China Glaze ‘Atlantis’ vs. Sinful Colors ‘Nail Junkie’

If today’s weather would be like this all year ’round, I’d love living in Florida.  Alas, it is not!  However, I did take advantage of tons of sunlight and did swatching galore.

I know that every nail blogger has had this happen to them.  You do your nails in the evening, carefully applying, as you always do.  Finish up and have all the intentions to photo your swatches in the morning, provided there is sufficient sunshine.  You find that there is and you are happy!  You run to get your camera, step outside, aim your camera and what do you find?  A hot mess!  I did this with a pedicure.  My toe nails were not filed evenly, the cuticles were as dry as a desert and the polish seemed dull.  Scratch that!

But the polish I had used was this…

It’s Sinful Color’s ‘Nail Junkie.’  It is just too sparkly/glittery not to show up as a post.  But when I originally went to try this as a pedi, I thought I was using this…

This is China Glaze’s ‘Atlantis.’  Ta da!  A dupe post was created.

Here’s the line up I used: the new Finger Paint’s Base Coat, China Glaze’s ‘Atlantis’, Sinful Color’s ‘Nail Junkie’ and as the top coat, China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward Top Coat.’

Not exact dupes…

There’s more green glitter in ‘Atlantis’.  But I could only see this in the blurred photo.

Starting with the thumb, middle and pink fingers have ‘Atlantis.’  The index and ring fingers have on ‘Nail Junkie.’

Both are jellies and have green, gold and turquoise glitter.  ‘Atlantis’ has less gold glitter.  And ‘Nail Junkie’ seems to have iridescent glitter.  On the nails, you can see that ‘Atlantis’ is a deeper turquoise/blue-green color.  And since I have an OCD about making the nail color the same as in the polish, I have on 4 coats.

My verdict is that I don’t need both.  I think I like ‘Atlantis’ better.  I will make myself a mental note to try both of these as layering polishes too.  I thought the Finger Paint’s Base Coat was alright. I didn’t keep this mani on long enough to say how well its staying power is.  but the China Glaze ‘Fast Forward Top Coat’ seemed to help these jellies dry faster.  However, it is STINKY!!!  A high chemical smell. 

Do you think they are too close in color to bother having both?  Which one do you have?

Black with Magic Sparkles

From Wet’nWild’s Megalast collection: Blackmail…

This is right after I broke my ring finger nail…past the quick.  Ugh.  So I cut the others to match.  But what a freak my thumb looks!  Well, here it is…warts and all.

Blackmail is a black that has minuscule glitter in teal and orangy-pink.  Little squaty bottle with a stubby brush.  The brush itself is fine, it’s the neck that’s stubby.

Polished up great after 2 coats.  First coat didn’t give me any promises though.  Very watery.

Then I realized, I might have a dupe on hand!  So I got out Sally Hansen’s ‘Midnight in NY’ from the Complete Salon Manicure collection.  I removed the polish from my index and ring finger to compare…

Can’t tell the difference here…

Ahhh…at last a photo showing you the colors in the bottles.  It seems that the WNW has more glitter.  However, on my nails, I tried and tried to see a difference.  So, I’m putting my neck out and saying they are a dupe, color-wise.

The Midnight in NY applied evenly and gave a better 1-coat polish.  I still did 2 coats, however, as 1 coat wasn’t quite perfect.  Both have 1 coat of Seche Clear and Seche Vite.

Any experiences with either of these?  Do they look like dupes to you?