Facial Wipe Wednesday: L’oreal’s Revitalift Cleansing Towelettes

When I review a facial wipe, I have been using it for at least 7 days straight. That way I can experiment with different types of makeup and such. That was, until I started using these…
I used L’oreal’s Revitalift Radiant Smoothing Wet Cleansing Towelettes. They lasted 4 days, that’s all.
Here’s why; these are so heavily-perfumed that it gives me a headache. A big one! I’m not often sensitive to smells but I totally am with these. And to have that smell around my face and ON my face was not going to last.

How unassuming these look and feel. In fact, the cloth, itself, is soft. But, it only did a so-so job of removing my makeup. In all honesty, it could have been because I didn’t work it long enough on my face. I hurried to get it over with.


These are the ingredients, and I have no issues, really, with them. My big thumbs down is all based on the overwhelming perfume smell. The packaging says that it has vitamin C in it. I wish they would have made it smell like oranges then. Sigh.

Have you tried L’oreal’s Cleansing Towelettes?

Sample Sunday; L’oreal’s Youth Code Products

Sample Sunday is on two L’oreal’s Youth Code products. I used these two samples on two different days. I wanted to try them back to back so I could compare them.

The Youth Code ‘Serum Corrector’ was exactly as stated; a serum. It has a smooth consistency that my skin drank right up. I had enough to work into the outer corners of my eyes. It even had a bit of a cooling sensation.

There wasn’t a coupon with this card, however. And since the price on these two products is higher than what facial products used to cost at the drugstore, it would have been more enticing had there been a coupon. However, I found the serum to keep my skin moist for several hours. It wasn’t a sticky feeling, just a plumped skin feeling.

Next I used the Day/Night Cream. This cream was thicker than I expected. Yet, when I applied it to my outer corners of my eyes, again my skin absorbed it readily. I stayed stingy with it to use some at bedtime. The cream, just like the serum, kept my skin feeling soft for many hours.

The Youth Code Serum Corrector promises fewer dark spots and more luminous skin in just 8 weeks. It states it will work on sun damage as well as post-acne marks. That’s a bold statement to make and some of the newest tags on facial skincare seen at the drugstore. 

The Youth Code Day/Night Cream claims to help the skin regenerate quicker. When the skin cells turn over faster, it will keep the skin looking healthy instead of sallowy or pasty. It also allows collagen to stay in that area longer than without any product used.Keep the collagen in the skin and you keep wrinkles at bay.

The Vanity recommends the Serum Corrector if you want to work on just the beginnings of dark spots on the face and plumping up the tissue around the eye area. And I, wholeheartedly, recommend creating a regimen for this the moment you see your skin getting discoloration. The quicker you act upon dark spots, the better your chances of keeping them at bay longer. Since I have normal to dry skin, I think that my skin more readily absorbs in some products. The Serum Corrector was no exception. I liked how my skin felt after applying this.

If you are just beginning to show signs of dry patches, tiny creases around your eyes and mouth, then Youth Code Day/Night Cream is a good place to start. I would recommend those with sensitive skin and highly oily skin to tread lightly with this one. It may be too greasy for those skin needs. 

I don’t see any need to use both of these unless one has super dry skin. And even then, I would use a completely different product rather than using two.

Do you use either of these L’oreal products?

Sample Saturday: L’oreal’s Magic Lumi

This idea has been brewing in my mind for a month. I am going to do a series on samples of products I have either bought, found in magazines or given to review. Since it is about samples, these won’t be full-size items. I’ll save the full reviews for when I use the product more than just once.

The goal is two-fold: The first is to let you know how a sample worked out for me and if it prompted me to purchase the full-size version. And, two, just to see how effective a sample can be. Is it enough to give me a good idea whether to purchase it? The rest will unfold as I move forward with the series.

Of course, please, do leave your impressions and thoughts in the comment section.

I’ll start with the newest sample I received…

This was in my current issue of ‘Elle’ magazine. What’s the first thing I do when I get a magazine in the mail? I rip out the perfume and the subscription cards.  But, it is a pleasant surprise to get a card that has a smidgen of a sample on it.

This one is L’oreal’s ‘Magic Lumi’. This is a primer/highlighter that has ‘subtle luminosity.’

