A Positively Purple Polish

This comparison is quite by accident. And so is much of the cool things I have discovered in my life. That’s why I’m so big on things I call ‘pleasant surprises.’

After I did this post on Cosmetic Arts nail polish, I went looking for a new polish to swatch. And wouldn’t you know it, I found this one…

This one is purple. No doubt. Take a look at it side by side with the previous Cosmetic Arts I reviewed…

Now there is no doubt that the one I first reviewed, which I named ‘Shifter’, is a green. There’s a lot less slate color present, as it showed alone in the previous post, when you match it up next to the purple.

So, I’m always thinking of a name for these no-namers whilst I polish. I have to, sometimes, really think it over. But most of the time, it will just pop into my thoughts. This is one I had to mull over…

I don’t write down a bunch of names and pick from those. It isn’t that important to decide, really. I don’t get any money or even brownie points. It’s just a fun game. So, here’s the one I got: ‘Positively Purple’.

And it has a LOT going on! This is 3 coats with Color Club’s ‘Vivid’ Color Intensifying Top Coat.

It is a bit of a shifter, itself. Glimmery, gritty, glitzy all happening at the same time.

Depending on the light source, there are many looks/shades to this Cosmetic Arts ‘Positively Purple’ polish.

What do you think…a cool purple? Between ‘Positively Purple’ and ‘Shifter’, which is your favorite?

A Mystery: By Cosmetic Arts

There’s something mysterious, to me, about Cosmetic Arts nail polish. I think it might be that I don’t find the polishes anywhere but Ross Dress For Less and, that they don’t have a name of the shade printed on them.

Then, naturally, they come out with a shade like this and really adds to the intrigue…

You know I’m going to name it…’Shifter’. This one went from drab green to smoky slate. And then there is a shimmer of gold running through it.

Here is a better look at the gold sparkles.

And here is the work for your review…

The sunlight was bold and strong. Lots of over-exposed lighting but it can’t hide the buffed look of this one.

Too much light made it hard to capture the gold sparkle but you can see just a faint amount on the index finger.

And the shaded light even shows the buffed look. I didn’t put on any top coat because I liked the suede appeal of ‘Shifter’.

Sometimes nail bloggers will run across a shade that is just hard to pinpoint describing the essence of the shade. So, tell me…what would you say this shade is? Slate? Green?

Snow Light Blues

Yesterday I posted on a Sally’s Girl polish that, even though has no name, is still a crisp and shimmery steel blue-gray. I gave it a make-over and it came out fairly better.

First, I want to show you the Cosmetic Arts polish that began this evolution…

Cosmetic Arts doesn’t name their shades, but doesn’t this one just scream for one? Screamin’ Steel? Eh.

But, oh how lovely this steel blue is…

This is with four coats and I still didn’t get the same opaque look I wanted. I just wanted it to look like it does in the bottle.

Here is a photo in the shade…

Too sheer for the look I was going for. However, as I was sitting there with a grimace, I glanced over and saw the Sally’s Girl, again no name, that I had just swatched. I got a simple idea…

Check out the micro-glitter in the bottle, and there is the slightest of shimmer on my nail…

It’s there, on the nail, but ooooh, so subtle. In the sunlight, and rolling my nail back and forth, I could see all the different colored glitter twinkling like a night sky.

Using Sally’s Girl polish, as the base coat for Cosmetic Arts, gave me more of the look I was hoping to achieve and with less coats. I used 2 coats of Sally’s Girl and just one coat of Cosmetic Arts.

If I was a Franken Fashionista, I would franken these two and see if I could get the wanted look in just a single polish.

I’m sort of partial to icy blues during the winter. I got a photo of this over Christmas…

Is Bigger Better For Glitter? What If I Said Flaky Glitter?

I just have to face the facts. I’m going to wake up and it is going to be Jan 2, time to start a new year and new business contracts. That means Christmas and New Year’s Eve will have flown by me and I’ll be sitting here with a lot of Holiday polishes I never got to swatch. So, I better get busy!

