Kleancolor: Multi-Tasking Stick

Like the multi-functioning black jacket, I can’t resist multi-use makeup. Kleancolor makeup has a Multi-Use Stick collection and I picked one up…

This one is called ‘Poppy’. It is a glittery, brick shade in the tube…

I like the packaging because I get a better sense of the shade color as well as how much is left once I start using it. However, as you read on, you’ll see how I was deceived, somewhat, on the color…


I have started experimenting using a creme blush before I put on mineral foundation. It just seems more logical to do it in that order rather than the other way around. But, I’m working on laying a foundation of color on my cheeks to see if it adds anything to the look.

Some cremes are better than others. I picked ‘Poppy’ because I don’t have any cremes quite this color. It seems I have a lot of pinks, as they work better with my skin tone. But, I thought ‘Poppy” would be a nice difference for a creme shadow and lipstick as well.

This swatch illustrates how ‘Poppy’ looks with my skin color…


Interesting that once is it on me, it looks more peachy in color. Still, it is a pretty color.

What I discovered is that Kleancolor’s Multi-Stick works best for me just as a creme blush. As a shadow, it creased and I wasn’t surprised. Not only am I having issues with shadows creasing on me, this product is super creamy, and it creased in no time. Even as a lipstick, it was just too creamy for any staying power. It did OK as a lipstick only when I used it with a lip primer. And then, that only gave it a couple more hours of hanging around. I think the reason this product worked on my cheeks is because I have normal to dry skin on the apples of my cheeks.

Kleancolor has a total of 12 shades to the Multi-Stick collection. You can see them all on their website. I got mine at Red Lips Cosmetics store, here in Orlando. At $2.99, it’s a rather small investment. 

Do you like multi-tasking makeup products?

Cult Nails: Nevermore One-Coat Black Creme Polish

Give me a creme polish and I’ll, eventually, look for a way to get glitter on it…

This is a one coat black creme….seriously!!! Maria, owner and creator of, Cult Nails has done what no one else could; make a one-coat black creme. Kari, from Once Bitten Blog, came up with the PERFECT name too: ‘Nevermore’. I wore ‘Nevermore’ for two days before playing with glitter. So, as you may notice, there is hardly any tip wear. ‘Nevermore’ is so shiny that I didn’t even need a top coat either.

Before I removed ‘Nevermore’, I did four glitter effects on each hand…


 On my right hand, I used: NK Nail Enamel in ‘Magical’ (thumb); Orly in ‘It’s A Meteor’ (index finger); Cult Nails in ‘Captivated’ (middle finger); Wet ‘n Wild in ‘Bow In My Presence’ (ring finger); and my pinky is bare.

Now on my left hand…

Starting with my thumb: Cult Nails in ‘Happy Ending’ (thumb); Orly in ‘Be Brave’ (index finger); China Glaze in ‘Luxe and Lush’ (middle finger); ring finger is bare; love & beauty in ‘Clear/Silver’ (pinky). I like how the sunlight bounced off ‘Happy Ending’. 

Years ago, when I wore black nail polish, I was so ‘goth’ about it. It seemed deviant. But today, I don’t think anyone thinks twice about seeing it or wearing it. At least for me, I didn’t notice anyone pulling their children away from being around me. 

Want to wear a one-coat black creme proudly? You can order yours at Cult Nails. And you can order ‘Happy Ending’ and ‘Captivated’, that I used, as well.

Do you take a walk on the wild side…wear black nail polish?

Milani’s Spring Collection: Hot Pink Frenzy High Speed Fast Dry

Milani got in the brightest shades this Spring. Someone said ‘make ’em bright this year.’ And, so they did…

Milani’s High Speed Fast Dry comes in ‘Hot Pink Frenzy’. I would have called it ‘Bright Idea’. 

This is the prettiest shimmer pink I own…

I have on three coats and have Sally Hansen’s Teflon Tuff as a top coat. I love the way Milani’s ‘Hot Pink Frenzy’ wore so well. The edges didn’t chip during the two days I wore this shade.

