Continuing Saga of The Woman That Binges on Cheap Jewelry

Haul posts are like adult ‘show and tell.’ Since I don’t work in an office setting, don’t see the same folks every day and my hubs doesn’t give a hoot about fashion and beauty, I share here with you, my readers. It’s not meant to brag or flaunt anything; it’s just sharing fun, cool stuff I like. 🙂

Typical of me, I lost my photos of some of the haul I got at Forever 21 and Icing yesterday. No prob. I just redid the photos here in my sunny window.

More whacky stuff from Forever 21…

This is the bracelet that started the binge spending spree fun at Forever 21. I like the goth/cutie-pie mixture of looks. When I was very young, around 21, goth was coming onto the scene. But you would NOT have been spotted wearing anything PINK! Gads! I moved onto the ‘New Wave’ look (think Cyndi Lauper). That was a bit softer. 🙂

And, I found this ring to be a bit funky, a bit intriguing and a lot of WTF…….

I have to wear it a while to see if it is comfy though.

I showed the necklace in the last post, but I got earrings to match, as well…

With this star ring, I’m hoping I can open it up a bit more to make it a thumb ring. But, I’m not sure it will 

I’m hoping that cooler weather is right around the corner. I wear my hair up almost all summer so I’m looking forward to wearing it down. In the meantime, these ponytail bands are ritzy, there’s some gold threads woven through…

What would be a Forever 21 shopping spree be without checking out the polishes?

This is ‘Silver’, ‘Rust’ and ‘Red’. Very mysterious and controversial names…

This one is called ‘Silver’ however, it has a purplish hue to it that the camera didn’t pick up. Think of a very, very shimmery, pale lavender. 

I don’t think I have these and if I do, well there are 3 Bath and Body Work sacks by my office bookcase full of giveaway items. They won’t go to waste!!

I also got this powder blue polish…

It’s the one on the right. The one on the left is a bottle I picked up early this spring. But, I was in a conversation with Stephanie of Imperfect Painted, and she had commented she liked a blue with some gold in it. I was looking to see if I could find another polish for her. But, as Forever 21 can be, they move stuff quickly.

The teal tone looks to be a bit watery. I bet I will have to use a ton of coats on this one. Maybe even do a base color before using it…

The darker shade is ‘Navy’ and I posted about it here along with its cousin, a purple with gold shimmer. The new blue is called ‘Blue/Multi.’ Whooopiiieeeee! That says it all, folks.

Do you think I’m done? Well, that question will put you on alert. I actually went to Icing before I went to Forever 21.

I was on the prowl (ohh….bad subject since the entire beauty/nail blog world is looking for Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘On the Prowl’ collection) for Halloween polishes.

Here is what I got…

‘Tiger’s Blood’!!!! It’s been out for a couple of seasons but, wouldn’t you agree that this would be a nice Halloween or Fall polish?

Next, is a Halloween shade, for real…

‘Vampire’s Blood’ may not be new, however I took the chance that it has been tweaked just enough to be different. I’ll check as I go along.

And, ‘Witch’s Brew.’ Reminds me of ‘Living Water’, but not as pretty. Oh, I got one more polish called ‘Pumpkin’ but it’s set to have its own post. Stay tuned, ghoulies!!!

So, finally, the very last item for this post, I leather bracelet I got at Icing…

I won’t look like some soccer mom wearing this bad-ass bracelet!!!! Hee heee…..right.

Phew! If you made it down to here I’m going to believe I didn’t bore you too much. And, I want to know, what item or items, do you like for yourself?  Are you stocking up on your Fall jewelry?

Sporting My Pink Mani for Wednesday

This is fun to wear a particular color for a particular day with a group of fellow nail bloggers. 🙂

And I really had fun with Lacquerware For Tips and Toes challenge of using 3 random colors.  Even though my work sucked…lol!  I do hope we will do that or something similar again soon.

