Wear Your Mittens! St. Valentine’s Manicure Marathon – Day 4

Day Four…of the Valentine’s Day Manicure Marathon.  But, is this day 4 for your kids to be out of school?  For your grocery store to be closed?  For more snow and ice than you ever want to see in your life again?

Then I dedicate this manicure to you…

Got Mittens?  If not, you might want to try these ‘Merry Mittens’ from the 2010 Christmas collection by Finger Paints.  This was quite a collection because I loved every single one of them.  I did review this firecracker red here.  I’m still gushing over this red too.

A bright red with red sparkles.  My favorite type of red.  A Cupid’s Heart Red.

And, I found, that when I go back and look through my photos, I see one and think ‘did I do that?!’  Look, I’m all for saying ‘hey, I did good’ when you feel that.  So, here’s mine…

Something is just right about the pose, the light, the color showing.  I did good with this photo!

Do you feel OK with saying to others that you did good?  Do you think wearing a hot red nail polish gives you more confidence?

Added Side Note:  Yesterday was Libby’s Birthday.  She turned 7.  (Her litter mate brother, Sebastian shares the day.)  We all go on about our kids and pets and how great, good, smart and beautiful they are.  And we are telling the truth every single time.  I have never, ever regretting getting Libby and Sabbie.  I will always feel loved with them in my life.  Here’s Libby who has been sitting in my lap this entire post, kissing me and purring while I cuddle her between keystrokes.

Libby’s own white mittens…

The Giveaway is Closed****Time to Tabulate

Hi, dear readers!

I think the Stinkin’ Cute Giveaway has been a real success!  I have lots of entries to tabulate PLUS, everyone BEFORE the giveaway started got an entry just for being a follower!  That was 473 followers right there.

The winner will be announced, hopefully, tomorrow.  I think this is going to be a large undertaking!  But I’m happy to do that because it’s fun to share and have these giveaways.  I can’t believe that I have the next 4, and now I’m working on #5, giveaways already lined up!  I hope that entices you to continue to follow Libby’s blog. 🙂  She’s thrilled to have you all as followers.  No, really!!

Thank You for the ‘Please Stand By’ Moment

Are you old enough to remember when television stations would either lose their reception or would go off the air after midnight?  They would have this ‘test pattern’ on the screen or, if they were finished with the shows, play the National Anthem.  This was WAY before cable TV!

If I would have had a photo of that test pattern, I would have had it up on my blog for the past couple of days.  My comment section was messed up.  And all I wanted to do was change templates. :/

Thanks to fiverr.com I got the problem solved for…you guessed it….FIVE BUCKS!!!!

My hubs has been telling me about this site for months.  I like to ‘fix’ stuff myself, when I can.  But this comment thingy was over my head.  Does anyone really know HTML???  Obviously I don’t.  But hey, why would I need to learn it when I can spend a fortune, of $5, to have someone else do the dirty work!!

A very special thank you to my dear followers who took the time to email me a heads up.   It’s very sweet to know that there are some makeup sisters looking out for me. 🙂

Take it from Libby; when life gets you frazzled, NAP!

The Winner Is….

for the 99 Follower Giveaway…..KELLIE GONZO!!!

Libby pulled a DIVA on us.  Right before her debut, she heads for under my desk and stays.  

 But, Sebastian, Libby’s real life brother, stepped in for his persnickety sister.  He did it totally without coaching.

He came right up to the ballots, sniffed a bunch, decided to relish in his big moment…

Smacked a few around and then came up with one to chew on…

Thank you, Sebastian.  And, Congratulations, Kellie Gonzo!!!!  I’ll be contacting you by email.  And to everyone who follows me and those that entered, you are ALL GREAT!  You have made this so fun.  Please stick around for more reviews and giveaways.

Revealing the 50 Followers Giveaway

After alluding to a giveaway, I wanted to give you the specs on mine.  Libby’s Pink Vanity is closing in on having 50 followers.  It’s quite an honor to know that there are folks out there that want to share their passion of nails and makeup and all that girly stuff with me.  This is so much fun to enter into a community that is sharing and fun and very supportive.  So, with all that in mind, I share with you the celebration of 50 Followers Giveaway!!

I’ve decide that each giveaway that I do (yes! there will be MORE!) will have a theme.  That makes it a bit more interesting to collect items for a giveaway.  And, since Libby and myself love PINK, that is the theme for this drawing. 
I find it a joy to shop at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  And I picked up these 3 cuties today.  The little makeup bag will hold smaller makeup items, makeup brushes, liners, gloss, etc.  This one is by allegro.  And then there is the Rimmel lip line.  This is from the Exaggerate line and, the color is EastEnd Snob.  The nail polish had to be the cutest pink I could find.  Color Club had a display and this oh, so pink polish was a part of it.  This one is called She’s So Glam.
But wait….there’s more!!!