‘Hot Pink Frenzy’ has such a color impact; I couldn’t stop looking at this hottie…

This polish does a bit of a twist on a bright pink; there’s a touch of coral to it and a bright, true pink as the shimmer. No streaks at all. And it applied smashingly. If you are into nail art, I think you would love this polish, as well.

Whoever came up with the shades for Milani’s Spring collection had a Bright Idea!

It’s bright, no? Which shades did you get of Milani’s Spring collection?

This product was given to me for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Sinful Color’s Greek Isles; I’m Ready For An Exotic Vacation

Sinful Colors came out, this Spring, with a collection called Cast Away. I really did like very single shade too. I wasn’t expecting to like this one, but I do…

 ‘Greek Isles’ is a light turquoise shade. I put it into the same shade family as a ‘Tiffany Blue’. I know it isn’t exactly like that, I just use that as a reference.

What a fine creme this is. And, the interesting thing is I don’t like those ‘Tiffany Blue’ shades. Well, I have to back track now, don’t I?

 My camera makes me very happy that this photo is very close to what ‘Greek Isles’ looks like in real life. So, even in the sun it looks great. And, in the shade…

Just sign me up for a relaxing vacation on the Greek Isles. I have already packed my nail polish!

This is three coats and I have a top coat of Sally Hansen’s ‘Teflon Tuff’ Extra Strength Nail Protector. I’ll say it again, normally I don’t care for this shade. However, this one just clicks.

How do you feel about polishes this shade? Do you love ’em or hate ’em?

Sinful Colors: Olympia and The Naked Athletes

Sinful Colors recently released a spring collection called Cast Away. This is the pastel green from that collection..

This is called ‘Olympia’. Mount Olympus is the home to the Greek gods and goddesses. If you have read the myths, you might realize that Mount Olympus is sort of like a legendary ‘Big Brother’ reality show. DRAMA!!!

In the present day, Olympia is the founding location for the Olympics. The first games were preformed in the nude. In today’s world, no one could afford the TV commercial airtime for something that popular.

Sooooo….let’s just see how yummy this cucumber shake is…

Cremes looking pretty on me is elusive. Not the shade, but the application. I didn’t have that issue with ‘Olympia’.

I have 3 coats on and I topped it off with Sally Hansen’s Teflon Tuff extra strength nail protector (something I got from my Mom).

For not being keen on pastels, I really like this light green a lot. Doesn’t this shade make you think of Easter eggs?

Here’s Kayla. She took no time in adjusting to her new home. She’s as content as can be…

I think the big, black spot on her tummy is a target for rubs.

Milani’s Yellow Whiz Fast Dry Polish

A swatch I did this past weekend…

Milani cracks me up with this name: ‘Yellow Whiz.’ I don’t think I have a brighter yellow polish than this…

I used 3 coats but 2 would have been OK had I applied it a little bit thicker. Being a creme, I wanted to keep the streaks at bay.

And what a fashion statement yellow is; B.R.I.G.H.T…

OK, I cheated with an over-exposed photo but it did look like that bright in the direct sun. ‘Yellow Whiz’ did dry fast too. There wasn’t any streaking problems either. The nick in my thumbnail was my nail getting ready to chip; not the polish.

During the work day, I had two people comment on the bold yellow. Heck, I couldn’t disagree!

Have you tried Milani’s ‘Yellow Whiz’? What do you think about wearing yellow polish?

Dress Me Up For The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is the first blockbuster movie of the year. Have you seen it yet? How about China Glaze snapping up the rights to have The Hunger Games nail polish collection? This shade is just about for everyone…

‘Dress Me Up’ is a pinkish-taupe creme. I didn’t expect to like it. However, once I applied it, I was smitten.

I applied 3 coats. However, you can still see a patch or two of nail balding. That is one of the difficulties of creme nail polish. But, in real life, you really have to scrutinize to see this flaw. And I think this shade would be a nice base for shatter polish or nail stamping.

‘Dress Me Up’ is a warm color and yet, it is a neutral that is partial to being perfect for a wedding, as well as to wearing to work. And it might be so neutral in color that almost all skin tones can wear this one easily.

