I Spy….Nail Polish and Eyeliner Stickers at Icing

As I have spoken about before, I’m a merchandiser and a lot of my clients are in malls. So I am in malls about 3 to 4 times a week. After I do my work, I know exactly which stores I want to check out. Do you know four of the 7 malls I go to have a Forever 21 store? Two different malls have Icing by Claire stores. And that’s just counting the malls I visit on a frequent basis.

A couple of days ago, I was at a mall that has an Icing store. I found a couple of goodies and they are SO cute…

As I was admiring these, I realized that one could wear these as mustaches too.  Don’t laugh. That’s just as much fun as wearing eyebrow stencils! I think the idea of fun eyebrows is good but my luck, I’d have one fall off and no one would tell me. Or, I’d look like ‘V’ wearing them. LOL! What do you think, something you’d like to try out? If I went clubbing, I think it would be a hoot to sport these.

And here is what I really was looking for…

New polishes! Well, new to me. At first, I thought they were just regular bright shades. However, there was a sparkle going on so I picked one up. Oh, my goodness! Glittery brights!! I helped myself to putting the four of these together for their photo op. Normally, I don’t do that but, I did return them back to their original state. That’s the merchandiser in me=need for order.

Anyhoo, check these out…

 This is actually a yellow shade. Check out the group shot and you’ll see what I mean.

Yummy, right?!! I wanted to get them soooo bad. But, I already have a backlog of swatches I have photo’d and a ton of polishes to be swatched. However, after looking at these photos, I still want them!!!

And that isn’t all. Here are a couple more I want…

These two are a lot more sparkly in person. But I think you get the gist.

I found some more polishes at the checkout…

 Way cute idea too. But I just can’t get past the thought of sniffing my fingernail polish. Even if it is a pina colada. And that’s yummy!

And, remember I told you that I know where all the Forever 21 stores are in Orlando? I found these at this mall’s store…

Almost all of the polishes were marked down to 99 cents. One, that is a good deal. But, two, when I see all of something marked down I think they are going to stop carrying that product. If it was just a few, then I would think they are clearing out for the new seasonal releases. Let’s hope that they are just planning on getting a huge bunch of new shades in. I’ll keep you up to date.

Then, I found this at Urban Outfitters. This is just hilarious…

And if you read my ‘You Don’t Know Kimberly’ post, you would get how ironic it would be for me to have this as a phone cover with my personalized ringtone of the Geico piggy saying ‘weeeeeeeeweeweeeeee.’

One last photo of cuteness…
Kayla loves, well, maybe love isn’t a strong enough word, the sun coming in from the sliding glass doors. She has been in a cage waiting for adoption for so long, I’m sure she can’t soak up enough of the sunlight. Now, she can have all she wants. Gosh, she’s so cute, I love her to pieces.

See any cuties you’d like to get?

Icing’s After Party; No Hangover Necessary

These two polishes are not terribly new but worth a review. I got a shimmer and a flakie and they work together perfectly.

I got both polishes at Icing, Claire’s Boutique’s sister store. First, here is the shimmer…

Even in real life, ‘Orchid’ is stingy with showing her shimmer. At first, I thought it was a creme. But when you can look closely at the area where the sun is shining really bright, that gives you a glimpse of it. The shimmer color is like 2 shades lighter than the base color so it is very demure.

 Oh, just a tiny bit of shimmer showing here.

I have mentioned in previous posts that I’m just not a big pastel color lover. ‘Orchid’ is about as pastel as I care to go. I have on 3 coats but seriously, 2 would have been just fine.

This next polish I picked up was the only one left. It was so mine. You’ll see why…

This is ‘After Party’, a multi-color flakie polish. The colors are not holo, just colored flakie glitter. Keep going to see what 2 coats look like.

Ready to see them together?


 It isn’t a perfect flakie; it tends to drag on up to the tips and it is bumpy. And let’s not forget, a pistol to remove. I didn’t need to do the foil method, just did some heavy rubbing.

But, I’m willing to lower my standards for a look like this. Yea, I had to work for it a bit however, I’m in love with the look.

‘After Party’ looks exactly like its name; glitter confetti everywhere!

Party on!

