The Next Big Thing in Nail Art Design

This proves that I am a magpie at heart.  I hope that this can become the ‘next big thing.’  And, I found it!  I met the owner.  And I got my own set of nails.  First, this is what I first saw…

OK, I saw the kiosk with a sign mentioning nails.  I had work to do so I just made a mental note to check this out when I was finished.

I stopped by hoping I wouldn’t get a hard sale.  What I did get was totally blown away!  I was greeted by the Founder of this company: Moritz Sticher.   His company: Nail Nuk. 

Moritz was all smiles and just about as excited as I was as he explained the concept of his business…making your own design fake nails!!!

This machine is incredible.  He can take a photo of you right there.  See me on the screen taking the photo?  Notice my gaping mouth!  And, see that design framing my photo?  That image can be put on a set of fake finger nails or toe nails!  Check out the set of blank nails at the bottom ready to be created.

If I would have had a photo of Libby, she would have been my choice for this blog debute!!  However, Moritz showed me a folder that had hundreds of pre-drawn imagines.  He had a whole page just of Halloween designs.  That’s what I wanted.

I picked out a cute witch all in PINK!!!  Moritz showed me, on the monitor, that I could change the basic color scheme to purple, blue, then green.  No! I begged!  It HAS to be pink!!

Here’s my printed set, made right before my eyes…

I’m holding it upside down.  But I got to chose which way I wanted the design to face. 

The design is more intricate that any freehand art you could find.  Moritz told me I could even pick any design and put it on long tips, take it to the nail salon and have it put on with a clear acrylic coating that would allow the nail to remain on for about 2 weeks.  By keeping a clear top coat on the nails, it will keep the ink from showing wear.

With the set, you get 2 sets of ten nails, a long plastic wrapper to store the nails, a set of nail sticky tape and a small tube of nail glue.  I got all this for their grand opening price of $9.99.  I freaked on the price because you can’t even get a regular manicure for that price!

Hell, yes I’m excited!!!  Moritz just opened his business 2 weeks ago.  He moved here to Orlando from Germany to start Nail Nuk.  He only has this kiosk open at this time but, look out!  It is not going to take any time for this company to spread!

Moritz found out fast about my passion for nails and about my blog.  I told him that I could NOT wait to share this with all my followers.  And, I said that I would definitely be getting these as giveaways!  The winner could pick her own photo to use or, any of the 100’s of pre-designed art with the options of basic color schemes, solid colors and, even just the tips designed with your own nail bed showing.

I promised Moritz that I would share this new nail art concept with you and present to you his company’s website.  That link takes you to my pink witch design.  Here’s his home page.
The online store has free shipping right now and ships within North America.  Let me stress that this is not Minx, nor is it any affiliation to that company or concept.

I’m going to present my pink witchies this weekend for you.  I am so excited!!!!  I just can’t imagine all of the endless ways to create your own set of fake nail art.  And, I’m excited to be the first to get to show it!!!

Totally Rockin’ Nailene Nail Designs

Fake nails, press on nails, or glue on nails; I haven’t worn them in over 28 years!!!  Last time I wore them was for a wedding.  I wanted a nice, perfect French manicure.  But I had to ‘babysit’ those damn nails for the entire 2 days I had them on.  Even at the wedding I popped two off.  Ugh!

Fast forward to almost 3 decades later (gulp!).  Nailene sent me a couple sets of beautiful false nails to try out.

You can see the ones I chose here, in the middle.  They are Nailene’s ‘Starry Sky’ from their Runway Designs.

These nails are of medium length, a square shape and a French with a glittery dark blue tip and a white line at the smile line.  The nail body is a soft, nail bed pink.  There are 24 nails in the packet along with a small tube of nail glue.

Let’s go ahead and get a photo up so you can see them on my hands.

I put these beauts on Thursday night.  Here they are the next morning in the sunlight.  I was so impressed with the ‘realness’ of the look I couldn’t stop looking at them.  Here’s my index finger…

And my thumb…

There’s just the slightest bit of an edge in the lower left corner but that’s totally on me.  Between my index finger and this thumb, I couldn’t believe how awesome and real these looked.  I felt I ROCKED!!

The view from the sunny window.  High shine, great fit and cute as can be.  But would they last?

Here they are the next Tuesday before I removed them.  I had worn them for 5 days!

Not much of a change.  They look almost as good at they did when I first put them on.  You can see my thumb and my own nail underneath.  This was the only nail that the false nail did not lay flush with.  That’s what can happen if you chronically bite your nails for years; the nails will grow odd.  Well, mine do/did.

There’s that index finger again, close up.  But you can still see the others in the background.  They still look real and nice.

I have read bloggers say that their polish looked so good that they couldn’t stop looking at their own nails all day.  Finally, I can say that myself.  I loved the look of these so much that I just didn’t want to take them off!  And the more compliments I got, all from strangers, the more I wanted to continue wearing them.

The night I put them on, they did feel awkward.  I just wasn’t used to wearing anything but polish on my nails.  The next day, I got into it and after 1-1/2 days I OWNED them.  The ‘hold up’ ability of these cuties is unbelievable.  In the five day span of wearing these, I lifted weights at least twice (not little girly weights but like the 60# barbell today!), cleaned house, did laundry (you know how heavy wet towels can be), did two days of work out in the field, showered and washed my hair least 5 times,  colored my hair (did I just admit to that!) and just went about a normal life.  There was NO baby-sitting these nails.  I’m telling you, they &%$* rocked!!!  Never once popping off or even lifting.

Love ’em?  You bet.  Only one small caveat, it was difficult to get them off.  I had to soak and peel, soak and peel.  I’m not very patient, yet that was the only downside.  If I was not a nail blogger, I would have kept these on longer than the recommended 5 days just because it was true love. (I’m not advocating anyone to wear fake nails past the recommended length of time noted on the product…I just was reallllly tempted to not.)

Oh, and I found out something I had missed for years.  While wearing these Nailene false, fabulous nails…I didn’t pick, chew or even give any negative regard to my cuticles.  Had I known this before, I would have tried fake nails much sooner as they might have been just the thing that could have helped me with that nasty habit before now. 

However, since I find that the Nailene brand has taken false nails to a better wear, I will not wait twenty…cough, cough…eight…cough, years to try fake nails again.

How about you, do you wear nake nails?  Do you find that they suit you?

Nailene Runway Design nails were provided by the company for a review and honest opinion.