Del Sol Polish: Sun Kissed

Ready to start your week? How about starting it off with a fun nail polish? Del Sol polish is fun. It’s one color indoors and when you step out into the sun, it changes instantly to a different color…

There is a Del Sol shop at the Orlando Airport. I happen to be fortunate to have some clients there. After my visits, I swing by the Del Sol shop to see what new polishes they have.

‘Sun Kissed’ isn’t exactly a new shade. However, I picked it because orange and reddish-orange shades are hot this summer. First, this is what ‘Sun Kissed’ looks like in the shade…

It’s a very powdery-soft mellow orange. And, once I step out into the Florida sunshine, things start to shift…

Full out in the sun, and things begin to deepen and brighten…

 A bit more…

 And here you have ‘Sun Kissed’ with its total sun look…

You cannot believe how smooth this polish applies. I have 3 coats on and no top coat. However, I’m told that a clear top coat doesn’t have any effect on the color change. Even through the bottle, you can see the metamorphosis…

If this was a drink, I’d add some rum to it, put in a slice of pineapple and enjoy a little bit of time at the pool. And I think I’d spend half of my time reading my Kindle Fire and the other half would be spent gazing at my ‘Sun Kissed’ nails…

Have you tried Del Sol polishes? What color do you have?

Sinful Colors Puts In A Little Secret With Pandora

Tomorrow starts another decade for me. Whoop-de-do. But, the good news is that you and four others can win some nifty prizes. Jump over here and enter.

Gosh, I haven’t even swatched all of Sinful Color’s Cast Away collection and they have a new one out. I went hunting today but didn’t find it. However, if you want to see what I’m talking about, check out Polish Fixation’s blog.

And there is a new China Glaze duochrome collection coming out soon too! Eeps! I need to get through my Hunger Games collection!

Quick, take a look at this fab one from Sinful Colors…

Aptly named ‘Pandora’. That is exactly what I opened up when I decided to become a beauty blogger. However, at the bottom of my Pandora box was a group of friends I never would have met if it hadn’t been for blogging. Thank you!!!

If you don’t know the story of Pandora, you should read it. It is one of my favorites from Greek mythology. And if you ever hear someone make the statement, ‘You’ve opened Pandora’s Box’, then you’ll learn what that means. (Not to mention that is one of the top best reasons for the Internet and radio.)

This shade is amazing…

I’ll say it is a softened, pastel orange. I don’t have a top coat on over the 3 coats of ‘Pandora’ so it isn’t super shiny on its own. But I totally OWN this color. It doesn’t make me have lobster fingers at all (accentuating the red tones in my skin). And I think I know the secret…


‘Pandora’ isn’t a creme. If you look super close, you will see shimmers of magenta in it. In the last photo, with totally blown-out lighting, I almost fake the look of a magenta shimmer in the reflections. ‘Pandora’ is very, very sneaky.

And, I like this shade soooo much. Why are all these new shades so incredibly gorgeous that I want to wear them for a long time!?? Do you think you’ll like this one too?

It’s so sweet and kind when people ask me how Kayla is doing. She is doing splendidly. She loves her new home and family. As much as she wants to play with Libby and Sebastian, they are still not quite sure about it. However, they do play chase back and forth down the hall. And knowing that Kayla is finally able to run and sit in the sun and be loved every day and any moment she wants it, shows me just a little bit of good in the world that I made for her. I must say that Kayla loves her Mommy. And I am totally in love with her too.

Harvest Moon: From China Glaze’s ‘The Hunger Games’ Collection

This beautiful polish is not one I would think of as a Spring color. But, it fits in with China Glaze’s The Hunger Games collection. Let’s take a look…

‘Harvest Moon’ is a rusty orange/brown color. It is a bit more orange than a true bronze. As you can see in the photos, it has no problem shining, though, unlike real rust…

I only needed 2 coats with ‘Harvest Moon’, and I’m finding that other polishes from this collection allow me to get away with only 2 coats, with full coverage. Maybe they did that on purpose so you can get back to reading one of the three books in The Hunger Games trilogy.

There are yellow and orange speckles glittering in this one. It is rather dazzling.

