China Glaze’s The Hunger Games; Electrify

China Glaze, recently, came out with a collection called ‘The Hunger Games’. I do live under a rock but even I know about this book series and that the movie was a financial success. I think this polish from the collection is a success as well…

 I was eager to swatch this one called ‘Electrify’. Heck, even in the shade it looks like it is on fire…

The base is a transparent copper with gold and blood red glitter. This is what one coat looks like…

 I swiped it over ‘Foie Gras’ (from the same collection), which I reviewed here.  It didn’t come out as great as I had envisioned it would…

 Uhm, yea…pass! But don’t pass on either of them; they are both worth getting. ‘Electrify’ can come back for a visit around Christmas, I say.

This I gotta share; check out this caterpillar I had riding on my car…

Seriously, it is one weird insect!! That red dot, the head ???, was super bright. I hope it grows up to be something splendid. Kind of eery I’d come upon some insect that has gold and red on it…like the polish…[cue Twilight Zone music.]

Anyone know what this is???

Testing the Waters with Butter London

My first Butter London and it was given in a swap just like the post prior. I’m excited to swatch this and have been staring at this bottle, mesmerized by the color, for weeks. What I really wanted to know, is it worth all the hype?

This is Butter London’s ‘Wallis’…

 It is a mysterious shade that just sort of grabs you. I don’t even know what color this is. It’s a gold (gilded?) green. Maybe?? It is more intriguing than beautiful. Maybe that is why it is called ‘Wallis’, the woman who got the King of England to abdicate his throne. (I’m going to read a book on Wallis Simpson after I finish my current book. I want to learn more about this woman.)

I have 3 coats on but I bet a skilled hand would only need 2. Now, for my take on the hype. I do agree that this polish applies grandly. I found no problems at all working with it. I mean, it turned out lovely…

 This shade has mega-depth to it. It is a rather unique shade; not one you see every season.

 ‘Wallis’ wore well, for me, too. I did use a top coat of Color Club’s Vivid so that gave it a bit of extra protection.

 And, I love how the shade looks on me. I’m keeping this one for the time being.

Here is a photo taken in the shade. But, the question I posed earlier to myself: is it worth the hype? I will have to sit right on the fence with this. It is worth it for the unique color. However, it didn’t go above and beyond some of the lesser costly polishes I use. At $14 a bottle, I find that price to be too steep. If it was $8 to $9, I think that would be a fair price. This has kept me from purchasing Butter London previously.

So, it will be an outstanding shade that will make me purchase Butter London, not the formula. The price makes me think twice and then again before I put a bottle of this in my shopping cart. I’m very happy I got the chance to swap with this one and just see what the hype was and, make a decision for myself.

Have you tried Butter London and what did you think about it?

China Glaze’s Blonde Bombshell Takes The Gold

It has been mostly gloomy today in the Sunshine State. I know I’m not alone, during days like these, feeling like making homemade chocolate chip cookies, crocheting, painting my nails…or, all of them…just not at the same time.

I found this shade to perk me up…

China Glaze’s ‘Blonde Bombshell’ is a dazzler. I don’t know if I have ever met a gold glitter that I didn’t like. And this one is a hottie.

Tons and tons of twinkle in this polish. You’ll think you found the end of the rainbow with ‘Blonde Bombshell’. Can you just tell that this polish is literally packed with gold glitter? In with all that micro-glitter are small dot glitter pieces. And they are all shiny because in the sunlight, they really do twinkle.

I only used 2 coats today as I wanted to keep it light and not feel like a left-over Christmas ornament. You can see that this polish could work as a top coat as well as a stand-alone shade.

Get in close and you can see that the small size glitter is just speckled about. Doesn’t make me feel like a total glitter bomb…just a ‘Blonde Bombshell’.

Which way would you wear this polish…as a top coat or as a single polish?

All That Glitters Is Not Gold…Unless It’s Nail Polish

Even though this is a beautiful gold glitter, it looks and feels like a Holiday leftover…

I got it on Ulta’s clearance shelf. I’m always surprised when pretty polishes like this hasn’t been scooped up.

This is a polish by Pop Beauty and I couldn’t find a name or number on the bottle…

Other than that, I have nothing negative to say. This polish was super easy to apply…

This is 3 coats over Wet ‘n Wild’s base coat. Then I put on just one coat of Color Club’s Vivid Top Coat.

