Wednesday’s Pink Has Me Prodigious

On Wednesdays, I wear pink. So do some other nail bloggers. And I highly recommend that you add each one to your follower list.

Today’s pink is all around feminine!

‘Get A Clue’ is from Color Club’s Alter Ego collection. I have deemed ‘Get A Clue’ as my go-to new, pale pink polish.

Who can be offended by this color…

I have 2 coats on. Now, I think that 3 would have done it better justice. One reason is that I can almost see visible nail line on my index finger. And it is user error on the thumb for the streaky-ness. Yet, as a soft, creme polish, it is a GO.

Wanna see how it jazzes up?

Let’s take Sally Hansen’s new crackle, ‘Fuchsia Shock’. And let’s also work with Kleancolor’s ‘Aurora.’

Who’s your baby, now??? Yea…BABY!

I doubt there are many polish-wearers that would create this look and actually wear it. But if you are; Hello, kindred spirit!!!

I have one coat of ‘Fuchsia Shock’ and ‘Aurora’ on. Now, what I wish I would have done is try ‘Aurora’ over the crackle. That just might be a pink mani for a ‘fuchsia’ Wednesday. ;p

These are the polishes used for this look…

Is there any doubt I wear pink on Wednesday?

What Do We Wear on Wednesdays? PINK!

Being a part of ‘On Wednesdays We Wear Pink‘ will be pretty easy for me.  Does it not tie-in with my blog’s theme, or what!  Check out the other awesome nail bloggers that are part of this clutch here.  Be ready to be impressed.

Naturally, I’m going to push the envelope.  Now, I am wearing pink; I just embellished it…

Don’t think for a minute that pink is timid and little girl-like.  This mani is ultra hot and sexy.  I wore Sinful Color’s ‘What’s Your Name’ alone for a day.  It’s a shade that is black with flecks of teal micro-glitter.  It’s a deep color that, on its own, is vampy…

I have on 3 coats here.  So, how can you take a color like this and get a pink mani out of it?  How about China Glaze’s crackle in ‘Broken Hearted’?

You only need one coat of the crackle to get the distressed look.  It dries super fast and to a matte finish.  You’ll need some serious shiny top coat to get it to shine; ‘Broken Hearted’ and all its counterparts from the collection ‘eat topcoat.’  That is, it takes more than just one, or even two coats, to get it to shine.  But when it does, it gets attention…

What do you think about these colors?  If you have the crackles, I bet you are having as much fun with them as I am.

Dolly Lips – St. Valentine’s Day Manicure Marathon-Day 13

It probably is quite clear, even though I haven’t flat out said it, that I don’t have kids.  Reason: I don’t want kids.  This should have been evident when I was a child.  I didn’t play with dolls, instead, I had a microscope.  While other kids played ‘dress up’, I read a book. 

However, this doesn’t make me oblivious about baby dolls.  My sister, who has 2 adult children, had lots of dolls and loved playing with them.  I think she had about 10 Barbies and a couple extra from me that I got as gifts.  So, I DO know what color dolly lips are…

I have never heard of Cosmetic Arts before.  But I found a full display of them at Ross.  I got this pink creme and 3 other colors; all creme.  If those other colors work like this one, I’m going to end up liking cremes more.

This color is like no other pink I have.  And they didn’t even name it.  Thus, ‘Dolly Lips’…

I would almost say this is a day-glo color.  It’s super bright and an in-your-face pink.  I got 3 compliments wearing this polish.  And, one was from a self-professed polish addict that works at Ulta.

I’ve mentioned before how cremes do not like me.  I think I found the exception.  This is 3 coats with  Quick & Slick top coat that made it shine way more than the camera is showing. 

I’m fair skinned and this color looks great on me.  But I bet it would really rock on someone that’s darker or tan.  Perfect for summertime.  Or…for Valentine’s Day.

