The Voice In My Head Makes Me Do Good Things

I have a voice talking to me in my head. It’s only there when I’m out of my house, too. And then, only when I’m shopping.

Most of the time, I don’t listen to it. It can be such a spoil sport. I’m out for fun! But the voice’s favorite word is ‘WAIT!’ What??? Wait? Don’t make me do something I don’t wanna do. Stoopid, stoopid voice!

However, just lately…I have been listening to that voice. No longer is it a shy, timid voice. It’s gotten…well, rather stern with me.

There you have it; my confession. Today I listened to the voice. The voice was all parental on me. I gave in and did what it told me to do; telling me it was for a ‘good cause.’ Ugh. Whatever.

 Here’s what the voice wanted me to ‘WAIT’ on…

Yea. These are the new, Halloween Sally Hansen nail strips. And they’re stinkin’ cute too. I found these at Walgreens, a place were the voice RARELY wins. Hee heee heee!

Oh, I had that white and orange ghostie RIGHT IN MY HAND!! But, noooooo…the voice says ‘WAIT!!’ What in the hell am I to ‘wait’ for???? ‘Wait for the Wet N Wild Halloween collection. You know you want all of those, don’t you?’

Mmmmmmrrrrrrrr…I guess so. But I’m TIRED of waiting! And the voice said ‘Didn’t you just buy a nice, new camera too?’ Wellllll…..OK. *kicks rocks*

Man, this saving crap sucks!

Look what else I found…

See that orange? It’s shimmery!!!! So is the teal and the purple!!! ‘Wait, Kimberly, wait!!’

Fine. I will wait. But if I don’t find the Wet N Wild Halloween collection in ONE WEEK, this 40-something year old toddler is going to have a TANTRUM!!!

Just How Much Red Polish Can You Get During the Holidays?

In days of yore, there were no Holiday polishes.  One had to just pull a red out of their minimal stash and call that the Christmas polish.  There weren’t any Holiday makeup collections either.  Yes, I’m talking waaaay back.  Like when Santa was a baby.

This polish is not from a Holiday collection, but has come out during this season.  Better than good enough, it is Holiday polish!

From a  new Milani collection, One Coat Glitter,  this is ‘Red Sparkle.’

Don’t judge the boring name, ‘Red Sparkle’, by the color of this HOT Red!  Rich in pigment, this is a saucy blue-red that could not have any more red sparkles in it.  And even though it says ‘one coat,’ I did two.

This is the nubbins swatching hand.  The middle nail broke so I went a-whackin’.  I was playing with some looks and used shadows to try a sexy look for this red.

I wanted to capture that sparkle-topia.  You can see how rich it is.  And it was ‘rich’ to remove.  That’s no surprise with a micro-glitter, or, any glitter at all.

Even in the middle of Florida, this spells Christmas!

‘Red Sparkle’ was easy to apply.  Boy, you better not get any on your skin because it was hard to clean this one up.

I’ve always loved to wear red; red polish, red suit, red shoes, red lipstick, red coat. (I feel like the ‘shrimp’ scene in Forrest Gump.)  

How about you?  Or, do you only wear red glitters for the Holidays?  Got a favorite of all time red?

Is the Christmas ‘Beast’ Gone Hog Wild?

Just Peachy has me pegged this month.  She has kidded me about going ‘hog wild’ with mattes and blings and such.  If you want to check out some very cute and doable mineral makeup looks, you can check out her blog here.  She’s the cutest tom boy I’ve ever seen!

Yep, I think Christmas/Winter Holidays are all about excess.  Can you think of one thing that is known to be ‘held back’ at this time of year?  Food, no.  Spending, hell no!  Alcohol, no.  Being with family, no.  Bling? Oh, Hell, No!!

This mani is so festive I couldn’t take it off tonight.  I want to wear it just one more day.

This is Milani’s ‘Melt With U.’  I picked it up this summer.  So, actually, it’s not from a Holiday collection.  But anything that is this fiery red and sparkly becomes a Holiday nail wear automatically in my stash.  The photos make it more orange than it is in real life.  Shimmery red with golden shimmers within.  If you wear this for summer, it could be a July 4th color.  However, it screams ‘Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown’ to me. 

Sunny window.

Bright Florida sunshine.

