Mary Kay: Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss

This has never happened before to me. I was at the mall and happened to see a woman applying a lip gloss that was simply gorgeous. It stopped me right there and because I knew I was staring too long, I had to say something. Well, the truth made it easy. I told her that her lip gloss was really pretty. She replied with a ‘oh, yea?’ and she took my sincere compliment seriously. I mentioned that I am a beauty blogger and just randomly notice pretty stuff. (Insert canned laughter) She showed me the tube, and I said it was nice, and told me it was Mary Kay. I was so surprised because I haven’t looked at Mary Kay products in a very long time. Then she told me she was a Mary Kay representative. Oh, no! I thought. What did I got myself into it? She started digging in her bag and I knew I was going to get to see all the new items MK has, ala brochure. But this nice woman, GAVE me a brand, new tube as a gift! She didn’t even give me a business card.

Look at this yummy gloss…Of course, I love red lippies!

If I spent the time, I know durn-well I’d find a nail polish in my stash to match this. It’s an orange-ish red with red and magenta sparkles. So not in your face sparkly, though. Check further down and you’ll see.

A simple, random act of kindness. It, truly, made my day. And, after trying this out myself, I wish she would have given me a card. I would like to try other shades. I did some research and found that Mary Kay’s Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss comes in 14 shades and is $14. The anti-oxidants and botanical extracts keep the lips smooth and hydrated. It promises to be long-lasting and good at conditioning my lips.

I wore ‘Red Passion’ for the rest of the day…

‘Red Passion’ is smooth, really smooth. There’s not fragrance or taste. Only thing I didn’t care for was that it was somewhat sticky/tacky, at first. That causes me to want to rub my lips together too much. And, that has to look weird. Other than that, I like it!

Thank you, nice Mary Kay lady, wherever you are!

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Lash Genius and The See and Be Seen Kit

When I was contacted by the people of Anastasia Beverly Hills, I was on cloud 9! I am familiar with Anastasia Beverly Hills as they have been written about in almost every glamour magazine I read. And just about a month ago, there was a recent photo of Oprah leaving the Beverly Hills studio, as she has her brows ‘done’ there. And, it doesn’t stop there, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez are clients as well.

Let’s talk about what Anastasia Beverly Hills is all about. First, here is one of the products they sent to me…

All of these items are new and you can find them in fine department stores, Ulta, Sephora, and of course, their 2 salons in California and online.

I opened this box first…

This is a ViewFinder. I had to laugh and then run and show the hubs this. When I was a kid, Grandma had one in our toy box at her house. There were photos from all over the world on several discs. Wow…what memories. And there was no manual, nothing electrical or battery-operated with this toy. And, Anastasia provided one to travel the benefits of their products. How cool!

Then, I opened the next box…

This is the ‘See and Be Seen’ kit that has some of their newest products included. In it are two HydraFull Gloss colors in ‘Heiress’ and ‘Plastic’; the new caramel tinted Brow Gel; and ILLUMIN8 Shadow duo called ‘On Set’.

First, let’s visit the brow gel…

This gel has just a hint of color, as you’ll see in my photo shortly, and has fortified botanical hair conditioners and essential oils. This is truly a gel and isn’t anything like using a regular mascara on the brows. What a better way to keep your brow hairs in great condition as well as in position.

The shadow duo ‘On Set’ is easy for me to recommend because not only are the shades pretty, but also complimentary nude colors that will work with most complexions…

What pretty colors and I wish I could have captured the shades better. They are a soft pink and a golden hue. These shadows can be used wet or dry.

There are two exceptional lip tints which help hydrate the lips as well as make them appear fuller. I need both of those benefits! And, as a pleasant surprise, this gloss actually stained my lips so the color really does last a long time. And I’m talking all day…

As you may have noticed, the applicator is a plastic spatula. It’s flexible but it was different for me to use. I have seen many artist use a palette knife rather than brushes to create paintings. This is the same concept. It was tricky for me to apply but after the first few times, I was getting the hang of it. However, this isn’t a gloss I’ll be able to apply without looking in the mirror.

The first swatch is ‘Plastic’ and the middle swatch is ‘Heiress’. The next swatch is the Brow Gel.

And here I’m going to rave about the shadows. I’m often using the cliche that shadows apply like butter. So, what’s the next thing beyond that? Because, that is what these two are! Go back and take a look at those swatches…they are just one stroke with the sponge applicator!! Naming it ‘ILLUMIN8’ is spot on. And Anastasia added in a bit more too; it firms and smooths the appearance of the skin while softening and hydrating it. I am swearing on the Vanity that it does.

This is ‘Lash Genius’…


 Your favorite mascara isn’t waterproof? No worries! Anastasia has got you, and your lashes, covered. ‘Lash Genius’ is the first of its kind as it will instantly waterproof any mascara. Oh, my goodness, is this perfect for hot and humid summer days. 

So, with your own mascara, ‘Lash Genius’ will promote healthy lashes by keeping them from being brittle, breaking and being pulled out like with some waterproof mascaras. Heck, you can even use it with false lashes! After you put on your falsies, add your mascara and top it all off with ‘Lash Genius’. It will even help seal down the falsies allowing them to look more natural.

