Dollar Tree Haul; Hold The Christmas!

Dollar Tree stores, in Orlando, have been rather barren of any good, or rather, new makeup stuff. Just on a whim, I stopped into a new, larger one in hopes that they had some surprises.

Here was my first surprise…

Seriously? I haven’t even finished my Halloween shopping and it’s still 6 weeks away. Have you noticed that retailers just sweep aside Thanksgiving and move you RIGHT into the Holidays…two words: BLACK FRIDAY!!!

Gosh, I sure do NOT need any more shadows, wait…I should just say makeup!!! I’m only fooling myself.
But I really like collections and pallettes with three or more shades. Three is my tipping point. LOL Don’t laugh. Everyone has a tipping point. Let me know what yours is in the comments below.

L.A. Colors…enough said…

 Tiki Punch
 Southern Belle
 Sand Dune

If these shadows are as nice as previous LA Colors, I’m expecting good pigmentation. I’ll get some swatches worked up for you later.

I held off on these palettes…

I truly held myself back on ELF stuff. I don’t think I’ve seen that much in a Dollar Tree before. Here are just a couple that I couldn’t pass up…


And I swathed here for you…

You can sort of see the glitter in the ELF blush. I don’t know if I love it lots, but I’ll try it. Seriously, I didn’t see the glitter in it when I picked it up. But, that  puny container totally stumped me. I worked and worked to get it open. Here’s the best I could do…

I have no idea how in the hell to open this blush!!! I’ve torn it up and it still hasn’t popped open.

What do you see that you like? And don’t say the Christmas stuff!!!!!!

Kleancolor’s American Eyedol Shadows

Just a quick look at some Kleancolor’s Baked Eyeshadows I got a couple of months back. Highly pigmented and work great wet too.

There isn’t just one blue, there are 6 of them. There is not just one shade of brown, there are like 8!

These are the ones I got. $2.99 each and I call it a win. I found these at a local beauty store called ‘Abradel Beauty Supply.’ This is the same store I found Kleancolor crackles and Mia Secret crackles.

Since I snapped these photos sometime back, I don’t have any swatches to share. I wanted to let you know these are out there and they are pretty cool for the money. And they are sure to have a color, or two, you will like.

Kleancolor ‘American Eyedols’ Baked Shadows

What is hot this summer? Baked makeup. Baked shadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, you name it.  Baked makeup isn’t a new trend, it’s just a hot trend right now.

I found a brand new display of Kleancolor’s American Eyedol Baked Shadows. I almost squealed but somehow managed to just blurt out ‘Oh, Wow!’

 I got these at Abradel Beauty Supply in Orlando, FL. There website is, however I do not see this makeup available on the site.

The owner said they had just received them in. Brand new!!! And she was more than accommodating to allow me to photo them for my blog.

Here I snapped some of the colors I WILL get next time. In fact, I have, on purpose, scheduled to visit a client out in that area of town so I can swing by Abradel’s.

Here are the ones I picked…

Glitter Midnight (a medium gray with silver sparkles), Malt (a dark taupe with a bluish silver tone, my favorite!), Khaki (an antique gilded gold) and Glitter Teal (a medium teal with darker teal and silver sparkles).

I swatched them all, dry and wet. There is a lot of pigment in these, which pleased me. However, when I used it dry, there was fall out. Nothing that my fan brush couldn’t whisk away.

At the sunny window. The order here is different. First is Malt, Khaki, Glitter Midnight, and then Glitter Teal.

Same order, out in the sunlight…

How about that pigmentation with the wet swatches? It is awesome as eyeliners. That’s a fairly good deal to get a shadow and an eyeliner in one product for $1.99.

I only picked up the four because I wanted to see if they would preform as well as they looked. May I say they passed the ‘Libby Test’ and I will be purchasing a few more this week. So, look forward to more swatches of Kleancolor’s American Eyedols. And, look for them for yourself too.

Pretty, aren’t they?

ELF Lips and Fairy Eyes

For about 4 months, the local Dollar Tree stores have not had much to talk about.  However, I let the ‘pull’ get the best of me and I stopped in one just to see if anything had changed.

