Hi! I’m One Year Old Today!!

Happy 1st Blog Anniversary, Libby’s Pink Vanity!!!!

All I can add is that this has been the most fun I have had on the Internet. I have new friends, new blogs to read and new products to check out…all I would never have known about without joining this community.  Thank you, dear readers, for being a part of my fun.
I have loads of manicures in the can to post. I’ve given up the hope that I can keep up with my habit purchases. So, unless I wish to declare defeat, I have a lot of fodder to keep the blog rollin’.
Sometimes you  get a story to go along with a nail/makeup purchase. I’ll keep this one short.

I found a CoverGirl NailSlick’s two-pack at the Dollar Tree. There was only one clerk at the register and he was taking his time. He was commenting about every item anyone was buying. I almost put this down because I wasn’t in the mood to deal with purchase commentary. There were at least 5 people ahead of me. The, when there was just one person ahead of me, he pushed the check button instead of the debit card button, I yelled out a ‘NOOOO!’ However, I stuck it out and I walked away a winner.

 I didn’t make thispurchase for this color. This is OMFG UGLY!!!  Applied well; polish wasn’t globby; dried well too. Only negative-it’s ugly. It’s called ‘Sand Castle’.
But here is why I purchased the set…

IceSlick’s ‘Anti-Freeze’. This polish looks like alien go-in-the-dark snot. It’s neat-o.

 I’m not going to spam-alot because my nails were in sore need of a gel refill,  NOT the acrylic one I was given instead. Also, I’ve cut back my nails since. But ‘Anti-Freeze’ just melted my icy feelings about ‘Sand Castle.’  The photos don’t do this polish justice and neither do my nails. What can do it justice is to revisit it under better conditions. I want you to see what a truly cool look ‘Anti-Freeze’ can make.
Sometimes I just have to put up with crap happening around me. Even if I didn’t do the crapping, someone did and someone will have to deal with it. Try not to crap on anyone’s day.

Thanks for tagging along with me. You are all very special. (HUGS)