Kleancolor: Multi-Tasking Stick

Like the multi-functioning black jacket, I can’t resist multi-use makeup. Kleancolor makeup has a Multi-Use Stick collection and I picked one up…

This one is called ‘Poppy’. It is a glittery, brick shade in the tube…

I like the packaging because I get a better sense of the shade color as well as how much is left once I start using it. However, as you read on, you’ll see how I was deceived, somewhat, on the color…


I have started experimenting using a creme blush before I put on mineral foundation. It just seems more logical to do it in that order rather than the other way around. But, I’m working on laying a foundation of color on my cheeks to see if it adds anything to the look.

Some cremes are better than others. I picked ‘Poppy’ because I don’t have any cremes quite this color. It seems I have a lot of pinks, as they work better with my skin tone. But, I thought ‘Poppy” would be a nice difference for a creme shadow and lipstick as well.

This swatch illustrates how ‘Poppy’ looks with my skin color…


Interesting that once is it on me, it looks more peachy in color. Still, it is a pretty color.

What I discovered is that Kleancolor’s Multi-Stick works best for me just as a creme blush. As a shadow, it creased and I wasn’t surprised. Not only am I having issues with shadows creasing on me, this product is super creamy, and it creased in no time. Even as a lipstick, it was just too creamy for any staying power. It did OK as a lipstick only when I used it with a lip primer. And then, that only gave it a couple more hours of hanging around. I think the reason this product worked on my cheeks is because I have normal to dry skin on the apples of my cheeks.

Kleancolor has a total of 12 shades to the Multi-Stick collection. You can see them all on their website. I got mine at Red Lips Cosmetics store, here in Orlando. At $2.99, it’s a rather small investment. 

Do you like multi-tasking makeup products?

Traditional Sally Hansen Fall Manicure with a Couple of Twists

I have an annual Fall manicure. I cannot tell you how old these two Sally Hansen polishes are but they are old! I bet this is one of the first glitter polishes that company ever made!!!

Click here to see where I blogged about this Fall look last year. I tweaked it then and I’m tweaking it again this year. Take a looky-see…

And then, on the right hand, more tweaking…

The one directly above I tried to take it out of focus to see that holo stuff going on with the ring finger.

OK, break downs…this is the core base colors I used…

Sally Hansen’s ‘Bronzegold Frost’ is the annual Fall base color. This year’s new base color is Zoya’s ‘Codie.’

 The traditional glitter top coat: Sally Hansen’s ‘Gilded Pink.’ Doesn’t look pink but copper to me.

And layering ‘Gilded Pink’ over ‘Codie’ it looks like a left over Halloween manicure. Pretty but I’m so ready to move on from Halloween.

On my right hand, I did the same base colors but with Kleancolor’s ‘Aurora’ as the layering top coat…

Sometimes the star glitter came out, most of the time it just stayed in the bottle. But the effects of the iridescent glitter is enough. I wish they wouldn’t have even bothered with the star glitter.

There’s no wedding planned but I think of it as ‘something old, something new…’ Here’s hoping you look forward to your Holiday traditions whether they are old or new, or a beautiful mixture of both.

Blue On Blue, Heartache on Heartache

Monday’s aren’t blue for me.

Since I’m able to create my own schedule, I don’t have any dreaded days. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could have the schedule that works for them? I think there would be a lot more happy employees. I have deadlines, yes. However, they usually are not stressful. And, I know it’s a luxury many folks don’t get.

However, I did have a Blue Monday…

 This love & beauty polish, from Forver 21, is named ‘Blue/Multi.’ I’m just going to leave it at that because I have managed to keep myself out of court for a long time (don’t ask). So, I don’t want to get into any trouble renaming a company’s polish. What if it is trademarked and can only be spoken aloud by professional nail techs?? Eek!

Well, I am through…

So, for right now, I’m just gonna let that slide…

Just depending on which way the light hits it, this is a duochrome of blue or teal or pink.’Blue/Multi’ didn’t want to shine so much so I have a top coat of Sally Hansen’s Teflon Tuff.


I tried all different angles and light settings to give you an idea about this color. My nails actually do look like that color shown in the first photo of the bottle.

Now, I did these nails yesterday and I’ve been oiling them up and rubbing in cuticle cream, etc. Then, all day today, I was rubbing in Neutrogena’s Swiss Formula. I mean a LOT! I had a lot of driving to do today so I kept putting it on and putting it on while I was cruisin’ down the highway.

On the way home, I had been thinking about which glittery/shimmery polishes did I have to swatch over ‘Blue/Multi’. Since I landed on two different ones, I used one as an accent nail.