Oh, goody!!!  I did find something I liked…

 Six different shades of ELF Minty Lip Gloss.  I figured since they were a buck a piece, spending $6 for all wasn’t going to have me digging under the couch cushions for gas money.

Very, very sheer.  I don’t find that they change the color of my lips much.  But if you like to keep your lips glossed and only want the slightest inkling of color, you’ll like these.  Sometimes I only want a slight tint.  And the minty part, oh yea.  It’s minty and feels fresh.

Here’s the colors, in the same order from the product photo and swatched photo:
Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston, New York City, Boston and Chicago.

As you can tell from the tube, it has a doe-foot applicator.  It smooths on the gloss very nicely.  It feels a bit tacky in the beginning.  But after awhile, I didn’t notice that.  Either it smoothed out or I just got used to it.  However, it didn’t slide all around so that’s a plus.

My first favorite:  Los Angeles.  Softer than a bubblegum pink but has soft gold sparkles…

No other color on my lips, just the gloss.  I should have put a photo up of naked lips so you could see the contrast.  However, this puts very little color on me.

Here’s Boston.  It is an orangy-red with red sparkles…

It doesn’t even look that different.  But for a buck, I recommend getting your favorite color.

Then I picked up some L A Colors eye shadow at Rue 21. 

And what is neat about these is that the sparkle is not just sprayed on the top.  It is through the entire shadow pan.  With Pixy Ipoxy, these shadows went on bold.

Here is a look I wore using the pinks and purples.  I did use NYX ‘Yogurt’ shadow stick for the highlight below my brow.  It wore very well.

So, I’m going to learn how to take photos of my face and not have such a blue cast to them.  I took the photos of my lips and eyes at the sunny window hoping it would give a better representation of the color.  The skin tone doesn’t show true, but the purple in the shadow colors did really good, especially with purple being a pistol to capture.

Are you a lip gloss person?  How about the shadow palettes; it that something you’d pick?

Metal Gear Nails

A pedicure and a manicure can make you feel so pampered.   And, having professional ones makes all the difference.  I, finally!, got that pedicure that was needed.  And the manicure helped tame my cuticles and shape my nails uniformly.

Here’s Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in ‘Pedal to the Metal.’  This picture is taken at the sunny window.

Here’s the sunshiny, outside light one.  That’s some strange anomaly on the ring finger.  Not there in real life.

There…that’s better.  And this is a much better representation of this color.  It’s a dusty, lavender, slightly metallic flavor.  Oh, and the husband had on the matching shirt.  Just by accident…

And what a great pedicure!  I got one with lots of massaging.  And sloughing.  And tidying up the nails.  Here’s a cutie, Eva Supreme Nail Laquer in ‘Paris’…

Outside in some beautiful sunlight.  It was rare today, but I got some!

A closer look of my mermaid-colored toes and the lacquer.

The sunny window did a fair job of catching this frosty, light green polish.  It makes me think of sea foam.  Even though real sea foam is white. :p  It looks like a very pale green metallic.

Both of these are with 2 coats after a BS.  At the salon she put a top coat on and when I got home I added 2 coats of Seche Clear and then finished with Seche Vite.

Both colors are pale and pastel.  I think they are very light and feminine.  Neither my hands or feet are screaming ‘COLOR’!!!!

And flashing back…here is an eye shadow from Essence I picked up at Ulta on Friday:

Not only does it match the tank top I was wearing, but it goes with my nails as well.  This ‘new to me orange’ is called ‘Wild One’ from the Sparkling Line.  The photo doesn’t quite show the shadow’s sparkles.  It looks, actually, matte in the photo.  But it has a shimmer with teeny little sparkles. 

‘Wild One’ is an appropriate name, I never used orange shadow.  I feel wild wearing orange, and blue for that matter, eye shadows.  However, I have seen some super cute makeup blogs and tutorials using orange.  There’s MissChievous , Lauren Luke and Frantastic  just a few of my very favorites.  I liked the look so I’m going for it!  Caution to the wind!  I’m deviating from a middle-aged woman to a wanton girl!  Yea…I know…that’s really funny.  Or…scary.