Christmas Dance Nail Stickers

I got these cute Christmas stickers at Sally’s. The stickers I used on my thumb made getting these a given…

These remind me of the kids dancing on the stage in the Charlie Brown Christmas Show. Do you get up and dance with them?! What….no? I do.

You so know you dance like ‘Yellow Shirt’!!!!

I used a green creme from a Fall collection Icing put out…

No name, just awesome murky green. I have three coats on.

Then, I put on an assortment of Christmas stickers…


I used a coat of Seche Vite to protect them. However, these stickers are thin. I don’t even feel them when I rub my finger over them.

They’re so sweeeet! And just when I think no one notices my nails when I’m out working, I ended up with 2 compliments on them today.

Tomorrow, I’m going to an all-day workshop, so I’ll be sporting these. This workshop is, actually, to learn how to use something that I will be doing a giveaway on!!!! Yes, it is that detail-oriented so before I review it and have it for the giveaway, I have to learn how to use it too. That’s all I’m telling you…BWHAAAAHAAAHAAAA!

These stickers were fairly easy to apply. I did use a pair of needle-nose tweezers to remove them from their backing and place them on the nails.

Do you wear nail stickers? If you like these, you can find them at Sally’s.

Nubar Has Great Glitter Just Not Great Names

When I started blogging, almost 18 months ago, I learned about Nubar nail polish. What I read was it was held in high regard. So, in June of this year, I went to the Orlando Premiere and when I visited the Nubar booth, I dropped some bucks.

Now, I don’t read about Nubar so much. I don’t know why. However, here is one that I bought and it works sort of nicely for the Holidays…

Nubar’s ‘Green/Silver Glitter’ isn’t a bold glitter. And I’m liking that after swatching a lot of SCREAMING glitter.

This polish has micro-glitter, and though it looks like there is so much in there that it would apply opaque…let me set you straight. Nope.

I have on 4 coats. Yet, I’m happy with this lighter look. I can still appreciate the softer looks of glitter as well. The silver seems to be more iridescent than just plain silver. It casts off many different colors in the sunshine. I can somewhat see that happening on my ring finger.

Take a closer look, I want to show you something…

This is what 4 coats looks like. Not bad. And, yes, it is gritty. It’s hungry like Santa is for cookies. But, there is something else I want you to see. A nail and its cuticle in DAMN GOOD shape!!! WORD!!!!!

After a super easy work day, I came home excited to swatch a new polish. But a light bulb went off…how would it look matted?

I gave it a try. It dulled it some, but not like I thought it would. That glitter is determined to sparkle!!!

I used China Glaze’s ‘Matte Magic’. I don’t think it changed it enough to bother.

Is ‘Green/Sliver Glitter’ something you like too?

Three Way Holiday Green Comparisons

As mentioned in my last post, I am so loving green polishes this Holiday. And, I’ll say it again, green polish is new to my life in the past 2 years. I must have been in some rut, avoiding wearing green polish. I would wear it on my toes but, just not on my fingers. Too funky.

I’m so glad I snapped out of that one! Look what fun I’d be missing out on…


Three random, Holiday greens. Using the last photo, from the left: from Color Club’s Under The Mistletoe collection in 2009 (no name); Orly’s ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’; and Finger Paint’s ‘Comet’s Collar’.

Each one is worthy of Holiday wear. I like all of them. So, here are the skittles of green…

I used 3 coats on all of these and added a top coat of Color Club’s ‘Vivid’.
On my thumb and ring finger, I’m sporting the Color Club green from 2009. On my index finger and pinky, that’s ‘It’s Not Rocket Science.’ And just on the middle finger is ‘Comet’s Collar’.

As it so looks, the Color Club felt gritty but it sparkles. ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’ is a swampy green that was a hit last Fall. And ‘Comet’s Collar’ is new this season but doesn’t have much ‘umpf’ next to the other shades of green. I’d recommend ‘Comet’s Collar’ for nail art or stamping.

For the Holiday look and feel, my vote is for the Color Club green. Which one do you like?

