Maybelline: Two Green Mattes With A Bit Of Pumpkin Hex Glitter Help

A road trip to Rite Aid was called for. I was hoping to find more than I came away with, unfortunately. In fact, only one item I got was intended. When I found these two polishes, instead, I thought all really wasn’t a waste. Maybelline is rockin’ some fun polishes, lately…

swatches nails and makeup 184 swatches nails and makeup 185Two murky olives; one lighter than the other. Even though I like the shades, I was curious about the glitter pieces in them. Or, maybe they are shards of glitter. I really couldn’t tell until I got these in strong sunlight…

swatches nails and makeup 186Microscopic view of ‘Aged Olive’… swatches nails and makeup 190 Beyond personal space with ‘Sage Staple’…swatches nails and makeup 188I’m going to go with shards since they don’t have a defined, consistent shape. Yet, here’s the disappointment…

swatches nails and makeup 183 swatches nails and makeup 182They look sort of like an alien terrain on the nail. Or, maybe I dusted while I waited for my nails to dry. (You may be laughing very loudly at that!) I love the matte shades. It’s the lack of shard-show that is the disappointment.

Now, the reason for the Rite Aid trip was to get some of the pumpkin polishes. There was only one that appealed to me or, I already had the others. But, I’m happy with this disco-ball of polish…

swatches nails and makeup 194 swatches nails and makeup 197Not just circle glitter but, tiny hex glitter. I wouldn’t consider this a Halloween glitter and that is quite OK. It will work all year long. It also jazzed up the murky Maybelline greens…

swatches nails and makeup 178 swatches nails and makeup 180Hex Pumpkin will be fun to experiment with and, don’t leave me out on the dance floor but, I know I might have something already like it. Luckily, it was less than a couple of bucks. $2 for some kicks. That’s cheaper than one Starbuck’s fix for me.

Do you like Maybelline’s ‘Ageless Olive’ and ‘Sage Staple’? What do you think about glitters in dark matte shades?

I Spy…New Revlon and Maybelline at Bed, Bath and Beyond 1/14

As promised, I am going to show you some of the new things I spotted at Bed, Bath and Beyond last week. It just so happens that the department associate was putting up new displays.

This is Revlon’s jump into the trend of gel-like polishes…

I see a wide array of shades. Since I’m seriously behind on swatching, I didn’t make a purchase. But, after pulling a couple of the bottles to show you up close, I’m thinking I’ll probably change my mind…

Gosh, that’s a pretty green. Being Irish and all, I would love that one around St. Patrick’s Day.

And for those that have a warm spot in their heart for a peacock blue or a dark teal…

Ahhh…another lovely.

Then I found these lippies…

The sales associate, that was setting up the displays, was rather excited to tell me about this Maybelline lipstick. And, rightfully so. Gone are those two-step processes of putting on a drying lip color, waiting for it to dry, then putting another product over that to give the lips some moisture. This one states it does it all in one product. And even if it lasted HALF as long as it claims, I’m sold.

Again, I pulled out just a couple to give you an idea about packaging and shades…

I took these photos with my phone camera and all but this last photo (got blurry) have impressed me with what my phone can do. These colors are spot on, even under fluorescent lighting.

After I do some merchandising projects, I have to take a photo of the finished deal to send in with my report. I have to do this for the BB&B project I do. What I should make a point of doing is taking the photos of the makeup stuff BEFORE I do the merchandising work. My polish is chipped and shows in a couple of these photos. Blech.

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More on Maybelline’s Moisture Extreme Lip Liner

I know I am NOT the only one who finds more is better with makeup, polish, skincare, etc.  Why else would there be soooo many blogs like this one?

I posted here about getting three Maybelline lip liners at Big Lots this past week.  I loved them so much that I shopped at two different BL to see if there were more colors of this brand.  Maybelline’s Moisture Extreme Lip Liner.  I’m in looooveeee!  

Yippee!  I was able to score two more different colors.

                                                Here’s Cocoa and Toast.

And here is how it looks over 2 hours later and at least two hand-washings.  Plus, I tried rubbing it off with my index finger to boot.

                                               Light from a sunny window.

                                                Here’s a look with outside light.

                               (Eeps!  I notice that even the freckles [that’s the story I’m sticking to] show                                   up in macro shots.)

And now, 6 hours later, more hand-washings and cooking up a dinner.  Just in case you have doubt, I do wash the back of my hands!  I’m using hand soap and dish soap.  
I was so impressed with the first three, I had to get more.  I’m sure you understand. 🙂
Now if I could just find a pink shade, I could throw away all other liners.  But then that wouldn’t be much fun, would it?

                                            Libby’s fun.  She has permanent ‘pinky’ lips.

What’s it take for you to say ‘good-bye’ to cosmetics you’ve used?  Have you had any new cosmetic discoveries yourself?

Lip Service for Maybelline Lip Liners

I wasn’t going to post, quite yet, about makeup.  Not that I don’t have much, mine you.  I just wanted to establish my blog around nails.  However, today’s trip into Big Lots welding a boon for lip liners.
I found these all in a bunch in a crate at the front of the store.  After some rummaging and a..cough, cough…test swatch…I knew I’d get a few of these.  It’s Maybelline’s Moisture Extreme Lip Liner. 

The swatch at the store felt so smooth and creamy on my hand that it just had to happen.  So I picked out a red, pink and nude.

Then, before I even left the parking lot, I swatched all three on my hand.  (I ended up putting the Nude on my lips.)  Do you know that it was almost 2 hours later and this is how the test swatches look?  I even tried to rub the evidence…oh, I mean, the TESTS off my hand.  And this is what they looked like even after that!  Heck, I had washed my hands twice before I took this picture.
  Swatches are top to bottom:  Wine 60, Nude 95,  Red 80. Same order as the picture of the pencils above.
Now, I’ve seen liners like this demonstrated on QVC.  But I figured that they weren’t REALLY rubbing hard.  But I promise you, I was trying to smudge these.  Note even a softening of the lines.  And for a buck, I’ve struck makeup gold!!

Have you tried Maybelline’s Moisture Extreme?  What’s your color?  Have you ever had a lip liner that had this durability?