I know these are lillies, but I planted something and it bloomed! I planted a long row of these along the side of my front walkway. The purple in the lillies looks very similar to ‘Orchid’ polish…

Jordana Nail Polish Glitter Polish Is All That!

If you thought beautiful glitter nail polish melted away with the Winter Holidays, you are in for a big surprise!  Jordana Cosmetics has come out with a mega collection of glitters. How does 24 shades grab ya?!

I found three from this new collection at KMart…

‘Fairy Dust’ is a perfect name for this pink glitter. I love it! Well, I guess you would have figured that one out. I love, love, love the sparkle. Check out ‘Fairy Dust’…

Oh, take me back to the 70’s and a funky Elton John outfit!!!

Get ready for some ‘Fro Action!’

I couldn’t resist putting on 3 coats. You know, more is, sometimes, better….

‘Fairy Dust’ isn’t just glitter. The base color is pink, as well. That helps with wearing it alone rather than just as a top coat.

And if that isn’t beautiful enough, here is ‘Sequins’…

That bit of teal glitter makes this the ‘Rocket Man’…

Goodness! I really like this one…


And the glitter love doesn’t stop there. I got a blue/green one. This is ‘Cosmic’…

Very flamboyant!

Ack! I used to skate at the roller rink to this song while I was junior high.

I wanted ‘Cosmic’ to be out of this world so, I used a couple of base polishes to see which one I liked best. On my index, I tried ‘Skull and GlossBones’ from OPI. On my middle finger I used an Icing’s polish from a past pastel collection. My ring finger is without any base color.

True to glitter polish’s behavior, these were pistols to get off. But, man, are they not fantastic! I am on the hunt for more from this collection. If you want to see all of them, visit my friend ‘G’ of Nouveau Cheap, she reviewed and swatched them here. There are so many in this collection, she had to have 3 separate posts!

‘Fairy Dust’, ‘Sequins’ and ‘Cosmic’…how could I not think about Elton John? (Secret about Kimberly…she was in love with him in the ’70’s!) And have you noticed…Elton was more flamboyant when he was ‘in the closet’ than when he came out. Why’s that?

‘Sacrifice’ is my all-time favorite Elton John song. What’s your favorite?

Where’s the Party? On Your Nails And Everybody’s Coming!

Have you just about had enough of the ‘Happy Birthday’ glitter polishes??!! Practically no brand has skipped this polish band wagon.

If you read enough nail blogs, you have, by now, read about Debra Lippman‘s ‘Happy Birthday’ nail polish. If not, and since I do not currently own this polish, here’s Vampy Varnish‘s swatches of it. ‘Happy Birthday’ as been around at least a couple of years. Yet it is still popular.

Check out some of the dupes I have…

First, there is Icing’s ‘Birthday Beyotch’, Milani’s ‘Gems’, Ulta’s ‘Pinata-Yada-Yada’, and Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Correction Tape’.

None of them are dupes, but they are all in the same neighborhood.

 Icing’s ‘Birthday Beyotch’ wins in the best name category. Hee hee. I spy red, gold, green, teal and fuchsia; some larger, some smaller. Then it is all swimming in a vat with teal micro-glitter. 

 Here’s Milani’s ‘Gems’. This one has two sizes of hex glitter in it. And then that is all in a very translucent teal base that shares even more micro-glitter. Tons of red, silver, gold, green, and blue glitter. I found this one to apply the most glitter.

 This is Ulta’s ‘Pinata-Yada-Yada.’ Worst name here. :/ Gold and fuchsia hex glitter is surrounded by two smaller sized glitters in gold, teal, and red. The base is a slightly blue tinged color.

And this is Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Correction Tape.’ I’m still scratching my head over that name. If you ‘get it’, would you leave me a comment? All the glitter seems to be the same size in gold, teal and fuchsia. Without getting out my microscope, I think there is some gold hex and fuchsia squares in this one. Not as rainbow colored at the others, it gives the feeling of Mardi Gras.

Are ‘Party Hands’ the same thing as ‘Jazz Hands’?

On my thumb and middle finger, I swatches ‘Birthday Beyotch’. On my index finger is ‘Gems’. On my ring finger is ‘Pinata-Yada-Yada’ and that leaves ‘Correction Tape’ on my pinky. This photo shows 3 coats.

