China Glaze Serves Up Foie Gras From The Hunger Games

I’m wearing this polish now and I don’t know if I can remove it. Well, I have to; there are just too many other cool polishes in China Glaze’s ‘Hunger Games’ collection.

This is the first one I grabbed out of the bag…

And what a winner it is!

This is ‘Foie Gras‘. As beautiful as the word is, I don’t like what it is. Moving on…

‘Foie Gras’ polish is a creamy milk chocolate color. It makes me what a piece of Godiva chocolate. I have 2 coats on with no top coat. I’m really surprised I got away with just 2 coats. I felt that the polish was on the thick side but it did even out very well. 

Getting ready to line up the next shade from the Hunger Games collection, I picked out ‘Riveting’. Perfect name for this stunning shimmery orange with a sprinkle of gold flecks…

I felt a compulsion coming over me so I went with it…

Sort of a neh….not something I want as a full manicure. But, at least, I satisfied my curiosity.

Then, came ‘Luxe and Lush’. This is one to gush over…

 I could have taken hundreds of photos because I love flakies and I love iridescent glitter…

What a wicked combination.

‘Luxe and Lush’ is a tad gritty. ‘Riveting’ is totally smooth. Both are shown as one coat. ‘Riveting’ needs to work alone so, that is the next shade to swatch.

How these polish names match up to the story Hunger Games, I don’t know. I’m totally honest when I say that I have not read any of the Hunger Games trilogy. I’ll gain no fans but, it doesn’t seem like a story line I would be interested in. I think the story sounds like Stephen King’s The Running Man and, The Long Walk. However, every time I mention that I have not read the book(s), I’m told that they are really GOOD. OK, using my Kindle Fire, I can borrow the book from Amazon’s lending library. I’ll read it.

Do you agree that ‘Foie Gras’ is a rich color? Interesting to see such a dark collection in the spring time, don’t you think so?

You Don’t Know Jacques! About Getting Ready For Spring

The new spring 2012 nail collections are rolling out and most of them are bright and cheery shades. I’m not there yet.

So I took a drab shade, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Then I went on to twinkle it up.

Here’s the beginning…

I got OPI’s ‘You Don’t Know Jacques!’ in a blogger trade. This is a polish that I saw on many of the nail blogs and actually, I do like it. It’s just that I didn’t purchase it for myself.

The ‘greige’ colors got me 2 years ago, right after I started blogging. I don’t think I would have given these shades a second thought if it had not been for seeing them on blogs. But, I did a ‘hmmmmm?’ and tried them and yes, I can say I love greige!


I applied 3 coats here with Seche Vite as a top coat. If you know OPI and have sampled many of their polishes, you’ll know exactly how this one did: beautifully.

Then, the next day, while I sat at my desk contemplating what shade to swatch next, I found I was actually staring at my Finger Paints FX collection. Sure! Why not?…

I chose ‘Flecked’ as I thought it would have the best contrast. Using one of the red flakies just seemed to obvious and I wanted something unusual. And, I achieved it…


Look, that’s a weird angle on my thumb nail. Looks like it is lop-sided. But the photo above this one shows that it’s square. My camera eye is getting more critical as I work on vamping up my skill level. I start my photography classes next week with the first class on just on learning my specific camera. I’m looking forward to it and, hope that my blog photos will bear the fruits of this endeavor.

Are you ready for the spring nail collections? Or, are you dragging your feet, like me?

The Ugly Series: Part 1, Brace Yourself

This is going to be a daring series. I’d like to review ugly nail polishes. Well, make that ugly in my opinion. And please, don’t hesitate to agree or disagree with me. I like to keep my blog an open forum.

This one, I think, is ugly upon first glance. But when I go to study it, I see some real kewlness.  This is Finger Paint’s ‘Warm He-Art-Ed’…

Yes, I am showing you nicked nails. Well, I said UGLY didn’t I? But really, I didn’t mean for that to be there.

‘Warm He-Art-Ed’ is a greige that has an iridescent sheen to it. It is just not translating to photo. However, let me tell you that the sheen is this polish’s saving grace. I would not have picked it up if it had not been for the sheen.

The last photo give a glimpse of that sheen. I have on 3 coats and a top coat of China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward Top Coat’. I’ll tell you another saving grace, this polish applied artfully. Not quite a skimpy brush, it was easy to use. And I think almost everyone agrees that Finger Paint bottles are easy to maneuver.

