I Spy….Nail Polish and Eyeliner Stickers at Icing

As I have spoken about before, I’m a merchandiser and a lot of my clients are in malls. So I am in malls about 3 to 4 times a week. After I do my work, I know exactly which stores I want to check out. Do you know four of the 7 malls I go to have a Forever 21 store? Two different malls have Icing by Claire stores. And that’s just counting the malls I visit on a frequent basis.

A couple of days ago, I was at a mall that has an Icing store. I found a couple of goodies and they are SO cute…

As I was admiring these, I realized that one could wear these as mustaches too.  Don’t laugh. That’s just as much fun as wearing eyebrow stencils! I think the idea of fun eyebrows is good but my luck, I’d have one fall off and no one would tell me. Or, I’d look like ‘V’ wearing them. LOL! What do you think, something you’d like to try out? If I went clubbing, I think it would be a hoot to sport these.

And here is what I really was looking for…

New polishes! Well, new to me. At first, I thought they were just regular bright shades. However, there was a sparkle going on so I picked one up. Oh, my goodness! Glittery brights!! I helped myself to putting the four of these together for their photo op. Normally, I don’t do that but, I did return them back to their original state. That’s the merchandiser in me=need for order.

Anyhoo, check these out…

 This is actually a yellow shade. Check out the group shot and you’ll see what I mean.

Yummy, right?!! I wanted to get them soooo bad. But, I already have a backlog of swatches I have photo’d and a ton of polishes to be swatched. However, after looking at these photos, I still want them!!!

And that isn’t all. Here are a couple more I want…

These two are a lot more sparkly in person. But I think you get the gist.

I found some more polishes at the checkout…

 Way cute idea too. But I just can’t get past the thought of sniffing my fingernail polish. Even if it is a pina colada. And that’s yummy!

And, remember I told you that I know where all the Forever 21 stores are in Orlando? I found these at this mall’s store…

Almost all of the polishes were marked down to 99 cents. One, that is a good deal. But, two, when I see all of something marked down I think they are going to stop carrying that product. If it was just a few, then I would think they are clearing out for the new seasonal releases. Let’s hope that they are just planning on getting a huge bunch of new shades in. I’ll keep you up to date.

Then, I found this at Urban Outfitters. This is just hilarious…

And if you read my ‘You Don’t Know Kimberly’ post, you would get how ironic it would be for me to have this as a phone cover with my personalized ringtone of the Geico piggy saying ‘weeeeeeeeweeweeeeee.’

One last photo of cuteness…
Kayla loves, well, maybe love isn’t a strong enough word, the sun coming in from the sliding glass doors. She has been in a cage waiting for adoption for so long, I’m sure she can’t soak up enough of the sunlight. Now, she can have all she wants. Gosh, she’s so cute, I love her to pieces.

See any cuties you’d like to get?

China Glaze’s Riveting from The Hunger Games Collection

Just look at this gorgeous polish, will ya….

Riveting, right? It’s supposed to be!! This is from China Glaze’s Hunger Games collection. If you haven’t heard about this collection, it’s probably because you have been off reading one of the three books in that trilogy.

Put on your sunglasses and enjoy…

Three coats and nary a top coat needed.  ‘Riveting’ lived up to its name because I wore this for 3 days and it didn’t chip or flake.

This is THE polish I will wear on my toes this summer!

I can’t wait to find out how ‘Riveting’ is linked to ‘The Hunger Games’. Is it a spoiler?

This is the ‘go to’ shade for this season. Are you going to be sporting it too?

Milani’s Hot Pink Manicure Fit For A 5K Race

Race Day! And I won! OK, I didn’t win THE race but I won my own admiration. I set a new, personal best time and I completed the 5K race. Hooray! Oh, and I got a medal too!

Here I am all ready to begin. Yes, it was dark; I got up at 3:30 AM and was at DisneyWorld by 4:15. The race started promptly at 7 AM. I had to get there early because the parking lot was going to fill up fast. There were 5000 runners alone.

Check out the Epcot ball behind me…

It was windy and chilly. But that made it perfect weather for me to run. Before the race I shucked the gloves and about 1 mile into the run, I tied my jacket around me too.