Here’s where I started and this is 2 coats. So, you can do a little glitter or gobs. However, the polish you can pick to apply under these is all up for grabs. These are naked here, though.

Now, once you are ready to remove the glitters, you might want to read up on the foil removal method; no one wants to leave the party on your nails!

Confetti nails, I say. When I lived in Kansas City, KS, there was a dance bar on the Missouri side called ‘Confetti’s’. The next morning I always found confetti in my clothes that I had worn and even on the floor where I had changed into my jammies. It was everywhere! And you’ll experience the same thing when you go to remove any of these glitters.

Great polishes for New Year’s Eve parties? Which one do you like the best? Can you think of any other polishes that live in this neighborhood?

Christmas Dance Nail Stickers

I got these cute Christmas stickers at Sally’s. The stickers I used on my thumb made getting these a given…

These remind me of the kids dancing on the stage in the Charlie Brown Christmas Show. Do you get up and dance with them?! What….no? I do.

You so know you dance like ‘Yellow Shirt’!!!!

I used a green creme from a Fall collection Icing put out…

No name, just awesome murky green. I have three coats on.

Then, I put on an assortment of Christmas stickers…


I used a coat of Seche Vite to protect them. However, these stickers are thin. I don’t even feel them when I rub my finger over them.

They’re so sweeeet! And just when I think no one notices my nails when I’m out working, I ended up with 2 compliments on them today.

Tomorrow, I’m going to an all-day workshop, so I’ll be sporting these. This workshop is, actually, to learn how to use something that I will be doing a giveaway on!!!! Yes, it is that detail-oriented so before I review it and have it for the giveaway, I have to learn how to use it too. That’s all I’m telling you…BWHAAAAHAAAHAAAA!

These stickers were fairly easy to apply. I did use a pair of needle-nose tweezers to remove them from their backing and place them on the nails.

Do you wear nail stickers? If you like these, you can find them at Sally’s.

Too Much Glitter? NEVER!!!

These are two spectacular, glitter-over-the-top, polishes I like…

One word to describe: SPARKLE. One word not to describe: boring.

If you were to ask me to pick you out one super sparkly polish, it would be one of these two. It’s only when I see them together that I can make any comparisons, but no preference…

On the left is Icing’s ‘Pop A Bottle’ and, on the right is Color Club’s ‘Sugar Plum Fairy.’ Fairy dust and pixie powder!

‘Pop A Bottle’ has gold, magenta, and teal micro-glitter in a translucent, very light beige base. The beige helps the glitter become opaque after the second coat. The application of this one, at first, wasn’t quite so smooth. It had a habit of bunching up at the tip. I worked at getting more of the glitter to adhere towards the base of my nail by dabbing the brush. After the first coat, however, the other two applied very evenly.

This is ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ and it is an iridescence of all Holiday colors. The glitter appears to change color as the angle of view changes. Think of a soap bubble, and there you have it. The refracted light is all over the place so your eyes can’t help but to look at it.

Now, comparing them on my nails…

‘Pop a Bottle’ is on the thumb, middle and pinky. I have ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ on the index and ring finger. Are they just not the stuff from a Winter Wonderland?

Using 3 coats made these polishes opaque and awe-inspiring all alone with no color base coat necessary. No fooling, these are gritty. I am showing them to you without a top coat so their own, true shine comes through. And as with almost all glitter, there is the price to pay to remove the stuff. I didn’t have to use the foil method but I did scrub, and scrub a lot.

With a closer look, ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ photographs like a silver glitter polish. Regular photography doesn’t have the ability to give a true depth of a holographic item. Since holograms are most noted when they are moving or light is moving across them, it just doesn’t show the true nature. But, I think there are plenty of readers of beauty/nail bloggers that know just how magnificent holographic glitters/polishes can be.

I don’t have a favorite between these two. Much like my two cats, I don’t have a favorite but love them each for their own existence. So, in all fairness, don’t ask me to pick one over the other. 🙂

Can you say which one is your favorite?

Pop A Bottle, Birthday Beyotch!

Color Club’s ‘Beyond the Mistletoe‘ was so pretty, I wore it an extra day. So, I don’t have a dupe or comparison post today.

