Cult Nails: Evil Queen and Happy Ending

My favorite stories are fairy tales. Ever since I could read, I love reading them over and over.

At the heart of many fairy tales are evil queens and step-mothers. Kind of makes it hard to take on the role of being a step-mother, in my opinion!

However, these is one nail company that is getting a good reputation: Cult Nails. This company’s customer service is top-notch. They are a true grass-roots business. And the part that everyone who tries Cult Nails knows-it delivers.

The newest collection is called the Fairy Tale Collection. I reviewed ‘Charming’ and ‘Happy Ending’ here. Next up is ‘Evil Queen’ with her ‘Happy Ending’.

First, the ‘Evil Queen’ stands alone…

This is a very wicked red. It’s not a blue-red but not a tomato red. Cult Nails created a red that is right in between. And, that makes this a red that suits practically all skin tones.

Take a look at ‘Evil Queen’ with my cool undertone skin…


This is a drop-dead red. Even on a cloudy photo day, this red was beaming.

Long nails and red polish. That’s my kind of all-out look for wearing nail polish. I have applied a top coat of Lumos High Speed Top Coat.

Want to see how I tweaked it up a notch? I gave the ‘Evil Queen’ a ‘Happy Ending’…


And I do want to add, this is one coat of ‘Happy Ending’ over two coats of ‘Evil Queen’. I didn’t have to ‘fish’ out any of the shards of colorful glitter. Hey, they wanted a Happy Ending!! 

Both ‘Evil Queen’ and ‘Happy Ending’ dried super fast. So fast, that I didn’t have any time to gouge or nick my nails. Ah, now that’s MY Happy Ending!

For more info on the Fairy Tale Collection, click here to get to the Cult Nails website.

The Fairy Tale Collection was provided to me for my honest review. These are my own opinions.

Cult Nails: Charming and Happy Ending From The Fairy Tale Collection

Happy June!!! The newest collection from Cult Nails is soon to be released. This one is called the Fairy Tale collection. I adore the shades in this collection because they remind me of one of my new, favorite shows: Once Upon A Time.

Here are the first two that I tried…

This is ‘Charming’ and ‘Happy Ending’.

If you like lavender or a soft purple, you will be charmed by ‘Charming’. This polish has just a hint of magenta flash to it. You have to look deep to see it but it is what gives ‘Charming’ its special spell. I have on three coats here. And man, Cult Nails dries so fast for me. Good thing because I can’t sit still.

And, adding onto that with a ‘Happy Ending’, well, it couldn’t get any more perfect…


 ‘Happy Ending’ is like nothing I have or, have seen. It’s flakies that look like shards of colored glass. And these pieces lay down flat, no roughness. I didn’t have to go fishing for them either. Joy! Happy Ending!

Look forward to seeing the rest of the collection as I will be swatching them as well. But, don’t wait on me; go to Cult Nails and order your collection today.

Don’t you love fairy tale collections?

Sample Sunday: Playing Around With Zoya Spoons

When I get my Zoya order, usually they put these ‘spoons’ in with it. Spoons are these plastic casts of polish where you can place your finger under the faux nail to see how it would look on you.

Below, you can see a set to the right…

I’m not really impressed with ‘spoons’. My personal opinion is that I’d rather the company not spend the money on these. Save the expense.

However, when I get them, I’ll stick my finger under a couple then, toss them away.  But, this time I thought I’d just play around with them…

On one side, I swatched Finger Paint’s Special FX. On the other side, I matted the nails.

The Special FX was cool, but the matte…well, it fell flat…

I took some random top coat glitter polishes and practiced the ‘sammich’ look.

I found that these looked the prettiest…

I didn’t keep track of which flakie I put on which color. I was totally just playing. However, I wanted to share with you this idea.

Have you done this already? Or, how about next time?

China Glaze: The Hunger Games in Stone Cold Matte

With a constant influx of new polishes, I don’t know how anyone can keep up! But, I do admit, I’m having fun trying.

Take a peep at this new shade…

If ‘The Hunger Games’ is not the hit of the year, I’m curious to find out what will be. And how is it that I forgot that ‘Stone Cold’ is a matte? I mean, it’s PERFECT!

China Glaze hit the nail polish jackpot with their ‘Hunger Games’ collection. As soon as my local Sally’s Beauty Supply store got these in, I was there within the hour!

In the bottle, ‘Stone Cold’ left me…well, rather cold. It is the matte effect that won me over…

I like this edgy look. And I think the way the light reflects off the nails is fascinating.I have two coats on.

When it came time to change out my manicure, I got a thought at the last minute. What would ‘Stone Cold’ look like if I put a coat or two of ‘Luxe and Lush’ over it…

Sort of cosmic! And that fascination I had for the matte, that got bumped up. I only needed one coat of ‘Luxe and Lush’.

This mix could be hard for some to like. However, I found it cool…

The look with ‘Luxe and Lush’ reminds me of a polished slab of granite.