Realizing this situation, I dug around the to-be-swatched drawer in the vanity. I was all set to pick out my favorite one and get crackin’. My first choice was China Glaze’s ‘Snow Globe’ from their 2011 winter collection. In staying with the comparison theme, I dug some more and found Cosmetic Arts no-name flaky that is now ‘Super Size Me Flaky’.


‘Snow Globe’ is the perfect name for this polish. You’ll find a mix of holo micro-glitter along with a bit of holo hex glitter.

Sparkle-dazzle holiday. Yes, it does, indeed, look like a snow globe…

I picked this photo because it reminded me of the kid that got double-dog dared to lick a metal pole. You know, from ‘A Christmas Story.’ I can only guess that the little people in this snow globe are playing hide-and-seek.’ But they must really suck at it.

Done digressing…
Cosmetic Arts is missing the fun by not naming their polishes. But, they are giving me some fun. When I first laid eyes on this one, I really did yell out ‘Oh, shit!’ I couldn’t grab this polish fast enough when I found it at Ross’…

I don’t think I have another polish that has flakes this size. Thus, ‘Super Size Me Flaky.’

There was nothing that could suffice to showcase these topcoats other than a rich creme. I picked out ‘Velvet Box’ from China Glaze’s current holiday collection. And, I think this one did the job…

On my thumb, middle and pinky finger, you see ‘Super Size Me Flaky.’ That leaves ‘Snow Globe’ for the index and ring finger. Now tell me, if you had 4 seconds to pause at a red light, wouldn’t you stare at these?


Good grief, those flakes are on steroids. And I was flat out thrilled that this polish applied in a very well-behaved manner. ‘Snow Globe’ was thick and it wanted to bunch up at the tip of the nail. After patience with laying it down and going back over it before it dried, it fell into that scattered look.

I’m gong to play favorites all over this post…


I’m not a fast-food girl; I gave it up 9 years ago. But this is one time I have no regrets at all to ask for a Super Size.

Opinions? Envys? Revulsions?

China Glaze’s CG in the City With Skittles

I have been doing ‘skittle’ manicures lately to highlight several different looks that an overlay polish can create. I, recently, did a skittles mani and reviewed it here.

So, here I am, at it again. First is China Glaze’s ‘CG in the City’…

‘CG in the City’ (get it…CG = China Glaze) is a wholesome, sparkly confection. In a purple, translucent base, there is silver, iridescent and dark purple glitter…lots of it. I wanted the look of the polish in the bottle to be the same as on my nails.

I didn’t get what I was looking for…

 After I did the pinky, with 3 coats of ‘CG in the City’ and didn’t get the opaqueness I was looking for, I went looking for a way to give this polish more flavor.

That means SKITTLE TIME…

First is, China Glaze’s ‘Cyperspace’; Color Club’s ‘Give Me A Hint’; Cult Nail’s ‘My Kind of Kool-Aid’; Color Club’s ‘I Believe in Amor’; and Cosmetic Art’s No Name Bright Pink.

Each one of these is gorgeous in it’s own right…

China Glaze’s ‘Cyperspace’; Color Club’s ‘Give Me A Hint’; Cult Nail’s ‘My Kind of Kool-Aid.’

Color Club’s ‘I Believe in Amor’; and Cosmetic Art’s No Name Bright Pink.

Here is what they each look like with one coat of ‘CG in the City’…

From thumb to pinkie: Color Club’s ‘I Believe in Amor’; Cult Nails’ ‘My Kind of Kool-Aid’; Color Club’s ‘Give Me a Hint’; and 3 coats of China Glaze’s ‘CG in the City.’

On the right thumb, I have Cosmetic Arts’ No Name Bright Pink…

As gritty as these may look, after one top coat of China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward Top Coat,’ this wasn’t really all that bumpy. I think if I would have put on a coat of Seche Vite, maybe even, two coats, it would have been really smooth. However, I don’t mind gritty polish. Just as long as it doesn’t snag my clothes or peel off like some large glitter will do.

Take one more look and I’ll tell you what my favorites are..

