The Lime Starts Here for the Crackle Effect

This manicure was so cool looking, I moved it up for today’s review. The one thing that I really, really love about crackles is that they can cover up flubs and a rescue a lukewarm polish. Now, this is not a lukewarm polish, by no means. So, take a look…

This is the smelly-scented ‘The Lime Starts Here’ from Color Club’s Wicked Sweet collection. And this is the first time I have used a scented nail polish. It seems weird to me, though. I can only smell my nails in private. Which, by the way, is something I would always suggest.

Even in the shade, ‘The Lime Starts Here’ looks like it glows. Super vibrant.

But, picking a neon green to use wasn’t so easy. I didn’t realize I even had a choice amongst my stash.

The far right polish is a green from Popstastic called ‘Twiggie’. The polish on the left comes from the Wicked Sweet collection and is ‘Get Your Lem-On’. This one looked green before it was let up with the other two shades. I wanted the most neon green shade as I seem to have made a mini series of them so far on the blog. So, ‘The Lime Starts Here’ was the neon winner.

Looks like a ‘GEE!’ color to me.

This is really odd, I know, but my eye will find something right away that matches the color of polish I’m wearing. This is one of my dish towels…
Libby wants to match the neon green too…

Next, I wanted to add something sparkly to it and boost it up to a ‘DAMN!’ manicure. I got this polish from the local flea market…

J2’s ‘Light Snow.’ Very interesting name to go with an interesting bottle and color. What you see is what you get; I don’t know any more about this one except that I got it for $1. It made my heart race when I laid eyes on it. A distinct yellow base with the bluish/green iridescent glitter and some pink/lavender iridescent shifts too. As striking as it is to look at, it is just as smelly. Any lime fragrance that was on my nails previously was run off by J2’s stink-ola.

‘Light Snow’ is very subtle. It was harder to photograph too.


But wait! I’m not finished…

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to show off this yellow crackle from LCN named ‘Blazing Yellow’. And I must tell you, it came out looking way better than applying this crap crackle. It was gloopy and very thick. It still moved the manicure on to a ‘YOWZA!’…

Snap! I’m sorry for the crackled cuticles too. I just put ‘Blazing Yellow’ on without clean up or cuticle oil. I was wanting to beat the sunset for lighting.

Just a bit of disrespect for ‘Blazing Yellow’ but only on the consistency of the polish. I think it resolves itself with the crackle effect. Yowza, that’s awesome looking! Sorry, no humbleness for me today.

I haven’t seen a lot of swatches of LCN’s crackles. What do you think about its looks/effect?

Color Club’s ‘Almost Famous’ Neon Yellow

Care for some sunshine? Sure! Just hold the heat, please.

I have here, Color Club’s ‘Almost Famous’ from the Poptastic collection. In real life, ‘Almost Famous’ is much brighter. But then, it was Almost Sunny when I snapped these photos.

‘Almost Famous’ made me say some infamous cuss words. What a snotty, B-rate actor this one is.  This is 4 coats; all done to get a smooth finish. I stopped counting and started cursing after the third redo. That’s why I’m not showing you a boat-load of photos.

Along with sporting the neon polishes, I have been trying out some glitter sparklies with it.

I saddled up ‘Almost Famous’ with an orange glitter from Color Club’s Pardon My French collection. Since the names of these are not on the bottles but on the package, I didn’t hook up the name with this glitter. (Hee hee! I just found out my cussing seems to fit with Pardon My French. Who says that anyway? Well, I have to admit my hubs does. groan)

 This ‘Prima Donna’ doesn’t photo as well as she truly looks. In this orangy base (which looks like the color of an orange gummy bear) is iridescent and orange glitter. The orange glitter is super micro.


In fact, it barely shows up over ‘Almost Famous’. This look is ‘almost famous’ like a third place American Idol contestant. Boo…

However, I got two unsolicited compliments while wearing this shade. It’s neon, though, and has a very loud presence.

While I’m hanging out at my desk, Sebastian hangs out with me. I turned around and found him doing yoga on my yoga block.

 No, don’t be silly, that’s not Angry Cat pose! That’s ‘using the block as a pillow’ pose.

Do you wear neons? I haven’t much in the past. But this summer, I seem to be gravitating to it.

I Spy…New Stuff at Sol 4/15/11

Do you have any Sol stores in the malls where you are?  We have several of them.  They are like dollar stores with, mostly cheap jewelry (cute cheap, fun rings), socks, purses and bags, flip flops and makeup.

Here’s what I saw that was new…

Sets of neons and pastels.  $2.99 each.

Here are a couple of colors I swiped photos of really fast…

A powder pink.
A knock-your eyeballs out neon orange.
I exercised restraint.  I have absolutely no idea how, but I did.  Here are the two I purchased…

A pastel green and it’s cousin, neon.  Can you believe that NONE of these had names, just numbers!!  I didn’t think I’d get away with the photos much less hanging out to name them.  (Shhh…secret obsession)

Baby Blade of Grass pastel.
Go! Go! Green!

I want to swatch these this weekend.  That’s what makes my weekends fun.  Am I not exciting!!!!  OK, whatever.

Do you have Sol stores or something like them in your malls?  I don’t see anything unique with these colors; do you?

The Perfect Spring to Summer Nail Polish Color

Right after all the St. Patrick’s Day manicures, I was really ready for something different.  It was almost like being on a diet and fantasizing about what will be my first cheat meal!  Only this time, it wasn’t ‘damaging’…

This is Heaven’s ‘Glowing Pink.’ Does this not look like it is lit from within? Not quite a neon but damn close.  The part I like, the silver glitter that’s in it.  It shows up really well in the above photo.

My sister came for a visit this past weekend.  She stated that she didn’t know why I’d use a polish that I had to put 4 coats on. I explained that my goal was to get it to look like the opaqueness in the bottle.  Plus, I kinda like this color.  I’m not tan…at all…but I think this polish color would work with a tan very well.

There is also some partiality going on because this polish photographed so well.  It did apply well dispite a thin brush however, the polish didn’t take long to dry.  I topped off my mani with Seche Clear then Vite.

After posting about my first Heaven nail polish, I went searching for more.  I purchased this one and two others at Albertsons.  They have a lot of bright colors and after a winter of wearing darks, it’s nice to lighten, brighten up.

Are you ready to enjoy lighter, brighter nail colors?  Do you have a spring time favorite?