I think I got robbed of part of my sample! Can you see where it has been rolled out of the top of the tab. But, there was enough left for me to try it.

Usually these sample cards have a coupon attached. This one has a $2 one for any of the Lo’real ‘Studio Secrets Magic’ collection. A $2 coupon is nicely generous.

Here’s what I discovered in sampling. The texture of this is silky. When I put it on my skin, it made it feel silky too. Never did this product feel tacky, sticky or gooey.

I tried a bit under my eyes before applying my foundation. That gave me a look of what I call a reverse raccoon look; white rings around my eyes. I didn’t use much, as you can see the sample is bitty. But anytime I use an under the eye lightener, it looks too light, thus, the white raccoon eyes.

Next, I wanted to see if I could use it on the apples of my cheeks and a small line down my nose. Here was my quandary…do I put it on before my foundation, like a primer? Or, do I put it on top of the foundation so the color shows on top?

I use a mineral powder foundation. So, I chose to put the foundation on top of the application under the eyes. Then, I used ‘Magic Lumi’ as highlights on my face AFTER putting on the foundation. This made sense as my foundation is matte and would put a kibosh on any shine the ‘Magic Lumi’ would create.

Interestingly enough, the luminator did work well with my foundation. But, ‘Magic Lumi’ gave me those white circles under my eyes. The luminating radiance on my nose and cheeks looked like I had forgotten to allow my skin moisturizer to soak in; I wasn’t glowing. I was shining. Not in a good way.

Will I purchase the full-size product? No, not at this time. Since I use only powder foundation, this didn’t really make sense for me. The luminosity didn’t look healthy on my skin. It looked shiny and that is exactly why I use a translucent powder.

What I did like was the texture. That silky feeling on my skin made it feel so soft. Do I think it works? Yes. It does exactly what it says it will do; highlight or illuminate the skin.

Have you tried L’oreal’s ‘Magic Lumi’?

I Spy…Walgreens 11/11/11

These are a few random products I found on those top shelves at a Walgreens…

 New designs from Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Nail Stripes.

Cool, eh?

Then I saw this larger display…

It’s a new display for Revlon. First, I think they are just waiting to make some room for this one because it says ‘Holiday Season’. Next, I was holding my camera over my head to snap these photos. It was too large of a display to take down safely.

But I did take some pieces down to show…

There’s glosses and polishes. Oh, peek!!! There’s a $1 off coupon pad on it too!

I got up on one of the stools that the store uses. So I always feel guilty helping myself. Thus, I hurried and didn’t get any names of these cuties.

I know, you’re surprised to hear me say I’m guilty when I do this. There is a tinge of guilt. But not enough to stop me! Anyhoo, I thought this was a cool murky olive polish. I almost got this one too.

OK, everything I take single shots of I want…

I do NOT need any more clear, glittery lip gloss (repeated until I left the store).

And one last display…

See the first two on the left and how they are not matched up with the same colors in the back row? That’s because I took them down, looked at them, figured they were new, then ran out to my car and got my camera.

This spy project isn’t a good one. My instincts told me that I was going to get asked to stop. That didn’t happen. However, the young lady that was working in the cosmetics department told me to be careful when she found me standing on their stool. I think she remembered me as the ‘nail blog lady.’

Anything here tease you?

I Spy…Loreal’s HOPE collection at Walgreens

Today I visited 4 different Walgreens. My quest is to find the Wet n Wild’s ‘On the Prowl’ collection. I will be relieving some store of their entire collection of ‘On the Prowl’.  *evil, sinister laughter*

Here is what I found in two of the stores I visited today…


This promotion, by Loreal, is to give $1 from each sale, to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. The OCRF was started in 1998, to fund three active research programs . OCRF is the leader in funding the best researchers and cutting-edge research programs to explore, detect and treat ovarian cancer.


What an adorable collection. I like that the colors are trendy but not ‘out ther’e so almost anyone can like at least one product.

Did you pick up any of these for yourself?

The Usual Treatment; Not the Usual Color

What is the color of sunshine? Maybe the same color as L’oreal’s ‘Yellow Seahorse’?

Great Shades of Sunshine, this is an in-your-face yellow! Pow!

