Pick 3 Polishes Challenge

I was up for the challenge, I just couldn’t pull it off.

The lovely, C, at Lacquerware For Tips and Toes, gave out a nail blogging challenge.  She suggested grabbing the first 3 bottle of polish you can get out of your stash, and make some type of art with it.  Sounds fun!  Check over at her blog to see the other bloggers that joined in on the fun. 

Here’s what I grabbed…

I picked my three from three different stashes and they all ended up being China Glaze.  Weird.  The first one I grabbed was the Matte Top Coat.  Right then I knew it was going to be at least ‘interesting.’  Next was ‘Hey Doll’ and lastly, I chose ‘Hologram.’

There were two different designs following in my skull.  Here was the first one…

 First, I taped off my nails in a diagonal.  I polished with ‘Hey Doll’, two coats.  Then I put on the Matte Top Coat.  After drying, I took off the tape and did the other side in ‘Hologram’.  Once that dried, I took a Stripe Rite pen, and in black, put a single stripe offsetting the two colors.  Then I put on a top coat, just on the stripe and over ‘Hologram’.

Truly, I do not have a steady hand.  Grrr… But, you get the idea, just not a clear idea.

 Then, just for kicks, I did the other idea I had…

I only am showing these because I accepted the challenge; definitely not to show off great work.  It’s not great at all.  And the colors and design are interesting, at the most.  I wanted to keep my word to Laquer For Tips and Toes.  She is, truly, a sweetheart and, I recommend you follow her blog.  That’s where you’ll see the cool stuff. 🙂

Here’s who I tag…check out their blogs because they are some of the best out there…

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2) Ice Queen’s Nail Parlour
3) Kitschy Suburbia

Did I Just Pull This One Out Of My….Head???

Here is one of those manicures that I dream about and then, actually, am able to create it…

This is Savvy’s Femme Couture ‘Andrea’s Mint.’  I do not have a clue what that name means.  Anyone??  Bueller??

This color is truly Shamrock Green.  It’s a frosty medium green that, actually, performed better than I expected.

It’s only a little bit streaking and I can see, now, there is a bald spot on the upper left corner.  But, here’s the look I actually dreamed about…

I’m not saying I ‘invented’ it, I just dreamed about it and then made it.  There is one thing missing, however…

In my dream, there was a thin line of gold between the black and the green.  I decided against doing that step since I did a half decent job with the black; I didn’t want to ruin it!!

I taped off all but the side slant and used my Migi nail art pen to swipe on black.  I have several of these Migi sets and I do NOT use them enough. 

Let me go back to ‘Andrea’s Mint’ for a moment.  I used 3 coats and was surprised by the opaqueness of just 2 coats.  Savvy’s have been really watery for me, in the past, so I didn’t expect this one to fair any better.  In fact, I was going to pitch it in the ‘get lost’ pile.  Talk about a sleeper!

My Migi pen was more than a bit on the thick side.  I had to let it dry a long time before I removed the tape mark-off.  Even then, it did pull on the green polish some.  But it all dried quite nicely and I think I’ll wear this one, one more day.  I wish I had some gold foil stripes; that would tidy this one up just the way I wanted it.

This look is chic, to me.  What do you think?  Would you wear something like this?  Do you have or like the Migi nail art pens?

I Spy…New Stuff At Walgreens Today

Have you read about the Sinful Colors polish that is a green flaky called ‘Green Ocean’? I read about it on Nouveau Cheap’s blog.  She reckoned this St. Patrick’s day re-release to a ‘blue-green Hidden Treasure.’  This, naturally, created a big, fat lemming!  Today, I stopped by the Walgreens closest to my home and didn’t find it.  I was really disappointed.  But, I know I’m going to pass at least 5 stores tomorrow while out and about working.

I didn’t want to let the trip be a waste though.  Here are some things I did find…

I love nail art!  Kiss’ New Fine Art Pens look like they would make ‘drawing’ on your nails really easy.  I need easy. 🙂  I have a lot of nail art stuff.  What I’ve learned about doing all this nail art is, having a lot of nail art stuff doesn’t make you good at it.  Fail.  Rats.

The display didn’t even have a price on it.  In fact, a lot of the items on the ‘promo area’ didn’t have prices.  I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and that they had just put all those out only 2 minutes ago. 