Blingy Blingy! Look at all the colors!…

Even though it is a very dense glitter, it wasn’t terribly gritty. The one coat of Color Club top coat made it relatively smooth. I’m still wearing it so I can’t comment on the removal. This is wearing so good, I hate to take it off. 

Does anyone else remember when the Solid Gold Dancers wore this glitter color?

Hey, don’t laugh. I really liked this show and you can see those same moves in any Britney Spears show.

Champagne Bubbles for the Holiday

I love the Christmas decorations that are all gold. They look so rich, right from a storybook. And to think, I almost passed this golden polish up…

China Glaze blew the cork right out of glitters with their 2011 collection. This gold is named ‘Champagne Bubbles.’

This is why, at the last minute, I decided I did, indeed, need this gold…

This gold has sparse silver glitter in it; like…bubbles in champagne!

And this gold is a buffed, softened gold…

Just a bit of an issue with the silver glitter making the polish look, well, bubbly. In person, it isn’t quite this bad, just very noticeable in (my) photos.

I applied 3 coats and they didn’t dry as quickly as other polishes do. And so, I nicked my pinky. But the last photo shows just how yellow ‘Champagne Bubbles’ is. This isn’t a gold that usually goes well with my skin tone, but this one, somehow, works very well. No top coat needed.

I like to have one glass of champagne a year, but rarely make the attempt to get it. I posted about Verdi and that’s what I enjoy. How about you? Champagne? Gold polish?

Orna-ment For Each Other, At Least Through Christmas

Nicole by OPI is a brand I rarely pick up. I will check them out while shopping, but I only have 3 or now, 4. My reasoning is that they rarely have anything I find unique. And, I know, that is an odd remark coming from a nail blogger that will swatch 3 different brands that have similar colors. But, as a lot of nail/beauty bloggers know, we don’t always have the most logical reasons for our choices.

Here’s my latest Nicole addition…

A Christmas nail polish, if there ever was one. This is ‘Orna-ment For Each Other.’ Cute name! I do have to hand it to OPI, they come up with fun and definitely, unique names.

There is so much glitter in ‘Orna-ment For Each Other’ that it is opaque in just 2 coats. But I did the fail-safe 3…

This polish is heavy-laden with micro gold and red glitter. Very shiny; I’m swatching with no top coat. ‘OFEO’ is gritty, but it isn’t difficult to remove like some glitters can be. It wore nicely for the 36 hours I had it on.


There’s just a one thing I wasn’t happy about with this polish. It makes my fingers look red. I think it is the combo of red and gold together. It combines to be an orange and my pallor can’t handle it. Sadz.

However, besides that, it is a great Christmas glitter polish. It is feisty and cheery and just Christmas-y.

I’m just sad that the beautiful color ‘OFEO’ shows in the bottle didn’t translate onto my nails. Interestingly enough, the color looks all the same in my photos.

Here, it shows a bit of patchiness, but I’m chalking that up to user-difficulty. There’s enough glitter jammed in this polish to counter bald spots. I feel that this is the type of glitter polish that looks good on both short or long nails.

Are you a Nicole by OPI fan? Is ‘Orna-ment For Each Other’ for you?

Del Sol’s Christmas Polish: Tinsel Toes

This just in…Holiday Del Sol polish!!!


‘Tinsel Toes!’ I love it! I visited clients that have businesses out at the airport and this is where there is a Del Sol store. Since I found a Halloween polish and I blogged about it here, I stopped in to see if they had any Christmas polishes.

OK, the novelty is neat but I like the colors a lot. The fun of this brand is to show people that haven’t seen it. Kind of like magic!

‘Tinsel Toes’ is a softened gold that is slightly sparkly and understated. It is not an ‘in your face’ flashy gold. These photos were taken in the shade.

Now watch it change…

A little more red….

Getting darker and redder…

And here it is a magical golden red. However, it comes off a bit like a salmon color on the nails. It’s not so noticeable in real life. However, you can see how it makes my fingers look like the infamous ‘lobster fingers’ where the contrast between nail color and flesh tone collide.

I was surprised, and I don’t know why, that this wasn’t more opaque. I have on 2 coats and I just finished there because I knew it would take many more to get it opaque.

