Pure Ice: Getting My Green On

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This is a fun day where anyone can claim to be Irish and no one is offended. I’m Irish, so I say the more, the merrier!

This is a fun holiday for manicures. I’ve been seeing such cute ones all over blogosphere. Here, let me contribute…

What could be more Irish than a…..French manicure?  LOL And the French manicure was invented by an American to give models and TV stars a manicure that was timeless. Oye! So here is my Irish twist to it…

I started off with Pure Ice in a smashing, metallic green. I love that high shine! And I did my nail beds with Sinful Colors ‘Social Ladder’. It has just a bit of shimmer to it as to not make my manicure look flat. I used French tip sticker guides to do my tips and would have loved to have rounded it off with a stripe of gold. But,  I had done good so far, I didn’t want to take a chance of ruining it!

I did test a few tips on my right hand with Pure Ice Crackle in metallic silver. I tried it both vertically and horizontally. I ended up liking my manicure without the crackle but it did add a neat twist to something already twisted.

And this mani was an attention-getter too. I got many compliments on it. I think my nails were just the right length for this look too. So I can say, I had a touch o’Irish in me this week. 😉

Special thanks for Bari Cosmetics for providing me, as part of the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers, the Pure Ice Crackle and Ice Duo Lightning Strikes.  You can visit Bari Cosmetics on their Facebook page: http://facebook.com/baribeauty.

I Spy…Sally Hansen’s Spring Salon Effects and Revlon’s Crackle Effects

I just happened to stop by a Walgreens this afternoon after I finished a gig at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I think I was trying to soothe myself because there was nothing new at BB&B. I got my giddy back finding these new things at Wags…

This is the first I have seen of these, so they must be brand new. So new that they didn’t even take the time to price them. But I’m sure they are around the $10 price point the others have been.

Cute names! And I’d be all over the ‘Not a Peep’ if they had been the actual, trademarked Peeps.

 Do these remind you of aprons? Do you even know what an apron is!!

Polka dots; WIN! Every single one of these are dainty and cute. Very feminine and flirty.

Next, I found Revlon’s dual end Crackle Effect polish…

I have read about this collection on other nail blogs. However, this is the first time I have seen it in stores.

 Pairing the crackle with a regular polish is not only a cool idea but the price is decent at $8.

Surprisingly, there are several frosts. I wasn’t expecting that many. Looks like 4 shades. But I think all the base colors are fun and trendy shades.

The display had samples of the finished look. Then, those silly displays are tipped at just the right angle to look good visually, but to photograph terribly.

While doing a project at Walmart, I found something that took me back to long ago…

Do you remember Lisa Frank products? These go back to the ’70’s. I remember getting some of these stickers in high school and putting them up in my locker. LOL Things haven’t changed. There were just two of these books left. I got them both. Would you like to win one? Leave a comment with your email addy and tell me what you like about today’s post. Anyone can win. I’ll keep this open til March 4, 8 PM CST.

Will you get any of the Spring LE Salon Effects? How about Revlon’s Crackle Effects, or, are you like me and just done with crackles?

Better Late Than Never; Or, Shopping Early

I had some work, Monday, scheduled at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Once I finish my work, I take photos of it, to send to the company I work for, to show what I have done. This time, I took photos of new beauty products first.

I did it mostly because I was stunned….

Granted, Miss SinfulColors is not, like, old but, there is a new display of Adventure Island!!! It only had one bottle missing, it was that new. I thought I’d get one or two from these collections however, they were lackluster to me. No longer in vogue, or trendy to me. NEXT!!

I got around yesterday (watch how you take that!) and stopped in a CVS. I didn’t have hopes for this one either. But I did find something new to me…

I didn’t see any new shades in this 8 pack but, it has a nice color selection. The price is fairly decent too. Keep in mind, they are mini sizes.

 After visiting that CVS, I stopped at one Walgreens closer to home. If you are a nail blogger, you probably know what I was looking for. No luck. Yet this was new to me, as well. I don’t think I’ve read about it either.

