Purely Pleasures Cosmetics

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Earlier this month, I won a contest and, here is what I got…


The contest was sponsored by Purely Pleasures. I got to pick out three mineral shadows of my choice. And the elf brushes and the Lip Lush were added bonuses.

‘Lip Lush’ come in two choices: original and peppermint. I picked peppermint. Every single ingredient in this lip balm is one that I know.  Here’s from their description:

Ingredients: (All organic)
Original & Peppermint: Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E.
Peppermint Only: Pure Peppermint Extract

My ‘Lip Lush’ is right in front of me, in my desk drawer, I use it that much. It is very smooth, glides on and the peppermint is as minty as a York Peppermint Patty. (However, less fattening.)

 Two elf shadow brushes. These are my first elf brushes and now I know what the rave has been about. Truly, I adore these two. And, I certainly would know a thing, or hundred, about makeup brushes…

And the shadows next…

One shimmer and two mattes. I picked 3 shades that I felt would compliment each other.

I think I did quite well.

The shimmer is called ‘Innocence’ (#17). It is a dusty rose shade with just a hint of taupe. Works as a shadow highlighter, as I hoped. I also found it was nice as a light-handed cheek highlighter. I used a huge brush for a quick sweep over the apples of my cheeks.

This is ‘Closet Freak’ (#52). A smudgy, browned-out purple, this matte color is as super pigmented as the other two shades.

And last, is ‘Gunmetal Gray’ (#50). An incredibly pigmented matte gray, leaving no question that this is going to be bold on the eye.

This has never happened to be before: I swatched these three dry and then wet and there is hardly any difference. ‘Closet Freak’ and ‘Gunmetal Gray’ look the same. Even though they are matte, I figured foiling it would intensify the saturation. So, have a look for yourself…

Sunny day in the shade.

Direct sunlight.

Maybe that is part of its uniqueness. You don’t have to foil them to get deep color. I am, with that, deeply pleased with the application. I like pigmented shadows and these were no exception. It doesn’t take hardly any powder to get transference.  On the downside, the jars have no sifters so there is spillage; a bit messy.

Click on over to Purely Pleasures Cosmetics website to see the rest of their products. The prices are very competitive. The ‘Lip Lush’ is $2. The shadows are $4 for 3 grams. There is a monthly color that is $3 for 3 grams. A set of 4, only $15. A set of 8, just $28. The website also shows these different sets with recommended color combinations. Really helpful if someone isn’t confident on picking their own combinations.

Purely Pleasures has a gamut of products that are all natural (no chemicals from a lab), not tested on animals and, mostly vegan. If you are wanting to try out beauty products from an all natural indy company, I suggest you try Purely Pleasures Cosmetics.

My ‘Can’t Live Without’ Product; Translucent Finishing Veil

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My skin is dry. However, after a couple of hours, I get oily. And in Florida I can get oily AND sweaty. That’s a big GROSS to me. Having a sweaty face is the hardest to bear in this sub-tropical place.

Here’s the Southern Magnolia Minerals solution; it’s my favorite too.

Translucent Finishing Veil, ‘Purely Basic‘…

 This is my ultimate, completely, best ever favorite. I have used this product for at least 8 years.
Here is what Southern Magnolia Minerals website has to say about my baby…

A fabulous translucent primer or finalizer and can be used as a base layer under your favorite SMMCosmetics foundation color or as a finalizer after applying all of your favorite colors for an airbrushed flawless finish.


Don’t let the color fool you…It is white until you apply it to the skin, then it becomes translucent! Helps minimize the appearance of large pores, control shine, set makeup and offers sun protection.

 Have you every used a liquid SPF on your face? Eew! I feel suffocated. But, I really do need that protection. Four different jobs in just one product. The price is right too. I got my first one in the Full Size jar. Then I just get the Refill Bag when that empties. Large pores, control shine, set makeup and get sun protection? Of course you can count me in!

