Sephora by OPI…What Does 212 Mean?

St. Valentine’s Day is here…Oh, no! And St. Patrick’s Day after that. I’m getting the feeling that holidays come around faster as I get older.

So, I need to get on the ball and post reviews and swatches. I’m getting more and more of a backlog. But I have to show you this one; it is one that I can’t overlook.

This is Sephora by OPI’s ‘212 Sephora’. Yep, that’s as good as they got with the name. Look, it deserves so much better…

We have, here, a murky black base with holo micro-glitter. Yep, that is what I said: Holo. This is a ‘busy’ polish…

Lots and lots of sparkles and twinkles. Fancy it on the nails…

I did 3 coats and it needed everyone of those to become opaque. In fact, even after the second coat, I was unsure whether I would come up to opacity. Don’t let the photos fool you. In the above, there looks to be flakies in the bottle. That’s just a light reflection. And, the polish looks flat when actually, it is very shiny and alive.

The top photo is in the shade of my patio. And the last photo, I’m still trying to capture that twinkle. The micro-glitter has this illusion of depth. It’s reminiscence of looking down at the city from a plane, at night, as it comes in for a landing.

Sephora by OPI isn’t a new polish but it is new to me. I felt that it applied very well and wore well too. I really wish they could have named it something rather than just a number. That’s surprising coming from OPI, whom we have come to know as a polish company with very unique names.

 I liked this one and will keep an eye out for another shade to add to my stash.

Have you tried any of the Sephora by OPI series?

Is Bigger Better For Glitter? What If I Said Flaky Glitter?

I just have to face the facts. I’m going to wake up and it is going to be Jan 2, time to start a new year and new business contracts. That means Christmas and New Year’s Eve will have flown by me and I’ll be sitting here with a lot of Holiday polishes I never got to swatch. So, I better get busy!

Realizing this situation, I dug around the to-be-swatched drawer in the vanity. I was all set to pick out my favorite one and get crackin’. My first choice was China Glaze’s ‘Snow Globe’ from their 2011 winter collection. In staying with the comparison theme, I dug some more and found Cosmetic Arts no-name flaky that is now ‘Super Size Me Flaky’.


‘Snow Globe’ is the perfect name for this polish. You’ll find a mix of holo micro-glitter along with a bit of holo hex glitter.

Sparkle-dazzle holiday. Yes, it does, indeed, look like a snow globe…

I picked this photo because it reminded me of the kid that got double-dog dared to lick a metal pole. You know, from ‘A Christmas Story.’ I can only guess that the little people in this snow globe are playing hide-and-seek.’ But they must really suck at it.

Done digressing…
Cosmetic Arts is missing the fun by not naming their polishes. But, they are giving me some fun. When I first laid eyes on this one, I really did yell out ‘Oh, shit!’ I couldn’t grab this polish fast enough when I found it at Ross’…

I don’t think I have another polish that has flakes this size. Thus, ‘Super Size Me Flaky.’

There was nothing that could suffice to showcase these topcoats other than a rich creme. I picked out ‘Velvet Box’ from China Glaze’s current holiday collection. And, I think this one did the job…

On my thumb, middle and pinky finger, you see ‘Super Size Me Flaky.’ That leaves ‘Snow Globe’ for the index and ring finger. Now tell me, if you had 4 seconds to pause at a red light, wouldn’t you stare at these?


Good grief, those flakes are on steroids. And I was flat out thrilled that this polish applied in a very well-behaved manner. ‘Snow Globe’ was thick and it wanted to bunch up at the tip of the nail. After patience with laying it down and going back over it before it dried, it fell into that scattered look.

I’m gong to play favorites all over this post…


I’m not a fast-food girl; I gave it up 9 years ago. But this is one time I have no regrets at all to ask for a Super Size.

Opinions? Envys? Revulsions?

Warhol’s Poptastic Nail Art

It’s Wednesday. On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink. Pink it is…

It’s a hot and very bright pink from Color Club’s Poptastic collection. They named this one ‘Warhol.’

I have had more comments and compliments from strangers while I have been wearing the colors from the Poptastic collection. These colors are truly attention-getters.

It does look like a smudge on my index finger, but it’s just a reflection.

Do I dare try to make ‘Warhol’ POP (art) even more?

I got this Icing polish called ‘Glamourous’ many months back. It is one of the best holo glitters I own. I wish my car was this color instead of the run-of-the-mill silver.

This reminds me of the disco ball at a restaurant/club in my home town. After 10 PM, they moved the tables off the dance floor and we BOOGIED!!!

Here’s the sad part, even in real life ‘Warhol’ stole the limelight right out of ‘Glamourous.’ ‘Warhol’ is just spectacular and doesn’t need any help.

But in real life, Warhol really wasn’t attractive. His face was taunt before we even started making fun of Joan Rivers…

He’s Got Kenny Rogers’ Eyyyyyyes’ (sung to the song ‘She’s Got Betty Davis’ Eyes‘).

I dig the art, though. 😀

The Ugly Series: Part 4, How Could I Mess That Up

Why is it ugly…

Well, it’s not. However, outside of nail blogland, there are those that find black nail polish just frightful. There are many parents that would not want to see black nail polish on their child’s Sunday School teacher.

That said, I wanted to take a black polish and juice it up. For my black, I chose Essence’s ‘I Love My Jeans’. Take a look at this black polish. This is NOT your regular, plain ol’ black.

This black has a low-light silver shimmer to it. And truthfully, I didn’t notice it when I picked it up to do an ugly. Here I have on 3 coats. If you notice the pinkie, it is a sneak preview of what I’m going to do here. That’s a test run.

Here, you can see those shimmers. I can’t even say whether it is silver or whether it is holo. It captured many different colors when held my nails juuuust right in the sunlight.

Now to see if I can massacre it..

This yellow is from a 6 pack of…gasp!!! flaky glitters. Oh, my gosh! I picked out the color I liked least to do the experiment.

One coat, boys and girls. The black took care of any of that yellow ‘took vitamins pee’ color. And what appeared…swoonafied gemme!! It has no name. Should I call it ‘Vitamin Pee’?

 Wow. Now I’m inclined to try this again with the other holo glitters. Do I dare tell you there’s a RED one?? One coat…oh, I said that already. I’m sort of dazed by this combo.

I tried to do an ugly and ended up with love. Reminds me of finding love. I had decided I was perfectly happy with being single. And then what happens; I met my husband. Crap! I can’t even get ‘singlehood’ down correctly. (Secretly I’m not bummed about it, though.)

 Can I call this ugly? Nope. I couldn’t do ugly this time. May not be everyone’s dream mani, but it sure is mine.

Did I give this one a fair shake? Shall we venture to call this a ‘pleasant surprise’?