house, I had to get out and get some errands done.  I put on my shoes.  I scrunched the polish on my big toes.

No problem, I just redid them.  However, I noticed something quite unusual.  When I first started to scrub off the polish, the color morphed and it began to look more like the color in the bottle.  Here you can see the color difference between a half scrubbed big toe next to the second toe produced from the original pedicure.

Nevertheless, I like this color.  It’s frosty, chilly and a real winter color.

Granted, it doesn’t seem like the holidays are coming up, being in Florida.  But I can create the feeling with my nail polishes.  Just a few of my favorite things.