Greensleeves, Elf Suits and Nail Polish

Mistletoe, Ivy, Elf suits…there are tons of green things around at Christmas time. And even my nails are green. Lots of green…and in a GOOD way too.

This is China Glaze’s ‘Near Dark.’ And, dark it is. Deep, smoldering green, dark.

 I have on 3 coats here, but no top coat, yet.

‘Near Dark’ gives the perfect backdrop for these…

Both of these Finger Paints are called ‘Sparkle Top Coat.’ Yea, so they wanted to distinguish one from the other…NOT.

Both look fab as a top coat, though.

On my index and ring finger, I have on ‘Sparkle Top Coat’ and on the middle and pink, there’s ‘Sparkle Top Coat.’ That’s Dumb and Dumber. Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

OK, no more smartie. The index finger has the top coat that has iridescent glitter in a light milky base. The middle finger has the magenta-like shimmer.

You probably can guess that I like the iridescent glitter more than the shimmer. That glitter looks like a crisp, clear, winter night. But both work for me.

If you would have asked me two years ago if I’d wear green polish on my finger nails, I would have thought you were going quite mad. Now, I’m in love with wearing this blackened green shade.

And, just one last smartie…look at what I just got and will be showcasing very soon….

Green and Blue Holiday Polish Dupes

Want to see some more Holiday nail polish dupes?? TOUGH! I’m doing more anyway. 😉

Green and blue dupes and comparisons…

These two are not even similar. However, that’s what happens when I look for dupes in my stash hidden placed in my closet. But, let’s take a look at them for the sake of looking at some very beautiful polishes.

Sally Hansen’s ‘Blingtastic’ is from the new Gem Crush collection. It has blue micro glitter and a smattering of silver hexagon glitter. It looks like a Christmas card that has the glitter on it.

The green is from Color Club’s Beyond the Mistletoe. This is called ‘Holiday Splendor.’ Very dense green micro-glitter with iridescent glitter. I’m reminded of a thick Christmas tree with lots and lots of those tiny Christmas lights.

It’s easy to tell the difference between these two. And it is easy to see that I didn’t put on cuticle oil before photographing.

‘Holiday Splendor’ is very opaque. Just 2 coats here. And ‘Blingtastic’, oh my! The silver glitter did NOT want to apply. I ended up dabbing them on. And the polish, poor stuff, pulled really bad.

Next up, another mismatch…

 Very, very similar in the bottle. The Wet ‘n Wild polish is ‘Cost Is No Issue’ from the Ice Baby collection. The Sally Hansen is not a new one, but one I rummaged through my stash and found. It’s name is ‘Teal-y Cool.’

 Good grief. When am I going to learn that these Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears can be as watery as Wonton Soup.

I don’t know if I can even recommend ‘Teal-y Cool’ for a special effects top coat. Maybe I’ll give it one more chance doing just that.  As far as ‘Cost is No Issue’, that baby is dense and opaque in two coats. Oh, and for the record, ‘Teal-y Cool’ is 3 coats.

Because I loved ‘Holiday Splendor’ so much, and I mean VERY much, I took off the Wonton Soup polish (aka ‘Teal-y Cool’). I put ‘Holiday Splendor’ on to make a complete manicure in one shade.

 It’s a ‘Christmas tree with sparkly ornaments’ polish.

 Great shot to show you the sparkle. I’m not exaggerating (this time).

And it is opaque in 2 coats. This time, I did put on a top coat. I used Color Club’s Vivid Color Intensifying Top Coat.

And, I changed things up for my right hand. I used Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Cost Is No Issue’ up against Sally Hansen’s ‘Blingtastic.’ I think this is the pairing I meant to do in the first place.

‘Cost Is No Issue’ is on my thumb, middle and pinky. That leaves ‘Blingtastic’ for the index and ring nail. I have got to just love the shades in the Icy Baby collection. They are very dense with glitter. However, once again, I had to work at fishing out the sliver glitter in ‘Blingtastic’ as well as not very dense in just 2 coats. And, it is much more of a blue shade next to ‘Cost Is No Issue’ which leans towards a teal. No top coats here.

