Dreams Can Come True: OPI and Forever 21 Polishes

This is going to sound weird, and it IS! I dream about, not just polishing my nails but, creating combinations of polish. I also find inspiration on makeup looks from dreams. I know I’m not the only one. And hopefully, beauty blog readers and writers will nod their heads in understanding.

This is my latest creation. I knew I wanted an iridescent base. It had to be something that would conceal the nail line. I dug through my stash and found this ancient OPI jewel…

It looks dingy and yellow, I know. But it is a shimmery pink iridescent. It was part of a set that was bridal themed and yes, it was a LONG time ago.

But, it was exactly what I wanted…

And this was the glitter polish that I was wanting to showcase…

Forever 21, love & beauty’s ‘Purple/Multi’. Something better: Grape Bubbles. Now to marry them…

I used three coats of the old OPI and 2 coats of love & beauty’s ‘Grape Bubble’.

The finished look was just as I dreamed; ethereal and airy. See, that wasn’t so bad. I call it a dream translation success.

OPI: Just Spotted The Lizard From The Spiderman Collection

OPI has very recently released a collection in conjunction with the new Spiderman movie. This seems to be quite a theme, not only for OPI, but other nail polish companies as well, to have nail polish collections that pay homage to an upcoming movie. Remember, the Hunger Games? How about The Muppet Movie? And, way back was ‘Burlesque’.

Although I was not particularly excited about the Spiderman collection, I did pick up two: ‘Just Spotted The Lizard’ and ‘Number One Nemesis’.

Here’s ‘Just Spotted The Lizard’…

The colors that I see in the bottle are deceptive. It looks very much like a duochrome in the bottle. I’m seeing a green, a copper and a bluish-purple flash. But take a look at the color on my nails…

These were taken at the sunny window which, is indirect light. But, as you may notice, even though I am at different angles to the window, I’m seeing the same shiny green shade. I applied 3 even coats. I did top it off with Color Club’s Vivid Color Intensifying Top Coat.

I’m really disappointed in that. I was looking forward to getting a duochrome as I don’t have very many of those in my polish collection. But, I still do like this shade…

It is just not blowing me away like I thought it would.

During the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida meet up, last week, of course we all look at each others’ nails and share what we are wearing. I couldn’t remember the proper name for this one so I jokingly was referring to it as ‘Pet My Lizard’. I think that is funnier than ‘Just Spotted The Lizard’.

What do you think? Will you, or have you, given this on a go?

Sample Sunday: OPI Avoplex Revitalizing Hand Scrub

Sample Saturday just may become Sample Sunday. It seems that it falls easier for me to do on Sundays.

Today’s sample is a delightful surprise. I didn’t think it would be anything special, as I have used lots of different hand scrubs. But I like this one!…

This sample came in the latest addition of a nail magazine. I got to try OPI’s Avoplex Revitalizing Hand Scrub.

OPI’s Avoplex line is all about moisturizing your skin; mainly, your hands and nails. The foundation of the products is avocado oil. As a woman that has dry and drying skin, healthy oils are welcome.

And OPI’s Revitalizing Hand Scrub fits the bill…

This scrub smelled citrus-y and fresh. The scrub felt like it was hydrating right off the bat. As I scrubbed it into my hands and cuticles, the avocado oil was working and the salts were exfoliating. As I rinsed my hands, the water was beading off my skin and leaving a smooth and clean surface.

It was particularly pleasant to have the moisturizers stay on my skin even after drying them with a towel. My skin felt soft and my cuticles were hydrated.

I know I can pick up OPI products at Ulta. And this scrub is one that I feel does an excellent job and delivers as promised. OPI Avoplex Revitalizing Hand Scrub has found a place at the vanity.

Have you had the luxury of trying this hand scrub?

Sephora by OPI…What Does 212 Mean?

St. Valentine’s Day is here…Oh, no! And St. Patrick’s Day after that. I’m getting the feeling that holidays come around faster as I get older.

So, I need to get on the ball and post reviews and swatches. I’m getting more and more of a backlog. But I have to show you this one; it is one that I can’t overlook.