So, Del Sol’s ‘Tinsel Toes’ is a more subtle sparkle, and after flashy glitter manis and polishes, it is nice to wear something more demure.

Share with me your thoughts on ‘Tinsel Toes.’

The Ghosts of Christmas Dupes

Can you believe there are this many polish dupes this season? I don’t know if this is normal, as it didn’t seem like that last year.

Well, here are some more to check out…

I really like these combos. First is Color Club’s ‘Jingle Jangle’ from their Beyond the Mistletoe collection. Very much micro-glitter in a very light gold, light purple, and iridescent colors. Next to that is China Glaze’s ‘Twinkle Lights’ from the Let It Snow collection. This one doesn’t look totally similar in the bottle, however.

  ‘Twinkle Lights’ has glitter that is a bit larger than the Color Club’s. The glitter is gold, red and green. It looks very pretty in the bottle. I’d love to have a long scarf like this and wear it with a dark green or black shirt.

This is what they look like side by side…

‘Jingle Jangle’ is on my thumb, middle and pink. I put ‘Twinkle Lights’ on my index and on my ring nail. Hard to see a difference, even though they seemed quite different in the bottle.  I didn’t get in super macros on this but you can see just the very slightest bit of green in the ‘Twinkle Lights’ on the two nails. 

My thoughts, if you need just one, you might be hard pressed to decide. Here’s why: China Glaze applied a bit easier and had less drag than Color Club. But Color Club’s ‘Jingle Jangle’ gave more coverage with the 2 coats I applied. Once again, I didn’t put on a top coat so you could see just how sparkly they were without it.

Now, on the right hand…

These are out of order from how I applied them on the nails. However, this is what is lined up here: Finger Paint’s ‘Santa Kisses’ and this is from the Merry and Bright collection. In the middle is China Glaze’s ‘Ring in the Red’ and that is from the Let It Snow holiday collection. On the right is Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Rockin’ Rubies.’ That is from the recent Ice Baby collection.

 Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Rockin’ Red.’

 China Glaze’s ‘Ring In The Red.’

And this is Finger Paint’s ‘Santa Kisses.’

They can all look similar, at first glance because they are reds all within the same hue.

So, let’s see what happens when they end up on the nails…

Starting with my thumb and ring finger: that is Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Rockin’ Red.’ Then on the index finger and pink, that’s China Glaze’s ‘Ring In The Red.’ And all alone, on the middle finger, I have applied Finger Paint’s ‘Santa Kisses.’

Let me start off with ‘Rockin’ Red.’ This polish has pink glitter floating in a mass of red micro-glitter. And then, sometimes that pink glitter will flash red. It’s a trickster.

On the index and pinky, I have China Glaze, and this is my favorite of the three. With the first coat, which almost always is thin, I can tell that the base color is a translucent red. Swatching it on white pape, it looks fuchsia next to the other two. But the micro and semi-micro glitter is red, no doubt. This gives it better coverage in two coats than the other two.

Last is Finger Paints and I’m actually disappointed in this one. The base is a much weaker base of red. And it has true red glitter but only one size. However, it didn’t give as complete coverage as the other two did. It would need three or four coats to become opaque. So you might want to keep that in mind.

The lighting is off, but I wanted you to see the differences in the opaqueness of the three.
I think they are similar, again, that I wouldn’t need all of them. For the gold, my favorite, easily is China Glaze’s ‘Twinkle Lights.’ And I’m favoring China Glaze’s ‘Ring In The Red’ for the red glitter.
Tell me your thoughts on these.

Three Polish Brands; One Big Holiday Polish Haul

These are my recent nail polish hauls. And it’s a haulage!!

I got these at Sally’s. I wanted to get ‘Ingenue’ as well, but it was gone!

These two polishes are from Orly’s Holiday Soiree collection. On the left, the gawdawesome ‘Androgynie’. The one on the right, that’s ‘Oui’.

Go ahead and take a closer look…

‘Androgynie’…the final frontier. The baby lacey nail file is cute but utterly useles.

‘Oui’ to a gold and silvery-purple duochrome.

Lovely shades. Nothing terribly new, but these are the shades of polish I like. You can see some ‘hot damn’ swatches of this collection at I Drink Nail Polish’s blog.