This Milani is a charm to apply.  Most are.  This one looked quite nice with one coat but I did a second for maximum coverage.  I have the regular BC, 1 Seche Clear, 2 color coats, 1 Seche Clear and then Quick ‘n Slick for the top coat.  I actually wore this mani a day before spicing up…

Green star rhinestones and some white dot rhinestones.  All random.  All Bling.  I used one of the dotting tools I got in a kit that was my first giveaway winnings.  The rhinestones I got in a lot package at the beauty supply store.  After placing the stones, I used a couple of coats of Seche Vite to keep them in place.  Over night only one came off and that was a star off the pinky.  Other than that, I worked today and nary a one popped off.

For the Holiday, I’m going to be flying to Denver to be with my brother and his family.  I think I will recreate this mani or a very similar one when I go.  Not that I expect my brother to notice (however, he is a very loving, perceptive man) but, it will help me feel more in a festive mood too.  I think the snow and cold weather won’t hurt either!

Do you have your Holiday/Christmas mani planned out yet?

Glitter for a Gilded Gold Festival

When it comes to holiday colors, I’m a silver winter girl.  I liked the White Queen in Nardia.  OK, OK, so she was mean and evil.  I still loved her wardrobe!

However, today I am showing you some holiday gilded gold looks.

Steph, at Imperfect Painted, blogged about finding polish at Lane Bryant.  (Do check out her blog. She focuses on polishes that don’t break the bank.)   I was going to be out at that outlet mall so I paid a visit to the store.  Oh, and I had checked several non-outlet stores but didn’t find polish.

Here’s one that I got…

A swirly, shimmery frost, ‘Heather Gold’ is another color that probably should be called
‘Patina Gold’ or ‘Burnished Bronze.’  It’s not quite gold when you put it up against gold metal.

Still a nice color though.  I didn’t think it was going to end up looking too nice because it polished with large bald spots.  So I did a third coat that was rather thick.

Outside it almost looks copper.  I do have on a top coat of just Seche Clear.  I had more plans…

This is Wet’n’Wild’s holiday collection of ‘Comet.’  These holiday minis are named after Santa’s reindeer.  This is a glitter gold for sure.  There are several different sizes of glitter in this however, that hexagon shape was not willing to come out of the bottle.  I think I got one chunk on my nails.

And when I went looking for a glitter gold I found this one too.  This is Milani’s ‘High Fashion.’  This base seems like a milky yellow with gold and pink glitter.

Now, for the comparisons…

It was evening when I got around to getting outside for photos and it was just as the sun set.
I alternated the ‘Comet’ And ‘High Fashion’.  The index finger and ring finger have ‘Comet.’  Middle and pinky have ‘High Fashion.’   My thumb as ‘High Fashion’ which you can barely see in the first photo.  I do see a couple of the hexagon glitter pieces on my index finger.  It would have been nice if more would have deposited.  I just didn’t want to work that hard in getting them out of the bottle.

Here’s the thumb with ‘High Fashion.’  That evening sun makes it look brazen.

The two glitter topcoats do look similar.  Just a bit of differences.  The ‘Comet’ has a heavier type of glitter along with the large hexagon.  The ‘High Fashion’ features glitter all the same size but with a couple of different colors.  It’s also has more glitter in it that transfers to the nail.  Still have this polish on, but I’m not hopeful that it will be a charm to remove.

Even though I think Lane Bryant’s ‘Heather Gold’ can stand by itself, the glitter topcoats give it more of a festival feel.  Either one of  Wet’n’Wild’s ‘Comet’ or Milani’s ‘High Fashion’ work to give a gilded gold aura.

Which color do you like for the winter holidays?  Gold?  Silver?  Would you wear ‘Heather Gold’ alone or with an overlay color?

Striking Gold

Just to be on the safe side, put on some sun screen….

Here’s Milani’s ‘Melt in the Sun.’  I don’t think I have a more brilliant, shiny gold. 

I love this color.  Truly.  The sparkles can only barely be seen in the bottle and my nails.  But the sparkles in this polish are gorgeous.  There’s flecks of gold, copper and maybe a green that is super light.  Or, it could just be the light playing off the micro-glitter.

This sunlight photo outshines the sun!  This is part of Milani’s core colors.  And I like the shape of their bottles; they’re just easy to hold.  The brush is long, but not really skinny.  I can deal with it.  Just as a warning; this polish is stinky!  It’s strong.

Ready to strike gold again?

This is China Glaze’s ‘Twenty-Four K.’   This is a shimmer and is more golden when compared to ‘Melt in the Sun.’  Talk about a lovely application!  It’s China Glaze good! 
Nice, chubby top makes for easy application.  And, this polish was watery with the first coat but, it straightened right up after the second.

What a sublime gold shade for summer.  I don’t wear flip flops, but I sort of wish I did to show off my golden piggies.

