These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

OK, so not many, anymore, can appreciate the movie, The Sound of Music.  But it was quite the movie in its day.   And the song from that movie, My Favorite Things, has become a Christmas classic.  Funny, since it wasn’t Christmas in the movie.

I’m sharing a few of my favorites with you today.  What would life be without sparkles and looks of winter holidays.

This is a polish color that is like a brand, new penny…

From OPI’s Burlesque collection, ‘Rising Star.’  I got the Little Teaser collection to get 4 different colors for less than the price of 2 larger bottles.   Here the photo shows it looking quite gold, however. 

Outdoors shows a truer sense of ‘Rising Star.’  For as cute as these little mini bottles are, there are some downsides.  One, the size of the bottle is a real pain to hold onto.  And second, it takes some getting use to the squaty brush.  Well, actually the stem part.  Yet, many of us will go through this just to wear OPI.  They have the reputation of polish that applies well and wears well.

Unlike a shiny penny, this copper has sparkles of copper within it…

And for my pedicure, I choice a color that looks like sparkling snow…

From their winter collection, Finger Paint’s ‘Winter Wishes.’ 

Other bloggers that have reviewed this said that it is opaque.  After the first coat I was wondering what was wrong with my color, or my technique, because it looked more like an overlay. But the second layer give it the color depth I wanted.

I wanted it to look like this on my toes.  It’s a beige colored base with silver micro-glitter.  But I think I see some iridescent glitter as well.  It’s a new to me color and I love it.
Finger Paints are very affordable polishes and they perform quite well.  “Winter Wishes’ was very easy to apply.  But it didn’t dry as fast as I thought it would.  So, after some sitting around the house, I had to get out and get some errands done.  I put on my shoes.  I scrunched the polish on my big toes.

No problem, I just redid them.  However, I noticed something quite unusual.  When I first started to scrub off the polish, the color morphed and it began to look more like the color in the bottle.  Here you can see the color difference between a half scrubbed big toe next to the second toe produced from the original pedicure.

Nevertheless, I like this color.  It’s frosty, chilly and a real winter color.

Granted, it doesn’t seem like the holidays are coming up, being in Florida.  But I can create the feeling with my nail polishes.  Just a few of my favorite things.

Bad Boy Blues

In my last post here, I mentioned my dear high school boyfriend.  Today, I’m going to talk about the ‘bad boys.’

After leaving the clutches of my parents, I let all hell break loose.  I partied, I drank and I hung out with ‘bad boys.’  It wasn’t because I really liked them.  I think it was just to be defiant.  Not one of those bad boys liked me for who I was.  They were not interested in cultivating a relationship.  In case you wonder, I saw the light and got away from that.  It is all out of my system, thankfully.

Yet, there are some things that you want to try out, you want to experiment with.  And experimenting with nail polish is a ‘safe’ hobby.  Albeit, not for my wallet!  This is Nina’s Ultra Pro ‘Babi Blue.’

I don’t feel ‘Babi Blue’ is coming through for me.  This is 3 coats and still VNL.  Gosh, and it looked so inviting and fun in the bottle.  But when I took Babi Blue home, it just…um….didn’t perform.  And I don’t even know how to pronounce ‘Babi’….Bay-bee???  Bah-bye???  Ah!  I like Bah-bye; that fits!!!

Nina’s polishes are almost always watery.  It can take 3 or more coats to get opaque.  Maybe that’s the premise of this brand; to be sheer.  And yesterday I was at Sally’s, where I got this one, and I alllllmost bought another Nina’s but in green.  I remembered this experience and passed.  I felt burnt by the first encounter.

Eeeeeee!  This is a shallow relationship, indeed!  Let’s see if I can clean this up.
I went looking for a not so white cream and I found it.  This is Avon’s Nailwear ‘Salma’s Hope.’  This came from an Avon collection for Breast Cancer Awareness.  I put it on first and then topped it off with Babi Blue…

Hey, that Nina’s was on clearance = cheap!  All the warning signs were there!  And Selma’s Hope didn’t have much hope on this mani.  With 2 coats of Selma’s Hope and 2 coats of Babi Blue, I decided that this relationship was requiring too much work.

The only thing I didn’t think of was to put some ‘Hidden Treasure’ on this.  That might have been a saving grace.  But I had broken off the relationship before I thought of that.  This mani was quickly replaced with a better one.

It seemed to be fun at the time, but it was dangerous to hang out with bad guys.  And no matter what anyone told me, I was going to do what I wanted.  Maybe television has influenced us too much.  We see a nice woman meeting a bad boy and changing him into a sweetie, next thing they are living happily ever after.  In retrospect, I know that this very, very rarely happens.  Bad boys are bad news. 

Happily, bad manicures and colors can be fixed and remedied in one day!

Have you had to break up with a nail polish?  No saving grace for it?  They go into the franken stock, don’t they?