Two yummy Kleancolor polishes. The very chunky, hex glitter is ‘Starry Blue’ and the micro-glitter is ‘Sparkle Emerald.’ That must be a BLUE emerald, at that! Gorgeous, aren’t they?!!

Here’s the thing; I tested these on my right hand, and wouldn’t you know, it looks better there! First, I’ll mention that with all the glitters, I only did one layer. Here, I’ll show you…

There, I just took this photo whilst typing away on this post. I really wanted to show you I meant business!!

The mood must have been set today. I listened to the 60’s station for the 1-1/2 hours to get to the coast and then all the way back. I got to hear Bobby Vinton’s ‘Blue On Blue.’ That was a #1 hit in 1963. Yea, that is an OLDIE.

That hex glitter is something, isn’t it? And you can’t dismiss ‘Sparkle Emerald’ even if it is blue instead of green. But, it is all Blue On Blue.

For A Ghoul Time, Call Golden Nightmare

Who’s ready for Halloween?  ME!!! ME!!!!

So, let the Halloween fun begin!!!

I purchased this polish earlier this year waiting for the holiday. Take a look at Kleancolor’s ‘Golden Nightmare’…

In this black jelly base is glitter. But I’m not going to call in golden. It’s green like the green glitter from ‘Zombie Zest.’ Click here to see a swatch of ‘Zombie Zest’ done by Scangie, last year.

This is what 2 coats of ‘Golden Nightmare’ look like…

In the bottle, it looks like a LOT more glitter than what gets applied to the nail. And you know what? I’m perfectly fine with that. I like how it came out.

‘Golden Nightmare’ is still an inky black and showcases the greenish-gold glitter very well. I’m telling you, it’s a great Halloween mani. But, beware!!!! This polish gobbles up top coat. I have a no name coat on first, then I followed up with Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker.’

This photo shows off the glitter the best…

‘Golden Nightmare’ is a name that I can’t imagine what that would be. But I love the creepiness and the spookiness of it.

So, did anyone address the name of ‘Zombie Zest’ last year? If you know what ‘zest’ is, that makes ‘Zombie Zest’ just terribly disgusting and downright gory! (Insert Vincent Price laugh.)

How do you like ‘Golden Nightmare’? Do you like food that uses lemon zest? Will you ever be able to use zest again and not think of zombies?

Green: A Color For All Seasons

Green is a color that shows up in every single season. That’s pretty cool. Not important, but cool. 🙂

This green glitter might be perfect for any season…

Glitter Bomb!! Green Glitter Bomb! ‘Diamond Green’ is from my huge Kleancolor haul earlier this week.

Let’s take a look to see what it looks like on…

This is three coats and one top coat of Color Club’s ‘Vivid 10.’ I liked this just fine without a base color but it wouldn’t hurt to have one. I just enjoyed it as is.

Half in, half out of the sunlight. These greenie is sparkly everywhere.


Much like the Diamond Fuchsia that I reviewed earlier, this soaks up the top coat like the rain on dirt in a desert. (Maybe where you are right now, in this heat! Phew!!)

‘Diamond Green’ may visit, again, when in the winter for the Holidays. It would do well at Christmas, no?

You Could Get a Bad Reputation Misspelling Fuchsia

Come on, tell the truth…you’ve done this; just opened the box and grabbed the first polish you touched and that was your one to swatch. Admit it, it’s the first step in recovery and we all know, everyone does it.

There is a shopping bag right by my desk and it is full of sparkles. This makes me very happy. I showed these all here. Here’s the wiener…

Kleancolor’s ‘Diamond Fuschia (sic).’ How incredibly pretty this one is. Lots and lots of silver and fuchsia glitter. But Damn! Fuchsia is hard enough to spell and these dopes go and misspell it!

This is 2 coats and one coat of Seche Vite over the top…

I like that it is dense enough that I don’t have to wear a base color. The fuchsia base gives it plenty of coverage. However, this is a thirsty glitter. I put on a good, thick coat of Seche Vite on and it just soaked right into the polish leaving the gritty feeling still there. I’m OK with that, though.

And, I know you know exactly how fun this polish was to remove. That glitter hung around like a bad reputation.

Meh…who cares? It was worth it and I knew what I was getting myself into. But, could you turn this one down?


Oh, no…not me.

Kleancolor Haul Blitz

I hope you like my new blog layout. I am in LOVE with it!!!

It’s hot outside, yes. But, getting into my car after it has been sitting in a parking lot is WAY hotter! Now, imagine doing that 5 to 7 times a day…minimum. The car A/C does work but geez, I can’t wait for summer to be over.

This is exactly why I try to get out early to do my projects and visit clients. I did great today and got done before noon. The last client I visited is in the same strip mall as Abradel Beauty Supply. This is my Kleancolor’s headquarters. I’ve done some posts here and here in the past where I showed you my hauls from Abradel’s.

