Orna-ment For Each Other, At Least Through Christmas

Nicole by OPI is a brand I rarely pick up. I will check them out while shopping, but I only have 3 or now, 4. My reasoning is that they rarely have anything I find unique. And, I know, that is an odd remark coming from a nail blogger that will swatch 3 different brands that have similar colors. But, as a lot of nail/beauty bloggers know, we don’t always have the most logical reasons for our choices.

Here’s my latest Nicole addition…

A Christmas nail polish, if there ever was one. This is ‘Orna-ment For Each Other.’ Cute name! I do have to hand it to OPI, they come up with fun and definitely, unique names.

There is so much glitter in ‘Orna-ment For Each Other’ that it is opaque in just 2 coats. But I did the fail-safe 3…

This polish is heavy-laden with micro gold and red glitter. Very shiny; I’m swatching with no top coat. ‘OFEO’ is gritty, but it isn’t difficult to remove like some glitters can be. It wore nicely for the 36 hours I had it on.


There’s just a one thing I wasn’t happy about with this polish. It makes my fingers look red. I think it is the combo of red and gold together. It combines to be an orange and my pallor can’t handle it. Sadz.

However, besides that, it is a great Christmas glitter polish. It is feisty and cheery and just Christmas-y.

I’m just sad that the beautiful color ‘OFEO’ shows in the bottle didn’t translate onto my nails. Interestingly enough, the color looks all the same in my photos.

Here, it shows a bit of patchiness, but I’m chalking that up to user-difficulty. There’s enough glitter jammed in this polish to counter bald spots. I feel that this is the type of glitter polish that looks good on both short or long nails.

Are you a Nicole by OPI fan? Is ‘Orna-ment For Each Other’ for you?

Three Polish Brands; One Big Holiday Polish Haul

These are my recent nail polish hauls. And it’s a haulage!!

I got these at Sally’s. I wanted to get ‘Ingenue’ as well, but it was gone!

These two polishes are from Orly’s Holiday Soiree collection. On the left, the gawdawesome ‘Androgynie’. The one on the right, that’s ‘Oui’.

Go ahead and take a closer look…

‘Androgynie’…the final frontier. The baby lacey nail file is cute but utterly useles.

‘Oui’ to a gold and silvery-purple duochrome.

Lovely shades. Nothing terribly new, but these are the shades of polish I like. You can see some ‘hot damn’ swatches of this collection at I Drink Nail Polish’s blog.

I was at the right place at the right time to get this collection from China Glaze…

This China Glaze collection is from the one called Eye Candy 3-D. I don’t know what the 3-D part is because these polishes have no more or less depth to them than any other glitters. But, maybe I missed getting the free 3-D glasses that should have come with these.  I did get in on the sale at Ulta though. I bought 2 and got 1 free. At first, I was only going to get 5 but since that sixth one was free, I got them all.

The first one above is called ‘Lorelei’s Tiara.’ That’s the one that has silver glitter and then some teal glitter swirling around within. That is one of the more unique looks.

Next to that is ‘Marry A Millionaire’. Great saying that goes with a medium purple glitter with holo bar glitter. Another rather new look to me.

And then the last one in this line up is a gold glitter; ‘Blonde Bombshell.’ This is the one I wasn’t going to get at first. It’s a gold glitter but has these larger sizes of gold glitter as well. I feel I have to get my nose right down into it to see the differences in the sizes, however.

Next set…

From left over to right; ‘Material Girl’; ‘Some Like it Haute (named after one of my favorite movies); and then ‘Love Marilyn.’

 ‘Material Girl’ is a dusty pink glitter with larger sized pink holo glitter.

Next is ‘Some Like It Haute.’ This one is another favorite. It’s a dark, slate gray and has holo glitter suspended in it. Last is ‘Love Marilyn’ and this is a gorgeous red glitter sprinkled with silver glitter.

There’s ‘Androgenie’ next to ‘Some Like It Haute’…

 I know they are not the same and the only similarities can be they are both dark and have holo glitter. However, when you put them side by side, they actually bring out the unique flavor of each other.