How many times have you seen ‘The Hunger Games’ movie, so far? Did you like it? And, did you wear any of ‘The Hunger Games’ polishes to the movie?

Sinful Color’s Cast Away In The Grecian Sun

Keeping up with the new collections can be difficult. I fall in love with the one I am wearing and don’t want to move on to the next swatch. This is exactly what happened with this Sinful Colors polish from the Cast Away collection. Check out ‘Grecian Sun’…

This is a bright, robin’s egg blue and it is to die for. Considering it’s a creme, I’m really loving ‘Grecian Sun’. I’m super fussy about the blue polishes I like and this one nails it. I have on 3 coats…

I tried to get away with just 2 but it was patchy, as seen on my index finger.
Then, after a couple of days, I wanted to mix it up, a bit, before moving on to another shade. This one looks more like sea than sun, though…

Can you just imagine the sun’s rays reflecting off the Grecian Sea from a hot ‘Grecian Sun’? I adore this look. I used China Glaze’s ‘Luxe and Lush’ from the Hunger Games collection. I just don’t think it gets any more spring-like than this…

Someday I’m going to go to Greece. And when I do, I think I’ll wear something from Sinful Color’s Cast Away collection. It really would be fitting.

Have you been to Greece? Did you see anything there was was the shade of ‘Grecian Sun’?

Icing’s After Party; No Hangover Necessary

These two polishes are not terribly new but worth a review. I got a shimmer and a flakie and they work together perfectly.

I got both polishes at Icing, Claire’s Boutique’s sister store. First, here is the shimmer…

Even in real life, ‘Orchid’ is stingy with showing her shimmer. At first, I thought it was a creme. But when you can look closely at the area where the sun is shining really bright, that gives you a glimpse of it. The shimmer color is like 2 shades lighter than the base color so it is very demure.

 Oh, just a tiny bit of shimmer showing here.

I have mentioned in previous posts that I’m just not a big pastel color lover. ‘Orchid’ is about as pastel as I care to go. I have on 3 coats but seriously, 2 would have been just fine.

This next polish I picked up was the only one left. It was so mine. You’ll see why…

This is ‘After Party’, a multi-color flakie polish. The colors are not holo, just colored flakie glitter. Keep going to see what 2 coats look like.

Ready to see them together?


 It isn’t a perfect flakie; it tends to drag on up to the tips and it is bumpy. And let’s not forget, a pistol to remove. I didn’t need to do the foil method, just did some heavy rubbing.

But, I’m willing to lower my standards for a look like this. Yea, I had to work for it a bit however, I’m in love with the look.

‘After Party’ looks exactly like its name; glitter confetti everywhere!

Party on!

I know these are lillies, but I planted something and it bloomed! I planted a long row of these along the side of my front walkway. The purple in the lillies looks very similar to ‘Orchid’ polish…

You Don’t Know Jacques! About Getting Ready For Spring

The new spring 2012 nail collections are rolling out and most of them are bright and cheery shades. I’m not there yet.

So I took a drab shade, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Then I went on to twinkle it up.

Here’s the beginning…

I got OPI’s ‘You Don’t Know Jacques!’ in a blogger trade. This is a polish that I saw on many of the nail blogs and actually, I do like it. It’s just that I didn’t purchase it for myself.

The ‘greige’ colors got me 2 years ago, right after I started blogging. I don’t think I would have given these shades a second thought if it had not been for seeing them on blogs. But, I did a ‘hmmmmm?’ and tried them and yes, I can say I love greige!


I applied 3 coats here with Seche Vite as a top coat. If you know OPI and have sampled many of their polishes, you’ll know exactly how this one did: beautifully.

Then, the next day, while I sat at my desk contemplating what shade to swatch next, I found I was actually staring at my Finger Paints FX collection. Sure! Why not?…

I chose ‘Flecked’ as I thought it would have the best contrast. Using one of the red flakies just seemed to obvious and I wanted something unusual. And, I achieved it…


Look, that’s a weird angle on my thumb nail. Looks like it is lop-sided. But the photo above this one shows that it’s square. My camera eye is getting more critical as I work on vamping up my skill level. I start my photography classes next week with the first class on just on learning my specific camera. I’m looking forward to it and, hope that my blog photos will bear the fruits of this endeavor.

Are you ready for the spring nail collections? Or, are you dragging your feet, like me?

Flaky Flecked over Holly-Day Display

Go ahead…say that title 3 times really fast. Hee hee.

Yes, the Glitter Giveaway is still going. You have to enter here before Sunday, 1/8 at 8 PM EST.

Did you get a ton and a half of Holiday polishes like I did? I still have some to swatch but don’t want to seem like I’m not moving on, you know?

I am, however, still in love, and will be forever probably, with my Finger Paint’s Special Effects (aka FLAKIES!) collection. So I am looking for ways to take the Winter collections and marry them with the Finger Paint polishes.