This is Sephora by OPI’s ‘212 Sephora’. Yep, that’s as good as they got with the name. Look, it deserves so much better…

We have, here, a murky black base with holo micro-glitter. Yep, that is what I said: Holo. This is a ‘busy’ polish…

Lots and lots of sparkles and twinkles. Fancy it on the nails…

I did 3 coats and it needed everyone of those to become opaque. In fact, even after the second coat, I was unsure whether I would come up to opacity. Don’t let the photos fool you. In the above, there looks to be flakies in the bottle. That’s just a light reflection. And, the polish looks flat when actually, it is very shiny and alive.

The top photo is in the shade of my patio. And the last photo, I’m still trying to capture that twinkle. The micro-glitter has this illusion of depth. It’s reminiscence of looking down at the city from a plane, at night, as it comes in for a landing.

Sephora by OPI isn’t a new polish but it is new to me. I felt that it applied very well and wore well too. I really wish they could have named it something rather than just a number. That’s surprising coming from OPI, whom we have come to know as a polish company with very unique names.

 I liked this one and will keep an eye out for another shade to add to my stash.

Have you tried any of the Sephora by OPI series?

Jordana Nail Polish Glitter Polish Is All That!

If you thought beautiful glitter nail polish melted away with the Winter Holidays, you are in for a big surprise!  Jordana Cosmetics has come out with a mega collection of glitters. How does 24 shades grab ya?!

I found three from this new collection at KMart…

‘Fairy Dust’ is a perfect name for this pink glitter. I love it! Well, I guess you would have figured that one out. I love, love, love the sparkle. Check out ‘Fairy Dust’…

Oh, take me back to the 70’s and a funky Elton John outfit!!!

Get ready for some ‘Fro Action!’

I couldn’t resist putting on 3 coats. You know, more is, sometimes, better….

‘Fairy Dust’ isn’t just glitter. The base color is pink, as well. That helps with wearing it alone rather than just as a top coat.

And if that isn’t beautiful enough, here is ‘Sequins’…

That bit of teal glitter makes this the ‘Rocket Man’…

Goodness! I really like this one…


And the glitter love doesn’t stop there. I got a blue/green one. This is ‘Cosmic’…

Very flamboyant!

Ack! I used to skate at the roller rink to this song while I was junior high.

I wanted ‘Cosmic’ to be out of this world so, I used a couple of base polishes to see which one I liked best. On my index, I tried ‘Skull and GlossBones’ from OPI. On my middle finger I used an Icing’s polish from a past pastel collection. My ring finger is without any base color.

True to glitter polish’s behavior, these were pistols to get off. But, man, are they not fantastic! I am on the hunt for more from this collection. If you want to see all of them, visit my friend ‘G’ of Nouveau Cheap, she reviewed and swatched them here. There are so many in this collection, she had to have 3 separate posts!

‘Fairy Dust’, ‘Sequins’ and ‘Cosmic’…how could I not think about Elton John? (Secret about Kimberly…she was in love with him in the ’70’s!) And have you noticed…Elton was more flamboyant when he was ‘in the closet’ than when he came out. Why’s that?

‘Sacrifice’ is my all-time favorite Elton John song. What’s your favorite?

You Don’t Know Jacques! About Getting Ready For Spring

The new spring 2012 nail collections are rolling out and most of them are bright and cheery shades. I’m not there yet.

So I took a drab shade, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Then I went on to twinkle it up.

Here’s the beginning…

I got OPI’s ‘You Don’t Know Jacques!’ in a blogger trade. This is a polish that I saw on many of the nail blogs and actually, I do like it. It’s just that I didn’t purchase it for myself.

The ‘greige’ colors got me 2 years ago, right after I started blogging. I don’t think I would have given these shades a second thought if it had not been for seeing them on blogs. But, I did a ‘hmmmmm?’ and tried them and yes, I can say I love greige!


I applied 3 coats here with Seche Vite as a top coat. If you know OPI and have sampled many of their polishes, you’ll know exactly how this one did: beautifully.