I was at the right place at the right time to get this collection from China Glaze…

This China Glaze collection is from the one called Eye Candy 3-D. I don’t know what the 3-D part is because these polishes have no more or less depth to them than any other glitters. But, maybe I missed getting the free 3-D glasses that should have come with these.  I did get in on the sale at Ulta though. I bought 2 and got 1 free. At first, I was only going to get 5 but since that sixth one was free, I got them all.

The first one above is called ‘Lorelei’s Tiara.’ That’s the one that has silver glitter and then some teal glitter swirling around within. That is one of the more unique looks.

Next to that is ‘Marry A Millionaire’. Great saying that goes with a medium purple glitter with holo bar glitter. Another rather new look to me.

And then the last one in this line up is a gold glitter; ‘Blonde Bombshell.’ This is the one I wasn’t going to get at first. It’s a gold glitter but has these larger sizes of gold glitter as well. I feel I have to get my nose right down into it to see the differences in the sizes, however.

Next set…

From left over to right; ‘Material Girl’; ‘Some Like it Haute (named after one of my favorite movies); and then ‘Love Marilyn.’

 ‘Material Girl’ is a dusty pink glitter with larger sized pink holo glitter.

Next is ‘Some Like It Haute.’ This one is another favorite. It’s a dark, slate gray and has holo glitter suspended in it. Last is ‘Love Marilyn’ and this is a gorgeous red glitter sprinkled with silver glitter.

There’s ‘Androgenie’ next to ‘Some Like It Haute’…

 I know they are not the same and the only similarities can be they are both dark and have holo glitter. However, when you put them side by side, they actually bring out the unique flavor of each other.

Blurred for shimmer, you can see both are full of holographic glitter. ‘Androgynie’ has the larger hex shaped pieces.

And lastly, I found the Nicole By OPI’s Holiday Glitter collection. I picked up just two…

 On the left, ‘Orna-ment For Each Other’. Now that’s a Santa suit red! It’s got speckles of gold glitter within a sea of red glitter. Ho Ho Ho!

 And on the right, that’s ‘Glitter In My Stocking.’ It’s a bright gold glitter that has red and copper glitter thrown in for some major holiday awe-ness.

They look like glitter tree ornaments, don’t they?

There were a total of 4 shades to this collection. One was a fuchsia glitter (‘My Sleigh Is In The Shop) and the other was a bright blue with a rainbow assortment of colored micro-glitter called  ‘Snowman of My Dreams.’ I hemmed and hawed over that one and I think I’ve convinced myself that I will have to go back and get it.

I better get busy and Holiday Swatch! Do you have any of these or, are there some here that you know you’ll get?

Wet ‘n Wild’s 24 Carats on Every Finger

My favorite Christmas/Holiday nail collection is Wet ‘n Wild’s Ice Baby. I’m loving these over-the-top glitters.

The first shade from this collection I swatched was ‘Diamond in the Rough‘. You can click here and read about that. Even looking at my photos, I want to go put that polish back on.

However, there are other shades in this collection that are very high on the ‘wow’ factor.  Like this one…

Put your sunglasses on before you look at ’24 Carats’. Brilliant!! This glitter is one that will keep you fascinated for hours. I found it best not to stare at my nails at stoplights; other drivers seem to not like it.

This bright, gold polish has some interesting stuff going on in it…

Here’s what I see going on: this is gold micro-glitter in with copper and gold bar glitter. It is all floating in a clear universe and ready to boldly go right to your nails.

This is 2 coats. I have one coat of Lumos top coat on too.

As gritty and fuzzy as this looks, it wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t getting hung up in my hair when I was washing it. It didn’t snag my blouse either. And what was really, really surprised me is that it didn’t take a jack hammer to remove it. It came off with Zoya’s Remove+. I had to do a bit more scrubbing but I didn’t have to use the foil method. Cheers!!!

It was sad to remove it anyway. I rather liked it quite well.

Here’s my fun story for the day…Last year I went to stay with my brother and his family at Christmas. My Dad and sister came in too. Before everyone got up Christmas morning, I snuck down to the family room and put a bag of (chocolate candy) coal on the chairs where everyone sat. Later that morning when everyone was up, my family was looking around saying ‘what’s this?’ I announced that they had ALL been bad and since I didn’t have any coal from Santa, then I got all the gifts. Ha ha, they all laughed and they STILL got their gifts.

If you have a friend that likes glitter nail polish, this would make a very cute stocking stuffer.