The Starbucks guy asked me if I was ‘rockin’ the glitter’ this season. He told me that his girlfriend knows about the ‘foil method’ because she loves to wear glitter too. If they only knew how much glitter I really have!

And just because I have a gazillion few new nail polishes, doesn’t keep me from buying looking at more.

Even though I love these glitters, I bought them for the names alone…

I think I would like the person who came up with this name.

Both of these are from Icing. I erroneously told someone that the name of this one was ‘Pop A Cork’. LOL! I was trying to get it to work with ‘Birthday Beyotch.’

I don’t have Deborah Lippman’s ‘Happy Birthday’ but I have plenty like it. Once I round them all up, a comparison/dupe post is in order. Click here if you’d like to see a swatch of DL’s ‘Happy Birthday’ at Makeup and Beauty Blog.

‘Pop A Bottle’ might be more fitting for Mardi Gras. However, I’m fairly confident that I have at least one other bottle of polish to compare it. It is, without a doubt, a celebratory polish.

*Done with Polish Talk*

‘Pop A Bottle’ makes me think of a bubbly that my hair stylist, Renae, told me about. (Alas, Renae is in Virginia Beach, VA and I miss my hair stylist of 7 years.) 🙁

Boy, did I go for this faux bubbly…

It’s a Spumante/Sparkletini/Wine but, can I get a great, big YUM! I like to give this as a gift when I go to house parties. I like the Green Apple and the Peach flavors. I have some Peach in the refrigerator right now, ready whenever guests stop by. Yes, I realize it is cheap inexpensive, but I didn’t know it at the time Renae served it at the salon.

And so, you can pay a lot for champagne (which is tasty) and spend a lot of money or, you can get some Verdi and enjoy it whilst saving money so you can purchase ‘Birthday Beyotch.’

An Intoxicating Grog: Witch’s Brew

There’s a pink giveaway going on at the Pink Vanity. Click here and enter.

Halloween is coming up so fast, I’m going to run out of days before I can do all my Halloween looks.

Here’s one that is my favorite for this season…

 Check out Icing’s ‘Witch’s Brew.’ That is some concoction!!

‘Witch’s Brew’ is Icing’s 2011 Halloween collection. Out of an jelly orange glitter and a jelly purple with purple glitter, this one out of the bunch is my total, total favorite.

I’m intoxicated by ‘Witch’s Brew.’ If I were not a nail blogger, I would wear this shade all month. It’s a black jelly and has dark turquoise micro glitter in it.

I used Seche Vite as the top coat and you’d swear that you are looking up into a midnight sky. I used three coats of polish then one coat of Seche for this mani.

Have you seen this shade before? You probably have. ‘Witch’s Brew’ is a near dupe to a couple of other polishes available…

On the left is Icing’s ‘Witch’s Brew’, in the middle Sinful Color’s ‘What’s Your Name?, and last is Cult Nails’ ‘Living Water.’ Can you see how ‘What’s Your Name’ is more of a blue glitter?

And take a closer look at Cult Nails’ ‘Living Water.’ This polish has something the other two do not: luminosity. ‘Living Water‘ has turquoise glitter that looks like it is lit up. Hands down, the best looking of the three. I did a post on ‘Living Water.

It probably goes without saying that I’m a total sucker for clever names and ‘Witch’s Brew’ is one of them.

Next is a couple of random sharings.

Every time I am at a mall that has a Forever 21, I stop by. I’m compelled to! This is what I scored last week…

When I was in high school, there was this saying ‘I wouldn’t kick that out of bed for eating crackers in it.’ How horrible, blech! But that stupid saying came to mind when I photo’d these at the sunny window. I’m saving these for Christmas manis.

And lastly, last week my brother, sister-in-law and niece vacationed at the happiest place on earth, Disney World. I got to hang out with them a few days. I, too, am 12 years old when I’m with my 12 year old niece. It’s grand to have someone to play with. 🙂

This is Karlie…

Blinded By the Light; Glitter A-Bomb

The elusive Wet ‘n Wild ‘Black Magic’ polish DOES exist!!!

Don’t bother going to this Walgreens; I took all three of those ‘Black Magic’ polishes. Can you see my reflection in the back of the display? That’s creepy.