Very shiny without a top coat, I have applied 3 coats. ‘Dress Me Up’ is a pleasant surprise; I like it very much.

How about you? Do you like this color?

Sinful Color’s Cast Away In The Grecian Sun

Keeping up with the new collections can be difficult. I fall in love with the one I am wearing and don’t want to move on to the next swatch. This is exactly what happened with this Sinful Colors polish from the Cast Away collection. Check out ‘Grecian Sun’…

This is a bright, robin’s egg blue and it is to die for. Considering it’s a creme, I’m really loving ‘Grecian Sun’. I’m super fussy about the blue polishes I like and this one nails it. I have on 3 coats…

I tried to get away with just 2 but it was patchy, as seen on my index finger.
Then, after a couple of days, I wanted to mix it up, a bit, before moving on to another shade. This one looks more like sea than sun, though…

Can you just imagine the sun’s rays reflecting off the Grecian Sea from a hot ‘Grecian Sun’? I adore this look. I used China Glaze’s ‘Luxe and Lush’ from the Hunger Games collection. I just don’t think it gets any more spring-like than this…

Someday I’m going to go to Greece. And when I do, I think I’ll wear something from Sinful Color’s Cast Away collection. It really would be fitting.

Have you been to Greece? Did you see anything there was was the shade of ‘Grecian Sun’?

Ashes to Ashes; Charlotte Russe Smolder Nail Polish

Spring is right around the corner (and so is my birthday…oye!) and there are bright, clean-color nail collections sprouting out everywhere. Yet, in a few collections, I am finding a dusty gray or ash color amongst the brights.

Here are a couple I just happened to swatch recently…

Charlotte Russe has nail polish on sale for $1.99. I rummaged through the collection to find something that I didn’t have. I so did NOT need any nail polish, however, I couldn’t resist the heart-shaped bottle. How cute!

This is ‘Smolder’…

However, there is a trick going on here. My index and ring fingers have on a Forever 21 love and beauty polish called ‘Grey’…

So, this polish is a gray that has a light gold shimmer to it.

But, ‘Smolder’ is a creme…

Check it out on my pinky here, that’s ‘Grey’. ‘Smolder’ is on my ring and middle finger.

Yet, it is really hard to see which is which on my left hand…

 This angle got the gold shimmer shimmering!

It’s all in the lighting, of course. But to my naked eye, they both looked very, very close in color and finish. I used 3 coats and a top coat of Seche Vite. Well, I didn’t seem to pick out a shade that I didn’t already have. But, that’s OK. I love these dark, smoky grays.

Which way do you spell ‘GRAY’/’GREY’?

Flaky Flecked over Holly-Day Display

Go ahead…say that title 3 times really fast. Hee hee.

Yes, the Glitter Giveaway is still going. You have to enter here before Sunday, 1/8 at 8 PM EST.

Did you get a ton and a half of Holiday polishes like I did? I still have some to swatch but don’t want to seem like I’m not moving on, you know?

I am, however, still in love, and will be forever probably, with my Finger Paint’s Special Effects (aka FLAKIES!) collection. So I am looking for ways to take the Winter collections and marry them with the Finger Paint polishes.

Gotta love me some dark green creme polish…

‘Holly-Day’ is from the 2011 China Glaze Holiday collection. This is a green that I would pick if I could only wear one green polish. It’s a Goldilocks polish; not too dark, not too light, juuuuust right.

Next, I paired it up with the green flakie from Finger Paint’s named ‘Flecked’.

‘Flecked’ makes ‘Holly-Day’ look like it has lights blazing in it. And it was fascinating to flash my nails back and forth for the dazzle effect.

 I didn’t apply ‘Flecked’ on my thumb so as to show ‘Holly-Day’ standing alone. So, I have 2 coats of China Glaze’s ‘Holly-Day’ and one lavishing coat of ‘Flecked’, then the Color Club’s Vivid Color Intensifying top coat.

Yeah, I’m happy to have found a way to use ‘Flecked’ again. 

Are you scouting out ways to use your Finger Paint’s Special Effects?