New Nail Bloggers Welcome

Today, I would like to introduce to you some new nail bloggers I feel are noteworthy.

One of the easiest ways I have discovered new nail/makeup bloggers is joining in on the #bbloggers convo on Twitter that is held on Sundays. A topic of discussion is given and for an hour it’s like a huge, international mixer. If you don’t chime in, you won’t get noticed, yet you can still learn a lot. So for beauty/nail bloggers, seasoned or new, this venue is a fun way to discover others like you.

And, this is where I have discovered a few awesome bloggers that I enjoy following. I’d like to share them with you. Click on the names and take a peep for yourself.

Vintage Makeup

Coleyyyful’s Blog

Beauty Judy

It’s very OK to find new friends.

The Maiden Voyage


This is my nail polish/makeup/fanciful flights blog. Ta da!

Bear with me as I customize my blog. Using the standardized templates just isn’t going to do.

I’m Kimberly. I am owned by Libby. Libby is a ragdoll cat. She has pinky lips, pinky toes, bluest eyes and a pudgy, pink tummy. Shhhh…don’t tell her I posted this picture of her. She was just chillin’ in my office chair.

There are all these blogs about nails, nail stamping, makeup, skin care, etc., how could I not jump into the deep end?! It’s become an obsession that is keeping up late at night reading blogs, chasing down nail polishes and painting my nails the most fantastic of colors.

So, that’s the quick introduction. Stay tuned for more about Libby and my nail polish addiction…er, I mean ‘hobby.’