So, there is no tint to ‘Lash Genius’…

I have to show you a little experiment I did…

I put on Kleancolor’s Chick Flick mascara on both eyes, and only used the ‘Lash Genius’ on my LEFT lashes. IT made them appear fuller.

 Ohh…scary nose! Don’t look at THAT! Look at my eyes!

 There I am wearing ‘Heiress’ HydraFull Gloss.

And I used the ‘ILLUMIN8’ palette for these looks.

But I wanted to show you that Anastasia’s shadows play very nice with other makeup I already have…

 And I’m wearing ‘Plastic’ HydraFull Gloss.

I used a matte purple on the outer third of my lids from the ‘Dancing In The Clouds’ Wet ‘n Wild collection. For the brow highlight, I used another Wet ‘n Wild palette from the baked limited edition set. I also used Wet ‘n Wild’s liquid eyeliner in brown. In all the photos, I am wearing the Brow Gel. I used ‘Lash Genius’ over my Kleancolor mascara on both eyes.

The ‘See and Be Seen’ kit is $44. The ‘Lash Genius’ is $21. (Edited to add, all these products in this review are cruelty-free!!)

And last, I want to share with you a video clip provided by Anastasia Beverly Hills on how to use the ‘Lash Genius’…

You don’t have to limit yourself to just this one video. Anastasia Beverly Hills has a YouTube channel where you can get a lot of tips on using their collection of products.

These products were provided to me for my honest review. These are my honest opinions.

Sample Sunday: Avon’s Shine Attract Lipstick

Do you love Avon’s mini sample lipsticks? I sure do! Take a look at this one; it’s different…

This is Avon’s Shine Attract Lipstick in ‘Orchid’. Directly from the ordering website, this is what it says about it: 

‘Lip color wrapped in a clear gloss. It’s the perfect balance of luscious color, hydrating gloss and soft shine in one ingenious package. Glides on smoothly. Infused with vitamin E’ 

Let me tell you, right off, I love ‘Orchid’. It looks great on me. The lipstick is not sticky or overly slippery. It does feel dewy, and not dry at all.

It’s sort of neat to see the lip color suspended inside the gloss ring. And the color payoff, I like it. It’s got just the right amount of saturation for my preference…

The only downfall I could think of, since the color is in the center of the stick, when I apply it, that color doesn’t get to the edges of my lips. But, I can use my finger and even it out. ‘Orchid’ plays out quite nice on me.

When I use Shine Attract Lipstick, it will last 3 hours. That is not only a good thing but, I am surprised considering how glossy it is.

You can purchase your own Shine Attract Lipstick at beauty blogger, Alyssa Eckhoff’s  Avon site. The price is $9. However, there is always a special going on, so you could score yourself an even better deal.

Also, you can check out Alyssa’s blog here.

This sample was provided to me. I have taken the opportunity to review it with my honest opinion.

I Spy Wet ‘n Wild and Sinful Colors at Walgreens 3/19

My sarcastic words of wisdom will have to wait. My USB ports aren’t working on my computer. They worked yesterday, though. I’m sure there is some karma in that but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Did you enter for my birthday giveaway? If not, you’ll get left out. Go here and enter, K?

Luckily, I spied some stuff on Monday at Walgreens to share with you. Hee heee!

Any time you find a combo set of Wet ‘n Wild, it usually has pieces that were sold separately before. A company will do this because they have overstock and packaging it this way allows them to, hopefully, still make a profit. However, I do not think I have seen those eye shadows before. Maybe someone will post a comment and let me know. I know I don’t have the shadow set in the Flora Collection.

And, if you are looking for more Wet ‘n Wild deals, I have this for you…

I didn’t look over this display very hard. Looking quickly, I didn’t see anything new, to me. But the price is very good if you are looking to add to your Wet ‘n Wild stash.

This display is called a ‘sidekick’ display. It’s hung on the side of an endcap, or the shelves at the end of an aisle. Walgreens does this a lot. And when Wet ‘n Wild has these, they usually are in a cardboard shadow box, just like the one you see here. What store associates like about them is that they come pre-loaded. That means all the pieces are already in place. They just pull this display out of the shipper box and hang it up. When the display sells down, they just take down the box and throw it away.

I read that Sinful Colors had a collection of lip glosses out. And, I am glad to have spotted it…

I was dashing into Walgreens to look for the Sinful Colors collection called ‘Girls in Pearls’. I found them and just did a quick run-through looking for other new stuff. That’s why I didn’t get close-ups of these. As far as for me, I bet I can match up everyone of these beauties to something identical in my gloss drawer at home. Let me say that these are sexy glosses and I encourage you to check them out.

And lately, I have been spying more and more chameleons. Look at her, she is wearing neutral makeup…at the moment. Ha!

Tale of Two Lippies

When I attended a five-day seminar on becoming a makeup artist, there was this one lesson that stood out. We learned that our brain does not sufficiently remember shades. This explains why you purchase pants, thinking they will go well with the shirt you have at home. Then, you get it home and compare and the shades clash.

The color that is the most difficult: red.