Blurred for shimmer, you can see both are full of holographic glitter. ‘Androgynie’ has the larger hex shaped pieces.

And lastly, I found the Nicole By OPI’s Holiday Glitter collection. I picked up just two…

 On the left, ‘Orna-ment For Each Other’. Now that’s a Santa suit red! It’s got speckles of gold glitter within a sea of red glitter. Ho Ho Ho!

 And on the right, that’s ‘Glitter In My Stocking.’ It’s a bright gold glitter that has red and copper glitter thrown in for some major holiday awe-ness.

They look like glitter tree ornaments, don’t they?

There were a total of 4 shades to this collection. One was a fuchsia glitter (‘My Sleigh Is In The Shop) and the other was a bright blue with a rainbow assortment of colored micro-glitter called  ‘Snowman of My Dreams.’ I hemmed and hawed over that one and I think I’ve convinced myself that I will have to go back and get it.

I better get busy and Holiday Swatch! Do you have any of these or, are there some here that you know you’ll get?

I Spy….Target and Walgreens 10/28/11

Time is about up for the October giveaway. Click here if you want to get in on it. Chances are pretty good as there are not over 100 entries as of right now.

This really pains me. And, I am VERY vocal about this subject. I feel like a traitor to my own standards putting this up on my blob. However, I am going to put my feelings aside this one time. I want to be fair to my followers who might care.

So, I’ll be as brief as I can…

Pseudo-celebrities. Media whores. Pointless.

By now, you probably have seen the cute, round lip balms from EOS. If not check out my friend, Mary’s, Swatch and Learn blog. She reviewed one right here.

So, this is a new item by EOS, to me. EOS shaving cream…

I saw this at Walgreens and man, is that not a good deal?

Probably tomorrow, 10/30/11, Halloween stuff is going to be dirt cheap in order for the stores to clear it out. (Gain-way for Christmas items!!) So, be on the lookout if you want to stock up on Halloween decorations and candy.

You might buy this, but I bet you don’t save it…

 I LOVE this! It’s hot chocolate that you mix right up in the cauldron/cup. However, I’m not too keen on the idea of orange hot chocolate. Maybe that’s just the color? If you check my klout influence, it would probably be beer in my cauldron!!!

I buy a lot of my clothes at Penneys. I stop in about once a month because I’d blow my entire ‘just for me’ budget for the month in about 2 hours.

These two young ladies, at the register, had just been given a lot of grief and rudeness by a woman over her ‘not yet valid’ discount coupon. I wanted to make them laugh right when I got up here. So, what can I talk about? Nails!

One of the young ladies was sporting this darling nail art. She told me that her mother is a nail tech. I, of course, encouraged her to talk her mom into starting her own blog.

Are you looking forward to purchasing Halloween items on clearance?

OPI’s Rally Pretty Pink Takes the Court with Red Shatter

It was time to have some fun with Pink…

Did you pick up the OPI duo from the Serena Williams collection, ‘Rally Pretty Pink’ with ‘Red Shatter’?

So, it IS a different sort of pink…

However, I. am. loving. it.

Purply-pinky glittery stuff.

I could have stopped right there too. But I was way curious to see what the ‘Red Shatter’ would do…

Gee, whiz!!!

Frankly, I am surprised at how well these complimented each other. Or, maybe I should say, they complimented each other better than I expected. I never question OPI’s collections not working together, however. So I was delightfully surprised that I liked this VERY much.

 Me, along with a host of other wonderful nail bloggers are part of On Wednesdays We Wear Pink group. Click here to find others that have some pink-lovin’.

If you have ‘Red Shatter,’ are you thinking about what else you can combine it with? Do you think ‘Rally Pretty Pink’ is just fine alone, too?

Miss Independent – St. Valentine’s Day Manicure Marathon-Day 14


This is the final day of the Manicure Marathon.  And even though I have had tons of fun, I’m pinked (and red) out!  I have past the finish line!  Well, not quite yet but, that’s another post. 

My hubs got me this for Valentine’s Day…

Thankfully, it’s small and we did split it.  Very chocolaty!!