I think it is, without a doubt, that ‘Holiday Splendor’ is my favored polish in this round. It’s not very unique among Holiday green glitters. But what is fantastic about it is the opaqueness and the sparkle it has.

Any favorites here for you?

This Season’s Trendsetter Nail Polish Color

You know about my Cult Nails giveaway, right? You have to enter! Go here to do that.

As you may have surmised from previous posts, I am in love with China Glaze’s Metro collection for this Fall. I haven’t found a stinker out of the entire collection; I love ’em all.

I know this color may be tricky and/or not a shade many would care for, however, I love these drab mustardy colors.

True to my word, I adore this one. It is ‘Trendsetter’…

If you look super hard, you can see that this is not a creme; there are some sparkles in this polish. That adds more to this unusual color.The micro-est of all glitters is a darkened yellow shade, same as the base polish itself. Even in real life, it is more murky than photography reveals. And the sparkle isn’t blatantly obvious.

Now, on the nails…

Only this photo gives you a chance to see how green AND yellow it is, all at the same time. All the other photos showed a terrible application and this polish is way too pretty to have a crappy manicure distract from that. You’ll see a tidier look later on.

I only had to use 2 coats. My foible was that I didn’t allow those coats to dry sufficiently between application. I do have on one top coat of Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker.’ Again, it didn’t hide the bubbling. In no way is the bubbling due to the polish, it was due to the applicator; me.

It is getting harder and harder to find polishes from the Metro collection. So, I wanted to get this post in so you can see if it is one you might like. I wouldn’t risk waiting to get it.

Maybe you have it already? Tell me what you think about it. 

Ogre Snot or: How I Came to Love Naming Colors

A couple of years after I moved to Virginia Beach, VA from Nashville, TN, I started dating a guy who managed a comic book/miniature collectibles/gaming store. I enjoyed hanging out there and looking at the vast array of items. One area that I enjoyed was the rows and rows of paint used to paint miniatures. Not only did I enjoy just looking at all the different colors, I was obsessed with the names of them; whimsical, silly and so comic-book style. But the one I remember is a green called ‘Ogre Snot.’ Besides being so hilarious, it popped into my mind, I could come up with names like that too.  Hence, my love affair with giving colors names.

The swatch I have for you today reminds of that time. I’m going to compare this year’s green from the China Glaze Halloween collection to last year’s green.

‘It’s Alive’ is the green for 2011. Last year we had fun with ‘Zombie Zest.’

Another side by side comparison.

A close up of ‘It’s Alive.’ The glitter is larger and more of a moss green. The base color is a blackened green with light green glitter.

Check out the side by side on nails…

That’s Ogre Snot ‘Zombie Zest’ on the middle finger. I can see that ‘Zombie Zest’ is an olive jelly base with micro micro-light green glitter. There was a lot of drag on that ‘Zombie Zest.’ It was like trying to use a wet, ol’ booger as polish. (Now that’s GROSS!) 

I used 3 coats for each. I think 2 could have done it but since I wasn’t satisfied with ‘Zombie Zest’ and went for a third coat, I went ahead and did that third coat with ‘It’s Alive’ as well.

Swampy greens with glitter have been trendy for the past year. And I’m quite OK with that. I love the color! So I dug in the vanity drawers to pull out a couple more to compare…

From the left: China Glaze’s ‘It’s Alive’, China Glaze’s ‘Zombie Zest, Sinful Color’s ‘Call You Later’, Orly’s ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’.

With the a passion for oogly-boogly color names like ‘Ogre’s Snot’, I found I had a fairly good creative talent for coming up with names. Any makeup company out there that would like my service, I’m very affordable!!

What swampy green do you like?

China Glaze’s Westside Warrior is My Hero

China Glaze has my heart this Fall with their Metro Collection. I got them all because I liked every one.

I reviewed/swatched ‘CG in the Cityhere and loved how it applied. Then, I chose ‘Westside Warrior’ next…

Man, I LOVE this green creme!! I have several pieces of clothing this color because it is a shade I can put with almost any other color. A red plum purple looks really great with this shade of green.