More crackle. I mean a LOT more crackle…

 Peek-a-Boo! I see you, Kimberly!

Hee hee…the tops are dusty. 36 different colors of crackle? No way!

  I looked to see if there were duplicates. But I didn’t find any.

 I didn’t get any of these…yet. So, I’m unable to tell you how the quality ‘cracks’ up. It’s named Cherimoya’s ‘2012’ collection of cracked nail polish. And for $2.99 a bottle, 2 for $5; the price isn’t killer. If there is a particular look you want to do with a crackle, you’ll surely find the shade you are looking for in this collection.

EDIT: My dear reader, Shally from Polished and Not Quite Put Together, just posted a nail look using 2012’s Black Crackle. Step over here and take a gander. 

 Today, I went by a Walgreens on the way home (a different one) and even though I wasn’t hopeful about the Wet ‘n Wild’s On The Prowl collection, I stopped in.

I didn’t find them, and I was prepared for that. However, I do want to mention to my faithful readers that sometimes Walgreens puts product out on the floor but, just on the higher shelves waiting to be ‘dropped’…

All these products are shelved on the top level of the shelf. This is the aisle that has mens’ products on the other side, and on this side is the hair care/products. These items are for the ‘first wave’ of Christmas retail. You can still shop for these items; they have to sell any product they put out on the floor. However, they are meant to be dropped, or placed, on regular shelves as the older displays dwindle down.

Most of these items are from Profusion Beauty. I got a set of 3 from one of these collections. I will have photos and swatches for you tomorrow.

One last thing before I wrap up…the display of Wet ‘n Wild that had the duo packs; it is almost empty, so I’m betting another WnW display will take its place. Please, don’t let me get my hopes up!!! *sigh*…too late.

Did you know about looking up on the above eye-level shelf at Walgreens?

The Lime Starts Here for the Crackle Effect

This manicure was so cool looking, I moved it up for today’s review. The one thing that I really, really love about crackles is that they can cover up flubs and a rescue a lukewarm polish. Now, this is not a lukewarm polish, by no means. So, take a look…

This is the smelly-scented ‘The Lime Starts Here’ from Color Club’s Wicked Sweet collection. And this is the first time I have used a scented nail polish. It seems weird to me, though. I can only smell my nails in private. Which, by the way, is something I would always suggest.

Even in the shade, ‘The Lime Starts Here’ looks like it glows. Super vibrant.

But, picking a neon green to use wasn’t so easy. I didn’t realize I even had a choice amongst my stash.

The far right polish is a green from Popstastic called ‘Twiggie’. The polish on the left comes from the Wicked Sweet collection and is ‘Get Your Lem-On’. This one looked green before it was let up with the other two shades. I wanted the most neon green shade as I seem to have made a mini series of them so far on the blog. So, ‘The Lime Starts Here’ was the neon winner.

Looks like a ‘GEE!’ color to me.

This is really odd, I know, but my eye will find something right away that matches the color of polish I’m wearing. This is one of my dish towels…
Libby wants to match the neon green too…

Next, I wanted to add something sparkly to it and boost it up to a ‘DAMN!’ manicure. I got this polish from the local flea market…

J2’s ‘Light Snow.’ Very interesting name to go with an interesting bottle and color. What you see is what you get; I don’t know any more about this one except that I got it for $1. It made my heart race when I laid eyes on it. A distinct yellow base with the bluish/green iridescent glitter and some pink/lavender iridescent shifts too. As striking as it is to look at, it is just as smelly. Any lime fragrance that was on my nails previously was run off by J2’s stink-ola.

‘Light Snow’ is very subtle. It was harder to photograph too.


But wait! I’m not finished…

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to show off this yellow crackle from LCN named ‘Blazing Yellow’. And I must tell you, it came out looking way better than applying this crap crackle. It was gloopy and very thick. It still moved the manicure on to a ‘YOWZA!’…

Snap! I’m sorry for the crackled cuticles too. I just put ‘Blazing Yellow’ on without clean up or cuticle oil. I was wanting to beat the sunset for lighting.