If you look in the middle of this photo, you can spot me in my white visor, coming into the finish line. Yes, running!

Here are my race day nails…

Something fun, festive, princess-like and pink: Milani’s ‘Hot Pink’. This race is called the Princess 5K Fun Run and it was part of the entire Princess 1/2 Marathon weekend. I ran on Saturday; the 1/2 Marathon was Sunday. (Please do not ask when I will run a 1/2 Marathon; that’s not going to happen. 3.1 miles is plenty.)

As jam-packed as this large glitter is, I thought I’d get a heavy coverage. But it turned out like this…

This is 3 coats. I don’t have on a top coat because I wasn’t going to leave it on this weekend. I knew I was going to do more swatching.However, this was a fun manicure and I got a couple of compliments on it.

There is approximately 2/3 magenta glitter to 1/3 silver. The silver helps give it a twinkle. You can imagine how cool ‘Hot Pink’ would be layered over a variety of base colors.

And talk about variety…

 I tried to snap a photo of me running with the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. What a cute Beast at that!

 I came upon a woman dressed like the Chiceta banana lady. Once I got past her, it wasn’t a good idea for me to turn around and snap a photo, though.

 I’m coming up to run around the ball and then into the home stretch.

 A photo of the crowd of runners once I crossed the finish line.

And here I am catching my breath once I finished. I’m still breathing hard and I don’t seem to be able to smile at the same time. 🙂

After more fretting than necessary, the run was fun and I enjoyed running around Epcot. The weather was great and I got some cool swag food after I had my offical race photo taken. I milled around a bit after that then went back into town and celebrated with a Starbucks chai tea.

What grand moment did you have this weekend? Do you find ‘Hot Pink’ a fun polish for the my race?

Like A 12 Year Old In A Candy Shop; Claire’s New Polish

This new shade, Claire’s ‘Candy Shop’, is getting some press. I have only found one and boy, did I snatch it up! I hadn’t read anything on this until after I got it. But it is worth the buzz.

This polish makes the 12 year old in me cheer…

‘Candy Shop’ makes me think of ‘Whimsical’. Both are light-hearted and just fun to wear.

Take a gander at this confetti amount of glitter in a dusty pink base…

 I don’t know how many different sizes of glitter are in this polish but I think it is a lot! And there are a lot of colors too. I’m not using this word lightly; jam-packed!

OK, back on track. The base of ‘Candy Shop’ is opaque enough that I didn’t have to put on underwear. Yes, the 12 year old that lives in me laughed out loud too…

This is just 2 coats! And to my surprise, this glitter lays down way better than I thought it would. I topped it with a coat of Seche Vite just to keep my hair from snagging on it,though. But the removal was typical of large glitter polish. It was as stubborn as making a 12 year old go to school on Mondays.

This was a fun manicure to do and to photo, as well. I must have taken 100 pictures. And you might not have noticed until I pointed it out but, I have a really wicked hang nail going on with my middle finger. Puffy and ouchy. Too bad I can’t ignore it.

Have you seen this polish yet? Does it look like a 12 year old’s favorite polish? In 29 days, I am going to be old enough to say, I’m going to start my second childhood. It’s THE ultimate landmark birthday: 50. I think I’ll stay with 12. At lease mentally.

Jordana Nail Polish Glitter Polish Is All That!

If you thought beautiful glitter nail polish melted away with the Winter Holidays, you are in for a big surprise!  Jordana Cosmetics has come out with a mega collection of glitters. How does 24 shades grab ya?!

I found three from this new collection at KMart…

‘Fairy Dust’ is a perfect name for this pink glitter. I love it! Well, I guess you would have figured that one out. I love, love, love the sparkle. Check out ‘Fairy Dust’…

Oh, take me back to the 70’s and a funky Elton John outfit!!!

Get ready for some ‘Fro Action!’

I couldn’t resist putting on 3 coats. You know, more is, sometimes, better….

‘Fairy Dust’ isn’t just glitter. The base color is pink, as well. That helps with wearing it alone rather than just as a top coat.

