J2 Squared; That’s A Polish?

You know what a magpie is, right? They are birds that are known to be drawn to shiny objects. I’m a magpie. I’m a shiny-seeking magpie and a new and unusual item-finding magpie.

When I saw this polish in a ‘hair store’, (isn’t that so funny to go into a store and buy hair?) I nabbed it right up. I know there were more shades but this purple and square bottle caught my magpie eye…

This is J2’s ‘Plum’. And a big, juicy plum is exactly what this shade looks like.

 I didn’t have any problems applying this polish. I wish I would have purchased other shades now.

Shimmery and shiny, both. I used 3 coats here and no top coat. I’m surprised that after 24 hours, I didn’t have any chips. It wore well.

 I am trying out a gel nail product and am wearing it here. It was hard not to use too much because the product was super thick. In fact, too thick for my tastes. From a distance, it isn’t so noticeable. But with up-close shots, like these, it’s easy to see that my nails look thick. I’m slowly filing it down. That’s dangerous stuff!

 Now that is shiny!! I can see my reflection.

Can you see why J2 would make me a magpie? I still have this cute, square bottle sitting on my desk. There doesn’t seem to be any other square/cubed bottles in my stash so I’m fascinated with this one. And, since I have had ‘Plum’ sitting around so long, I don’t remember which hair store I got it at. Ack! (That’s a sad magpie’s call.) But, if I see it again, I’m sure my ‘magpie’ skills will kick right in.

What are you a magpie about?

The Lime Starts Here for the Crackle Effect

This manicure was so cool looking, I moved it up for today’s review. The one thing that I really, really love about crackles is that they can cover up flubs and a rescue a lukewarm polish. Now, this is not a lukewarm polish, by no means. So, take a look…

This is the smelly-scented ‘The Lime Starts Here’ from Color Club’s Wicked Sweet collection. And this is the first time I have used a scented nail polish. It seems weird to me, though. I can only smell my nails in private. Which, by the way, is something I would always suggest.

Even in the shade, ‘The Lime Starts Here’ looks like it glows. Super vibrant.

But, picking a neon green to use wasn’t so easy. I didn’t realize I even had a choice amongst my stash.

The far right polish is a green from Popstastic called ‘Twiggie’. The polish on the left comes from the Wicked Sweet collection and is ‘Get Your Lem-On’. This one looked green before it was let up with the other two shades. I wanted the most neon green shade as I seem to have made a mini series of them so far on the blog. So, ‘The Lime Starts Here’ was the neon winner.

Looks like a ‘GEE!’ color to me.

This is really odd, I know, but my eye will find something right away that matches the color of polish I’m wearing. This is one of my dish towels…
Libby wants to match the neon green too…

Next, I wanted to add something sparkly to it and boost it up to a ‘DAMN!’ manicure. I got this polish from the local flea market…

J2’s ‘Light Snow.’ Very interesting name to go with an interesting bottle and color. What you see is what you get; I don’t know any more about this one except that I got it for $1. It made my heart race when I laid eyes on it. A distinct yellow base with the bluish/green iridescent glitter and some pink/lavender iridescent shifts too. As striking as it is to look at, it is just as smelly. Any lime fragrance that was on my nails previously was run off by J2’s stink-ola.

‘Light Snow’ is very subtle. It was harder to photograph too.


But wait! I’m not finished…

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to show off this yellow crackle from LCN named ‘Blazing Yellow’. And I must tell you, it came out looking way better than applying this crap crackle. It was gloopy and very thick. It still moved the manicure on to a ‘YOWZA!’…

Snap! I’m sorry for the crackled cuticles too. I just put ‘Blazing Yellow’ on without clean up or cuticle oil. I was wanting to beat the sunset for lighting.

Just a bit of disrespect for ‘Blazing Yellow’ but only on the consistency of the polish. I think it resolves itself with the crackle effect. Yowza, that’s awesome looking! Sorry, no humbleness for me today.

I haven’t seen a lot of swatches of LCN’s crackles. What do you think about its looks/effect?