I bet this shade would look gorgeous on someone with a tan complexion. I’d consider this as a pedicure color if I was a beach girl.

No need for a top coat. Just apply sunshine and enjoy!

Are you looking forward to ‘The Hunger Games’ movie?

China Glaze’s Riveting from The Hunger Games Collection

Just look at this gorgeous polish, will ya….

Riveting, right? It’s supposed to be!! This is from China Glaze’s Hunger Games collection. If you haven’t heard about this collection, it’s probably because you have been off reading one of the three books in that trilogy.

Put on your sunglasses and enjoy…

Three coats and nary a top coat needed.  ‘Riveting’ lived up to its name because I wore this for 3 days and it didn’t chip or flake.

This is THE polish I will wear on my toes this summer!

I can’t wait to find out how ‘Riveting’ is linked to ‘The Hunger Games’. Is it a spoiler?

This is the ‘go to’ shade for this season. Are you going to be sporting it too?

Traditional Sally Hansen Fall Manicure with a Couple of Twists

I have an annual Fall manicure. I cannot tell you how old these two Sally Hansen polishes are but they are old! I bet this is one of the first glitter polishes that company ever made!!!

Click here to see where I blogged about this Fall look last year. I tweaked it then and I’m tweaking it again this year. Take a looky-see…

And then, on the right hand, more tweaking…

The one directly above I tried to take it out of focus to see that holo stuff going on with the ring finger.

OK, break downs…this is the core base colors I used…

Sally Hansen’s ‘Bronzegold Frost’ is the annual Fall base color. This year’s new base color is Zoya’s ‘Codie.’

 The traditional glitter top coat: Sally Hansen’s ‘Gilded Pink.’ Doesn’t look pink but copper to me.

And layering ‘Gilded Pink’ over ‘Codie’ it looks like a left over Halloween manicure. Pretty but I’m so ready to move on from Halloween.

On my right hand, I did the same base colors but with Kleancolor’s ‘Aurora’ as the layering top coat…

Sometimes the star glitter came out, most of the time it just stayed in the bottle. But the effects of the iridescent glitter is enough. I wish they wouldn’t have even bothered with the star glitter.

There’s no wedding planned but I think of it as ‘something old, something new…’ Here’s hoping you look forward to your Holiday traditions whether they are old or new, or a beautiful mixture of both.

A Dirty Little Orange Number

How in the world did this month get over with in a snap? I’m drawing tonight for my October giveaway. Olly Olly In Free!!  Right here.

A top color for Fall is orange. And orange can be a tricky color to wear; clothing, makeup or otherwise.

This orange by Ulta isn’t one of those oranges that worked for me…

I like that it is shimmery and, almost a shimmery frost.

This little baby was part of a collection that I didn’t keep track of.

I have on 3 coats and no top coat. I wasn’t going to spend any time keeping this polish on. I felt the polish made my nails look dirty.

Now that I look at the photos, it doesn’t appear that it was THAT horrible. But in real life, it did not suit me.

One point that is a saving grace for this polish is that it comes in a tiny bottle so I don’t feel I spent a lot of money on a ho-hum shade. Another is that it did apply somewhat nicely. It is soupy but it was very good at leveling out on the third coat.

I wish I would have thought about this before I took it off but, a black shatter would have given it more hope. If you want to see a similar look of that, my friend, Lisa of Shades of Magick, did, click here and check out her work.

When I lamented that orange polishes make my fingers look dirty, I got a few responses back on Twitter that other polish fanatics have that issue too. Some with oranges and a few with pinks.

Is there a shade that you feel makes your nails/fingers look dirty?

Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet, I Found A Polish That Can’t Be Beat

If you are scurrying around, trying to get a lot done and the Internet gets wonky, doesn’t that just piss ya off?! OK, I guess I need to get into some sort of anger management computer class or, net rage control intervention.

But, this pumpkin soothes my nerves…

I was in St. Petersburg, Florida last weekend for my sister’s wedding. I checked G’s (Nouveau Cheap) virtual tracking map for Wet ‘n Wild’s On the Prowl collection. I actually saw 2 spottings marked for the Gulf Coast!

