Blinded By the Light; Glitter A-Bomb

The elusive Wet ‘n Wild ‘Black Magic’ polish DOES exist!!!

Don’t bother going to this Walgreens; I took all three of those ‘Black Magic’ polishes. Can you see my reflection in the back of the display? That’s creepy.

Here’s what the clammer has been about…

Black glittery good stuff! I’m doing a mani right now and I am using ‘Black Magic’ as an accent nail. I’ll have this one up in a couple of days.
If you haven’t heard about the mystery of the Wet ‘n Wild’s 2 different ‘Black Magic’ polishes, I wrote about it here.  The multi-display, that has other makeup products, shown at the top, has the sparkly ‘Black Magic.’ The displays that I have seen at Ulta’s, has the black creme. Technically, I think the one I got above should be named ‘MORE Black Magic.’

This is what I got when I stepped into Icing today…

The charmed look of this brings out the magpie in me. Oh, it was 50%; $4.25.

And the polishes are always buy one, get one 1/2 off (BUT, I did ask today and was told that does NOT apply to the crackle. I didn’t see a sign that said that though…just sayin’). I found one and I had a hard time picking that second one…




 All this sparkle can give you a migraine. You best sit in the dark after this post. No joke!

Icing’s ‘Glitteratti’ has a rainbow of micro-glitter and the hard-to-miss fuchsia hex glitter. And then, ‘Gimme Some Glitter’ has a murky burgundy base (which looks like black when swatched on white paper) with gold, teal, fuchsia and purple glitter. It’s very busy, but in a GOOD way!

It was a busy day at work for me, but I managed to get that shopping in! *wink* I got some more loot at the Dollar Store to show you later.

What base colors do you think ‘Glitteraffi’ and ‘Gimme Some Glitter’ should go over? If you find the sparkly ‘Black Magic,’ are you getting it?

Forever 21 Jewelry Haul

It was back to work day. Luckily, I like my work so it wasn’t bad. But, I did get to work in a huge mall today. And, what happens when all the work is done? First, I stop into Starbucks and treat myself to a salted caramel hot chocolate. Now, I could have stopped right there and have felt like a lucky duck. But, I don’t do much on a restraint level.

This mall has a huge Forever 21 store. I got some cheap new jewelry…

The flower ring just happened to match the top I was wearing today. I didn’t get it to match; it just happened.

I took these photos in my car. What can I say, the lighting was great! I liked the dark metal of these two. Plus, I have always had a thing for stars. My first tattoo was a star.

I like them paired up, but don’t know if they will be the right length do to that…

And the star theme continues…

What I like about these two is that there is a star in the middle as well.

And last, some gold feathers….

Quite on trend and perfect for Fall.

I got some bracelets, more rings and a few polishes too. Stay tuned for that post.

Can you believe that these necklaces were $1.50 each? I’m not looking to have them as heirlooms; they are just for the season.  Do you like any of these, too?

A Day Just For Me: Bargain Hunting & Highlights

Ahhh….I’m not only caught up with my work, I’m ahead. So, what does this allot for me today? Uhmmm…shopping! For bargains, of course.

While at Target today, getting household necessities, I found this in the clearance rack…

This cuff bracelet was originally $14.99. From there it went to $10.45, then $7.48 and finally, I picked it up for $3.74.

It’s light-weight and I think I can wear it with many different looks. $3.74!! I score!!

This item is from a new Matrix line called ‘Total Results.’ I got this at Great Clips where I get my hair trimmed. (Did you know they have an app where you can schedule an appointment for yourself?) Kevin, the manager, does a great (get it?) job on trimming and styling my hair. Last week when I got a trim, I saw this…

‘Instacure’ is a leave-in conditioner. This is the first item I have found in the new ‘Total Results‘ line. I got mini trial sizes of 4 other products at the Orlando Premiere back in June. I fell in love with them and thus, have been jonesing to get my hands on full size bottles. The two I’m really looking forward to treating my locks to are ‘Silk Wonder‘ and ‘Miracle Treat 12.’

I am highlighting my hair today. Yes, by myself. I can’t believe I am. It’s only been this year that I have found the courage to try it. First, I had to re-blonde the roots. Here is the results of that…

And, hopefully, my highlights will look just as good and I’ll share that look next.

If you, by chance, notice my nails, I have a skittles and mani using Cult Nail’s ‘Hypnotize Me’. That will be tomorrow’s blog. Look for another ‘teaser’ on this company soon. 🙂

Does anyone remember when we used to call it ‘frosting’ your hair?

A New Treasured Piece of Jewelry

When I first saw the jewelry by Tracey of I knew I was going to get one. One by one, other nail bloggers were getting theirs and I was getting antsy.

Finally, I found one that I loved so much I couldn’t pass it up…

When OPI’s Shatter polish made the scene, Tracey started implementing it right away.  Here’s the result of a holographic polish with black shatter over it.  And it’s all captured in a cabochon pendant.

I took it out of the wrapper, gasped and snapped this…

Even the card it came on is sparkly!!!

The pendant was much larger than I expected.  It’s easy to see, and that holographic effect is very noticeable. I cannot stop looking at it.  It’s my own fascination ball.

You can also get rings, bracelets and  hair pins, all made from nail polish.  You can get the shattered effect or not.  And her assortment is endless.

Shhhh…it’s a trade secret how it’s done; that adds to the mystery and beauty of it.  However, you can own a piece of this jewelry line by visiting gingerkittydesign’s Esty shop: or check out her blog:  Want something specific?  Tracey’s super sweet, so just ask her!

When are you going to get yours?!