I Spy….Katy Perry False Eyelashes and a Neutral Palette

Even though I haven’t read anything new in the beauty world that has piqued my interest, I still look. Yet it can be like going into a candy store with a $20 bill! There are some coming soon products I want but I’m trying to wait….oh, please hurry!!!!

I did find a display of Katy Perry’s false eyelashes at Ulta though…

There are four different styles and I don’t think any of them are demure. But then, Katy isn’t demure, herself!

I like falsies that are just a bit less dramatic. But if you want to bat some serious lashes, these are some to try.

Last week, I went into Forever 21. I had no business in there, as I’m trying to maintain a budget on products, but I had to see if they had any new, spring nail polishes. I did find some but, I also found this…

Rats! What do I need another shadow palette for!!? Well, here’s how I talked myself into it. I would love to get the new Urban Decay Naked 2 set. But I’m too stingy to pay $49. However, this love & beauty palette of neutral shades was only $9.80. Wow! That’s a bargain and it could quench my Naked 2 thirst. It has for the past 6 days…

I’d never tell you that this palette even comes close to an UD palette; I know better! But they are pretty. There are shimmers and mattes and I haven’t found a chalky one yet. In fact, all that I have tried, so far, have blended really good.

Naturally, I could just fawn and drool over a new, unused palette, without touching any…

Have you ever played ‘shadow roulette’? I randomly pick three shadows and make a look with them. I do cheat a bit and preselect a brow bone highlight color. It flexes my makeup creativity, all just for fun. And when I learn how to take decent look of the day photos, I’ll share these with you.

Have you played ‘shadow roulette’?…anyone?….no? (OK, forget that I told you about this and asked the question…..) But….

…how are you doing with your beauty/nail polish budget so far this year????

I’m Lashing Out

You know what a good friend is?  It’s someone who will see you struggling and lend you a hand.  That’s what Blix did for me.  She read my post about fussing with false eyelashes.  She said she puts the adhesive on her eyelid, THEN puts the lashes on.  Ta ha!!!  I did it!  It worked like a charm. 🙂  Thanks, Blix.  Click on her name and you can jump over to her blog.  She makes makeup look easy and beautiful.

I tried this tip with these super sexy Revlon lashes…

See that Precision Lash Adhesive?  I love it even more using Blix’s tip.  This adhesive is like an eyeliner so, it was easy to just swipe some of it along as I would with eyeliner.

The lashes are Revlon’s Beyond Natural, Natural Defining lashes in black.  Can you see that the lashes are shorter on the inside and then get longer towards the outside?

Warning: here’s my eye, I have on shadow, liner but no mascara, the before the lashes…

And now with the Revlon lashes…

Whoa!  These lashes are an eye-opener in more ways than one.  I love it!!

I used my tweezers and an orangewood stick to help put them in place.  But it was so much easier this time. 

Do you think I did not feel saucy the rest of the day!

I had lots of fun wearing these.  And, since using the Precision Lash Adhesive (which is made by Revlon too), it was easy to look saucy.  🙂  OK, the sunlight was bright, I couldn’t help to squint even with my eyes closed!  But I was batting them lashes for the rest of the day.

Does wearing false eyelashes make you feel sexy, saucy, flirty?

Revlon Beyond Natural False Eyelashes and Precision Lash Adhesive was provided by Revlon for my review and honest opinion.

Fantasy False Eyelashes

With this posting, I really hope you all will be nice to me; I am out of practice with putting on false eyelashes.  OK?

Yikes!!! Naked eyes!!!  If you notice the liner, it’s permanent liner, that wasn’t too permanent.  That’s a whole ‘nother subject for another day.   So, naked lids…oh, wait…there is some shadow primer going on here.

Now I’m pinked and purpled out.   I felt inspired by Phyrra who does some of the best eye looks.  So, this is my look without mascara or the falsies.

And here are the falsies.  These are from Revlon and they are the Fantasy Lengths. This set is called ‘Lush.’  These are black and there are four sets of these baby-width lashes.  There is a little tube of lash glue with it, as well.

I was ‘wild’ and did two on each eye. (chuckling at that!)   I used Revlon’s Precision Lash Adhesive as the glue instead of the little tube.  The Precision Lash Adhesive is like an eyeliner and you dab it onto the falsies.  It has an iridescent color but dries clear.  And it was easy as pie to use.

I used my tweezers and an orange stick to wrangle the lashes in place.  I fully admit I am not at all an expert with putting on false eyelashes.  I used to wear them in my 20’s (just a couple of years ago! cough…cough) and got pretty good at it.  For whatever reason, I got away from it.  Yet, I have always felt that false eyelashes were gorgeous and makes the eye look ‘Lush’ and more open.  You can see that part on me.

After putting on the lashes, I put on some mascara and then combed the falsies into my own lashes.  And there they stayed.

The lashes are beautiful to look at, all lined up in their package.  I love the ‘vampy’ look of these.  I think it is more noticeable that they are fake because the photo is up so close.  But when I looked from a regular distance, I loved them a LOT!  And the Precision Lash Adhesive…pure genius!!

I realize I didn’t take pictures of the products.  I have a couple more pairs of lashes to play with and I’ll take pictures of them all then.  That and this cool adhesive tube.  I know I’m better with long strips of false lashes, but I just had to dig in and try these fantasy lengths.  First you play, then you get better! 

If you photo your eye/look of the day, how in the hell do you do it???  I snap the camera, quickly turn it around to see the image before it goes back to the live view.  That’s hard!  I’ll put it on the list of other things that I need to practice. 🙂  How’d you like this post?  Shall I photo more, talk less?  How do you do with applying false lashes…any tips?

The false lashes and the adhesive were supplied to me by Revlon for my review and honest opinion.

Can’t Beat Beatz Blog; I Got My Prize

This is what I won from Beatz.  She had a giveaway last month and I was lucky enough to be the winner.

I knew the prize was the set of rhinestone setters.  But, she threw in a little special surprise…False Eyelashes!

Can you see that the color inside each pen is a swirled ribbon?  Neat!!

And just dig these falsies!!  Look at the thickness of the lashes and the topper, those long wispies!!!  I can’t wait to be battin’ those babies!  🙂

Beatz, she’s the best!   She has the cutest eye shadow and lip look today.  I’m totally envious of her skills, both nails and makeup.  Check out her blog.

Sebastian (Libby’s litter brother) and Libby were beside themselves that I was out on the patio taking these pictures.  They know they are not allowed outside….silly Ragdolls!