Cult Nails: Princess From The Fairy Tale Collection

Every little girl wants to grow up and be a princess. Except for me. I wanted to be a scientist and look through microscopes. However, now, I think it is OK to say I would like to be a princess. A rich princess. With lots of makeup and nail polish. And a huge closet full of Princess clothing.

In the meantime, I can have the nails of a princess with Cult Nails ‘Princess’ from the new Fairy Tale collection…


Princesses are stereo-typed as being spoiled. I did have to spoil this ‘Princess’ a bit. This polish dries very quickly. She isn’t one to fuss around. Applying the polish is your job and you must get right to it.

I have three coats here because I was working on smoothing out the look. I still ended up with making patchy areas. Don’t let this turn you away from ‘Princess’, however. This is a beautiful polish! No top coat needed for this one…


What looks like an innocent, soft blue, there is a pleasant surprise of magenta shimmer to this one. The blue doesn’t seem to have a high gloss itself, however, the magenta shimmer gives it a reflective glimmer.


You can not only be a Princess, but you can have ‘Princess’ nails by ordering your Fairy Tale collection from Cult Nails.This is the last polish from the collection for me to review. If you’d like you can click the names and see my reviews of the rest of the collection: Evil Queen with Happy Ending; Feelin’ Froggy; Charming with Happy Ending.

If you are a long-time reader, you will know that Libby is the real Princess at the Vanity. But, her new ‘sister’ is quite a sweetie as well. Kayla has NO pretentious airs at all. After I took these photos of Kayla, she got her tummy ‘nom nom’ed…


Product was provided to me for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Cult Nails: Feelin’ Froggy From The Fairy Tale Collection

If you haven’t given Cult Nails a try, now is a good time. Their new Fairy Tale collection has just been released. And what is a Fairy Tale without there being a frog around?…

‘Feelin’ Froggy’ is the green for the summer. It’s a medium green shade but has a lighter green shimmer inside. 

I have three coats on and topped it off with Famous Name’s ‘Lumos’ top coat. 


The photo above did the best of capturing that shimmer. Cool, eh? Like a summer cocktail-cool!


‘Feelin’ Froggy’ went on sooooo smoothly which is exactly what Cult Nails polishes are known for. And, I did a lot of hand labor during the week I wore this and I was extremely happy that this green stayed on so well. It didn’t……wait for it……croak!!!!

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You can place your order for the Fairy Tale collection and other Cult Nails polishes by clicking here.

Have you tried Cult Nails yet?

This collection was provided to me for my honest review. These opinions are strictly my own.

Cult Nails: Evil Queen and Happy Ending

My favorite stories are fairy tales. Ever since I could read, I love reading them over and over.

At the heart of many fairy tales are evil queens and step-mothers. Kind of makes it hard to take on the role of being a step-mother, in my opinion!

However, these is one nail company that is getting a good reputation: Cult Nails. This company’s customer service is top-notch. They are a true grass-roots business. And the part that everyone who tries Cult Nails knows-it delivers.

The newest collection is called the Fairy Tale Collection. I reviewed ‘Charming’ and ‘Happy Ending’ here. Next up is ‘Evil Queen’ with her ‘Happy Ending’.

First, the ‘Evil Queen’ stands alone…

This is a very wicked red. It’s not a blue-red but not a tomato red. Cult Nails created a red that is right in between. And, that makes this a red that suits practically all skin tones.

Take a look at ‘Evil Queen’ with my cool undertone skin…


This is a drop-dead red. Even on a cloudy photo day, this red was beaming.

Long nails and red polish. That’s my kind of all-out look for wearing nail polish. I have applied a top coat of Lumos High Speed Top Coat.

Want to see how I tweaked it up a notch? I gave the ‘Evil Queen’ a ‘Happy Ending’…


And I do want to add, this is one coat of ‘Happy Ending’ over two coats of ‘Evil Queen’. I didn’t have to ‘fish’ out any of the shards of colorful glitter. Hey, they wanted a Happy Ending!! 

Both ‘Evil Queen’ and ‘Happy Ending’ dried super fast. So fast, that I didn’t have any time to gouge or nick my nails. Ah, now that’s MY Happy Ending!

For more info on the Fairy Tale Collection, click here to get to the Cult Nails website.

The Fairy Tale Collection was provided to me for my honest review. These are my own opinions.