My hubs has got it through his head that yes, we will stop by several Walgreens, when we are out. And I was damn sure we would on our way to the Gulf.

I’ve given up on the On the Prowl collection. But I did find these…

I have seen and know about Del Sol polishes, however, this is the first one I have ever purchased. I think I’ve avoided buying any Del Sol because I’m not what you call an ‘outside’ girl.

I didn’t think ‘Trick or Treat’ was going to fair well all by itself (notice middle finger). And I got out my trusty black creme and went to town. I used Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Black Out.’ I have 2 coats of ‘Black Out’ and used 2 coats of ‘Trick Or Treat.’ I didn’t do a top coat as I figured it would not work with sunlight-changing polishes.

I wasn’t paying any attention and thought this was going to be a just OK polish. No! This is way better than a just OK!

 There is iridescent glitter in this! And the orange glitter plays off the iridescent and creates fireworks. Good grief, I can’t get over the look.

Remember, I just stated that I’m not the outdoorsy type, right? I guess I wasn’t outdoors enough when I was photographing these shots because ‘Trick or Treat’ was not changing. Hmmm…what that the trick? Then I got a bright idea (whoo hoo…bright idea is gonna be a pun, hold on). I thought I’d use my UV light box. Word!

And here is the bottle itself. You can actually see the line where the bottle was out of the light spectrum.

 I’m pretty gaga over this polish. It was hard for me to move on to swatch another one.

Have you seen ‘Trick or Treat’? How do you like Del Sol polish? Are you hoping to find a Winter Holiday Del Sol polish, like I am?

One of the Most Annoying Orange Polishes

This month’s work has been slow. That will all change with the last quarter of the year coming up. However, I have made the best of it with sharing blog posts, swatching lots of polishes and makeup, reading all my favorite blogs and socializing on Twitter. It doesn’t matter what the nay-sayers think about social media, I have met people and made friends that have truly enhanced my life.

So there!

I tried out ‘Creepy Pumpkin’ polish from Wet ‘n Wild’s 2011 Halloween collection. When I mentioned it originally here, I stated that this orange polish was not annoying. (Get it?) However, it isn’t an annoying shade, but it is an annoying orange polish to apply. 

Let’s start here with a photo….

It’s got teeny, tiny orange glitter in an orange base jelly.

Here it is swatched and a total of 4 coats…

One thing I have to mention, this is my fourth attempt at doing this manicure. What a finicky jelly this one is. Where I found the patience, I just don’t know. But, I had all sorts of problems with this ‘Creepy Pumpkin.’

Even with 4 coats, I see VNL. It had wicked drag, both at the cuticle line AND the tips. It dried slow and after an hour I would ding it, ruining the manicure’s look for a swatch. It was gritty, but I really don’t mind that at all. The fact that it didn’t apply fluidly is the main issue, for me.

However, if I only pull this polish out for the Halloween season, I guess it will be OK…maybe. Oh, but I did find a really great prop to use…

I got an entire bag of pretzel M&M’s just for this prop; it was so perfect.

What? You don’t believe me? Boy, that’s just plain annoying.

Wet n Wild Black Magic Shinanigans and a Sparkly Pumpkin

As I mentioned previously, I saved back the Icing’s ‘Pumpkin’ to swatch. I’m sitting on the fence about this one…probably like a pumpkin. ;P So, here are the photos and I’ll leave it up to you if it is worth purchasing.


 After I polished my pinky, I started thinking that maybe I should put a base coat down first. So, as you can see, I did a couple tests with that in mind.

I used Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Black Magic’ from the Fantasy Maker Halloween collection. This little tombstone has caused quite a bit of confusion. It’s like the wrong person got buried in the wrong plot.

Here’s the situation as I understand it. Gianna at Nouveau Cheap, gave ‘Black Magic’ a review and swatch on her blog. You can pop on over here, to check it out. You’ll notice that she not only swatches it but she also shows a photo of the side of the polish stating that this polish is, indeed, named ‘Black Magic.’

Cool! Many of us are excited to get a black polish that has an array of micro-glitter colors. However, a few of us ended up with a creme black.