Just a bit of disrespect for ‘Blazing Yellow’ but only on the consistency of the polish. I think it resolves itself with the crackle effect. Yowza, that’s awesome looking! Sorry, no humbleness for me today.

I haven’t seen a lot of swatches of LCN’s crackles. What do you think about its looks/effect?

A Pleasant Surprise Pairing Up

As much as I’m on the computer, I’d think I would have read that blogger is changing. Well, I do know that its new name will be Google Blog or Glob Boogle…something like that. ;p

This isn’t a thought-out manicure. I just picked. But, I like pleasant surprises, right?

This tiny Color Club doesn’t have a name but I still love it. Here’s why…

This is a metallic silver with gold micro-glitter. I can see the glitter in the photos, but it isn’t showing up as gold. 
Next, is an unusual crackle color…

Mia Secret’s Crackle Polish ‘Sky.’ I picked this up from a new display at the Beauty Supply Store that I get Kleancolor products. So, I know that the Mia Secret crackles were new in the store. But, the separation of the polish makes me wonder just how old is ‘Sky’? I wonder if ‘Sky’ is as old as…dirt. *goes off to ponder*

This light shade of turquoise is not one that I would like by itself. However, because ‘Sky’ was a crackle shade I have not seen before, I got it. And with a quick pairing up…

Here’s what I got…

I like it! What do you think? ‘Sky’ crackles very well. It applies with ease and is a friendly polish; you don’t have to rush to get it on before it starts to drag.

As with crackles, ‘Sky’ dries matte. I left it that way.

This is a pleasant surprise. And it made me smile.

Are you smiling too?

Wednesday’s Pink Has Me Prodigious

On Wednesdays, I wear pink. So do some other nail bloggers. And I highly recommend that you add each one to your follower list.

Today’s pink is all around feminine!

‘Get A Clue’ is from Color Club’s Alter Ego collection. I have deemed ‘Get A Clue’ as my go-to new, pale pink polish.

Who can be offended by this color…

I have 2 coats on. Now, I think that 3 would have done it better justice. One reason is that I can almost see visible nail line on my index finger. And it is user error on the thumb for the streaky-ness. Yet, as a soft, creme polish, it is a GO.

Wanna see how it jazzes up?

Let’s take Sally Hansen’s new crackle, ‘Fuchsia Shock’. And let’s also work with Kleancolor’s ‘Aurora.’

Who’s your baby, now??? Yea…BABY!

I doubt there are many polish-wearers that would create this look and actually wear it. But if you are; Hello, kindred spirit!!!

I have one coat of ‘Fuchsia Shock’ and ‘Aurora’ on. Now, what I wish I would have done is try ‘Aurora’ over the crackle. That just might be a pink mani for a ‘fuchsia’ Wednesday. ;p

These are the polishes used for this look…

Is there any doubt I wear pink on Wednesday?

I Didn’t Want the Holiday To End Up Feeling Blue

I did an American red manicure with 5 different glitter/holo overlays. I got the photos of all the polishes, even. But, what I FAILED to do was take photos of my finished manicure!!!  Argggh! That’s what happens when I break my routine.

This event made me blue. What could I do to make up for it?

I know it says ‘Aquamarine’ but I call it Blue. ‘Aquamarine’ is really rarely this blue and this pretty. I should know. It’s my birthstone. Almost a turquoise color…

To all who love turquoise, I am sorry. I don’t like it. Blech.

However, I do love this shade from Nicka K…

I don’t know whether to call it a super frost look or a blue with a ton of silver micro-glitter.

Now, let’s play with this look…

This is China Glaze’s ‘Platinum Pieces’, their version of a silver crackle. Gosh, I love the way this one turned out. Those two shades compliment each other perfectly.

