**ENDED** Super Flash Giveaway; Incoco Manicure Strips

This flash giveaway is gonna be super fast! I have to get these to you so you’ll have your Christmas manicure all done for the BIG DAY!

Super Christmas-y!!!

Says ‘Passion’ but it should say ‘PRESENTS!’

Don’t wait to enter on this one! It ends Saturday, 12/10 at 8 PM, EST.

Here’s whatcha gotta do:

*The drawing is for a set of Incoco Nail Strips.
*You must be a follower of Libby’s Pink Vanity to enter and list how you follow and with your name you use.
*Only one entry, please. 
*You must give me a valid email address to notify you if you win.
*It’s open to everybody!!!!
*Giveaway starts right now and ends Saturday, 12/10/11 at 8 PM, EST.

I checked Santa’s ‘Nice’ list and I see a lot of names on there. The elves are working overtime to make more giveaways.

The Voice In My Head Makes Me Do Good Things

I have a voice talking to me in my head. It’s only there when I’m out of my house, too. And then, only when I’m shopping.

Most of the time, I don’t listen to it. It can be such a spoil sport. I’m out for fun! But the voice’s favorite word is ‘WAIT!’ What??? Wait? Don’t make me do something I don’t wanna do. Stoopid, stoopid voice!

However, just lately…I have been listening to that voice. No longer is it a shy, timid voice. It’s gotten…well, rather stern with me.

There you have it; my confession. Today I listened to the voice. The voice was all parental on me. I gave in and did what it told me to do; telling me it was for a ‘good cause.’ Ugh. Whatever.

¬†Here’s what the voice wanted me to ‘WAIT’ on…

Yea. These are the new, Halloween Sally Hansen nail strips. And they’re stinkin’ cute too. I found these at Walgreens, a place were the voice RARELY wins. Hee heee heee!

Oh, I had that white and orange ghostie RIGHT IN MY HAND!! But, noooooo…the voice says ‘WAIT!!’ What in the hell am I to ‘wait’ for???? ‘Wait for the Wet N Wild Halloween collection. You know you want all of those, don’t you?’

Mmmmmmrrrrrrrr…I guess so. But I’m TIRED of waiting! And the voice said ‘Didn’t you just buy a nice, new camera too?’ Wellllll…..OK. *kicks rocks*

Man, this saving crap sucks!

Look what else I found…

See that orange? It’s shimmery!!!! So is the teal and the purple!!! ‘Wait, Kimberly, wait!!’

Fine. I will wait. But if I don’t find the Wet N Wild Halloween collection in ONE WEEK, this 40-something year old toddler is going to have a TANTRUM!!!