And, after that last client, I made it my reward to see if Abradel’s had anything new. How about a newly stocked Kleancolor nail polish display! Looky what I picked up…

15 shimmers, glitters and sparklies. I’m rubbing my grubby hands together right now.

Let’s break these down for some good nail polish porn…

The Greens: Peaceful Heart, Diamond Green, Golden Nightmare (love this one’s name)

Here’s a closer look at Peaceful Heart…

And one of Golden Nightmare…

The Golds: Golden Nirvana, Gold Cavier, Tiara Gold

Check out Golden Nirvana….

And this is Gold Cavier…

Blue and Red: Blue Satin, Red Sparkle, Diamond Red

A closer peek at Blue Satin…

The Oranges: Diamond Gold, VIP, My Rightful Throne

The Pinks: Diamond Pink, Diamond Fuchsia, Pearl Beige

Pearl Beige a bit closer…

Here are the ones I got from the ‘Diamond’ series…

The Diamonds: Diamond Gold, Diamond Red, Diamond Pink, Diamond Fuchsia, Diamond Green

Since there was so many to pick from, I just did the ol’ stick your hand in the bag and grab one. I’ll show you tomorrow which one I snagged. 😀

And one other cool thing, the owner of Abradel remembered me and my blog. How sweet!

Kleancolor’s American Eyedol Shadows

Just a quick look at some Kleancolor’s Baked Eyeshadows I got a couple of months back. Highly pigmented and work great wet too.

There isn’t just one blue, there are 6 of them. There is not just one shade of brown, there are like 8!

These are the ones I got. $2.99 each and I call it a win. I found these at a local beauty store called ‘Abradel Beauty Supply.’ This is the same store I found Kleancolor crackles and Mia Secret crackles.

Since I snapped these photos sometime back, I don’t have any swatches to share. I wanted to let you know these are out there and they are pretty cool for the money. And they are sure to have a color, or two, you will like.

Wednesday’s Pink Has Me Prodigious

On Wednesdays, I wear pink. So do some other nail bloggers. And I highly recommend that you add each one to your follower list.

Today’s pink is all around feminine!

‘Get A Clue’ is from Color Club’s Alter Ego collection. I have deemed ‘Get A Clue’ as my go-to new, pale pink polish.

Who can be offended by this color…

I have 2 coats on. Now, I think that 3 would have done it better justice. One reason is that I can almost see visible nail line on my index finger. And it is user error on the thumb for the streaky-ness. Yet, as a soft, creme polish, it is a GO.

Wanna see how it jazzes up?

Let’s take Sally Hansen’s new crackle, ‘Fuchsia Shock’. And let’s also work with Kleancolor’s ‘Aurora.’

Who’s your baby, now??? Yea…BABY!

I doubt there are many polish-wearers that would create this look and actually wear it. But if you are; Hello, kindred spirit!!!

I have one coat of ‘Fuchsia Shock’ and ‘Aurora’ on. Now, what I wish I would have done is try ‘Aurora’ over the crackle. That just might be a pink mani for a ‘fuchsia’ Wednesday. ;p

These are the polishes used for this look…

Is there any doubt I wear pink on Wednesday?

Independence Day Nail Art

In just a bit over 26 hours, the 3 Prize Giveaway will close. If you haven’t entered, please do by clicking here.

Hooray and Happy Birthday, United States!!! How are you going to spend the US’s 235th birthday?

I’m going to show you my July 4th manicure with 10 different looks. I couldn’t land on just one so I went crazy. I made some winners and losers. However, it was a lot of fun to do these.

First, let me show you the polishes I used…

Here are the ‘stars’…Nubar’s ‘Hologram Glitter’ and Kleancolor’s ‘Silver Star.’

Avon’s ‘Rich Red’ (which is a blood red, not an orange-red) and Color Club’s Frosty Blue that has no name. Even with the vast array of polishes that I own, I didn’t have one medium blue creme polish. So, the blue here is frosty.

OPI’s ‘Red Shatter’, Sally Hansen’s ‘Distressed Denim’, and China Glaze’s ‘Lightning Bolt.’

Here, I have a Color Club white creme and one from Sally Hansen. I tried both to see which I preferred. Color Club won as it wasn’t as streaky as SH. Plus, that SH is years old.

Mix them all up…

 I won’t go through and tell you about each design. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

And, this is my right hand…

I did use an irridescent glitter from Color Club on some of these nails. I just didn’t get a photo of it separately.


I think my favorite one is my left-hand pinky. I feel very patriotic, seriously.

Did you do an Independence Day manicure?