And, just to see what a white crackle would do…

I tried out China Glaze’s ‘Lightning Bolt’ crackle. White crackle works too.

My outdoor photos are shot in my backyard. If I can get sunlight from the patio, I’ll stay right there. But, I’ll venture out into the icky grass, if necessary. This little creature is one of many that live in my backyard. And, they become my cats’ arch-nemesis.

She thought I couldn’t see her blending in with the wall. But I found her. She doesn’t make me blue.
And my young friend, Adrianna, makes me not only happy and not, blue but she thinks I look good in pink…

Go ahead….laugh. It’s better than being blue.  😀

This Just In…..China Glaze Metallic Crackles

Who says being nice to your Sally’s Manager doesn’t pay off? She called me today to say the China Glaze metallic crackles had just arrived.

Here they are…

Captured in the light of a hot, Florida evening.

Each one is just as pretty as the other…

Latticed Lilac, Haute Metal, Cracked Medallion

Tarnished Gold, Platinum Pieces, Oxidized Aqua

Do you see a favorite? I have no idea which one I want to try out first for a full mani. I think I’ll skittle my pink Cheeky Monkey mani that I have on already.

EDIT:  I couldn’t wait to show you…

‘Latticed Lilac’ over Cheeky Monkey’s ‘Man Chaser.’

My Continued Love Affair with Forever 21 Polish

As a faithful reader, you have read my many posts on swatching Forever 21’s Love & Beauty nail polish. It’s the sweet combination of beautiful colors and a price that is completely affordable.

Tara, owner of Tough as Nails, just finished up a week of reviewing Love & Beauty polishes. I’ve totally enjoyed them. You can too by clicking here.

That revitalized my love again, so I dug out a new one to swatch. This is ‘Lavender.’ Of course, that name does NOTHING for me. That would be like calling me ‘Girl.’ Yawn…

But, I say, let the mani do the talkin’…

The color reminds me of the lilac bushes we had in our backyard when I was a kid. I have on 3 coats, with 2 on the thumb, and just one on my index finger. It is a delicate shade even with just one coat…

I discovered that ‘Lavender’ had a chic, long-lost cousin, housed in bottles almost identical, and who will have her time in the spotlight later…

I’m reading that some nail bloggers are saying ‘Oh no! Another crackle?!’ But, I’m saying ‘Hey, another crackle!’  Lavender got the works…

I picked up 5 randomly and gave them a test-drive. Starting with the thumb, Sally Hansen’s ‘Vintage Violet’, China Glaze’s ‘Cracked Concrete’, Sally Hansen’s ‘Distressed Denim’, OPI’s ‘Silver Shatter’ and last, China Glaze’s ‘Crushed Candy.’

All of them seemed to have turned out well. I think the least favorite would be the ‘Distressed Denim’ since it doesn’t stay with that demure look. And, my favorite would be ‘Vintage Violet’ for purple on purple. 

Are you still having fun with crackle polishes or, has the love affair faded?

Gray Clouds Over An Orange Sun

Can you imagine a ‘grunge’ nail look? Well, if not, check this one out…

This is the crackle gray polish from China Glaze and it’s called Cracked Concrete.

I took yesterday’s manicure, check here, and put some cement on it…

What a variety of textures. Hmmm…I can say, I was not consistent with application. And, I was trying to. It just happened. Not the look I was wanting. Yet, I could just say I was going for a down and dirty look. Hee hee! OK, no one would believe me.

I put one coat on; that’s all you need. However, how thick of a coat used is going to make the difference.

The thumb went all to hell. That is too much crackle to crack! If I had planned to wear this outside of my home, well, I would not have!

The only nail that went well is the pinky.

It doesn’t look like cement, but more like shattered, dirty glass. LOL Grunge..and I don’t do the grunge look well. The other nails, save for the thumb, could have been salvaged with a shiny top coat.

Did you ever step on a crack…on purpose? I did. I was an ornery brat!