And if that isn’t beautiful enough, here is ‘Sequins’…

That bit of teal glitter makes this the ‘Rocket Man’…

Goodness! I really like this one…


And the glitter love doesn’t stop there. I got a blue/green one. This is ‘Cosmic’…

Very flamboyant!

Ack! I used to skate at the roller rink to this song while I was junior high.

I wanted ‘Cosmic’ to be out of this world so, I used a couple of base polishes to see which one I liked best. On my index, I tried ‘Skull and GlossBones’ from OPI. On my middle finger I used an Icing’s polish from a past pastel collection. My ring finger is without any base color.

True to glitter polish’s behavior, these were pistols to get off. But, man, are they not fantastic! I am on the hunt for more from this collection. If you want to see all of them, visit my friend ‘G’ of Nouveau Cheap, she reviewed and swatched them here. There are so many in this collection, she had to have 3 separate posts!

‘Fairy Dust’, ‘Sequins’ and ‘Cosmic’…how could I not think about Elton John? (Secret about Kimberly…she was in love with him in the ’70’s!) And have you noticed…Elton was more flamboyant when he was ‘in the closet’ than when he came out. Why’s that?

‘Sacrifice’ is my all-time favorite Elton John song. What’s your favorite?

Q Collection Nail Color: Mardi Gras Beads

My good friend, Kim, sent me some surprise nail polishes. The.Best.Nail.Mail…

Q Collection Nail Color is totally new to me. They have named this one ‘Glitter Multi Colors.’ However, I’m thinking ‘Mardi Gras Beads’!!

It was around noon when I took these photos so they are so over-saturated with light. Yet, I wanted to show off the sparkle! And I think it looks like a Mardi Gras parade…

‘Mardi Gras Beads’ is a glitter that probably should be a top coat. However, with the teal, purple and gold colors, I wanted them to show off without any distractions.

I have on 3 coats of this new polish. No top coat used. There is a hint of light blue to the base and it gave an interesting tinge to the look.

If you don’t like visible nail lines (VNL), you’ll want to use this as a top coat only. But it was quite nice without. Oh, and taking it off wasn’t very difficult as the glitter is very small. It came off without a hard scrubbing with Zoya’s Remove+.

Kim sent me several ‘new to me’ nail polish brands. I’m looking forward to sharing them here. Have you found any ‘new to you’ nail polish brands lately?

China Glaze’s Ginger; A Penny For Your Thoughts

I’m going to brag a little bit about myself, in a minute. First, I’ll show you the swatch. That way if you aren’t snooping interested, you can bug out after the photos.

This China Glaze polish is from way back; like maybe Fall of 2010. That sort of tells you how deep my ‘to be swatched’ stash is. Pardon me for a moment while I shutter.

The goods…

‘Ginger’ is from the Vintage collection and I fell it love with the entire collection. This shade is no exception. Best way I can describe it is copper-y micro glitter with some iridescent/gold small glitter all tied up in a bow.

You’ll have to squint your eyes to see this because it tends to be rather bright…

Uh-hmmm…yep. Shiny like a brand new, copper penny.

It’s glitzy…not garish. I am surprised that this copper color goes well with my skin tone too.

I got the sun coming and going with these photos. However, you can still see the glitz.

OK, here’s my story:
Many years ago, so many I can’t even say, I had been toying with the idea of changing my blonde hair to red. I thought about this for a few months. Then, I made a new friend that just happened to be a hair dresser and I shared my secret with her. Her salon, which just happened to be in the same office building I worked in, made it really easy for her to come up to my office, ask me to join her for lunch, take me to her salon and turn my into a redhead. Just like that. 
When I returned back from lunch, I shocked my co-workers, needless to say. But, amongst their gasps, they told me how cool it looked. I was pleased…and relieved that it did look OK.
Only after a couple of weeks, we all went out for Friday after work drinks. Stuffed in this Irish pub, we all yelled at each other to be heard. While hanging out with my friends, I got a tap on my shoulder and I turned around. This man, who I did not know, told me the following…’There are two types of redheads: those that are really ugly and those that are gorgeous. You are gorgeous. Just wanted you to know that.’ 
Insecurity of making the leap to being a redhead: slayed. 
Reason for this story is two-fold: One, that some reds do look good on me. I was many different shades of red during the 12+ years I wore that color. And two, you just don’t know what is in store for you unless you take a leap and entertain a sense of curiosity.