Each package has 2 pens in it.  There were 2 different sets.  One set was pink and white, while the other was black and silver.

The next display I saw wasn’t necessary for new products either, but it did catch my eye…

The reason this stood out to me is because it was boring and terribly uninviting.  I’m thinking there is a lot of unused space!  As a visual merchandiser, I know that companies have it down to the nth how much everything has to cost to pay for retail real estate (the place it occupies).   This one fails in volume and interest.  Some artsy fartsy sold this to Revlon by saying ‘it’s CLEAN and FOCUSED.’  Oh, boy. 

What do you guess the Kiss Nail Artist pens sell for?  I’m going to say $3.99.  ???

Showcasing Nail Art From My Fitness Buddies

I am a fitness enthusiast.  I workout with fitness DVDs and have a vast collection.  Don’t think of the walking in place workouts or the Jane Fonda workouts of old.  Check these out…
Cathe Friedrich Gantlet Workout
Kelly Coffey-Myers Boot Camp
Amy Bento Kickbox Extreme

I belong to several forums and blogs about DVD fitness.  On one of them, I have been friends with many of them for 5 years and longer.  On  this forum, we are quite close and we share it all, not just working out.  I shared my wish to start a nail blog and has lots of support and ‘you can do it’ guidance from my friends.

A few of them have fantastic nails and wanted to share them with me.  I begged for permission to showcase these as they are simply gorgeous.

Thea does her own nails and ,yes she did this herself!…

Doesn’t that just blow you away?

Next is one shared by my bestie, and we have known each other for over 8 years.  If you think you cannot have a close relationship over the Internet, you can’t be more wrong.  We have been through many tragedies and accomplishments together.   Being there, no matter what the medium, is what makes true friends.
Here’s what she had done…

That detail of three stripes is marvelous.  She had this done for Valentine’s Day.

It is an honor that they shared these nail arts with me.  I think I should step aside and let them nail blog!  Either way, I’m keeping them as friends, albeit sweaty ones at that!

What other hobbies do you enjoy besides nail polish and makeup stuff?  Do you have groups of friends online for those hobbies as well?

The Next Big Thing in Nail Art Design

This proves that I am a magpie at heart.  I hope that this can become the ‘next big thing.’  And, I found it!  I met the owner.  And I got my own set of nails.  First, this is what I first saw…

OK, I saw the kiosk with a sign mentioning nails.  I had work to do so I just made a mental note to check this out when I was finished.

I stopped by hoping I wouldn’t get a hard sale.  What I did get was totally blown away!  I was greeted by the Founder of this company: Moritz Sticher.   His company: Nail Nuk. 

Moritz was all smiles and just about as excited as I was as he explained the concept of his business…making your own design fake nails!!!

This machine is incredible.  He can take a photo of you right there.  See me on the screen taking the photo?  Notice my gaping mouth!  And, see that design framing my photo?  That image can be put on a set of fake finger nails or toe nails!  Check out the set of blank nails at the bottom ready to be created.

If I would have had a photo of Libby, she would have been my choice for this blog debute!!  However, Moritz showed me a folder that had hundreds of pre-drawn imagines.  He had a whole page just of Halloween designs.  That’s what I wanted.

I picked out a cute witch all in PINK!!!  Moritz showed me, on the monitor, that I could change the basic color scheme to purple, blue, then green.  No! I begged!  It HAS to be pink!!

Here’s my printed set, made right before my eyes…

I’m holding it upside down.  But I got to chose which way I wanted the design to face. 

The design is more intricate that any freehand art you could find.  Moritz told me I could even pick any design and put it on long tips, take it to the nail salon and have it put on with a clear acrylic coating that would allow the nail to remain on for about 2 weeks.  By keeping a clear top coat on the nails, it will keep the ink from showing wear.

With the set, you get 2 sets of ten nails, a long plastic wrapper to store the nails, a set of nail sticky tape and a small tube of nail glue.  I got all this for their grand opening price of $9.99.  I freaked on the price because you can’t even get a regular manicure for that price!

Hell, yes I’m excited!!!  Moritz just opened his business 2 weeks ago.  He moved here to Orlando from Germany to start Nail Nuk.  He only has this kiosk open at this time but, look out!  It is not going to take any time for this company to spread!