I got him this…

My hubs is a feracious reader.  Since retiring, he reads even more.  My brother and his family got me a Kindle for Christmas and my hubs has been pouting about it ever since. I share very easily but, he would have none of that.  So, I made him very happy with his very own.

I’m rounding out the marathon with a new Nicole by OPI nail polish.  This is my first Nicole purchase.  And this shade was the perfect introduction…

This is ‘Miss Independent.’  I saved this one for the last day for a reason. 

If you are flying solo during Valentine’s Day, it can be a very lonely day.  I had felt that way many times.  It wasn’t until I embraced my ‘single-hood’ that I stopped seeing the entire world as ‘coupled.’  So, I would spoil myself.  I’d get a special gift for myself.  I’d get a bouquet of flowers and put them on my kitchen table.  I spent the day gushing over everyone else’s flowers they got at work and then would go home to make my favorite meal and spend the evening remembering that I had no one to account to, I could leave my clothes anywhere I wanted, I didn’t have to ask anyone where they wanted to go out to eat!  I was Miss Independent.

The promotional piece from Nicole by OPI states that this is a lavender.  It’s a metallic lavender, yes.  Yet, it’s pastel, soft, pretty and reminds me of Valentine’s Day cards from the Victorian age.

The brush is a fat, flat one and I do like how it performs.  The polish did have some buckling and it didn’t dry as fast as I thought it would.  Hence, some smudges.  But I am in serious ‘like’ over the color.  I have 3 coats and, 2 would have been just fine.  I have a coat of Nailene’s Miracle Maker as the top coat.  One negative, I don’t like the shape of this bottle.  It makes it clumsy to hold while polishing.

‘Miss Independent’ wore fairly well.  I am showing it the 2nd day of wear.  It didn’t chip or peel.  And, metallics can get streaky but the brush, I’m sure, helps eliminate that issue.

How do you like the fatter, wider brushes?  Do you like this color for a Valentine’s day polish?  What has been your experience with using Nicole by OPI?

Nailene’s Miracle Maker was sent to me for review. These are my honest opinions on the product.

Loving My Hearts – St. Valentine’s Day Manicure Marathon-Day 12

Wow!  Only two more days after today!  This Marathon has gone quickly since I have done a post every day.

This is my favorite St. Valentine’s Day manicure polish for the entire marathon.  This is Finger Paint’s ‘Up & Coming Artist’…


 It’s a bubblegum pink and it’s a girly pink-slight-shimmer color.  There are several reasons I like Finger Paints.  One is they are affordable.  Another one is that they have a wide color assortment.  And yet another, they have clever names.

It just would happen that my nails would break and then they’d all be uneven lengths.  Man, my right hand is even worse!  Hopefully, ‘Up & Coming Artist’ is so pretty that it distracts from the uneven lengths and the crying for moisture cuticles.

I even noticed that my adidas shirt I had on when photographing this manicure matched…

So, could I play around with this manicure and add in some love?

But, of course!  I didn’t own one single Nicole by OPI until about 25 days ago.  It was that Spawn of Satan, ‘Justin Bieber’ that had a collection done by Nicole that possessed me.  Then I saw ‘Love Your Life’ and knew it would really work for this Manicure Marathon.

I tested ‘Love Your Life’ on some wax paper to see how dense the heart glitter was.  Well, it wasn’t very dense at all, which has been my experience with mega glitter polish.  So, using the same wax paper, I swiped polish on it til I got a hold of some hearts and then transferred them onto my nails.  I still had to stroke the polish on the nails because there is pink and iridescent  micro-glitter in it.  But I manually, randomly placed the hearts.

The heart glitter is subtle enough that it doesn’t make me look like I’m 13.   But then what would I know; I act 13!

I put on a couple of coats of Seche Clear to trap the glitter down.  It worked on most of them.  I think I only lost one the day and a half I wore this manicure.

Sweet enough for a St. Valentine’s Day manicure.  Oh, and yes, that glitter didn’t come off the nail easily at all.  At that point, it ceased being a sweetheart!

Do you have any mega-sized glitter polish?  If you do, what’s the shape?