The middle finger has Cult Nails’ ‘My Kind of Kool-Aid’ applied. It gives the look lots of depth. The iridescent and silver glitter show up quite well. This is my second favorite pairing.

On the index finger, I used China Glaze’s ‘Cyberspace.’ It is a very glittery polish on its own. As a purply-beige, it polishes opaque and, the glitter is more subdue than the ‘CG in the City.’ Putting them together creates a dusty lavender with a lot of glitter inside. The balancing act of the purple ‘CG in the City’ and the purplish-beige in ‘Cyberspace’ softens the overall shade. This is my favorite combo.

Tell me which combo you like or, do you think you’d wear ‘CG in the City’ alone?

Hypnotizing Skittles

Almost everyone likes Skittles. Even if they don’t, they do know what they are.

In nail blog land, skittles means putting different color polishes on each of your nails. It also can mean using the same polish as an overlay and different base coats or, vice versa.

This time, I’m going to show you different base coats to showcase Cult Nail’s ‘Hypnotize Me’ as an overlay.

‘Hypnotize Me’ is a jelly polish with a light, translucent green base. Then it is loaded up with a ton of green and turquoise glitter.

Here’s the line up of the base polishes I tried out with ‘Hypnotize Me’…

First, is ‘Hypnotize Me’; Sally Hansen’s Nailgrowth Miracle ‘Gentle Blossom’; Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear ‘Black Out’; Cosmetic Arts no name Baby Blue; and last, Artmatic’s #37 white creme.

Here is a closer look at each of these…

This is ‘Hypnotize Me’ alone on my thumb. This is 2 coats, no top coat.

And, here are the skittles…

From top to bottom: Cosmetic Art’s ‘Baby Blue’; Artmatic #037; SH’s ‘Black Out’; and SH’s ‘Gentle Blossom.’ Each base is 2 coats and 2 coats following with ‘Hypnotize Me.’ Looking at these, I bet you thought I’d go with the ‘Black Out.’

Well, I was until I looked at this shade and changed my mind…

This is ‘Vintage Velvet’ from Finger Paint’s new Fall collection.

Pretty wicked together. Reminds me of the ocean. I have 2 coats of ‘Vintage Velvet’ and 2 coats of ‘Hypnotize Me.’ I don’t have on any top coat. ‘Hypnotize Me’ is shiny enough without one.

Cult Nails can be purchased from their website. Finger Paints are found at Sally’s. It might seem odd, but I enjoyed wearing my skittles for the day.

I like the grape flavored Skittles. Which one do you like? How are you going to wear your ‘Hypnotize Me’?

Sock It To Me, Supernova

I’m not holding back…

 I love this polish. In 1979, I had a black, sheer blouse that had rainbow threads running through it. I wore it over an off-white tube top. Go ahead, laugh. But I was rad.

The minute I laid eyes on this LA Girls Rock Star, I knew it was mine. It’s called ‘Supernova’ and it is so swoon-worthy. In a black sheer base, there is a ton of holo bar glitter.

Knowing it was sheer, I invited ‘Supernova’ to be a coverup for some hot polishes. I chose these…

LA Star’s ‘Supernova’; Color Club’s light pink creme that came in the French Affairs collection; Sally Hansen’s ‘Black Out’; Sonia Kashut’s ‘Starry Night’; Cosmetic Art’s No Name Bright Blue.

I did it ‘skittles’ style…


On my thumb, you see ‘Supernova’ all by itself. Index is over Color Club’s Light Pink French. Middle is Sally Hansen’s ‘Black Out’. On the ring finger is Sonia Kashut’s ‘Starry Night’. And rounding out the skittles is Cosmetic Art’s Bright Blue.

There is one topcoat of China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward Top Coat’.

Each beauty in her own photo…

‘Supernova’ alone.

Over Color Club’s Light French Pink (no label on bottle).

Sally Hansen’s ‘Black Out’. (So far my favorite all black creme.)

Over Sonia Kashut’s ‘Starry Night. (Got this one on clearance at Target. Can you see the tiny silver glitter?)

Cosmetic Art’s Bright Blue. (No names given on these either. I have 2 coats but as you can tell, it’s showing sheer.)