I have worn this mani for the past 3 days. I usually swatch every day or at least every other day. But, if I’m in love, I can rock it a lot longer…

I did this in one coat. It did bubble on my thumb. And sadly, I ruined it with a smudge on my middle finger. With an expert hand, someone else would find ‘Westside Warrior’ a breeze. I have one coat of China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward Top Coat’ on. And 3 days later, this polish is still shiny. Cremes are hard for me to work with. But I am finding, or rediscovering, that darker cremes, such as ‘Westside Warrior’ are easier for me than lighter shades of creme.

As always, I’m sorry for the horrible cuticles. They look like Zombie nails. 

China Glaze’s ‘Westside Warrior’ is a Fall winner for me. Do you like the army green polish shades that are dominating the season?

Hypnotizing Skittles

Almost everyone likes Skittles. Even if they don’t, they do know what they are.

In nail blog land, skittles means putting different color polishes on each of your nails. It also can mean using the same polish as an overlay and different base coats or, vice versa.

This time, I’m going to show you different base coats to showcase Cult Nail’s ‘Hypnotize Me’ as an overlay.

‘Hypnotize Me’ is a jelly polish with a light, translucent green base. Then it is loaded up with a ton of green and turquoise glitter.

Here’s the line up of the base polishes I tried out with ‘Hypnotize Me’…

First, is ‘Hypnotize Me’; Sally Hansen’s Nailgrowth Miracle ‘Gentle Blossom’; Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear ‘Black Out’; Cosmetic Arts no name Baby Blue; and last, Artmatic’s #37 white creme.

Here is a closer look at each of these…

This is ‘Hypnotize Me’ alone on my thumb. This is 2 coats, no top coat.

And, here are the skittles…

From top to bottom: Cosmetic Art’s ‘Baby Blue’; Artmatic #037; SH’s ‘Black Out’; and SH’s ‘Gentle Blossom.’ Each base is 2 coats and 2 coats following with ‘Hypnotize Me.’ Looking at these, I bet you thought I’d go with the ‘Black Out.’

Well, I was until I looked at this shade and changed my mind…

This is ‘Vintage Velvet’ from Finger Paint’s new Fall collection.

Pretty wicked together. Reminds me of the ocean. I have 2 coats of ‘Vintage Velvet’ and 2 coats of ‘Hypnotize Me.’ I don’t have on any top coat. ‘Hypnotize Me’ is shiny enough without one.

Cult Nails can be purchased from their website. Finger Paints are found at Sally’s. It might seem odd, but I enjoyed wearing my skittles for the day.

I like the grape flavored Skittles. Which one do you like? How are you going to wear your ‘Hypnotize Me’?

In A Trance from Cult Nails’ Hypnotic Collection

If you pre-ordered your Cult Nail polishes, you are apt to get them very soon! And if you haven’t ordered, you better join the Cult Nails cult. 🙂

The swatch I’m going to show you is one of my very favorite new polish colors to LOVE…

‘In A Trance’ is one of four new, Fall colors in the Cult Nails Hypnotic collection.

It’s a drab olive green with lots and lots of gold shimmer/glitter going on. And why is it a ‘drap’ green? There is NOT one thing drab about ‘In A Trance.’ Talk about being ‘In A Trance,’ this is a stunner. It was interesting that others who saw my nails would notice then, come back for a second, deeper look.

I did not have to take a bazillion photos to capture that gold flicker deep in this olive polish. Inside, outside, sunlight, with a flashlight under my covers, that gold is there.

Maria, the owner of Cult Nails, pours her heart and soul into her polishes. There is not a detail missed. Her goal of creating unique shades that are spot on in trends, is not an easy goal. Yet, she has done it, AGAIN, with the newest Fall collection, ‘Hypnotic.’ 

You can put yourself into your own Trance, for $10, or get the whole Fall ‘Hypnotic‘ collection, set of four for $40.

You will be seeing my swatches of all these very soon. In the meantime….you are getting sleeeeeepyyyyyy…..