Copy Cats, Round Deux(P)

Thanks so much for the feedback letting me know you like dupe posts as much as I do.

Here are a couple more for you to check out…

These twins, separated at birth, are China Glaze’s ‘Lorelei’s Tiara’ and Sally Hansen’s ‘ShowGirl Chic.’ ‘Lorelei’s Tiara’ comes from the 3-D Glitter collection. ‘ShowGirl Chic’ is from the Gem Crush collection. I have acquired all of the polishes, in this post, in the last 2 weeks; brand new stuff.

Here’s a side by side. Cameras do weird things with contrasting sparkles, like here. If you look at the top photo, of the Sally Hansen polish, that is a totally accurate color representation. The bottom photo, even though they still look the same, it looks as if they are smoky or grey. They are not.

On the nails…I used SH’s ‘ShowGirl Chic’ on the thumb, middle and pinky. China Glaze is on the index and ring finger. These polishes are stuffed with silver glitter. Then for a playful splash, there is a bit of deep teal glitter added.

Very hard to see a difference…

The index and the middle finger look so close. I’m not sure why the ring finger looks more pigmented. I did 2 coats on all nails and I didn’t use any top coat. I didn’t figure I needed to because, well, just look at all that sparkle!!

That was the left hand, and here is what I did on the right hand…and yes, I wore these to work just like you see here…

 On the left is China Glaze’s ‘Love Marilyn’. The Sally Hansen is called ‘Cha-Ching!’ These both are from the same collections mentioned above. The photos put up a noticeable difference, not a huge one though. The dominant glitter color is, of course, red…lots of it. And then to spice it up, a pinch or two of regular size silver glitter. (I was thinking ‘Rudolph Puke’….LOL!!)

In the direct sunlight, it seems that ‘Love Marilyn’ has denser glitter.

So, let’s see how they play out on the nails…

 Again, just the slightest bit of difference. Not much. The SH is on the thumb, middle and pinky. China Glaze is on the index and ring finger.  I did experience some drag with ‘Love Marilyn’ and you can even see a bald spot on my thumb with ‘Cha-Ching!’

However, these reds are blinged out sparkly. The SH applied OK, but, in both comparisons, the China Glaze went on smoother. Close up, it shows that ‘Cha-Ching!’ is not as dense in glitter as ‘Love Marilyn.’

Here’s my thoughts on these comparisons: you do not need both unless you are a hoarder polish blogger/lover like me. The differences are slight and, in person, only noticeable to a very discerning eye. But if you want a super-duper, sparkly Christmas look, both colors are going to do you right.

The China Glaze applied the easiest. All were gritty so if you don’t like that feel, you will not like these. I don’t mind it. Wear was good for the day I had it on. These colors made me feel festive and cheery. But they must have loved me just as much because they didn’t want to leave me (aka…scrubbed to get them removed). I only used 2 coats and no top coat. That was a real winner as well.

Are they close enough for you that you wouldn’t need both? Which color do you like best?

Three Polish Brands; One Big Holiday Polish Haul

These are my recent nail polish hauls. And it’s a haulage!!

I got these at Sally’s. I wanted to get ‘Ingenue’ as well, but it was gone!

These two polishes are from Orly’s Holiday Soiree collection. On the left, the gawdawesome ‘Androgynie’. The one on the right, that’s ‘Oui’.

Go ahead and take a closer look…

‘Androgynie’…the final frontier. The baby lacey nail file is cute but utterly useles.

‘Oui’ to a gold and silvery-purple duochrome.

Lovely shades. Nothing terribly new, but these are the shades of polish I like. You can see some ‘hot damn’ swatches of this collection at I Drink Nail Polish’s blog.

I was at the right place at the right time to get this collection from China Glaze…

This China Glaze collection is from the one called Eye Candy 3-D. I don’t know what the 3-D part is because these polishes have no more or less depth to them than any other glitters. But, maybe I missed getting the free 3-D glasses that should have come with these.  I did get in on the sale at Ulta though. I bought 2 and got 1 free. At first, I was only going to get 5 but since that sixth one was free, I got them all.

The first one above is called ‘Lorelei’s Tiara.’ That’s the one that has silver glitter and then some teal glitter swirling around within. That is one of the more unique looks.