I like them all, except for when ‘Supernova’ stands alone. That sheer black base makes the nail look dirty. But it shines over other polishes. Let’s just keep ‘Supernova’ over to the handy side for later use.

Which one do you like the best? Or, do you have a shade you would put ‘Supernova’ over?

Just Who Do You Pink I Am?

Are you wearing PINK? Well, are you?!!

I am because on Wednesdays We Wear Pink.

This is a very, very serious pink…

By the company that gives you Color Club, here is Cosmetic Arts’ no name pink. I’ll name it ‘Who Do You Pink I Am?

On my toes it goes! This super neon pink is what summer pink is all about. I have on 2 coats and a top coat of Sally Hensen’s ‘Teflon Tuff.’

Don’t hide that pink, wear sandals…

My Mom gave me these sandals; I think they are just darling. I have several summer dresses that these shoes, and this polish, will make pretty.

I haven’t any idea where Mom got these. I think she tried them for herself and found out that she isn’t a ‘heel person’ no matter what the height.

That was nice of her to hand them down to me!

And this summer flower would match perfectly. I think I’ll wear it in my hair to top off the look.

Don’t you think this neon pink is perfect for sandal-wearing?

Mardi Gras Purple Parade

Just a bit of a replay with this purple creme…

 I used this purple when I made my Mardi Gras manicure.  Here, I use it as a full-fledged set.  This Cosmetic Arts polish doesn’t have a name…til now.  I call it ‘Mardi Gras Purple.’

It’s a creme that doesn’t have a ton of shine.  I certainly didn’t help it out by getting a nick on the ring finger.  This is three coats and one top coat of China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward Top Coat.’

There are some colors that I put into my ‘comfort zone.’  Purple is one of them.  I think this even spills over into my wardrobe as well.  Just by a stroke of luck, I was wearing a shirt that this purple matches perfectly…

And to just jazz it up a bit, I put on a top coat of glitter…

A clearance polish from Icing.  It’s called ‘Glitz & Glamour.’  OMG, I love this with the bar glitter!!!!  Swoon!!

I kept it to one coat just because I know I usually OD on glitters…

Now it really does look like a Mardi Gras parade.  Some day I hope to go to Mardi Gras. I think I’d have a blast.  How about you?  Have you been to Mardi Gras?  I have been on the outskirts of New Orleans and several other cities in Louisiana.  I had some of the best food there too.  Don’t you love Cajun food??  YUM!!

Mardi Gras Mani Madness!!!

Ooh, I almost missed any part of celebrating Mardi Gras!  Well, if I insist on a few more days of celebration, Universal Studios carries the theme til April 23.

This is one of those designs I have swirling around in my brain looking for a way to manifest.  Here’s what I used as my inspiration…

This is a pin I got when I was working in Louisiana, one year, during Mardi Gras.  I didn’t GO to Mardi Gras but I was around New Orleans while it was being celebrated.  In many of my travels, I will purchase a piece of jewelry to remember the event or the place.  I have had this pin for about 10 years and still wear it during Mardi Gras.

The color scheme is yellow, green and purple.  And I added in OPI’s Black Shatter to the look…

Here’s Cosmetic Arts’ creme yellow, BB Couture’s ‘Caterpillar’, Cosmetic Art’s creme purple and the OPI Black Shatter. 

Send them to a party and this is what they come up with…

Mardi Gras Mani Madness!!!

I painted on the colors in a diagonal stripe alternating directions on each finger.  After drying, I put on a layer of Shatter.  I liked it so much, I had to run over to my hubs and show it off.  I got the gratuitous ‘oh, ah, yes!’ from him.

Well, I think it’s cute! I just wish I would have thought of it last night instead of tonight.  I’m still going to wear it tomorrow.  No one handed me a rule book!

Last weekend was the 70th anniversary of the Daytona Bike Week.  My hubs and I went as he had never been before.  And we had a blast.  Here’s the thumb ring I got to commemorate the event…

Do you have any objects that you like to collect during your travels or life events?