This gold is Princessa’s ‘Picking on Waikiki.’  OK…whatever.  I got this at XXI Forever.  Please, feel free to clue me in on the meaning of this polish’s name.

Here’s 3 coats just like the others.  Whoa!  There’s no hiding the ‘VNL’ (Visible Nail Line) with this polish.  It’s one that is cute as all get-out in the bottle, however, I knew it was going to be watery.  I still got it because I think it is going to make a great layering polish.  Maybe a franken when I learn more about how to do this.

This light isn’t picking up the iridescent micro-glitter in the polish.  The base color is a very pale gold but it was the glitter!  OMG…The Glitter!!!  I can look the other way for this polish giving me VNL because I know it’s going to make for one hot overlay polish.

The top is damn near identical to the China Glaze one.  It’s chubby and easy to hold onto.  But ‘Picking on Waikiki’ has a thin brush.  Not the favorite of nail bloggers. 

I like these gold polishes for different uses.  The three of them will stay in the ‘keep’ bin.
My fav, though, is the Milani’s ‘Melt in the Sun.’
Which one is your favorite?  Do you have a different favorite gold?

I Am Such A Snot!

A long time ago, I dated a guy who managed a comic book/miniatures/gaming store.  Since he was always working, I hung out a lot at the store.  The paints for miniatures were as vast as the comics and graphic novels.  As I browsed through the assortment of paints, there was one that I will never forget.  It was called ‘Ogre Snot.’  It was green and matte.  I loved it.  But, I loved the name better.  And that’s when I started thinking about how well I could be at coming up with names of colors.

Here are some greens and some fun names for them…

The row of polishes match up with my fingers.  Oh, and I wanted to show you how one coat looked of each.
Orly’s FX ‘It’s Not Rocket Science,’ Sinful Colors’ ‘Call You Later,’ China Glaze’s Awakening ‘Zombie Zest,’ Finger Paints’ ‘Harvest Hues,’ and Milani’s ‘One of a Kind.’

And, outside.  If you need to paint and dash, choose Finger Paints’ ‘Harvest Hues.’

Coat number 2.

Coat 3.  ‘It’s No Rocket Science’ is coming around but not there yet.  ‘Call You Later’ is glitter madness.  ‘Zombie Zest’ probably needs to have thicker coats because I have seen this ‘alive’ on other blogs.  ‘Harvest Hues,’ makes the others green with envy.  ‘One of a Kind’ is getting there too.

After 3 coats, I’m bored.  So, this is what I did.  ‘Harvest Hues’ on the ring finger with an overlay of ‘Call You Later’.  And on the pinky, ‘One of a Kind’ with ‘Zombie Zest.’  Now, I’m having fun!
Take a look at the 5 greens out in the sun…

I cleaned all of them off but the pinky finger creation of Milani’s ‘One of a Kind’ and an overlay with China Glaze’s ‘Zombie Zest.’

Yes!  I created ‘Ogre Snot!’  The depth of this creation cannot be captured in a photo.  The thumb shows it the best.  Quite fitting for the Halloween season.  I still have this on today and am torn about taking it off to move on to something else.  It’s terribly wicked!!!

Is ‘Zombie Zest’ pieces of a Zombie shredded?  Does this look like ‘Ogre Snot’ to you?  What does the Ogre do with the snot…like, after it’s out?

Digital on My Digits

It’s nice when a nail polish company tells your right up front what type of polish it is.  Milani’s 3D Holographic….

This is ‘Digital.’  This is awesome.  This is so mine.

It is on the sheer side.  I have 3 coats here.  But I’m forgiving…THIS time.  I just love staring at it.  Along with a base coat, I wrapped up this manicure with 2 coats of Seche Clear and one of Vite.

It’s the gold, pink and iridescent micro-glitter that holds my fascination.  All floating in a pink, almost mauve, base.  I can fall in love with colors quite easy.  However, I’m gonna put myself on the line by stating that this is pink, it’s got glitter and it’s shimmery;  all the makings for a nail polish I’ll fall for.

The bottle size is easy to hold on to, but Milani has shrimpy tops.  The brush is long and just about too skinny.  The polish, itself, laid down well, albeit watery.  And the micro-glitter did cause it to dry with a fine grit.  I don’t care.  Seche fixes just about any of those issues.

Outdoors it comes alive!!!  Now you can see more of the gold glitter.  What can I say but, stunning!

So, here’s a polish that’s called 3D holographic.  And you don’t even need to wear the funny 3D glasses to enjoy the beauty.