Next is a product that I have been using for about 4 years. It’s just a bit different than the ‘Purely Basics‘ and if you have some allergies, this might work better for you. Here’s ‘Shine Reduction Powder‘…

Here’s what the website says about this…

This uniquely formulated shine reduction powder uses kosher grade Rice Powder and Authentic Silk Powder to create a translucent enhancement powder specifically designed to eliminate undesirable shine caused by oily skin surfaces. This super-sheer powder leaves the skin so smooth and clean with a natural finish!
Pure Silk contains 18 amino acids which are easily absorbed into the skin, also reflects and absorbs UV rays. Silk has anti-inflammation qualities, which effectively helps sun-damaged skin, acne and other skin problems.
Silk is a natural moisture-adjusting product which can absorb or release moisture as the temperature and humidity change. It is also a powder which “breathes”. Silk is oil-absorbent and is suitable for oily skin to create a perfect, flawless finish.
Rice Powder is the ancient secret to beauty! Translucent, lightweight and silky. It offers slow oil-absorbing properties, and acts as a soother and emollient forming a soothing, protective translucent film leaving your skin with the ultimate skin softening porcelain shine-free finish. 
Honestly, they are both about the same. I don’t know if it is because I have used the ‘Purely Basics‘ the longest that I like it better, but that’s my first choice.
And a jar of this is going to last a VERY long time! This is how much I use to set my makeup…
 Buff it on very lightly and it is done. This brush, by the way, is one I got at Ulta. 
I’m not sure if you are going to be able to see a difference, but I did swatch them both on my hand…
 Just wiped it on so you could see a difference. ‘Purely Basics‘ is on the top and ‘Shine Reduction Powder‘ is on the bottom. Then I blended it in with my brush…
 Here’s it buffed, without a heavy streak…
 Brace yourself….here is a ‘before’ face shot. No ‘Purely Basics‘ since this morning around 8 AM…
 And here I touched up with ‘Purely Basics‘…
 Less shine but you can still see my pink-ish color.
These products are my coup de gras to shiny face. If I didn’t/couldn’t wear foundation, I would blur out the pores and discolorations with ‘Purely Basics’. I use it as a quick touch-up on those days that are humid as hell, and a quick buff if we go out to eat dinner.
Here’s my recommendation, use the discount on SMM’s website and get yourself a sample of these. See which one you like better, and get a discount coupon for a ‘Like‘ on their Facebook page.
Or, see if you can win my giveaway and get a shine-away prize. 🙂 

Glow, Baby, Glow And A Giveaway To Glow With It

There has been a lot of debate about whether vampires ‘glitter’ or ‘sparkle’. Come on, folks! Glittery vampires are just a Hollywood thing. Real vampires are usually old and do not fall in love with teenagers. If you think about it, that’s really kind of perverted.

I am not afraid to sparkle, a little bit. But, I don’t want to look like I’ve just played with My Little Pony. So let me show you what I have been using to reflect a bit of light.

I have been using a highlighter from Southern Magnolia Minerals called ‘Petal Pink HD Illuminizer.’ I purchased the starter jar for $6.95. This is a very full 1 gram. The site says it’s good for a month but for me, it will last longer than that.

I use this as a finishing touch to my makeup. I use the big brush you see in the first photo and whisk a teeny little bit all over my face and down my decolletage. Sometimes I will flit a bit down my arms too. Use it anywhere you want to illuminate.

Here are my attempts to swatch ‘Petal Pink’…

Not much to see, right? Well, that’s the point. You don’t want to look like an extra for ‘Twilight.’ Let me make a comparison. I have a ‘sparkle’ from a now defunct makeup company. I do like it, however, sometimes I do not want to sparkle THAT much. The finger swatch is about the total amount I’d use on my face and then some. This is very subtle.

Next is a sample bag I purchased of Southern Magnolia Mineral’s ‘Silk Kiss Glow’.

This illuminizer is another all-over duster. Where ‘Petal Pink’ is pink, well the ‘Silk Kiss Glow’ is gold. A generous amount swatched on my thumb pad.

This is in the shade and it is easier to see the generous amount I have on. In fact, I didn’t use the big brush, I used my finger to swipe.

Hard to see the difference with them separately, but here they are together…

‘Petal Pink’ is on my index and ‘Silk Kiss Glow’ is on my ring finger. (what the???? what is that bump on my ring finger? trust me, it’s a shadow thing. gads.)