China Glaze’s Blonde Bombshell Takes The Gold

It has been mostly gloomy today in the Sunshine State. I know I’m not alone, during days like these, feeling like making homemade chocolate chip cookies, crocheting, painting my nails…or, all of them…just not at the same time.

I found this shade to perk me up…

China Glaze’s ‘Blonde Bombshell’ is a dazzler. I don’t know if I have ever met a gold glitter that I didn’t like. And this one is a hottie.

Tons and tons of twinkle in this polish. You’ll think you found the end of the rainbow with ‘Blonde Bombshell’. Can you just tell that this polish is literally packed with gold glitter? In with all that micro-glitter are small dot glitter pieces. And they are all shiny because in the sunlight, they really do twinkle.

I only used 2 coats today as I wanted to keep it light and not feel like a left-over Christmas ornament. You can see that this polish could work as a top coat as well as a stand-alone shade.

Get in close and you can see that the small size glitter is just speckled about. Doesn’t make me feel like a total glitter bomb…just a ‘Blonde Bombshell’.

Which way would you wear this polish…as a top coat or as a single polish?

All That Glitters Is Not Gold…Unless It’s Nail Polish

Even though this is a beautiful gold glitter, it looks and feels like a Holiday leftover…

I got it on Ulta’s clearance shelf. I’m always surprised when pretty polishes like this hasn’t been scooped up.

This is a polish by Pop Beauty and I couldn’t find a name or number on the bottle…

Other than that, I have nothing negative to say. This polish was super easy to apply…

This is 3 coats over Wet ‘n Wild’s base coat. Then I put on just one coat of Color Club’s Vivid Top Coat.

Blingy Blingy! Look at all the colors!…

Even though it is a very dense glitter, it wasn’t terribly gritty. The one coat of Color Club top coat made it relatively smooth. I’m still wearing it so I can’t comment on the removal. This is wearing so good, I hate to take it off. 

Does anyone else remember when the Solid Gold Dancers wore this glitter color?

Hey, don’t laugh. I really liked this show and you can see those same moves in any Britney Spears show.

Marry A Millionaire To Chase Away The Winter Blues

My double glitter giveaway ends this Sunday. Go here to enter. Good luck!

Lost in the Holiday foray was a China Glaze collection called Eye Candy. Here’s a smashing purple glitter from that collection…

I rather like this purple and silver glitter called ‘Marry A Millionaire’.

It is depressing to find all the Holiday decorations whisked away and the world becomes a bit gray. ‘Marry A Millionaire’ is just the polish to brighten my day…

This polish is a complex collection of purple glitter in two different sizes; micro and super-micro. Even the bar glitter, which flashes from teal/green to silver, is tiny. There is just the right balance of these glitters, so on the nails, it fractals light and becomes very, very sparkly. I did need 4 coats to get this much coverage. And, even though I found the polish to be a tad thick, as many glitter polishes can be, it dried faster than many do.

Photos are not doing the sparkle justice…

Interestingly enough, I found that ‘Marry A Millionaire’ didn’t eat (absorb) top coat as a lot of glitter polishes tend to do. I used one coat of Color Club’s Vivid Color Intensifying Top Coat and the texture felt smooth to the touch. On the other hand, the second day of wearing this polish, it was chipping. Or rather, it was flaking off in large pieces on my index fingers and my right thumb. I was able to peel all the polish off my index finger but stopped there as I didn’t want to take a layer off my own nail.

Of course, the peeling could have been due to the base coat I used from Wet ‘n Wild. It’s one I’ve had forever but still, I have been using it for weeks and haven’t had that issue before.

So, as I mourn the end of cheery Holiday decorations, I find that I can easily find solace in glitters and pretty nail polishes. And those are things that never go away.

Am I the only one that finds the world a bit duller when the Holiday decorations come down?