Because this is a jelly polish, it is thick compared to regular lacquers. I took this polish with me to the nail salon. And, the technician (is that title even appropriate/correct?) opened the bottle and promptly ran off to put some nail polish remover in it to thin it out!!!  HORRORS!!!  I did yell out ‘NO!’ but in a milder manner. Well, not so mild. Not mild.

I then took it upon myself to educate the polish applier (nope, that doesn’t sound good either) that it is SUPPOSE to be like that. It is a jelly! Nope, he never heard of that before. I did find that disturbing.

I think you can only get two coats out of nail salons, so that’s what is here. There is even a bit more of a VNL IRL than it shows here. However, I really did expect that. What I didn’t expect was the sparkle that is in ‘Yellow Seahorse’ to NOT show up. Gosh, it has a very pretty sparkle to it too.

I didn’t take a super macro of the polish to show the sparkle but take it from me; it’s lovely.  This had a great shine without the top coat but then the work I get at from the nail salon worker (I think that’s a good fit) is pretty consistent: base coat (however, I am finding that this step is getting dropped), 2 color coats and a base coat, over to the dryers, out ya go!

Here’s a photo of a real yellow seahorse. I can sort of see the inspiration, how about you?

Wear Pink On Wednesdays And Be Nice

D’oh…I’m off in ‘dramaland’ and not paying attention to the good stuff!  It’s Wednesday and I Wear Pink!!!

So do a bunch of other swell nail bloggers.  Check them out here.

This one is gorgeous…

I, originally, saw the L’oreal display of these at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I posted about it in an ‘I Spy’ segment here.  I ‘had’ to get them. These are the summer-y colors that I adore.

‘Pink Shells’ is beautiful! Sort of a jelly type that has fuchsia shimmers-deluxe. The photos remove some of the blueness of the tone and it is coming out a bit too much like coral. But, trust me, this is not coral!

I have on 3 coats of polish. However, as some other nail bloggers mention about swatches, 2 would have done the trick. 🙂 I’m just so used to doing 3, if I have the time. And I didn’t even bother with a top coat with ‘Pink Shells’. She’s just shiny all by herself.

Here is a close up of the thumb to show that there isn’t any smudges on the nails; that’s all sunlight being caught with the shine.  Here we see a bet truer, fuchsia in the shimmer. Striking, isn’t it?

I guess I show my true non-Floridian self; I don’t wear flip flops and rarely, wear sandals. I think I’ll break out the sandals because ‘Pink Shells’ is MADE for bare toes too.

Do you wear flip flops? Do you have a ‘go-to’ bare toes polish?

I Spy…New Stuff at Bed, Bath & Beyond 4/10

These new-to-me makeup items almost got lost in my photo files.  Eeps!  Well, on the other hand, considering the amount of photos I have, anything can get lost there.

However, I discovered them and discovered these new displays at my local Bed, Bath & Beyond when I was there last week.

Will we ever get enough ‘Twilight’ themed makeup?

 That’s quite an assortment of products on this one display.  I loved the sparkling dusting powder the best of all these items.  But, the polish colors don’t look unique at all.

This little, one-use travel makeup sticks remind me of the kind for mosquito bites…

You snap the swab-type container and it oozes out your product.  LOL…yep, oozes.  I think I’ll just stick to travel-size products.

One thing this fair-white woman doesn’t like to reminded of, is that I’m just not ‘in’ if I keep my pasty-white complexion year-round.  L’oreal’s saving grace with this campaign is the sassy polishes.

I dig the neutral shadow shades too.  But my eyes went right for the polishes!

Yellow sparkles!!

Sparkling Starfish too.

And I think a tinted tanning gel is the way to go.  I got Lush’s Charlotte Island just days before I saw this. The only draw-back I’m experiencing is the lotion rubbing off onto my socks.

And one last thing.  I didn’t get a complete shot of this display but I wanted to share it as I have never seen one of these items.

I have used lipstick sealers and it was a drying shellac right on my lips.  Ew.  I think this is it along with it’s new, baby sister; lip gloss sealer.  Does it really work?  Sorry, I’m not going to try it out.  Cracks are for sidewalks.

Quite a bit of new products for one visit at BB&B.  That was fun!  And I will confess, I did NOT buy anything.  Nope.  But now that I’ve gone back and looked at these photos, those L’oreal polishes look cute and sassy; no tan needed.

See anything you’d like?