This mani is a cute polish that came in a collection of pastel shimmers…

No name for this baby.  How about ‘Pink at Work’?  You can see the shimmer in the light but the pink color didn’t show up right.  It’s more pink, and here it looks peachy.

Three coats and this was good.  One top coat of stinky China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward Top Coat’ finished off the look.  I deem this pink totally work-friendly.

Juuussst a tad of VNL but I couldn’t see it without the camera.  And my nails are getting so long.  I love it but I think they are getting too ‘out there.’  I’m torn between cutting them back to an ‘appropriate’ length or, doing what I damn well please.  🙂  I think I’ll wait juuusssst a tad longer.

Check out the other chickies that wear pink on Wednesdays.

Do you keep a work-friendly polish on hand?  Maybe to wear to a wedding or a conservative social gathering?

Mardi Gras Purple Parade

Just a bit of a replay with this purple creme…

 I used this purple when I made my Mardi Gras manicure.  Here, I use it as a full-fledged set.  This Cosmetic Arts polish doesn’t have a name…til now.  I call it ‘Mardi Gras Purple.’

It’s a creme that doesn’t have a ton of shine.  I certainly didn’t help it out by getting a nick on the ring finger.  This is three coats and one top coat of China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward Top Coat.’

There are some colors that I put into my ‘comfort zone.’  Purple is one of them.  I think this even spills over into my wardrobe as well.  Just by a stroke of luck, I was wearing a shirt that this purple matches perfectly…

And to just jazz it up a bit, I put on a top coat of glitter…

A clearance polish from Icing.  It’s called ‘Glitz & Glamour.’  OMG, I love this with the bar glitter!!!!  Swoon!!

I kept it to one coat just because I know I usually OD on glitters…

Now it really does look like a Mardi Gras parade.  Some day I hope to go to Mardi Gras. I think I’d have a blast.  How about you?  Have you been to Mardi Gras?  I have been on the outskirts of New Orleans and several other cities in Louisiana.  I had some of the best food there too.  Don’t you love Cajun food??  YUM!!

St. Patrick’s Day Eve

What do you do for St. Patrick’s Day Eve?  What I’m doing is getting ready to wrap up this green theme…

 This isn’t a new collection from Icing, as I got it early this winter.  It is part of my ‘getting out of my comfort zone’ project.  I’m not one to gravitate to pastels OR cremes.  So this purchase was a huge step for me.  However, truthfully, they are pretty.

These bottles are not ‘full’ size; they are just a bit bigger than what I’d call miniature.  I am going to show you the minty green shade.  Too bad it doesn’t have a name…

Do you think ‘St. Patrick’s Day Eve’ would be fitting?  I put on 3 coats and it turned out heavenly.  I have on one coat of Seche Clear and one coat of Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker’ to top it off. 

Can you see that hint of shimmery frost?  That’s what makes this not just another pastel creme.  It gives it some personality.

The photos show it off better as a green creme than in real life.  I almost changed my mind about swatching this thinking it was more blue than green.  And, as you can see, there is already a blue in the set. 

Oh, and I’ll just state, that I love this green creme shade better than I love China Glaze’s ‘For Audrey.’   I’m not giving up on ‘For Audrey,’ however.  I just need to figure out how to create something more to my liking with it.  ‘St. Patrick’s Day Eve’ doesn’t need any help; I like it just as it is.

I’ve mentioned before that I use my home office window as my ‘sunny window’ spot.  For the third spring in a row, a pair of mourning doves are trying to nest right under the eaves by my window.  They will sit here and coo.  I love hearing them…

Drives Sebastian loopy.  I’ll have to capture him watching from the window with his wispy tail.

I have a green button that I’m wearing tomorrow, so I’ll have to snap a photo of it for you to see.  It’s cute and totally me.  lol  And, what have you decided to wear as your St. Patrick’s Day manicure?  Do you wear a piece of green clothing as well?


