I Spy…New Cover Girl EyeShadow Palettes at Wallgreens 5/24/2012

I had to do a double take on the model for this new Cover Girl display…

That’s Taylor Swift looking all saucy! She’s all smokey-eyed with these new palettes…

I love the color combos of these too. I was in a hurry and didn’t spend a lot of time checking these out. But snapped these photos to show you. This display was only set out yesterday too.

Have you seen it yet? What do you think of ‘virginal’ Taylor getting sultry on us?

Color Club’s Secret Agent Holds Back No Secrets

Color Club’s Alter Ego collections have some of my very favorite colors. I mean, like all of them are fab. This purple is no exception…



I know it looks like a blurple in the photos, however, in real life, it is out and out purple. No wonder it’s called ‘Secret Agent’. Master of Disguises.

Three coats and no top coat, at this point. The first coat is very streaky but begins to behave with the second coat.

Then, a fancy pants, special effects look with Cover Girl’s Ice Slicks…

This is named ‘Anti-Freeze’. It makes a very, very subtle change. Much easier to see in the sunlight than indoors. I have reviewed ‘Anti-Freeze’ before, here.

You might notice that my nails are not smooth. That’s not the polish, it’s the gel overlay. I have taken back the reigns of doing my own nail work. While going to the salon, I was having issues of either getting acrylics when I ask for gels and/or the nail tech was applying the product super thick. As my nails grow, I’m putting on a thin coat gel. Not all the old product comes off very easily. And, my nails are thin; I won’t pry off the old. Plus, I have the ‘rings of fire’ where my nails have been filed down too far. A skilled tech should never let that happen. I’ve never done that to myself or anyone before.

So, it’s no secret that I enhance my nails. But the rest of me is for real. Well, except my hair color…and a few of my teeth…..but everything else is real!!!! ;p

Hi! I’m One Year Old Today!!

Happy 1st Blog Anniversary, Libby’s Pink Vanity!!!!

All I can add is that this has been the most fun I have had on the Internet. I have new friends, new blogs to read and new products to check out…all I would never have known about without joining this community.  Thank you, dear readers, for being a part of my fun.
I have loads of manicures in the can to post. I’ve given up the hope that I can keep up with my habit purchases. So, unless I wish to declare defeat, I have a lot of fodder to keep the blog rollin’.
Sometimes you  get a story to go along with a nail/makeup purchase. I’ll keep this one short.

I found a CoverGirl NailSlick’s two-pack at the Dollar Tree. There was only one clerk at the register and he was taking his time. He was commenting about every item anyone was buying. I almost put this down because I wasn’t in the mood to deal with purchase commentary. There were at least 5 people ahead of me. The, when there was just one person ahead of me, he pushed the check button instead of the debit card button, I yelled out a ‘NOOOO!’ However, I stuck it out and I walked away a winner.

 I didn’t make thispurchase for this color. This is OMFG UGLY!!!  Applied well; polish wasn’t globby; dried well too. Only negative-it’s ugly. It’s called ‘Sand Castle’.
But here is why I purchased the set…

IceSlick’s ‘Anti-Freeze’. This polish looks like alien go-in-the-dark snot. It’s neat-o.

 I’m not going to spam-alot because my nails were in sore need of a gel refill,  NOT the acrylic one I was given instead. Also, I’ve cut back my nails since. But ‘Anti-Freeze’ just melted my icy feelings about ‘Sand Castle.’  The photos don’t do this polish justice and neither do my nails. What can do it justice is to revisit it under better conditions. I want you to see what a truly cool look ‘Anti-Freeze’ can make.
Sometimes I just have to put up with crap happening around me. Even if I didn’t do the crapping, someone did and someone will have to deal with it. Try not to crap on anyone’s day.

Thanks for tagging along with me. You are all very special. (HUGS)

I Spy…New Stuff at Ulta Today 3/23

I so need to be on a no buy diet!!  I think I can blog everyday for a year and not run out of new polishes to swatch.  OK, I’m exaggerating a bit.  Well…no…I’m not.

Did this stop me from going by Ulta after work?  Hells no!  I was looking for the new OPI Femme de Cirque’s ‘I Juggle…Men’.  They didn’t have it, so I still, technically, honored the no buy.  That didn’t stop me from looking around

Covergirl has used the quip ‘Clean Makeup’ forever.  I really don’t know what they mean by that.  Really…how can makeup be ‘clean’??? 😉   In this case, however, it is to help provide clean drinking water for children in Africa.