Now, if you made it reading down this far, and I can’t blame you if you just want to stare at the polish color, then I have got to remind you of my giveaway.  There’s only 3 days left.  I think the odds are on your side with this one as there are not a billion entries.  But then, there could be by the end of Saturday night.   Quick, go enter before I decide to giveaway Halloween candy instead and keep the prize for myself!!!!

Dude, Where’s My Decade?

There are some colors that just scream to be a ‘toes’ color.  Or, at least, my toes scream for particular colors.  Purple is one of them. 

Purple is Pink’s cousin.  First removed.  My hubs often has flashbacks to the ’60’s and will just start singing ‘Purple Haze.’  Then he fancies off to singing ‘Sunshine Superman.’  Yea, he’s a dude of the ’60’s.  You know love beads, early Beatles, Woodstock…you get the picture.

Anyhoo, if I had been trippin’ back in the ’60’s, I bet I would have worn purple flowers in my hair.  But, alas, I started kindergarten instead.  I did like to color with my purple crayon!  Now that I’m all grown up, I still color with purple…

My purple of choice for my toes: Milani’s 3D Holographic in ‘Hi Res.’  Super glittery.  Totally fun.  It took 3 good coats for this to get funky on my toes.  So if you think you want some purple glitter but not one that will knock your sandals right off you feet, this one is rad.

The solitaire of the polish is pretty smack on as far as the color.  And as you can see, it’s still light in shade after 3 coats.  That’s OK with me.  I like the softness of this super glittery purple.

Milani has some very cool colors in their Holographic 3D collection.  Or, maybe I should say they are ‘groovy.’  There will always be room on the Pink Vanity for Cousin Purple.

Now you’ll have to excuse me.  My hippie dippy hubs says his brownies are done.

What color do your toes scream for?  How about purple glitter; got room for it on your vanity?  Do you like brownies?

It’s Purple; It’s Glitter; It’s Mine

There are two collections of nail polishes in my home office.  I have a large (and growing) stash of new polishes to review.  The other stash is a large (and growing) group of polishes that I have tried on and now need to post.  Both stashes are trying to outdo the other. 

My love for Milani polishes goes back several years.  And when they came out with these glittery ones, I was more than excited.  I don’t remember what the collection was called but, in my mind I call it ‘The Computer Collection.’

Here’s why; I present ‘’…

Purply with some copper and silver-flashing micro-glitter. 

As you may notice, this polish has two different personalities between outside light and inside.  The photo of the bottle gives the best representation of the true color.  And that one was taken outdoors.

This is with 2 coats.  Before finished off with Seche Vite, it had a bit of a gritty feel.  Plus, it wasn’t really as shiny.  It did take 2 coats of color because that first one can always be streaky for me.

Even though it wasn’t perfect, it was a great color for me.  I think it gave me flashbacks of the early ’80’s. 

How’s your ‘glitter appeal?’  If you have, do you find that it is sort of like a duochrome? 

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars

I won’t bore you with any more glitter or sparkles, after this.  The next NOTD won’t sparkle.  Well, I better not make that promise.  Nevertheless, I don’t wish to bore you.

Here are four more sparkles on the right hand over the ‘Underground’ Glam Goth, an Ulta collection.

Here’s the sparkle vampires lined up.  There’s the unheard of ‘Hidden Treasure’ from Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure collection (just kidding on the unheard of); ‘Dive Deeper’ from that same collection; an unnamed polish (oh, goody, I get to name it and I decided it was ‘Pearl Jam’) from NYX; and last, there is Milani’s ‘Just Browsing.’

Well, I didn’t get a photo of the nails alone, but here they are with the bottles…

The index finger has defalcation (yep, you might have to look that one up…lol). It seems that when Hidden Treasure is on a black or near black polish, it flashes just orange.

Dive Deeper doesn’t play well either.  It’s too milky, but has a ton of rainbow colored glimmer.  There’s a nick on that polish too.

Here’s my precious.  That ‘no name,’ aka ‘Pearl Jam’ is captured quite nicely out in the evening light.  The color reminds me of a black light.  This is my fav of this post.

Just an itty, bitty pinky nail with ‘Just Browsing.’  It’s a nice irredecent shimmer.  Doesn’t seem to have that ‘oo, ah’ feeling to it.  And I just noticed, it got a nick too.

My winner here is NYX.  If it helps, the number on the bottom of the bottle is: 122705.  If that means anything.  ???

Got a favorite?  Don’t you think a black or near black is a surprise polish to see in the summer?  I like nice, unexpected surprised though.