Nubar Has Great Glitter Just Not Great Names

When I started blogging, almost 18 months ago, I learned about Nubar nail polish. What I read was it was held in high regard. So, in June of this year, I went to the Orlando Premiere and when I visited the Nubar booth, I dropped some bucks.

Now, I don’t read about Nubar so much. I don’t know why. However, here is one that I bought and it works sort of nicely for the Holidays…

Nubar’s ‘Green/Silver Glitter’ isn’t a bold glitter. And I’m liking that after swatching a lot of SCREAMING glitter.

This polish has micro-glitter, and though it looks like there is so much in there that it would apply opaque…let me set you straight. Nope.

I have on 4 coats. Yet, I’m happy with this lighter look. I can still appreciate the softer looks of glitter as well. The silver seems to be more iridescent than just plain silver. It casts off many different colors in the sunshine. I can somewhat see that happening on my ring finger.

Take a closer look, I want to show you something…

This is what 4 coats looks like. Not bad. And, yes, it is gritty. It’s hungry like Santa is for cookies. But, there is something else I want you to see. A nail and its cuticle in DAMN GOOD shape!!! WORD!!!!!

After a super easy work day, I came home excited to swatch a new polish. But a light bulb went off…how would it look matted?

I gave it a try. It dulled it some, but not like I thought it would. That glitter is determined to sparkle!!!

I used China Glaze’s ‘Matte Magic’. I don’t think it changed it enough to bother.

Is ‘Green/Sliver Glitter’ something you like too?

Midnight Matte Sounds like a Cowboy Name

Who would have ever thought that a metallic metal nail polish would look so hot…

This Nubar is ‘Midnight Matte.’ Once again, I would have never picked up this color before nail blogging (BNB). I mean, it’s a darker gray, it looks sort of gritty and it isn’t shiny. Well, it is all those things but gritty. It just looks that way; it’s smooth. I’m thinking of a cowboy that talks like Sam Elliot.

You can hear is voice in your head too, can’t you? See….

On my ring finger is an Incognito sample I got at the Orlando Premiere Show. A demonstrator put this on me. It didn’t ‘test’ too well. Meh.

Nevermind, it’s ‘Midnight Matte’ that you have just fall for. This is just 2 coats. Wears like metal too!


I picked up an entire collection of Nubar Mattes called ‘Night Sky Collection’. The other two shades that came in this collection are ‘Sunset’ (reviewed here) and ‘Twilight’. I’ll visit ‘Twilight’ soon. 🙂

Do you like matte metals? Would you like your GPS to have Sam Elliot’s voice? No? Just me?

Throw A Couple of Things Together And See What Rises

Take 2 hot colors that don’t go together and put them together. Shake. Polish. Admire.

Here’s the recipe…

Take 2 coats of Nubar’s ‘Sunset Matte’…


 A golden shimmer that dries matte and looks totally rich…

 Allow the admiration to cool down some before proceeding.

Next, find a sparkly top coat to unmatte ‘Sunset Matte.’ I chose Finger Paint’s ‘Sapphire Shimmer’…

Make sure you allow the color to shimmer slowly…

 Once ‘Sunset Matte’ has dried completely, apply ‘Sapphire Shimmer’ on top; coat each nail…

See for yourself if this sets up right for you…

 If you like it, share with your friends. If you don’t care for it, throw it out and fine another recipe.

Bon Appetit!

Independence Day Nail Art

In just a bit over 26 hours, the 3 Prize Giveaway will close. If you haven’t entered, please do by clicking here.

Hooray and Happy Birthday, United States!!! How are you going to spend the US’s 235th birthday?

I’m going to show you my July 4th manicure with 10 different looks. I couldn’t land on just one so I went crazy. I made some winners and losers. However, it was a lot of fun to do these.

First, let me show you the polishes I used…

Here are the ‘stars’…Nubar’s ‘Hologram Glitter’ and Kleancolor’s ‘Silver Star.’

Avon’s ‘Rich Red’ (which is a blood red, not an orange-red) and Color Club’s Frosty Blue that has no name. Even with the vast array of polishes that I own, I didn’t have one medium blue creme polish. So, the blue here is frosty.

OPI’s ‘Red Shatter’, Sally Hansen’s ‘Distressed Denim’, and China Glaze’s ‘Lightning Bolt.’

Here, I have a Color Club white creme and one from Sally Hansen. I tried both to see which I preferred. Color Club won as it wasn’t as streaky as SH. Plus, that SH is years old.

Mix them all up…

 I won’t go through and tell you about each design. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

And, this is my right hand…

I did use an irridescent glitter from Color Club on some of these nails. I just didn’t get a photo of it separately.


I think my favorite one is my left-hand pinky. I feel very patriotic, seriously.

Did you do an Independence Day manicure?