Then, the next day, while I sat at my desk contemplating what shade to swatch next, I found I was actually staring at my Finger Paints FX collection. Sure! Why not?…

I chose ‘Flecked’ as I thought it would have the best contrast. Using one of the red flakies just seemed to obvious and I wanted something unusual. And, I achieved it…


Look, that’s a weird angle on my thumb nail. Looks like it is lop-sided. But the photo above this one shows that it’s square. My camera eye is getting more critical as I work on vamping up my skill level. I start my photography classes next week with the first class on just on learning my specific camera. I’m looking forward to it and, hope that my blog photos will bear the fruits of this endeavor.

Are you ready for the spring nail collections? Or, are you dragging your feet, like me?

I Spy…OPI Nicki Minaj Collection at Blooming Beauty 1/3/12

This is a successful giveaway! Get in on the fun and enter here.

OK, Kimberly….breathe!!! I got my 1000th follower this morning. I’m giddy with excitement but, then I started to think…there have been at least 1000 people stop by and read my stuff. Eeps! If I could wrap my brain around it, I would get nervous.

But, luckily, I’m not and I’m getting really brave about taking photos in retail stores (ones that I’m not working in). For the most part, no one cares. On the other hand, there will always be people who I call ‘gate-keepers’. They get a (false) sense of control by enforcing silly rules they don’t know the reason for them.

But, I found some very nice, young ladies at Blooming Beauty today. They remember me from before as the nail polish blog lady that gets overly excited about new nail polishes.

But, I really do get excited. Like finding these today…

This is OPI’s newest collection highlighting Nicki Minaj. After doing serious spending during the holidays, I refrained from buying any. But they are so pretty to look at.

I almost missed these with all the gawking I did on OPI…

 Venique is totally new to me. I’ve never heard of them. With a quick Google search, I found that Nails Beautiqued did a post on this brand not to long ago. Nails Beautiqued is one of my ‘go to’ nail blogs for what’s new and what is looking hot on her nails. Yes, do go look!

 I used my phone camera to snap these photos. As in many cases, the colors are not true, but you can get a broad idea. Like that red in the lower right side…it is a Christmas red that sparkles. Think of Ruby Slippers.

These are a couple of shades that I liked…

Again, I didn’t get any because I have a tremendous backlog of polishes to swatch and, I didn’t see anything that was way different than stuff I already have. I popped off these photos to just share with you.

And, speaking about photos, I have set out to create better photos for myself, personally, and, for my blog. I have taken a class, will be taking more classes, have joined a photography forum and a local club. When I get into something, I don’t dally around!

Reason for telling you this, I have an assignment this week. The photography club has started a weekly challenge: each week, starting with the letter ‘A’, take a photo of something starting with that letter.

I was scratching my head wondering what I could come up with. Funny how I was looking down as I was brainstorming…

Ammonite. Found in the floor tile at the mall I worked at today.

I Can Cut In Front Of You As Long As I Say ‘Excuse Moi’, Right?

If I don’t put a move on it, Halloween will be here before I can get through all my spooky polishes. I’ll have to move some of them into the ‘Fall Season’ category so I can post them after Halloween.

However, I got ya one here….

From the very much anticipated OPI Muppets Collection, this is ‘Excuse Moi’.

OPI concocted a polish cocktail of fuchsia, pink, silver and green glitter along with micro-glitter of the same shades and put it in a fuchsia transparent base. There is probably more going on in this polish, however, I like to look for myself and tell you what I see for myself.

On the nails, it becomes glam…

I applied 3 coats of ‘Excuse Moi’ and then used Color Club’s ‘Vivid’ as a top coat. The polish is not as gritty as it looks. OPI does fairly good at making their glitters lay flat. But then, I’m not too objectionable about gritty glitter; I love me some glitter!

And since I’m not being very subjectionable, let me say one more thing…

I wish the names of ‘Excuse Moi’ and ‘Wocka Wocka‘ could be changed around. A sexy red would be more apt to be named ‘Excuse Moi’, at least I think so.

And I leave you with this, Miss Piggy…

 reminds me of this character…

Mimi, from The Drew Carey Show. Hee hee! Both Mimi and Miss Piggy are the quintessential ‘Triple O’; over-weight, over-confident and over-bearing.