Did you play with dolls as a child o,r where you nerdy like me?  I had one of those huge Barbie heads that I could apply makeup to and style the hair.  It was a complete fail, so I used my sister instead.  Did you have that make-up Barbie head too?

Loving My Hearts – St. Valentine’s Day Manicure Marathon-Day 12

Wow!  Only two more days after today!  This Marathon has gone quickly since I have done a post every day.

This is my favorite St. Valentine’s Day manicure polish for the entire marathon.  This is Finger Paint’s ‘Up & Coming Artist’…


 It’s a bubblegum pink and it’s a girly pink-slight-shimmer color.  There are several reasons I like Finger Paints.  One is they are affordable.  Another one is that they have a wide color assortment.  And yet another, they have clever names.

It just would happen that my nails would break and then they’d all be uneven lengths.  Man, my right hand is even worse!  Hopefully, ‘Up & Coming Artist’ is so pretty that it distracts from the uneven lengths and the crying for moisture cuticles.

I even noticed that my adidas shirt I had on when photographing this manicure matched…

So, could I play around with this manicure and add in some love?

But, of course!  I didn’t own one single Nicole by OPI until about 25 days ago.  It was that Spawn of Satan, ‘Justin Bieber’ that had a collection done by Nicole that possessed me.  Then I saw ‘Love Your Life’ and knew it would really work for this Manicure Marathon.

I tested ‘Love Your Life’ on some wax paper to see how dense the heart glitter was.  Well, it wasn’t very dense at all, which has been my experience with mega glitter polish.  So, using the same wax paper, I swiped polish on it til I got a hold of some hearts and then transferred them onto my nails.  I still had to stroke the polish on the nails because there is pink and iridescent  micro-glitter in it.  But I manually, randomly placed the hearts.

The heart glitter is subtle enough that it doesn’t make me look like I’m 13.   But then what would I know; I act 13!

I put on a couple of coats of Seche Clear to trap the glitter down.  It worked on most of them.  I think I only lost one the day and a half I wore this manicure.

Sweet enough for a St. Valentine’s Day manicure.  Oh, and yes, that glitter didn’t come off the nail easily at all.  At that point, it ceased being a sweetheart!

Do you have any mega-sized glitter polish?  If you do, what’s the shape?

LA Girl Pink – St Valentine’s Day Manicure Marathon-Day 9

For Day 9 of the Marathon, I picked this LA Color named ‘Pink Satin.’  In the bottle, it has a fuchsia shimmer.  However, I think it stayed in the bottle…

I don’t have a lot of spamola on this swatch.  Suffice it to say, it was thin and very sheer. I have on 4 coats here.  When I find a polish such as ‘Pink Satin’, I think it’s perfect for someone that wants to wear nail polish but doesn’t want to scream the fact.  Also, I can see a young girl wearing this color, as well.

I tried to capture that shimmer on my polish, and this was as close as I could get.  In real life, it’s still difficult to see.  I had to ‘look’ for it as it wasn’t obvious.
Even with all its shortcomings, I do like the color.  It’s a girly pink and it would be office friendly.  If you don’t mind a watery, sheer polish, this one is worth it.  Also, let me say, that ‘Pink Satin’ came from a store called Below 5.  This is mostly a candy store but has lots of very inexpensive t-shirts, label buttons, gag tricks, toys and makeup.  They have a lot of LA Girl and LA Colors makeup.  There were a couple of these stores that I frequented when I lived in Virginia Beach, VA.  Unfortunately, they don’t have them here in Florida.  Drats!
But they do have a lot of beauty supply stores that sell wigs, hair extensions and products for such.  Here’s what I got last week…

I’m going to make my own wild color clip-in hair extensions.  The clips were $1 each.  The hair was $2 each.  That’s a lot cheaper than the $15 I see in other stores like Sally’s or Hot Topic.  This beauty store had a lot of different color hair extensions like these. I got 2 that I didn’t have already.

When it comes to coloring my hair, I’m commitment-phobic.  But, when it comes to buying nail polish, the more the merrier!

