I Can Cut In Front Of You As Long As I Say ‘Excuse Moi’, Right?

If I don’t put a move on it, Halloween will be here before I can get through all my spooky polishes. I’ll have to move some of them into the ‘Fall Season’ category so I can post them after Halloween.

However, I got ya one here….

From the very much anticipated OPI Muppets Collection, this is ‘Excuse Moi’.

OPI concocted a polish cocktail of fuchsia, pink, silver and green glitter along with micro-glitter of the same shades and put it in a fuchsia transparent base. There is probably more going on in this polish, however, I like to look for myself and tell you what I see for myself.

On the nails, it becomes glam…

I applied 3 coats of ‘Excuse Moi’ and then used Color Club’s ‘Vivid’ as a top coat. The polish is not as gritty as it looks. OPI does fairly good at making their glitters lay flat. But then, I’m not too objectionable about gritty glitter; I love me some glitter!

And since I’m not being very subjectionable, let me say one more thing…

I wish the names of ‘Excuse Moi’ and ‘Wocka Wocka‘ could be changed around. A sexy red would be more apt to be named ‘Excuse Moi’, at least I think so.

And I leave you with this, Miss Piggy…

 reminds me of this character…

Mimi, from The Drew Carey Show. Hee hee! Both Mimi and Miss Piggy are the quintessential ‘Triple O’; over-weight, over-confident and over-bearing.

Both of these characters are characters. Their antics, and over the top personalities, make us laugh. I really do like both of them. They are also gutsy and really run their lives, as well as their fashion looks accordingly to only themselves. I’m envious.

Blinded By the Light; Glitter A-Bomb

The elusive Wet ‘n Wild ‘Black Magic’ polish DOES exist!!!

Don’t bother going to this Walgreens; I took all three of those ‘Black Magic’ polishes. Can you see my reflection in the back of the display? That’s creepy.

Here’s what the clammer has been about…

Black glittery good stuff! I’m doing a mani right now and I am using ‘Black Magic’ as an accent nail. I’ll have this one up in a couple of days.
If you haven’t heard about the mystery of the Wet ‘n Wild’s 2 different ‘Black Magic’ polishes, I wrote about it here.  The multi-display, that has other makeup products, shown at the top, has the sparkly ‘Black Magic.’ The displays that I have seen at Ulta’s, has the black creme. Technically, I think the one I got above should be named ‘MORE Black Magic.’

This is what I got when I stepped into Icing today…

The charmed look of this brings out the magpie in me. Oh, it was 50%; $4.25.

And the polishes are always buy one, get one 1/2 off (BUT, I did ask today and was told that does NOT apply to the crackle. I didn’t see a sign that said that though…just sayin’). I found one and I had a hard time picking that second one…




 All this sparkle can give you a migraine. You best sit in the dark after this post. No joke!

Icing’s ‘Glitteratti’ has a rainbow of micro-glitter and the hard-to-miss fuchsia hex glitter. And then, ‘Gimme Some Glitter’ has a murky burgundy base (which looks like black when swatched on white paper) with gold, teal, fuchsia and purple glitter. It’s very busy, but in a GOOD way!

It was a busy day at work for me, but I managed to get that shopping in! *wink* I got some more loot at the Dollar Store to show you later.

What base colors do you think ‘Glitteraffi’ and ‘Gimme Some Glitter’ should go over? If you find the sparkly ‘Black Magic,’ are you getting it?

You Could Get a Bad Reputation Misspelling Fuchsia

Come on, tell the truth…you’ve done this; just opened the box and grabbed the first polish you touched and that was your one to swatch. Admit it, it’s the first step in recovery and we all know, everyone does it.

There is a shopping bag right by my desk and it is full of sparkles. This makes me very happy. I showed these all here. Here’s the wiener…

Kleancolor’s ‘Diamond Fuschia (sic).’ How incredibly pretty this one is. Lots and lots of silver and fuchsia glitter. But Damn! Fuchsia is hard enough to spell and these dopes go and misspell it!

This is 2 coats and one coat of Seche Vite over the top…

I like that it is dense enough that I don’t have to wear a base color. The fuchsia base gives it plenty of coverage. However, this is a thirsty glitter. I put on a good, thick coat of Seche Vite on and it just soaked right into the polish leaving the gritty feeling still there. I’m OK with that, though.

And, I know you know exactly how fun this polish was to remove. That glitter hung around like a bad reputation.

Meh…who cares? It was worth it and I knew what I was getting myself into. But, could you turn this one down?


Oh, no…not me.