Both of these characters are characters. Their antics, and over the top personalities, make us laugh. I really do like both of them. They are also gutsy and really run their lives, as well as their fashion looks accordingly to only themselves. I’m envious.

It’s Not Tooth Fairy Dandruff; It’s OPI Rainbow Connection

Here is the second shade from the OPI Muppets collection that I had to get: ‘Rainbow Connection’…

Seriously, this will be the runaway of this collection. Gee-or-jus!!

 Look at the glitter reflection made on my hand. I didn’t notice that until I started picking out photos for this post. Oooohhhh….aaahhhhhh…

Hexy, dot, medium and micro glitter, seriously. Silver, green, red, blue and yellow gold. I think this looks like ‘Tooth Fairy Dandruff.’

Glitter bombs-away…

All that glitter is in a clear base. It goes on fairly well. I had to work with it to adhere closer to my cuticles. I used 2 coats here. And I didn’t put any top coat on it. It did quite well in shine, naturally. And, ‘Rainbow Connection’ is not as gritty as I thought it would be. It is gritty, but all that glitter did lay flat.

OK, I know you want to see more ‘Rainbow Connection’ in action…

 In the shade outdoors…it doesn’t matter, this is dazzling. So, next I wanted to see if it would play well with ‘Wocka Wocka’ as I’m sure this creme was meant to be used, if you so desire, as a base for ‘Rainbow Connection…


The sun makes this appear brighter than it really is. ‘Wocka Wocka’ is more of a dark berry shade.

The shadow light shows ‘Wocka Wocka’ better than the sunlight one. However, there’s no denying that these two are meant for each other.

‘Wocka Wocka’ is a stunning stand alone too…


 I wanted to do a quick comparison with a pink flaky I had. That’s what you see on my middle finger. It’s from a mini collection with no name from Claire’s. I have on Color Club’s ‘Vivid’ top coat, as well.

Some posts back, I had mentioned I needed a good, basic blue-based red creme polish. Here it is!! Smooth as glass and super OPI easy to apply.

It must be hard or not cost-effective to label these minis. So, I have to resort to doing it myself. I didn’t come up with the idea. Steph from Imperfectly Painted shared with me that this is how she keeps track of label-less bottles.

I can stare at these bottles for hours. I put it on my nails and it’s an all day fascination.

I can’t wait to see what base coat I can use next with ‘Rainbow Connection.’ What color would you choose?

Warm & Fozzie; OPI Touches Your Soft Side

There’s still a giddy feeling about finding the OPI Muppets collection, a month early. Natch, all polishes I had lined up for this weekend got swept aside.

Before I even purchased these bad boys, I knew I was going to swatch this one first: ‘Warm & Fozzie’…

Kind of spell-binding just looking at it trying to figure out how to even describe it.

Starting from the beginning; it’s brown. It has micro-glitter that is orange, yellow, and green iridescent. At least from what I can see. It’s what I call ‘busy’, but in a very, very good way. 🙂

When I swatch the polish on white paper, the base shows up as a grayish taupe. But all of the glitter builds up and you don’t see the base color.

 I cannot lie, I didn’t snap this photo on purpose. However, it does show a good blurred look at the polish.

There are probably dupes out there. I don’t have one. I tried…

One thing I learned when I took makeup artist lessons is, that the mind’s eye isn’t reliable on remembering colors. I thought Icing’s ‘Paparazzi‘ was a bit browner until I got it out and compared the two. But in this comparison shot, you can see how brown ‘Warm & Fozzie’ is next to ‘Paparazzi‘ which is a warm pink.

 This is 2 coats and no top coat. You can see on my index finger that I had a bald spot. I chased it around and got it to look mostly hidden under normal inspection. The polish felt gritty, a bit, but that rarely bugs me. But, other than that, the polish applied OPI perfect.

So, I have a bit of a confession to make. I do love the Muppets. I love Ralph (does anyone remember when he was on the Jimmy Dean Show? Yea, I’m that old!) and Kermit and Beaker. Even the old dudes are funny. However….I do not like Fozzie. (Ducks and runs out of the room before you can throw old banana peels at me!!)