Dear Readers, I am terribly sorry to assault you with a mucked up manicure. I know you read blogs to look at pristine applications and wonderful photos with delightful reviews. I do too. I definitely owe you better work and a redo. Please be forgetting.

Here’s a flower to soften the ugliness…

From my backyard, taken at the same time I photoed ‘Warm He-Art-Ed’.

What do you do with your ugly polishes?

Don’t Taupe on My Gray Suede Shoes

I’m a firm believer that work should not get in the way of your hobbies.  However, I took on a new company to finance my hobby.  I’m sure many of you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.  I’ve been able to read blogs but not post as much.  If you want to read some nail blogs, just take a look over on the side of the blogs I follow.  Each one of them are super blogs!  Really, add them to your blog list.

I have this bag I keep all my swatched polishes in.  I got through it and try to find the photos that match it.  I have got to find a better organizational method.  I did figure out to take a photo of the color’s name to help me figure out which polish it is.  That’s right; some of us have to stumble into our moments of brilliance. 

One I finally found a match for with photos and a bottle in the bag…*groan*
Here’s Color Clubs’ ‘Positively Posh’.  This one is from the Untamed Luxury collection.

Maybe I’ve been brain-washed from all the ’80’s and 90’s office dress codes, however, this one would not have been ‘appropriate’ then.  Screw that!  I think this is the new office appropriate color.  If you want to wear a darker, somewhat vampy color, try ‘Positively Posh.’  And if your supervisor complains, give her a bottle of her own.  She’ll be rewriting the employee dress code before you can say ‘Quick Dry.’

This polish color is hard for me to explain.  It’s a dark taupe.  It’s a dirty gray.  It’s also a super muted gray/purple.  I’ll pick a shimmer, glitter or sparkle over a creme almost any day.  But I will say, that I rather adore this creme color.

I’ve given up, almost, on those cuticles.  I went so long without chewing them.  Yes, that’s gross.  And honestly, I thought I had the habit licked when I started nail blogging.  However, there is no hiding the fact in my photos.  Favorite place to chew cuticles; the car.  If I was a smoker, I’d be chain-smoking.

Moving on to something un-gross…Color Club has me by the heart.  I love their price, I love their quirky yet fun colors, the way this polish seems to glide on, I like the brush that isn’t skinny and how easy it is to hold the bottle.  Only downers–There’s only one place in Orlando you can get these and I have to order them online if I want to get them sooner.  Not anything hard to overcome, though.

I love it when I see a photo of a nail polish and the light shines off it.  The shine here looks like ripples in the polish however, it’s just the reflection off the window. 

This is with a BC, 1 coat of Seche Clear, 2 color coats, 1 Seche Clear and then one Vite.  What’s missing is an application of Lemony Butter by Lush!  No excuses because that container sits right on my end table in the living room.  It’s handy, no less.

‘Positively Posh’ is a color I love wearing.  And if I was back in the corporate world, I’d wear this.  No questions or regrets.

Do you have a dress code that dictates what colors you can wear?  If you do, what color do you wear, if any?

I Have No Regrets~Ingrid Bergman

You know how a junkie ‘joneses’ for their next high?  I felt like that getting China Glaze’s Vintage Vixen collection.  After it arrived in the mail, my hubs, later, found me in the corner of the bedroom…in a corner, holding and stroking my new collection.  I didn’t look up, but I knew it was him.  I heard him gasp.

Here’s why there was an addiction…

It’s ‘Ingrid.’  It’s a smokey purple-sh gray.  And it’s mine!!!!  Here I have  a BC, 2 coats of color, and the Siche Top and Vite to finish this 8-ball.

Let me be honest; the high wasn’t as great as I had hoped for with Ingrid.  As shimmery as it looks in the bottle, it just didn’t seem to translate onto my nails.  You can see that there is tip wear, after only 1 day.  The application, at the tips, seems to thin out too. 

See that golden shimmer?  I just couldn’t seem to get it captured on my nails.  Ingrid has a brush that is the standard issue of China Glaze; it’s long and very bend-y.  You really have to know your smack to get this lined up.  (Just as a note: I only know this drug lingo from watching R-rated movies, OK?)

An indoor shot seems best to show the shine and depth of Ingrid.  Smokey and rich, but no gold shimmer pay-off.

I won’t give up on Ingrid.  Maybe after a detox this color will come clean.  And, I believe everyone should get a second chance.

Did you know that I used to work in the field of addiction control?  And I did some of it in Washington DC.  Ohhhh, don’t get me started!!!  I’ll stick with talking about polish and makeup stuff.

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