Gotta love me some dark green creme polish…

‘Holly-Day’ is from the 2011 China Glaze Holiday collection. This is a green that I would pick if I could only wear one green polish. It’s a Goldilocks polish; not too dark, not too light, juuuuust right.

Next, I paired it up with the green flakie from Finger Paint’s named ‘Flecked’.

‘Flecked’ makes ‘Holly-Day’ look like it has lights blazing in it. And it was fascinating to flash my nails back and forth for the dazzle effect.

 I didn’t apply ‘Flecked’ on my thumb so as to show ‘Holly-Day’ standing alone. So, I have 2 coats of China Glaze’s ‘Holly-Day’ and one lavishing coat of ‘Flecked’, then the Color Club’s Vivid Color Intensifying top coat.

Yeah, I’m happy to have found a way to use ‘Flecked’ again. 

Are you scouting out ways to use your Finger Paint’s Special Effects?

A Grand Blue Christmas

Here’s something I got for Christmas…

Fresh, new-fallen snow. Living in Orlando, this was a wonderful Christmas gift. I went to Denver to see my family over Christmas and it snowed the evening I got in.

Before I left, I happened to pick up a new Sally’s Girl polish. Alas, it has no name, but I think it is pretty…

Just a cute silvery, dusty blue that has a shimmer. But, I didn’t stop there.
Here’s what Sally’s Girl polish looks like all by itself…

The second photo isn’t as good as the first, but I wanted to show that the first one has a glare on it; not a ding.

However, I wanted to play with my new Finger Paint flakies some more and I thought this dusty blue was just the right pairing.

First, on my left hand, I used ‘Flashy’…


Even though I did 3 coats of Sally’s Girl, I only did one of ‘Flashy.’ I think another coat would have made the flakes show more.

On my right hand, I used ‘Twisted’…

Remember, it is my ring finger, here, that has no flakies on it. Again, just one coat of ‘Twisted.’ I do wish I would have remembered to apply two coats.

Sally’s Girl dusty blue is pretty. But if you have ever purchased one of these, you know the bottle is puny, the brush is sub par, and the top sometimes doesn’t stay attached to the brush. If you know these things going in, then you’ll know you get what you pay for, most of the time. I was, most definitely, wanting it for the color.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you Sally’s Girl with a different top coat and see how that strikes your fancy.

I had a grand time with my family this Christmas. My brother and his family live in Denver. My sister and her husband, my dad and step-mom, and my sister’s daughter and family all came in. We had a house full. A lot of things happened during that week and one of the best things to come out of it…I realized that my sister-in-law is one of my best friends.

Did you have a grand Holiday too?

I Have Some Flakies On My Fingers And It Isn’t Snow

One of the best Christmas manicures I can remember…

Everything is early about this manicure. First, Finger Prints Special Effects Top Coat collection wasn’t supposed to be released until next month. Today I spoke with a Sally’s employee and she said that they got the go ahead from their office to put them out for sale. Lucky us!!!

Next thing that is early is that I’m leaving for vacation and this is the manicure I will sport for Christmas. And the last thing that is early is my sincere wish to you all a very Happy Holiday season.

OK, this is what I did; I started with China Glaze’s ‘Near Dark’ because I wanted something dark and a creme. I thought that would best showcase the Special Effects. I didn’t want to use just a simple black because I think you’ll see a lot of that look with other bloggers. And, I wanted to, somehow, keep it close to a Christmas/Yule look.

‘Near Dark’ isn’t quite near perfect, however. It was patchy. And even though I thought I got them all, sure enough, out in the sunlight and doing a macro shot, nothing escapes scrutiny!

Next, I slapped on those Special Effects. These polishes leave me feeling soooo giddy! I guess I have never purchased so many flakies at once and I’m in overload. Usually, we’ll get one per collection. But an ENTIRE collection!!! I better sit down and fan myself!

So I could keep these all straight, I applied them in alphabetically order. (Don’t laugh.) From the thumb over; Asylum, Flashy, Flecked, Molten and Twisted.
Look closely…


I posted about the first 4 here, and then today, I picked up ‘Twisted’ to round out the complete set.

And, to give you another look, I did the right hand the opposite direction…

Taking it from the thumb down: Twisted, Molten, Flecked, Flashy, and Asylum.

It’s no secret that my middle finger on my right hand got a serious break. And I’m too stubborn to even them all out. It’s just going to have to catch up.

If I had time, these would be fun to matte as well. Even still, these are mesmerizing.

My eyes bugged out of my head today at Sally’s, though. The display for these was put on the bottom shelf!!! In merchandising, we call that the ‘kill zone.’ You do NOT put your best sellers or your newest items down at the bottom. That will ‘kill’ your sales, i.e., profits. Good thing I know what I’m looking for! And you will too. 😀

It is too bad I’m not taking these lovelies with me. But I am not taking the chance with these at airport security. I got them on as a mani, I’m good to go!

Eck! No thumb!!!

Are you getting these? Will you get them all or is there just one or two you want?