The point of the lesson was, that when we did a makeup gig, get the clothing so that a match of the colors could be done correctly.

I’m going to trust that most of my readers know this already. And even though that seminar was over 2 decades ago, here is what happens when I forget…

While trolling the aisles at Walgreens for the new, yet to be found, Wet N Wild collections, I had to have something found this: Black Radiance Illusions Lip Gloss. This shade is ‘Divine Diva.’ It reminded me of this…

Too Faced, Girls Dig Pearls in ‘Pink Bling.’

This is how I found ‘Pink Bling’: My eye went right to ‘Pink Bling’ as I was leaving Ulta. I stopped dead, right there, and like a zombie to brains, went right for it. It was $18 and I was shocked. But, it was sooooo purdy. I went ahead and got it. And I’m sooooo happy I did. I haven’t found it at Ulta since. ‘Pink Bling’ is still on the Too Faced website though. (And it’s gone up 50 cents too!) But, I have mine!!! Precious…

So, yesterday, while at Walgreens, I thought ‘Divine Diva’ would be a good runner-up. And at $2.90, it wasn’t a hard decision.

Yet, when I came home, these two were in no way twins…

Black Radiance, frosty pink iridescent. Too Faced, pink iridescent glitter. Maybe kissing cousins.  ???

“Divine Diva’ comes packaged as most applicator glosses; doe foot…

Here’s the side by side comparison…

Divine Diva’ on the left; ‘Pink Bling’ on the right.

Even though I was looking for a back up for my ‘Pink Bling’, I am coming away with just a different turn of the ‘bling.’
Which one do you like better?

Three Lip and Gloss Duos

Several months ago, I not only picked up some nail polish at the flea market, but also found these tubes of lipstick with one end a lipstick and the other a coordinating gloss.  I found these three…

All three are from the same company called ‘True Lover.’  I like the cute birds as its logo. 

No names for these lippies.  But the first two does have ‘3D Shine & Charming’ on it.  I got a clear iridescent, a pink iridescent and one that is peachy pink.

And here are the lip colors.  The first one is a medium pink tone.  I think this one is great for my skin tone.  The middle one is the one that goes with the peachy gloss and it’s a frosty pink.  Last is the most interesting of the three.  It’s a copper that has pink shimmer in it.  I wore it today with the coordinating gloss and it was gorgeous.

Here are the swatches.  The first one is the clear gloss with that copper/pink shimmer lip color.  Next is the pink with the pink iridescent gloss.  Finally is the frosty pink lip color and the peachy pink gloss.

I think all three work for me.  However, I don’t see using the gloss by itself; they are just so sheer.  The doe-foot applicator usually is just fine, but here, the topper on the tube wipes off too much of the glitter and thus, not a lot of the glitter to put on the lips.  I will say that the gloss isn’t tacky and stayed put and lasted about 3 hours on top of the lip color.  Usually the case is that these products, that come from China (I’m assuming here that this is were these came from), have a stinky smell and taste.  I’m happy to report that these do not.  No fragrance or bad taste. 

Do you think I got a good deal for only a buck each?  Do you like them?

ELF Lips and Fairy Eyes

For about 4 months, the local Dollar Tree stores have not had much to talk about.  However, I let the ‘pull’ get the best of me and I stopped in one just to see if anything had changed.

Oh, goody!!!  I did find something I liked…

 Six different shades of ELF Minty Lip Gloss.  I figured since they were a buck a piece, spending $6 for all wasn’t going to have me digging under the couch cushions for gas money.

Very, very sheer.  I don’t find that they change the color of my lips much.  But if you like to keep your lips glossed and only want the slightest inkling of color, you’ll like these.  Sometimes I only want a slight tint.  And the minty part, oh yea.  It’s minty and feels fresh.

Here’s the colors, in the same order from the product photo and swatched photo:
Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston, New York City, Boston and Chicago.

As you can tell from the tube, it has a doe-foot applicator.  It smooths on the gloss very nicely.  It feels a bit tacky in the beginning.  But after awhile, I didn’t notice that.  Either it smoothed out or I just got used to it.  However, it didn’t slide all around so that’s a plus.

My first favorite:  Los Angeles.  Softer than a bubblegum pink but has soft gold sparkles…

No other color on my lips, just the gloss.  I should have put a photo up of naked lips so you could see the contrast.  However, this puts very little color on me.

Here’s Boston.  It is an orangy-red with red sparkles…

It doesn’t even look that different.  But for a buck, I recommend getting your favorite color.

Then I picked up some L A Colors eye shadow at Rue 21. 

And what is neat about these is that the sparkle is not just sprayed on the top.  It is through the entire shadow pan.  With Pixy Ipoxy, these shadows went on bold.

Here is a look I wore using the pinks and purples.  I did use NYX ‘Yogurt’ shadow stick for the highlight below my brow.  It wore very well.

So, I’m going to learn how to take photos of my face and not have such a blue cast to them.  I took the photos of my lips and eyes at the sunny window hoping it would give a better representation of the color.  The skin tone doesn’t show true, but the purple in the shadow colors did really good, especially with purple being a pistol to capture.

Are you a lip gloss person?  How about the shadow palettes; it that something you’d pick?