Do you wear the clip-in hair extensions?  Do you have a Five Below store nearby?  How many pink nail polishes to you own?  I have enough that I don’t really want to know the exact number. 😉

Kylie Cuteness; St. Valentine’s Manicure Marathon – Day 6

Did you take advantage of the free Zoya Polish giveaway?  I even told friends that are not nail bloggers about it.  I really took advantage of it and purchased 3 additional bottles, which, would be like getting 6, all at half price.  A very good deal for Zoya polishes.

Here’s one of the six I got…

These two photos are not capturing the true, beautiful ‘secret’ that ‘Kylie’ has, and that is the light fuchsia shimmer to it.  That shimmer removes ‘Kylie’ from being just an ordinary, dusty pink color to one that will make you give a wink on the side.

This is with indoor lighting and you can see that shine.  All by itself it has a gloss about it.

In outdoor light, you can almost see that fuchsia shimmer in the bottle.  I have 3 coats here.  Zoya is a quality polish, and a beloved company by many nail bloggers.  You can take the word of many bloggers that say this is one of the most trouble-free polishes to use. 

And, another of their products, Remove+, a polish remover as well as a nail conditioner, is one of my very top favorite products.  You could say that it is one of my ‘favorite things’ item.  🙂

My creativity is sometimes so fleeting.  If I don’t write it down immediately, it vanishes like the price of $2/gallon gasoline.  But then, my execution of said creativity most of the time sucks.  Like this one…

I, personally, think it is a cute idea.  I just can’t translate that to perfection.  And the only reason I put myself out there with crappy art is not to make you click on the delete button.  I share it, actually, in hopes that someone will say ‘oh, that’s cute, but I can do better.’ 

Now, I have had a ‘thing’ for ‘artistic’ types, in the past.  Man, are they sensitive, or what!!  So I learned that it is NOT polite to see someone’s creation and say ‘oh, I can do that.’  That’s mean-spirited and demeaning to the artist.  However, in my artistic (??) endeavors, I hope someone will do just that.  If you do, please share with me.  I’d love to see this stuff done right!

Were you happy about the 3 free Zoya Polish offer?  Are you happy with the ones you picked?  Will you get more?   I had purchased several before the giveaway, and I can recommend, Zoya is a polish you will fall in love with.

Bubblegum Pink – St. Valentine’s Day Manicure Marathon Day 5

Let’s see what’s up for today…

If I’m short on my budget and still have an itchin’ to get some polish, I can always rely on Sinful Colors.  I get mine at Walgreens and they are only $1.99.  I tend to load up when they have them on sale for $.99.

This is a true bubblegum pink named ‘Biana’…

It’s a flat out creme.  This is 3 coats with a Seche Vite top coat.  If you should happen to notice someone wearing a creme polish and it looks really good, compliment them.  In my opinion, cremes are the hardest type of polish for me to make look well done.  I know it can be done because I follow some nail blogs where the owners LOVE cremes and it shows in their art.

Me, on the other hand, I love the look of pink cremes but they are fussy with me.  They don’t apply easily for me and they don’t wear worth a hoot either.  Bitching aside, I love this color.  It’s a home color of Libby’s Pink Vanity.


‘Bianca’ behaved way better than my upcoming Color Club pink creme.  Yet, ‘Bianca’ makes me happy.  Owning this pink makes me feel fresh and young.  And gives me a craving for some Bubblicious

Some polish wearers love bubblegum pink, others can’t stand it.  How about you?  If you don’t, that’s OK.  You won’t hurt my feelings.  If you do, do you have a favorite bubblegum polish?

Glowing Pumpkin Fun

Oh, my goodness!  I love a good treat and only a fun, harmless trick.  I got a little of both with these polishes.

These two are glow-in-the-dark polishes.  I’ve had them for several years.  Truly, the polishes barely glow but I love these stinkin’ lil’ pumpkins.