Next to that is ‘Marry A Millionaire’. Great saying that goes with a medium purple glitter with holo bar glitter. Another rather new look to me.

And then the last one in this line up is a gold glitter; ‘Blonde Bombshell.’ This is the one I wasn’t going to get at first. It’s a gold glitter but has these larger sizes of gold glitter as well. I feel I have to get my nose right down into it to see the differences in the sizes, however.

Next set…

From left over to right; ‘Material Girl’; ‘Some Like it Haute (named after one of my favorite movies); and then ‘Love Marilyn.’

 ‘Material Girl’ is a dusty pink glitter with larger sized pink holo glitter.

Next is ‘Some Like It Haute.’ This one is another favorite. It’s a dark, slate gray and has holo glitter suspended in it. Last is ‘Love Marilyn’ and this is a gorgeous red glitter sprinkled with silver glitter.

There’s ‘Androgenie’ next to ‘Some Like It Haute’…

 I know they are not the same and the only similarities can be they are both dark and have holo glitter. However, when you put them side by side, they actually bring out the unique flavor of each other.

Blurred for shimmer, you can see both are full of holographic glitter. ‘Androgynie’ has the larger hex shaped pieces.

And lastly, I found the Nicole By OPI’s Holiday Glitter collection. I picked up just two…

 On the left, ‘Orna-ment For Each Other’. Now that’s a Santa suit red! It’s got speckles of gold glitter within a sea of red glitter. Ho Ho Ho!

 And on the right, that’s ‘Glitter In My Stocking.’ It’s a bright gold glitter that has red and copper glitter thrown in for some major holiday awe-ness.

They look like glitter tree ornaments, don’t they?

There were a total of 4 shades to this collection. One was a fuchsia glitter (‘My Sleigh Is In The Shop) and the other was a bright blue with a rainbow assortment of colored micro-glitter called  ‘Snowman of My Dreams.’ I hemmed and hawed over that one and I think I’ve convinced myself that I will have to go back and get it.

I better get busy and Holiday Swatch! Do you have any of these or, are there some here that you know you’ll get?

Tinsel Town on a Wintery, Snowy Night

There’s no waiting til the last minute to confess. I’m a firm believer that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. In this case, I’m giving myself permission to only buy polishes I like.

Yes, I mean it. I have this on the same list as ‘eat fruit every day.’ So far, so good. I have had today, alone, Juicy Fruit and Cherry Coke Zero.

I wore this polish last week and when I went to show a couple of friends, my mind went blank. (What? You are STILL laughing?) I couldn’t remember any more than it was a new shade out and it was China Glaze. Awkward.

Maybe I was too busy being smittened…

It’s China Glaze and it is from their current Let It Snow collection. This is ‘Tinsel Town.’

I don’t have anything quite like it in my collection…

 ‘Tinsel Town’ is another color that is hard to pin down to describe. It’s in the family of grays. However, it is a gray that is a bit blueish and a bit silvery. Then it has all this different size silvery gray glitter in it. What comes to mind is the color of a shadow from a full moon, cast onto the snow.

I even wore a knit dress the same color, without meaning to…

When I was in school and then in college, I would rewrite my class notes to study for a test. I’ll look at this post as a rewrite of my notes so I don’t forget that this is from China Glaze’s 2011 Holiday collection called Let It Snow. This lovely glittery gray is called ‘Tinsel Town.’

Got it! A+

Have you ever had your mind just totally go blank when someone asks you what polish you are wearing?

Wet ‘n Wild’s 24 Carats on Every Finger

My favorite Christmas/Holiday nail collection is Wet ‘n Wild’s Ice Baby. I’m loving these over-the-top glitters.

The first shade from this collection I swatched was ‘Diamond in the Rough‘. You can click here and read about that. Even looking at my photos, I want to go put that polish back on.

However, there are other shades in this collection that are very high on the ‘wow’ factor.  Like this one…

Put your sunglasses on before you look at ’24 Carats’. Brilliant!! This glitter is one that will keep you fascinated for hours. I found it best not to stare at my nails at stoplights; other drivers seem to not like it.

This bright, gold polish has some interesting stuff going on in it…

Here’s what I see going on: this is gold micro-glitter in with copper and gold bar glitter. It is all floating in a clear universe and ready to boldly go right to your nails.