Mine even says ‘Black Magic.’ However, it is not the same as Gianna’s. I purchased mine at an Ulta store. So, a few days later, I went to another Ulta store and looked the display over carefully. What I noticed was that the display states that the color that should be there is ‘Black Sparklee.’ The plot thickens…

I feel confident that Wet n Wild has made a mistake in packaging. My question then is, will we be able to find ‘Black Sparklee’? Stay tuned. I’ll give an update when anything turns up.

Now that I’m finished with that breaking news, back to our regularly scheduled swatch…

‘Pumpkin’ is, without any doubt, orange and sparkly. I love it! However, I think doing a mani with just the ‘Pumpkin’ would have done just fine as it is rather densely packed with glitter.

‘Pumpkin’ is a thick polish. And I had a difficult time getting it to apply near the cuticle without depositing glitter on my skin.

With the top photo of my thumb, I have one coat of ‘Black Magic’ (imposter or not) and 2 coats of ‘Pumpkin.’ I have one two top coats of Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker’. And even with those 2 layers of top coat, ‘Pumpkin’ is still gritty. On the index finger, I have 3 coats of ‘Pumpkin’ and I think it looks fairly nice. It has got an opaque look to it with 3 coats. Only thing is, that it does have pull at the cuticle line.

This is my index finger on my right hand and I believe that this shows the drag of ‘Pumpkin’ but the possibilities that using these two polishes have. It almost looks like a graduated appearance.

Oh, and one great thing about the ‘Black Magic’ I got, that sucker is opaque in one coat!. Not a bald spot or a streak. That makes me feel a bit better about having it in my collection.

Now you can tell me what you think about these polishes; layer or no layer? And on the ‘Black Magic’ mixup; Trick or Treat? Let me know your thoughts, I’m interested to read what the readers think.

Don’t Wait! Get Your Halloween Stuff NOW!

Amongst my travels today, I stopped at 2 CVS stores and 3 Walgreens. I didn’t find any of the Wet ‘n Wild products I have been longing for. But, I did find some other stuff. Also, I got some goodies at Bath and Body Works.

I saw this Sally Hansen display at Walgreens about 2 or so weeks ago…

And, I purchased ‘Teal-y Cool’…

I swatched that baby right out in the parking lot before I even got into my car…

This is over a blue from Color Club’s Poptsatic collection. (Damn, no names on the bottle!)

If you look at the display, there is a dark polish in the middle, next to a blue. That is ‘Pumpkin Spice.’  I photographed it but, didn’t buy it. I really figured I had something like that already. And, I was trying not to purchase every polish color that strikes my fancy.

That is until Scrangie swatched it on her blog. I haven’t swatched this one yet, so please, click on her name/link to jump over there and be in awe.

Ohhhhhh, Halloween, why do you have to be so far away! And, by the way, Happy Lammas: celebrating the first harvest of the year, August 1.

Next, I snooped the $1 bins at Walgreens. When you were a kid, did you like to put your quarter into the candy/cheap toy machine and get a luck of the draw jawbreaker or a rub-on tattoo? Well, I get that same feeling looking through the $1bins at Walgreens.

Here’s what I got for one buck…

Constant readers will know that I am a merchandiser. I get to make things look pretty in stores so you will empty your wallets be enticed to purchase. So, I get to go to malls every week. Yea, this job sucks….NOT!

I got a few of the little Fall candle samplers at Bath and Body Works last week. I loved them soooo much that I got 6 more to share with my blogger girlfriends when we had lunch. I noticed the second time I went back, they had even more fragrances. So, today I wanted to pick up some more.

Now I have a total of 6 different minis to tide me over until I get the biggies! But, what did I Spy at the counter when checking out…

Yes!!! SIX different body lotions!!! The store had just put out the first 6 as samples when I yelled politely asked when they would be available. The sales associate said they had boxes of them right there, just delivered. Yippeee!

Are these little Halloween themed-bottles so stinkin’ cute!!!!…

I am so glad to see all these Halloween-themed items coming out so early. This way all the Christmas stuff will be available in October. (sarcasm)

Do you have any of these items or, are they on your wish list?