You Know You Want The Entire Collection: LA Colors Flowers Palettes

Thankfully, being a beauty blog reader, and then a blogger, I have found that I am not alone wanting to own an entire collection of anything from nail polishes, to lip glosses to eye shadows. And, how easy is it to afford such an obsession if it is at the Dollar Tree. 

So, when I found a new-to-me collection of LA Color shadows, it was chump-change to get all five…

This are named after flowers but I found that nothing about the flower coordinates with the shades.

Doesn’t matter to me. I find them uber-pretty…


OK, OK…I know. Sometimes Dollar Tree makeup can be chalky and just plain cheap. And, I will agree. However, I have found that in the past 4 or so years, LA Colors has gotten a lot better. This collection is the best so far.

Here I swatched Water Lily and Orchid…

I’m not going to fib, these are so smooth, I had to double check that they were not creams. The swatches, that’s just 2 strokes each with the sponge applicator. Butta-smooth. I found these so easy, kindergarten easy, to work with. In fact, I loved the way they looked so much, I’m going to actually do an EOTD (eye of the day) look.(There’s your warning!)

The embossed shadows will make for some pretty MOO cards. I use MOO for the blog’s business cards. I can use my own photos. Here’s one that will be in the selection next time…

If you find any of these at your Dollar Tree, find one or two, or all five, that you like and have fun…because you won’t go broke.
Have you seen these?
MOO cards are purchased on my own. If you choose to use the hyperlink in my post, I will get credit with MOO. 

Dollar Tree Haul

Ever since Susie of Susie’s Home and Hobbies reviewed some sweet looking LA Colors nail polishes she got at the Dollar Tree, I’ve been on a hunt. 

I really like my job(s) as a freelance merchandiser.  I get to visit lots of malls and while driving around, if I go by a Dollar Tree, CVS, Wallgreens, Sally’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc. I can just swing on in and have a look.

Yesterday, I stopped in at a large Dollar Tree store.  No luck in finding the LA Colors Color Craze polishes though.  But I did find these by LA Colors…

Here are six different LA Colors Mineral eye shadows.  I found a couple packs of false nails by Nailene and a replacement pair of my darling, cute, pink readers.  Whoot!  Last pair broke unexpectedly.  I was very sad too.

Here is a close up of the beige and the gold shadows.  They are a good size larger than normal.  They are very shimmery too.  Here are the colors I found:  purple, teal, white, beige, gold and black.  I tried out the white right off.  It has great coverage, not terribly crumbly, and applied smoothly.  A very good investment for just $1 each.  I got all the different colors they had available.

The lighting doesn’t do anything for the fake nails.  The one on the left is red and has these tiny flowers with leaves on it.  The one on the right is a bit more pink than it shows here.
I’m looking forward to getting a light box VERY soon.  Sigh.

And finally, my readers….

This are so damn, stinkin’ cute!  There are tiny rhinestones in the upper corners.  And, again, the color is a fuchsia pink.  Very retro.

Yep, that’s me hamming it up.  Boy, I’ve come a long way to feel confident enough to post this goofy picture.  No makeup and my hair just back in a pony.  Well, I did it for laughs anyway.

What do you think of the LA Colors single shadows?  Will you look for them?  When I showed my picture to some good friends, only one of them had the balls to tell me I looked silly.  I really WAS trying to look silly.  What do you think, corny as hell?  Crazy cat lady? LOL!

Today’s Haul and A Stamped Look

What would a weekend be without going to the Dollar Tree?  I got more than I expected.  One of former classmates works there.  I haven’t seen her since last semester.  We didn’t want to stop hugging each other.  It’s a whole story about why I am not in college right now.  A story for another day…  

But I could NOT get over what I found to purchase!!
These are suppose to be used to help clean up after polishing.  However…I am thinking they will be good for SPONGING!  Of course, it would be much cheaper to use a makeup sponge.  But, don’t these look cool?  Stay posted, dear readers, for that update. 🙂

I had to stop in to Walmart to get some household supplies and, since Sally’s Beauty is in that same strip mall, it goes without saying I stopped in.  They usually don’t have any new items out until the beginning of each month.  However, there was a new display of Savvy, Femme Coulture. 
                                                                Outside lighting.
                                                  Inside lighting by the sunny window.
The one on the left is ‘Glass Slipper.’  It is a very pale blue with iridescent turquoise shimmers.  I’m purchasing way too many of this type of color.  I’ll have to do some side by sides.  Good for a future post!  But as many, I’m thinking this is going to go on sheer.

Now, to the right, is Pink Fairy.  The outdoor picture is more true to the pink color.  The indoor picture makes it look too orange.  Another shimmer that shows flashes of reddish purple.  Looks like a sheer polish too.

I think there were at least half a dozen colors in the display.  I limited myself to 2 colors to try out before I get any more.  I need to remember to take along my camera to snag some on the fly pictures.

And, lastly, I did my first Monster Bundle stamping.  Monster Bundle!!  Now I see what all the rage is about!!
21 stamping plates from Monster Bundle.  Get them here from Amazon.  For $18, and 21 plates…well, the Konad plates are going for $12-13 at the mall, for just ONE!  And, my order from Amazon took less than a week to arrive.

As I have read on several nail blogs, the pattern size is on the smaller size.  I have very small nail beds and these didn’t cover my thumb or my pointer finger.  See my practice stamping here:
                                             Monster Bundle BM20 in Konad Dark Slate

Sort of a lacey look with the Ring My Shell Professional Manicure SH line.  It got dark outside and I didn’t get to do a new mani.  I hope to do that tomorrow.

Have you seen the newest line from Savvy?  What color caught your eye?  And, do you have the Monster Bundle?  Do you like it too?