This is 2 coats. I have one coat of Lumos top coat on too.

As gritty and fuzzy as this looks, it wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t getting hung up in my hair when I was washing it. It didn’t snag my blouse either. And what was really, really surprised me is that it didn’t take a jack hammer to remove it. It came off with Zoya’s Remove+. I had to do a bit more scrubbing but I didn’t have to use the foil method. Cheers!!!

It was sad to remove it anyway. I rather liked it quite well.

Here’s my fun story for the day…Last year I went to stay with my brother and his family at Christmas. My Dad and sister came in too. Before everyone got up Christmas morning, I snuck down to the family room and put a bag of (chocolate candy) coal on the chairs where everyone sat. Later that morning when everyone was up, my family was looking around saying ‘what’s this?’ I announced that they had ALL been bad and since I didn’t have any coal from Santa, then I got all the gifts. Ha ha, they all laughed and they STILL got their gifts.

If you have a friend that likes glitter nail polish, this would make a very cute stocking stuffer.

Wet ‘n Wild’s Ice Baby; My Very Favorite is ‘Diamond in the Rough’


Gaze upon Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Diamond in the Rough’ from the Ice Baby collection.

This polish is worth breaking your ‘No Buy’ rule. The one thing you should go ahead and use your emergency credit card to buy. The treat you should give yourself if you just sorta stayed on your diet. Your gift to yourself for the Holidays. The one polish you HAVE to get from this collection. In other words: GET IT!!!

Dazzle yourself and friends…

Blurred on purpose to grab you and pull you in.

OK. So, it may not be perfect. It does eat top coat. But it could eat everything in the house and I wouldn’t care as long as it stayed…

‘Diamond in the Rough’ has a murky, gray-purple base color. Then just imagine the twinkliest, bedazzlingest micro glitter and regular hex-shape holo glitter jammed into it.

I didn’t use any color underneath. I will wear ‘Diamond in the Rough’ again and I might experiment with layering. However, with 3 easy coats, this is what I got. Well worth going through the foil removal method (as outlined by Pink Sith, a favorite blog) to enjoy this polish. I’m putting it as the top most favorite polishes at the Pink Vanity.

Do you have this or, are you still looking for it?

Hi. I’m Kimberly and I’m a Snoop. (Hi, Kimberly)

I hope you have been paying attention when I talk about finding new stuff at Walgreens. I talked about it here. And then, Miss Mimi, of Makeup Withdrawal, found this information valuable too. Check out what she discovered here.

Now, I’ll show you what I found last weekend….

I found this Cover Girl holiday collection up on that ‘secret’ high shelf at Walgreens. And this was about 2-1/2 hours from my home. See, I went to St. Petersburg/Treasure Island last weekend. My sister and her new husband got married on Sunday, 10/9. This Walgreens was just down a couple of blocks from our hotel.

Since I do merchandising for a living, I’m pretty bold in checking stuff out once it is out on the floor. So I had no problem taking this display off the top shelf, setting it on the bottom shelf and pulling the makeup out and snapping some photos to show you.

Quite honestly, I don’t know anything more about this collection than what I see here…

This collection has a liquid shadow, an eyeliner and a lipstick. Three different sets: Shimmer and Shine, Sugar and Spice and Starry Night.

The shadows…

The eyeliners…

The brown was in two different collections.

Yummy lipstick colors…

And last Sunday, I went on a scavenger hunt for the Wet ‘n Wild Ice collection, their holiday release.

So, you’d like to see how ‘looking up’ at Walgreens can pay off?

I found a full, untouched display of these. I took the display off the top shelf and took it right to the cosmetic counter to pay for it. I was so overjoyed that I forgot to take photos first. And I even laughed out loud when the sales person told me she didn’t ‘think’ she could give me the display. Forget the display, lady!!! Sell me those polishes!!!!!

These where not on the high shelves but, they were on a side panel and almost picked over. Here are the goods…

The top photo is the new Wet ‘n Wild baked collection. And the latter is the new 8 palette matte shadows.

Swatches of the Ice polishes and the shadows will be coming up right away.

Know the moral of this post? Increase your chances of finding new and exciting beauty items by checking the shelves at the very top at Walgreens.

Some Walgreens and CVS stores do not have that top shelf, and that’s sad. But many do. Have you already started peeking up on the top shelves?