There’s Indulgent Vanilla Sugar body wash and lotion by Body Image. There’s Avon’s Magix cashmere finish liquid foundation in Nude.  A little mini pink polish, with no name, from Forever 21.  Milani’s dot.com polish.  Milani’s 3D Holographic Hi-Res polish.  A Forever 21 love & beauty polish named Olive.  A little pot of natural, homemade tea tree lip balm (I didn’t make it myself, purchased from maker at a craft fair)…notice the pink container.  There’s an Ulta blush called  Adore.  An Avon My Lip Miracle lipstick named Totally Twig.  And another Avon product, this time mascara.  It’s Extreme Volume in Brown/Black.
But it seems I left out a description of one item.  Hmmm…can you see it in the group picture?  Well, let me have Libby present it to you:

She’s such a good sport. Yet, oh so prissy. 😀  Now, on to the rules. 
1) Be a follower and not just to win the stash.  Leave me a comment on this post with your name and contact email address.  (1 entry)
2) Post the giveaway on your blog and make sure I’m on your blogroll.  Post here with the site address.  (worth another entry)
3) Giveaway is open to anyone in North America and you will need to contact me within 3 days when I email you about winning.  (Please share with me, fellow bloggers, how you are able to ship liquid cosmetics out of the country.  I’m told that they are considered hazardous chemicals and not allowed on planes.  The shipping store said that the items would be confiscated.  Help!)  Hopefully, I’ll learn how to get around this for future giveaways.
4) The giveaway drawing will end on Monday, May 31, at 11:00 PM EST. Once the entries are verified, I will contact the winner.

All the items I have shown are brand new.  I may add some other surprises in before the package ships out, just because free surprises are so much FUN!

Thanks, again, for joining me.

40 Followers, Better Get Ready For A Giveaway!!!

Libby is beaming with glee.  She has 40 followers as of today.  And even though she is delighted, it really poops her out.
That’s her snoozing with her real-life brother, Sebastian.  Libby often hears her mommy, Kimberly, say that she wishes SHE had the life of a Ragdoll…sigh….

Thanks, dear readers!  Before the week is over I will post some of the giveaway items for reaching 50 followers.  Libby says to make it easy and that it will be more fun that way. 🙂

More on Maybelline’s Moisture Extreme Lip Liner

I know I am NOT the only one who finds more is better with makeup, polish, skincare, etc.  Why else would there be soooo many blogs like this one?

I posted here about getting three Maybelline lip liners at Big Lots this past week.  I loved them so much that I shopped at two different BL to see if there were more colors of this brand.  Maybelline’s Moisture Extreme Lip Liner.  I’m in looooveeee!  

Yippee!  I was able to score two more different colors.

                                                Here’s Cocoa and Toast.

And here is how it looks over 2 hours later and at least two hand-washings.  Plus, I tried rubbing it off with my index finger to boot.

                                               Light from a sunny window.

                                                Here’s a look with outside light.

                               (Eeps!  I notice that even the freckles [that’s the story I’m sticking to] show                                   up in macro shots.)

And now, 6 hours later, more hand-washings and cooking up a dinner.  Just in case you have doubt, I do wash the back of my hands!  I’m using hand soap and dish soap.  
I was so impressed with the first three, I had to get more.  I’m sure you understand. 🙂
Now if I could just find a pink shade, I could throw away all other liners.  But then that wouldn’t be much fun, would it?

                                            Libby’s fun.  She has permanent ‘pinky’ lips.

What’s it take for you to say ‘good-bye’ to cosmetics you’ve used?  Have you had any new cosmetic discoveries yourself?

What Does Libby Do All Day?

It doesn’t seem right that Libby, our blog’s namesake, isn’t showing up much in her blog.  So, I caught some ‘action’ packed pictures of her during her day.

Here she is in the linen closet.  She said she was afraid of going viral.  I had to explain to her that this would not be a bad thing.

Now she’s pooped out in the walk-in closet.  Trying to decide what to wear for the day just plain tuckers out a girl.  In the end, she decided to just wear her coat.

As a side note: Libby is a plus-size cat.  Ragdolls can get up to 22#, just a bit smaller, in frame, than the Maine Coon cat.  Libby is rather..uhm, well, petite…for a Ragdoll, that is.  She’s only 12.5#.

I had never seen a Ragdoll before picking out Libby and her littermate brother, Sebastian.  My husband gave me a greeting card with this incredibly cute kitten on it.  I researched to find out what type of kitten it was.  That’s when I learned about Ragdolls and well, after finding an ad for them in the paper, the rest was history. 😉

Have you ever seen or heard about the Ragdoll breed before?

The Maiden Voyage


This is my nail polish/makeup/fanciful flights blog. Ta da!

Bear with me as I customize my blog. Using the standardized templates just isn’t going to do.

I’m Kimberly. I am owned by Libby. Libby is a ragdoll cat. She has pinky lips, pinky toes, bluest eyes and a pudgy, pink tummy. Shhhh…don’t tell her I posted this picture of her. She was just chillin’ in my office chair.

There are all these blogs about nails, nail stamping, makeup, skin care, etc., how could I not jump into the deep end?! It’s become an obsession that is keeping up late at night reading blogs, chasing down nail polishes and painting my nails the most fantastic of colors.

So, that’s the quick introduction. Stay tuned for more about Libby and my nail polish addiction…er, I mean ‘hobby.’