Golden and Iridescent Glitter for the Golden Years

If it wasn’t for Paparazzi, how would we have known that Cher is one of the original cougars?  That Mel Gibson isn’t such a nice guy?  That John Edwards is a total skank?  That aliens are in peace talks at the White House…right now??

Forget all that.  This is some Paparazzi that’s for real.  This is by Icing, a spawn of Claire’s Boutique.   And I couldn’t resist this sparkle-palousa of a mauve.  I’m surprised the photo doesn’t show off the sparkles better.  This was a perfect New Years mani for me.

Just 3 coats with some Seche Clear and the final Seche Vite.  It was a bit gritty but I’m very forgiving for glitter polishes.  I can’t fault the gold and iridescent glitters because they are pretty together.

Granted, when I review these photos I think this polish is for young girls.  However, I’m unaware of any age limitations on glitter.  You’ll know me by my glitter polish and makeup when I’m finishing off my golden years with this polish on. 

Rock on, Kimberly!

I’m Still Green

Would you like more green polish reviews?  TOUGH!
*evil laughter*

I’m actually cheating, sort of.  I have a mega stack of polishes to review.  They are lining up quickly on my printer table. 

Getting requests helps too.  Kim at Overall Beauty asked about the green from Icing’s fall collection.  I found this one to be quite nice.

This creme green has no name.  How about ‘Green Apple of My Eye’? It’s a creme that is like a darker Granny Smith apple. And it look to have more yellow in it than blue.  Oh, yes, the ring finger broke down past the quick.  The other nails not wanting to point out that finger’s short-comings, got cut down as well.

Loved how this applied.  Very easy and this is with just 2 coats.  I do have 2 coats of Seche Clear and one of Vite on top.

I’m a glitter, sparkly gal at heart.  However, this creme was a likey.

And it just so happens that I got a green shimmer from Icing as well.

This is ‘Uncommitted’.  Pretty much what you could expect from Icing polishes.  It looks best with 3 coats, dries fairly quick, almost always polishes to the color in the bottle.

This shimmers silvery-green, but ever so gently.  It would need at least 3 coats to get the opaque-ness I look for.  I think, also, that ‘Uncommitted’ is the shiny sister to the green in ‘Green Apple of My Eye.’

Two greens that I like very much.  I hope you do too.

Falling for Fall’s Gold

To me, it seems way too early to start wearing fall fashions.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fall!  But when it’s 109 degrees here in Orlando, FL, I’m having difficulty conjuring up thoughts of pumpkins and light sweaters.

However, this still did NOT stop me from buying a fall collection(s) of nail polish.

I picked this up about 2 weeks ago at Icing…

 (Gushing!) I snapped this one up in a hurry.  Since nail blogging, I’ve learned to ‘strike while the iron is hot!’  And that’s what this collection is: HOT!  A 5 mini bottle fall collection that is as sweet as a caramelized pear!

From left to right; a shimmery gold, a creamy apple green, creamy burnt orangy-red, a smoky plum cream, and finally creamy sienna polish.

Libby said she’d model the gold polish for me.  But she tired pretty quick.  I did get a really cool photo from her.  Yes, her coat is really that soft!

This collection didn’t name their beauties.  So, it’s a good thing I like to make up names for them.

This is Fall’s Gold…

This last photo is a very true to life show of the color.  I’m more of a shimmery, glimmery, shiny girl.  That’s why I picked this one first.  It’s a gold that shimmers gold.

 It was fun wearing this one for a few days.  I did get a chunk off one nail after 3 days.  Other than that, the wear was decent.  I did a BC, 1 Seche Clear, 2 colors, 1 Seche Clear and Seche Vite to finish.

Does this Fall’s Gold look like fall?  And, what do you think of this special edition from Icing?  I like the gold best, without trying the others yet, but which one do you like?
And, are you ready for fall?  Man, I am…but then only a few of you may be at my age where cooler weather is a godsend!!! ;p