Here’s part of Covergirl’s press release on this project…


Charitable Program Delivers Full Year’s Supply of Safe Drinking Water To Area in Need

HUNT VALLEY, MD (January 5, 2010) – COVERGIRL, the nation’s number one cosmetic brand announced today a charitable partnership between its Clean brand of makeup and the Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) program, an organization dedicated to addressing the critical, global need for clean, safe drinking water. In celebration of the millions of loyal Clean Makeup users, COVERGIRL launched the campaign, “COVERGIRL Clean Makeup for Clean Water,” with a one time $500,000 contribution to CSDW.

“COVERGIRL’s generous donation will provide 50 million liters of clean water to children in need around the world, which prevent millions of days of potentially deadly diarrhea and save lives,” says Dr. Greg Allgood, Director, CSDW. “More than 4,000 children die every day from diseases caused by unsafe drinking water, and we’re thrilled to join the COVERGIRL Clean Makeup for Clean Water Campaign to help eradicate this global health issue.” The campaign will deliver clean, purified drinking water to needy areas via low-cost, PUR™ packet technology that purifies even heavily-contaminated drinking water so it meets World Health Organization standards for safe drinking water.

“Women who use COVERGIRL Clean Makeup products value inner as well as outer beauty and are sensitive to the needs in the world,” explains Vince Hudson, Marketing Director, COVERGIRL, Procter & Gamble Beauty. “COVERGIRL Clean Makeup transforms you into your most beautiful you without breaking your wallet. The same is true of the COVERGIRL Clean Makeup for Clean Water Campaign: It delivers clean drinking water to needy areas around the world, transforming lives for mere pennies a day. It’s a beautiful thing!”
What you get for helping out is a cool-looking compact of Covergirl’s Pressed Powder…

Various shades and three different compact looks to choose from.

In full disclosure, I have never worn this product, to my knowledge, so I cannot express an opinion on it.  I also didn’t purchase one either.  But what I can say is I like it when a purchase helps those that are less fortunate.

If you have used Covergirl’s Pressed Powder, what did you think about it?

Thanksgiving Nail Polish Tradition

This polish(es) are really old!  I can’t even tell you how long I’ve had them.  You’ll be able to tell by the bottle shape that these are ancient Sally Hansen’s.

Every fall, around Thanksgiving, I fall in love with this combo.  However, I did some comparisons.

I start off with SH’s ‘Bronzegold Frost.’  This will tell you how old this is; it says it’s made with nylon.  Didn’t nylon go out of fashion when spandex came on board?
Then, over ‘Bronzegold Frost’ I layer ‘Gilded Pink’…

Bronze glitter.  Cool.  Since these are old SH’s, they have that skinny brush that you just want to throw at a Claire Marie writer.  How in the world did we put up with those skinny, terrible brushes for so long?  And then, since I’ve had this since Cleopatra used henna for polish, it was on the thick side.  I’m not ditching these until I find some dupes!

That’s some sassy bronze glitter.  After just two coats, it made a beautiful combo…

Damn!  I buggered up my middle finger.  And wouldn’t you it, I didn’t see it til I got a photo.  sigh

So, I got to thinking (why do people step back 3 feet away from me when I say that??).  What if I have another overlay that would sort of look like this one?

I’ve had this one for a bit, but not years like the first two.  This is Cover Girl’s Boundless Color ‘Ruby Dust’…

This is what it looks like over the SH ‘Bronzegold Frost’…

This is still got that bronze look within.  The glitter is different sizes as well.  The large bits of glitter are iridescent and bronze.  The microglitter is bronze.

And now, a side by side comparison…

Not a whole lot of difference.  The ‘Ruby Dust’ just seems to have the chunky glitter where the ‘Gilded Pink’ is all glitter.  I did use 2 coats on both of these.  And, these are over 2 coats of the base, ‘Bronzegold Frost.’

You may need to stand back three feet, because I started thinking again.
I would not have called ‘Gilded Pink’ pink.  It’s bronze.  So to check for myself, I got out another pink overlay.  Here I’m showing Wet’N’Wild’s ‘Sparked.’

I have Sally Hansen’s ‘Bronzegold Frost’ at the top.  Second row is Sally Hansen’s ‘Gilded Pink’, then Wet’N’Wild’s ‘Sparked’, last is Cover Girl’s ‘Ruby Dust.’  Does ‘Gilded Pink’ look more like bronze and, ‘Ruby Dust’ look more like pink than rubies?

This is my traditional fall/Thanksgiving manicure.  It’s the polishes I use right after Halloween and have, for more years than I care to count up.  But as with almost any look, it’s good to spice it up, update it and then call it ‘Retro.’

Does anyone else have a Thanksgiving season beauty ritual?  Which do you like the best; Gilded Pink or Ruby Dust?