As you may know, you can use mineral makeup in many different ways. One that I will be using these for is to add a highlight to my brow bone. And since I love a gleam on my lips, I will mix the minerals with a clear gloss for a hint of gold or pink.

The sample size of ‘Silk Kiss Glow’ is more than enough for over a week’s worth of trials. And if you want to do any color correction with your skin, check out SMM’s other illuminizers.

I recommend both of these powders. There is no glitter or sparkle over-load. It’s subdue and barely there. So, if you want to get some for yourself, you can check out the website and when you place your order, let Barb know that Libby sent you for a 20% off your order. (Pssst…you can get a 25% discount if you sign up for her email!)

If you are feeling lucky, you can enter my giveaway for a $20 gift certificate to Southern Magnolia Minerals. Barb, owner of SMM, has provided an opportunity for one lucky reader to try the products yourself. Just check out her site for all the mineral and beauty items she carries. Enter the giveaway here. It ends this Saturday so don’t wait!

Mineral Makeup Foundation Review or ‘How I Quit Shining’

Libby’s Vanity is holding a giveaway for a $20 gift certificate to one of my favorite makeup companies: Southern Magnolia Minerals. If you would like to enter, jump over here to sign up. Giveaway ends Saturday, 6/11.

 Now, read on about why this company is my favorite.

This post is not only about a product I love but, one that is my all-time favorite. My foundation of choice: Southern Magnolia Minerals.


My first introduction to mineral makeup was watching a home shopping television show. I found out that Ulta carried this product,  so I made a special journey there to purchase a kit.

Fast forward about 4 months later; I was sold on how minerals worked on my skin. I liked that it didn’t feel heavy and truly felt like I wasn’t wearing any foundation at all. And, I really was looking for a better price, too. So I went where the competition is heavier: Ebay. I found two different businesses that made their own mineral makeup. I got samples from both and immediately fell in love with Southern Magnolia Minerals. The powder was so easy to apply and it buffed on evenly.

Here are the foundations I use. Since my skin tone changes throughout the year, I do use various shades. Also, the container in the lower right-hand corner is my own. I buy my foundations in bulk and I keep them in these jars rather than in the baggies they come in.

Barb Hoffman, owner of Southern Magnolia Minerals, worked with me in determining what shade I should wear. I purchased a sampling that she suggested and from there I found my love!!

I use Fairly Light as my base foundation. From there I can add in warmth or slightly darker shades as summer comes around, using Fair as my winter shade. Like many users of mineral makeup, I love to play with my shades. Minerals allow for this freedom a lot better than with liquids.
Here is my ‘blending’ container…

I tap out the color(s) I want to use, mix if needed and then use this thick kabuki brush to apply. It is very true that you do not need a lot of product to cover your face. I swirl my brush VERY lightly with foundation and then swirl VERY softly on my face. Herein lies the key: VERY LIGHTLY and VERY SOFTLY. If you grind the product into your brush, you’ll waste a lot. If you grind the minerals onto your skin, you will not get the results you are looking for.
Here, I have swatched my current shade onto the back of my hand…
 First, no minerals.
And now, with a dusting of my foundation.
Here’s what you can tell, the pores and fine lines, even on my hand have been blurred with SMM foundation.

Because my skin is dry, yet will get shiny within an hour, SMM foundation will nix that all day. I always were a day time moisturizer before applying my mineral foundation. For even better results, I use a skin primer and baby, is that smooth to apply my foundation over! And, gosh, you have an SPF of 15+ without any gloo on!

Remember I told you that I started out with a big-name brand first? That foundation gave me a shine that was not even natural. I didn’t like the way it looked. Yet, with SMM, I have a soft, matte look. And, along with using my SMM Finishing Veil, I stay shine free with only a touch up of Finishing Veil midday.

You can check here on Southern Magnolia Minerals website to find your color and pick the size of packaging that works for you. Have any questions about your color, just email Barb. However, the site gives excellent examples for you to follow. A starter jar for $6.95 is right were I would suggest you start.

Would you be interested in trying mineral foundation? Enter the giveaway and you can make that wish come true.