Sample Sunday: Garnier’s BB Cream

One day early for the Sample Sunday, as I will be at an industry show tomorrow. 

If you read glamour/fashion magazines and other beauty blogs, you will already be acquainted with BB Creams. A BB Cream is a tinted moisturizer that will not only moisturize, but also will replenish, tone, accelerate turnover and brighten your skin, all in one product.

I got this sample of Garnier’s BB Cream in one of the glamour magazines…

I have been curious about trying a BB Cream but, quite honestly, I didn’t know if one product could do all the things I need for my skin. But, I was happy to get the opportunity to try one out.

This Garnier sample had two different skin tones to try…

I opted to try the lighter tone because, well, I am rather fair. The darker tone was too dark but, I wanted to check out how the texture felt. This cream does have the texture like a hybrid between a moisturizer and a foundation. It wasn’t really light, however I did find it to be creamier than what I’d expect from a foundation.

And to be extremely honest, there wasn’t enough here for me to get a good feel as to how this would work for me. This was barely enough to cover my chin. And, actually, I’m sure it was just meant to be swiped across the back of a hand. I just wanted to see how it looked on my skin. 

Since I use mineral foundation, I found that this BB Cream felt heavy. And there is this chalky look that some liquid foundations create on my skin. I feel like I have to put on more to work at evening it out. Then, that IS too heavy. But, after I let it sit on my skin, it didn’t seem so weighty. When I ran my finger over the tested area, the cream didn’t roll or come off. And, my skin felt soft.

I did get a coupon with this sample. And almost all stores will take returns if you don’t care for a product you have purchased. I’m still mulling around with the idea of trying it. But, I just don’t think BB Creams are something that I will be adding to my own skin routine. Maybe I enjoy the pleasure of using different products for different purposes. And that way, I can always tweak it by changing just one product but still keep the others.

What are your thoughts on BB Creams? Is there one that won you over?

Garnier: Skincare Without Breaking the Bank

I like fresh starts…most of the time.  However, when that fresh start involves a computer and trying to recover data…well, let’s say, not so fresh words are coming out of my mouth.

Something I am working on is a 14 Day Valentine’s Day Manicure Marathon.  I want to do 14 days straight of manicures for the Holiday of Love.  I think my first few manicures for this are saved on my camera.  Thanks, Cupid Angel!

So while I work on gearing up for that, here’s a beauty product review.

Garnier has got to me.  All the lush commercials, the little samples in my magazines and coupons for products that are not as expensive as a spending spree at Tiffany’s, Garnier is rockin’ my skincare regimen.

Here are two I’m using and loving right now…

I started out with just the Moisture Rescue.  I was out of the cleansing lotion I had and wanted to try something else.  Getting a coupon made this transition easy.  I find it to be super rich and moisturizing.  More moisturizing than I would have expected.  This is very good news on my face.  I am drying out.  Becoming a raisin!!!  But, not without a viscous fight.

Moisture Rescue is very creamy and leaves my skin almost baby soft.  Washes away my super-duper mascara quite easily too.  I’ve been using through 2 tubes and I can say I will continue using Moisture Rescue.

I got another coupon for a Garnier cleanser and this time I picked up ‘Skin Renew.’  This is three products in one.  And this is DA BOMB!  It cleanses and does a great job of it.  It scrubs the dead cells off the surface so that the glowing skin below shines through.  And third, it detoxifies as a mask.  If you have ever used a clay mask, you have an idea of how ‘Skin Renew’ feels and works.  And, since my skin isn’t very thick, the exfoliating scrub isn’t overly abrasive.  The corn starch may be the scrubbing ingredient.  However, it’s the only ingredient listed that I think is the abrasive.  I do know that I get a very good, deep cleanse with this product.

The Moisture Rescue I use 4 to 5 times a week.  I will use the Skin Renew the other nights when I wash up.    The two main reasons I will continue to use Garnier is that one, it respects my skin and the moisture it needs and two, the very reasonable cost.  The drugstore price on both of these are around $8.  $1 off coupons are easy to come by too.

Recommendations, yes if you have dry and/or blackhead prone skin.  If you have oil, the kaolin clay in the Skin Renew will make a nice mask for your face.  If you avoid sodium laureth/lauryl sulphate, as well as methlyparaben, you will not want to use these two products.

Got any Garnier recommendations you can make?