 Sally’s had some Savvy color collections this summer and the colors were just yummy!  However, what’s in the bottle does NOT translate onto the nail.  I knew that, since that seems to be the Savvy way.  I’m really glad that I didn’t pay pull price for this one.  It’s ‘Fairy Twinkle’ I have on here.  {They had a ‘Fairy Tinkle’ but it was a terrible yellow; not appealing!  😉 }  Very sheer and something I wouldn’t hesitate to let a young child wear.

I knew better than to get my hopes up but, crap!  Look how pretty this bright pastel pink is with the gold micro-glitter!  It still looked very ‘gossamer’ on my nails though.

The Savvy summer collections had shimmers too.  I got this one, NOT on sale.  I couldn’t resist this color…

‘Orange You Happy’ did make me happy.  I feel it’s a summer orange but, it does work well for Halloween too.  I like the yellow color veins through this.

After 3 coats, this color is almost opaque.  Very high shine.

So, with the couple of pumpkins I showed at the opened of this post, I think you see where I’m heading.

‘Fairy Twinkle’ got a hint of some iridescent sparkles from the pink pumpkin polish.  The iridescent color just blended into the faint pink.

It didn’t change the ‘Orange You Happy’ much either, save for giving iridescent sparkles.  Faint but there.

You might wonder if these pumpkin colors really do glow.  I went to my friend’s house with these so I could paint her 8 year-old daugther’s nails.  Just as I had done, one hand was orange, the other pink.  She held them up to the window for a bit, then we ran into the laundry room, lights out and they gave off a hint of glow.  Enough to put a smile on a little girl’s face.  Her almost 4 year old brother wanted his nails painted so bad.  But his mommy didn’t want a little boy to have polish one.  I talked her into letting me put orange on  just one toe nail.  We ran into the laundry room and he was as pleased as punch to have one glowing toe.

As far as the Savvy polishes, I’m going to keep ‘Orange You Happy’ because I am happy with it.  ‘Fairy Twinkle’ will be tested as an overlay someday or, go into a box for later frankens.

One last thing: my latest giveaway ends tonight at 10 PM, EST.  Check it out and enter!!!

What’s Pink and Black and 300 Followers Strong?

There just has to be another giveaway; Libby’s Pink Vanity is approaching 300 followers.
Plus, I thought these items were super cute.  So, here’s the super cute 300 followers giveaway!  WooT!

 A cute pink and black coin purse, NYX’s ‘Sweetie’, a mineral shadow sample of Hi-Fi Makeup’s ‘Last Words’

 Payless Shoes is carrying a couple of lines of makeup.  Seriously!  The 3 mini polishes are: Ballroom, Dancing Queen, Twirl (2 cremes and a shimmer).  The 6 lippie palette is ‘Petal Pinks’ and the shadow palette: ‘Soft Petals’ and it has 4 shadows; 2 matte, 2 shimmer, and 2 creme eye liners; one is blue and the other is brown.

Last is a cute shadow palette I found at Claire’s.  This one is…No Name!! Ack!!  I hereby name thee, in the tradition of those that have gone before you, ‘Pampered Petals.’

I saw these cute items and knew I had a giveaway in the making.
I love the packaging!!!!

It’s evening, so the colors are not photographing well, but I do want to show you what is up for the prize.

Out of the light box for a family portrait.

Here are the rules:

(Just in case, this means you HAVE to do these two things or your entry will not be counted and that would be sad)
1) You must be a follower; let me know how you follow.
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Be sweet; don’t cheat!  Post in the comments for each entry, separately or all together.  It doesn’t matter.

Giveaway is open internationally and to those who have won with me before.  

This giveaway runs quick because I have another one lined up!  I will close this one Oct. 16, 2010, Saturday at 10 PM EST.

You likey? 

I’ll share with you two of my favorite pink things;  that’s Libby’s pinky lip and her pinky toes.  That is the inspiration for my blog’s name.