China Glaze’s The Hunger Games Will Have You Fall Hook and Line

If you haven’t heard about The Hunger Games books, you must live without electricity since it is talked about all over the media. I can now say that I have The Hunger Games on my Kindle Fire and will commence reading it. I don’t think I’ve come across anyone that hasn’t read it.

And a big question I’ll be looking for is, how do the polish names, from China Glaze’s The Hunger Games, match up to the story.

For instance, take a look at this frosty gravender (that’s gray and lavender mixed together)…

‘Hook and Line’ is probably both a frost and a metallic. Is that possible? Ehh, I’d rather just enjoy looking at it. I have 3 coats going on here…

It takes on different shades depending on the light shift. I’m thinking sometimes it is silver, sometimes beige…what color does it look like on you?


I rather like the shades of polish, or any color for that matter, that are hard to pin down. There’s quite a number of colors, it could be argued, that this polish could be. OK, I’m done trying to analyze it. I’m going to enjoy it for what it is. I guess I have fallen ‘Hook and Line’ and sinker.

Pink Wednesday At First Blush

Wednesday, already??  =O

I know one thing to do on Wednesday….Wear Pink!  I’m not alone either.  Look here to see other nail bloggers that do the same thing.  There’s a growing list of us.  WooT!

Today’s pink is Love & Beauty’s ‘Blush’.  And, that is exactly what it looks like.  I would certainly use a blush this color.

‘Blush’ is a pink with pearlescence to it.  Basically, a frost.

I have on 3 coats with Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker’ as a top coat.  By the way, I’ve been using ‘Miracle Maker’ for a few months and I really like how it performs.  It’s both a base polish as well as a top coat.  I recommend it!

‘Blush’ wasn’t streaky at all.  It’s a nice color that would be very work-friendly.  Or, even a good, base color for Konad-ing or nail art.

If you follow my blog on a regular basis, you’ll know that I’m quite taken by Love & Beauty polishes.  I get them at Forever 21 stores.  I visit a very large mall, here in Orlando, and they have a big Forever 21 store.  I can’t wait to finish my work in the mall so I can shop at Forever 21 when I’m done.  If I see a color I like, I have learned to nab it then as the colors do change out frequently.

I won’t stray too far into frost polishes; I rarely like them.  But, you see here the exception.  Do you like frost polishes?  If you do, what ones do you like?

*Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker’ was provided to me for review for my honest opinion. My opinions are my own.

Did I Just Pull This One Out Of My….Head???

Here is one of those manicures that I dream about and then, actually, am able to create it…

This is Savvy’s Femme Couture ‘Andrea’s Mint.’  I do not have a clue what that name means.  Anyone??  Bueller??

This color is truly Shamrock Green.  It’s a frosty medium green that, actually, performed better than I expected.

It’s only a little bit streaking and I can see, now, there is a bald spot on the upper left corner.  But, here’s the look I actually dreamed about…

I’m not saying I ‘invented’ it, I just dreamed about it and then made it.  There is one thing missing, however…

In my dream, there was a thin line of gold between the black and the green.  I decided against doing that step since I did a half decent job with the black; I didn’t want to ruin it!!

I taped off all but the side slant and used my Migi nail art pen to swipe on black.  I have several of these Migi sets and I do NOT use them enough. 

Let me go back to ‘Andrea’s Mint’ for a moment.  I used 3 coats and was surprised by the opaqueness of just 2 coats.  Savvy’s have been really watery for me, in the past, so I didn’t expect this one to fair any better.  In fact, I was going to pitch it in the ‘get lost’ pile.  Talk about a sleeper!

My Migi pen was more than a bit on the thick side.  I had to let it dry a long time before I removed the tape mark-off.  Even then, it did pull on the green polish some.  But it all dried quite nicely and I think I’ll wear this one, one more day.  I wish I had some gold foil stripes; that would tidy this one up just the way I wanted it.

This look is chic, to me.  What do you think?  Would you wear something like this?  Do you have or like the Migi nail art pens?

Heaven’s ‘Too Turquoise’ Nail Polish

Something that is fun for me is to discover new brands of nail polishes.  Since I’m very new to nail blogging, I’m not having such a hard time doing this.  I am going to shops I normally would not and finding places that I do shop, that sell nail polishes.

Grocery stores are not my normal place for shopping for any beauty products.  However, I’m finding new-to-me stuff and even some dusties.  While out playing tourist, I stopping into a grocery store called ‘Goodings.’  This used to be quite the grocery store when I lived in Orlando at the end of the ’80’s, beginning of the ’90’s.  Very up-scale and a feast for the eyes too.  Goodings is all but gone because Publix grocery stores have gobbled them up.  I stumbled across one in the tourist section of town, though, and had to check them out.

Here is a polish I found there and this brand is totally new to me…

This is ‘Too Turquoise’ from the Heaven Company.  I only found one listing for this actual product online.  Here, Layniefingers discovered it, too, at the grocery store.  Hey, her photo shows it was only $1.99!  I paid $8 for mine.  I see Gooding’s still wants to be an upscale store!

This is a frosty, sea-foam green…

For not being a huge fan of frosts, I’m delighted to have this one.  This is 3 coats and just the tiniest bit streaky.  It was gone by the third coat, save for the thumb nail.

And, my luck, this polish played very nicely with my camera.  This is dead on.

So, why not play with the polish some more?

I mattefied it.  I used Color Club’s Matte Polish and toned down some of the shine.  It was sort of like putting on the soft focus filter.

Have you heard about Heaven polishes before?  Laynefingers found hers in Albertsons.  We have just a few of those here, so I’m going to stop in and see if they have it.  I’d much rather pay $1.99!