Today’s Southern Orlando Haul

I woke up today feeling pretty yucky. I had a ‘recovery day’ scheduled from running, so I pushed myself into that. I had a feeling of a fever but I did my ‘pretend’ jump rope workout anyway. (I jump rope but don’t have a real rope to use; just go through the movements with my arms.) I had a work project scheduled early this morning, it was already 80 degrees before 10 AM, but I went and did it anyway. I wanted to come home and be inside where it is cool. However,  I went to Ulta (it really is on the way home) and made sure I used my $9 in points and my $3.50 off $10 coupon today.

Even then, I went to a large mall do finish up more work so I wouldn’t have to do it tomorrow. But I stopped in Forever 21 anyway and found some polish.

Semi-soothing, here are the goods…

 Sparkle babies. From left on: Currant, Silver and Coral.

But you have to check them out up close to get a good looky…

Currant. I merlot shade with red and gold glitter.

Silver. It is a much lighter shade of silver IRL, with iridescent micro-glitter.

Coral. A pinkish coral shade with red and fuchsia micro-glitter. This one might be a jelly. I’m not sure yet.


Early July 4th sparklers! From the left on: Purple/Silver, Green/Clear and Red/Black/Silver. Oh, those names got me excited!!! *rolls eyes, one way then back the other*

 Silver/Purple. The base is clear with chunks of silver and a red-purple hexagon glitter.

Green/Clear. A clear base with chunky leaf green and silver hexagon glitter.

Red/Black/Silver. Again, a clear base with chunks of very red, black and silver hexagon glitter.

Any one of these three hexy glitters could make some interesting nail ‘sammich’ manicures.  I’m ready to experiment!

I did stop by CVS in the mall to check to see if I could find anything new. I found the new Limited Edition NYC polishes…

The coupons at the front expired on 6/1/11. Not nice. But one polish did come home with me (where at least 2 unexpired NYC coupons are)…

This is ‘Gramercy Glitz.’ It’s a pink, almost totally clear, base with tons of baby girl pink and iridescent micro-glitter. Not exactly a new shade but the kind I tend to gravitate to.

I’m a chick from the Midwest, I had to look this one up: Gramercy Park (/ˌgræmᵊrsi ˈpɑːrk/) is a small, fenced-in private park in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, United States.

It looks lovely. I’d like to visit it. Some day. When I go to New York. Where my hubs is from. NYC, where he got his Masters. Yea…some day.

See any shades that tickle your fancy?

What’s That Smell? He Who Smelled It; Dealt It!!!

Have you found that NYC polish is another one that can be hit or miss?

Here’s one called ‘Big Money Frost.’  I must have Halloween on the brain because I swear when I first read this tonight, I thought it said ‘Big Monster Feist.’  Well, considering the season, I like that better.  Maybe, in the same vein as my ‘Ogre Snot’, this could be ‘Big Monster Fart!’  You know, a noxious green gas??  Haa haa haaa!  Pe-yew!!!

No matter how you look at it, it IS a frost.  I really am not a big (monster) fan of frosts but green (worms) has grown on me lately (in the form of moss…on my North side).

I polished (grew) it on my toes.  Yea, it’s a bit watery but I could have put on about 7 more coats and it would have been the color in the bottle (swamp).  NYC polishes are about as full of quality as Sally’s Femme Couture, or even Nicole Richie.

‘Big Money Frost’ is really watery and the top is small, making it not too easy to handle.  The brush is long but it is easy for me to polish with.  I just didn’t seem to have the patience to put on more than the 4 coats I have applied here.  It’s even going bald in the middle of my big toe.

If it would only look like this after only 3 coats, I’d give a better rating.  I’m not going to toss it off yet.  I think I’ll give it another chance on my finger nails.

Do you think I should give it a second chance?

When Is A Creme Not a Creme?

Is it that hard to come up with a witty name for a nail polish? Personally, ehhem, I feel I can do better.

Here’s a cute polish that has a total misname…

NYC makes ‘Classic Coral Creme.’  Really?  It’s not even a creme!  Even a novice like me can tell you that much.  And, I’m kinda iffy on the ‘classic’ part too.  I see that micro-micro glitter in there!  There’s pink, silver and a darker coral glitter in that bottle.  I’m not a ‘coral’ girl, however, I’m digging this gem.

But here’s what I can tell you; this is a fun, summery color.  I almost wore flip flops this color was so beachy.

Classic Coral Creme (blech!) is pretty watery.  I have about 4 coats here to give it some opacity.  However, since it’s waaaay down there on my toes, I didn’t care as much as I would with my fingernails.  I find the top skinny and not too easy to hold onto.  The brush is long and thin too.  But it is flexible enough to manage.

I have a top coat and the Vite on top.  And since my toes don’t get any of the wear my fingernails do, this wore well. 

Truly, I feel sorry for this pretty color.  It makes me think of Johnny Cash’s ‘‘A Boy Named Sue.’  Well, how do you do?  I’m naming you ‘Coral Glitters Too.’

Do you roll your eyes like I do when you see a nice polish with a totally lame name?  Or, do you roll your eyes when you read my new, made up names?