Mary Kay: Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss

This has never happened before to me. I was at the mall and happened to see a woman applying a lip gloss that was simply gorgeous. It stopped me right there and because I knew I was staring too long, I had to say something. Well, the truth made it easy. I told her that her lip gloss was really pretty. She replied with a ‘oh, yea?’ and she took my sincere compliment seriously. I mentioned that I am a beauty blogger and just randomly notice pretty stuff. (Insert canned laughter) She showed me the tube, and I said it was nice, and told me it was Mary Kay. I was so surprised because I haven’t looked at Mary Kay products in a very long time. Then she told me she was a Mary Kay representative. Oh, no! I thought. What did I got myself into it? She started digging in her bag and I knew I was going to get to see all the new items MK has, ala brochure. But this nice woman, GAVE me a brand, new tube as a gift! She didn’t even give me a business card.

Look at this yummy gloss…Of course, I love red lippies!

If I spent the time, I know durn-well I’d find a nail polish in my stash to match this. It’s an orange-ish red with red and magenta sparkles. So not in your face sparkly, though. Check further down and you’ll see.

A simple, random act of kindness. It, truly, made my day. And, after trying this out myself, I wish she would have given me a card. I would like to try other shades. I did some research and found that Mary Kay’s Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss comes in 14 shades and is $14. The anti-oxidants and botanical extracts keep the lips smooth and hydrated. It promises to be long-lasting and good at conditioning my lips.

I wore ‘Red Passion’ for the rest of the day…

‘Red Passion’ is smooth, really smooth. There’s not fragrance or taste. Only thing I didn’t care for was that it was somewhat sticky/tacky, at first. That causes me to want to rub my lips together too much. And, that has to look weird. Other than that, I like it!

Thank you, nice Mary Kay lady, wherever you are!

Central Florida Beauty Bloggers Each Create Their Own Lipstick Shades

Designing my own lipstick color is a dream!!! But it isn’t a dream any longer!!!
I’m starting at the end so I can show you what I got. I picked a pink with just a bit of sparkle for my lipstick. And there was left over gloss that I felt complimented my lipstick, so I had that tweaked a little bit to be my own, and now I have both on the vanity.

This is my lipstick called ‘Pink Bish’…

And my gloss is named ‘QR Me’…

I even got to add a sunscreen and a dulce de leche flavor to my gloss.

This is how I got my own lipstick and gloss made; I went to a Pucker Suite party. Sounds titillating, doesn’t it? The party was hosted Artisan Beauty

And they invited the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers to check it out…

I would LOVE to have this chemistry set on the vanity!!!

What you see are our hostesses creating lipstick to exactly each person’s own specifications. Any color you can imagine, they can make. We also had a variety of flavors, add sunscreen, moisturizers, and even plumpers to add to our lipstick and glosses, if we chose.

And no one held back in modeling their own lipstick style.  

Judi was right on the money with her shade…

Toni, being a professional makeup artist, didn’t miss a beat with her true color…

Eugenia complimented her look perfectly…

I think Alyssa is the next spokes model for a toothpaste commercial; look at her smile!!

Steph couldn’t have made a better shade match for her complexion, flawless…

I told her Phyrra that I knew her lipstick shade was going to be bold and she didn’t disappoint…

Alli flashes her gloss and her super smile…

And Brittany created a pink lipstick with power to sizzle…

Artisan Beauty is the closest thing to a Fairy Godmother of the Vanity. If you have ever dreamed of creating your own lipstick or gloss color or, if your ultra favorite shade has been discontinued, with a swipe of their spatulas, Artisan Beauty will turn your frown into a super model smile. Just like all the super star beauty blogger models you see here. 

To learn more about Artisan Beauty, go to their website here.
My lipstick was provided for my honest opinion and review. I purchased my lip gloss.

Sparkly, Shimmery Bath and Body Works Gloss Does Add Up

Fall and Winter Holidays are my VERY, VERY favorite time at Bath and Body Works. Today I got a chance to take in some of that. I had a birthday gift to pick up for a party I’m going to tomorrow. And what woman doesn’t like that store? Or the *cough,candles,cough* they have?

And, who can resist getting something for herself while she’s gift shopping…

Even after this morning’s lecture, (and I can honestly say it is a ‘lecture’ because my hubs is a professor/university dean/blowhard)  on how the consumer is tricked into thinking they are saving money on the BOGO 1/2 off or the buy 2 get a third one free gimmicks…I purchased these as a buy 2 get a third one free. (She who goes along with the lecture still comes home with goodies.)

I’m a sucker for iridescent lip glosses. These cuties were from a huge line of glosses Bath and Body Works has to pick from.

‘Fabulous’ has a peachy base for the iridescent and gold glitter. The gold faceted top, to the name ‘Fabulous’, this gloss delivers. The strawberry flavor and scent are not overwhelming as the ‘Glamorous’, which I’ll get to. But it is there and in just the right levels for me. The gloss is a bit tacky but it is not gritty or grainy. It did make my pucker feel pretty.

‘Glamorous’ is minty with a capital ‘M’. You know those York Peppermint Patty commercials? ‘Glamorous’ could give that sensation a run for its money! The soft, milky base has the pink/fuchsia glitter/shimmer. This one, too, is tacky but gets less tacky when you smack your lips a few times. This was the one that I opened up first, the moment I got into my car. For a nice pick-me-up, ‘Glamorous’ could give you a cool and refreshing break without the caffeine jolt. It made my lips feel lively.

‘White Sugar Pop’ is a gloss monger’s dream. Like Pavol’s dog, just smelling this sugar cookie scent got me salivating. ‘White Sugar Pop’ is a creamy white with true iridescent, shifting from pink to sea foam green. Not as tacky as the first two, you can wear this alone or saddle it up with a lipstick. A placement on my pout and I was tilting my head back and forth to check out the shimmer.

Gloss swatches are tricky if they are not rich in pigment…

From top to bottom: ‘Fabulous’, ‘Glamorous’, and ‘White Sugar Pop.

Can you say ‘learn to crop’? I’m just lazy. I have on just ‘White Sugar Pop’. I’m sniffing and sparkly all at the same time. WooT!

Regardless of what ‘Dean Vanity’ says, I got these ‘buy 2 and get 1 free’. They are $8 a piece or, with the special, $5.33 each. Since the deal was for a total of three, I actually DID save money.

If the special would have been buy 3 get 2 free, they would have been $4.80 a piece. Being compelled to get a total of 5, that would have cost $24 as opposed to the $16 I spent today. My hubs says ‘if you spent money, you did NOT save money.’

I never did like accounting.

Which gloss do you like best? Do you go for the ‘special’ pricings as I do?