Moritz found out fast about my passion for nails and about my blog.  I told him that I could NOT wait to share this with all my followers.  And, I said that I would definitely be getting these as giveaways!  The winner could pick her own photo to use or, any of the 100’s of pre-designed art with the options of basic color schemes, solid colors and, even just the tips designed with your own nail bed showing.

I promised Moritz that I would share this new nail art concept with you and present to you his company’s website.  That link takes you to my pink witch design.  Here’s his home page.
The online store has free shipping right now and ships within North America.  Let me stress that this is not Minx, nor is it any affiliation to that company or concept.

I’m going to present my pink witchies this weekend for you.  I am so excited!!!!  I just can’t imagine all of the endless ways to create your own set of fake nail art.  And, I’m excited to be the first to get to show it!!!

Even Better Than Pushing Up Daisies

Today I added the Nailene Nail Art I received in a package for review from Nailene.

 This set of nail Bedazzle stickers is called ‘Fashionista.’  The different styles are white, two different shades of blue, and green daisies.  There are some Greek letters (would be awesome for any sorority sisters), Greek icon symbols (like a jug, warrior, etc.), white snowflakes (I am so eager to try this on a greige!!), pink and white butterflies, floral swirls, and diamond dots, stars and hearts.  For just one set, there’s a lot of variety.  The package says over 300 stickers.

I had on the French mani that I did with the Nailene French mani kit, so I figured that would showcase a nail design in elegance.  I chose to do some daisies…

This is two days of wearing the French and, as always, I beat the heck out of a French.  That’s why you see some wear here.  I put the daisies, in random order of blues and greens, on a diagonal.

These tiny Nailene stickers were a lot easier to work with than when I had tried stickers of the past.  I used an orange stick and it made all the difference.  The stickers release quite easily from the sheet too.  Then, as you put them in place on the nail, you can actually manipulate the sticker to get it just right.  Next, press down and it stays.

After placing them all down, I topped it off with the ‘Miracle Maker’ clear polish that came with the French Manicure set.  Next, I put on a coat of Seche Vite to help give my nails strength.

Here you can see just how teeny the daisy design is.  Great for very intricate designing.

The only difficulties I encountered were operator ones.  I had to use my reading glasses to work with these.  And, to be fair, I use my readers when I paint my nails anyway.   It helped to work in a well-lit area.  And when I did drop a sticker off the orange stick, I had a hard time relocating it.  Again, that’s a user issue and not one of the product’s.

One thing, for sure, this was a lot easier and more fun than stamping.  I’m still working on mastering that art.  But with stickers like this, I didn’t have any frustration at all.  Well, maybe just one thing…that was deciding on what stickers to use first.

You can check out these sticker sets, as well as other Nailene products here.
I know I’m looking forward to trying out the butterflies maybe next, as well as the snowflakes come cooler weather.

Now it’s your turn…Have you tried Nailene stickers before?  What designs do you like?

This product was sent to me from Nailene to review and give my honest opinion.

Polka Dots and Lace

This is an inspiration I dreamed about.  Really!  The lacy part was to be a tied bow.  However, I found I don’t have a Konad or, Faux-nad of one.  Hard to believe since I have several Konads and got the Monster Bundle.  So, I came as close as I could with what I dreamed.

                                           Just look at the thumb and the pinky, OK?
                                                      Light in a sunny window.

                                      My hand catching some rays out in the sunlight.

         In the sunny window, again.  Can you tell I’m proud of my thumb the most? 🙂

My thumbs and pinkys turned out the way they were supposed to.  I chalk up the other fingers to ‘practice.’  Ohhhh…really dry cuticles.  And I have been using Lush’s Lemony Flutter like crazy. 
This is the Light as Air from China Glaze which I reviewed previously.  I used MB18 with black Konad polish and Migi black pen for the polka dots.
Sexy and cute at the same time?  It’s gratifying to actually create something I dreamed about.  Most of those dream creations are well beyond my ability to replicate.

Are you able to replicate something you have dreamed about?

Juicy-Nails First Giveaway

If you want to venture into some (well, OK…it’s LOTS!) nail art, Juicy-Nails has THE giveaway for you.  This is her first giveaway, but by no means, is Juicy a beginner.  Check out her nail blog and you’ll see what I mean.

Here’s a picture of the haul that she has in store for the winner…
And this sweetheart is making this giveaway open for international folks as well.  (She’s cool like that!)  Click here, check out her blog and sign up for her giveaway.