Here’s what the clammer has been about…

Black glittery good stuff! I’m doing a mani right now and I am using ‘Black Magic’ as an accent nail. I’ll have this one up in a couple of days.
If you haven’t heard about the mystery of the Wet ‘n Wild’s 2 different ‘Black Magic’ polishes, I wrote about it here.  The multi-display, that has other makeup products, shown at the top, has the sparkly ‘Black Magic.’ The displays that I have seen at Ulta’s, has the black creme. Technically, I think the one I got above should be named ‘MORE Black Magic.’

This is what I got when I stepped into Icing today…

The charmed look of this brings out the magpie in me. Oh, it was 50%; $4.25.

And the polishes are always buy one, get one 1/2 off (BUT, I did ask today and was told that does NOT apply to the crackle. I didn’t see a sign that said that though…just sayin’). I found one and I had a hard time picking that second one…




 All this sparkle can give you a migraine. You best sit in the dark after this post. No joke!

Icing’s ‘Glitteratti’ has a rainbow of micro-glitter and the hard-to-miss fuchsia hex glitter. And then, ‘Gimme Some Glitter’ has a murky burgundy base (which looks like black when swatched on white paper) with gold, teal, fuchsia and purple glitter. It’s very busy, but in a GOOD way!

It was a busy day at work for me, but I managed to get that shopping in! *wink* I got some more loot at the Dollar Store to show you later.

What base colors do you think ‘Glitteraffi’ and ‘Gimme Some Glitter’ should go over? If you find the sparkly ‘Black Magic,’ are you getting it?

Wet n Wild Black Magic Shinanigans and a Sparkly Pumpkin

As I mentioned previously, I saved back the Icing’s ‘Pumpkin’ to swatch. I’m sitting on the fence about this one…probably like a pumpkin. ;P So, here are the photos and I’ll leave it up to you if it is worth purchasing.


 After I polished my pinky, I started thinking that maybe I should put a base coat down first. So, as you can see, I did a couple tests with that in mind.

I used Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Black Magic’ from the Fantasy Maker Halloween collection. This little tombstone has caused quite a bit of confusion. It’s like the wrong person got buried in the wrong plot.

Here’s the situation as I understand it. Gianna at Nouveau Cheap, gave ‘Black Magic’ a review and swatch on her blog. You can pop on over here, to check it out. You’ll notice that she not only swatches it but she also shows a photo of the side of the polish stating that this polish is, indeed, named ‘Black Magic.’

Cool! Many of us are excited to get a black polish that has an array of micro-glitter colors. However, a few of us ended up with a creme black.

Mine even says ‘Black Magic.’ However, it is not the same as Gianna’s. I purchased mine at an Ulta store. So, a few days later, I went to another Ulta store and looked the display over carefully. What I noticed was that the display states that the color that should be there is ‘Black Sparklee.’ The plot thickens…

I feel confident that Wet n Wild has made a mistake in packaging. My question then is, will we be able to find ‘Black Sparklee’? Stay tuned. I’ll give an update when anything turns up.

Now that I’m finished with that breaking news, back to our regularly scheduled swatch…

‘Pumpkin’ is, without any doubt, orange and sparkly. I love it! However, I think doing a mani with just the ‘Pumpkin’ would have done just fine as it is rather densely packed with glitter.

‘Pumpkin’ is a thick polish. And I had a difficult time getting it to apply near the cuticle without depositing glitter on my skin.

With the top photo of my thumb, I have one coat of ‘Black Magic’ (imposter or not) and 2 coats of ‘Pumpkin.’ I have one two top coats of Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker’. And even with those 2 layers of top coat, ‘Pumpkin’ is still gritty. On the index finger, I have 3 coats of ‘Pumpkin’ and I think it looks fairly nice. It has got an opaque look to it with 3 coats. Only thing is, that it does have pull at the cuticle line.

This is my index finger on my right hand and I believe that this shows the drag of ‘Pumpkin’ but the possibilities that using these two polishes have. It almost looks like a graduated appearance.

Oh, and one great thing about the ‘Black Magic’ I got, that sucker is opaque in one coat!. Not a bald spot or a streak. That makes me feel a bit better about having it in my collection.

Now you can tell me what you think about these polishes; layer or no layer? And on the ‘Black Magic’ mixup; Trick or Treat? Let me know your thoughts, I’m interested to read what the readers think.