Unforgettable Moment’s Amethyst Polish

I posted, a few days ago, about Payless Shoes selling makeup. Click here to see the first post I did on their nail polish.

Today is another polish from the same line…

This is from Unforgettable Moments and this one is called ‘Amethyst.’ I’m not sure who they let name these polishes, because I don’t recall ever seeing a burgundy-colored amethyst. At least not this deep.

Anyhoo, bad naming aside, I love this vampy burgundy!!! But, it isn’t a creme. No, no, no….

It is a sparkling burgundy note.

‘Amethyst’ applied so well. I have on 3 coats only because when I went to apply a top coat, it created a bald spot. So for damage control, I went back and did a third coat.

Here you can see just a hint of that bald spot. But otherwise, I think the application was easy.

It did look like a creme at first, and in this indirect light, it looks so…

And this angle is washing all color out, so it does look almost black.

I like the sunny poses best…

And, just to fill you in a bit more, regarding my nails. I am trying another method of getting my cuticles into shape. I got some cotton gloves and I have been lathering on Proclaim Natural 7 Oil before putting the gloves on.

Then I go to sleep. Yep. I sleep with gloves on. And I’m going to keep doing it as it has really softened my cuticles and, even the backs of my hands feel smoother. My knuckles tend to get dry so this is helping them as well.

Now I have added Silk Element’s Shea Butter with Olive Oil Hand Creme as well. That bumped up the softness factor even more. And now that I’m going through that, I’m on a totally strict ‘no biting, cutting, picking’ cuticle LAW!! So the cuticles are adhering to the bottom of my nails, I’m still working on the sides. If I can keep this up, and I’m very determined to, my nail self-esteem will be strong. 🙂

Both products I mentioned above can be purchased at Sally’s. What is your beauty tip on taking care of your cuticles?

Perfect Fall Polish Shade: Unforgettable Moments ‘Garnet’

Payless Shoes added a couple of beauty product lines over a year ago. In fact, I gave some of these as a giveaway. Even though I purchased a few of their polishes, I felt they went better with a Fall trend so I have one for you now and another one later this month.

This is Unforgettable Moments’ ‘Garnet’…

Looking at this color in the bottle, I’m thinking that I would not call that shade ‘Garnet.’ This is the color of a garnet and fits more with what I imagine…

Unforgettable Moments looks more brown. However, take a look on the nail…

Almost like the stone. And, just for your information, as beautiful as garnets are, they do not cost very much. Many times people will purchase a garnet stone rather than a red ruby, since rubies can be quite expensive.

So…in the bottle, a molten brownish-red…

On the nails, somewhat dark red that shows a hint of purple…

‘Garnet’ wore pretty good. I used 3 coats and have Finger Paint’s top coat over that. The bottle is small as it came in a box of four smaller versions of the originals; all in the Fall color spectrum. It is a very easy polish to apply and I had no problems at all with it.

Perfect Fall polish shade…

What shade is your favorite Fall polish?

I Spy…New Makeup Collection at Payless Shoes

There are some work ‘rules’ that are totally outdated. Like, wearing toe-covering shoes. That takes out sandals. Maybe in certain industries like food and construction, you need to cover your toes. And flip-flops are usually too casual for most places as well. But, come on!!! It’s the 21st Century and it is FLORIDA!!!! It is perfectly fine for me to wear nice sandals for my job as it is to wear sneakers.

OK. That preludes to my need to find TOE COVERING shoes for work. I got these at Payless Shoes earlier this year. I was hoping to find the same style in a taupe color for more versatility.

This photo is courtesy of the Payless Shoe Store website.

Since I was at a mall today, I thought I’d step in (haa haa!) and see if they maybe had something like that.

No luck. But I did find they had a new beauty collection.

 This line is called ‘Brash.’ There are other products in the line, however, I didn’t want to overextend my opportunity given by the Store Manager. I did ask if I could photo the polishes, while explaining my purpose. He was very nice and granted me permission. Oh, and let me add, these polishes were only $2.99.

I didn’t want a run-in like I did last week at a Beya store at another mall. At first, I was given permission but another woman came up and was unprofessional in her approach to tell me I couldn’t. Stupid ‘gate-keepers.’ She didn’t even know why they had that rule. She was just going to parrot what she had heard someone else say. And, she said she wasn’t ‘interested in learning.’ I did manage to get some photos taken before she came up to me. However, when I came back by that store when I was finished with work at another store, she was out talking to a couple of men working at the kiosk outside her store. She must have forgot the ‘rule’ to stay in the store when working. Hmph. So…no free advertising for that store. They don’t even have an email address to write a complaint letter to.

But, I have digressed severely….back to the happy, new makeup!

Here are some individual shots of some shades from the Brash collection…

All of them have sparkle. It just seems that ‘Sergeant Khaki’ is the only one that flashed his. 🙂 

Some of the glitter line…

The top photo shows the white and black cremes. I think the point is to put the glitters over that. 

And, a very sneaky photo of the roll-on powder eye shadow…

 Can you sort of see the palettes in the background? They are dual foundation and concealers. There are some lip glosses and perfume in this line as well. 

Even though I’m trying very hard to be on a no-buy until I get the new, fall China Glaze polishes, I allowed myself just ONE of these new shades. But after mocking up this post, I think I want to go get ‘Sergeant Khaki’.

I did choose ‘Gun Metal’…

This photos, in the sunlight, give a shot of the sparkle in ‘Gun Metal.’ I will be forth-coming with a swatch on this heavy shooter. 

The colors seem to be spot on for Fall, wouldn’t you say? Can you wear open toe shoes at your job?

What’s Pink and Black and 300 Followers Strong?

There just has to be another giveaway; Libby’s Pink Vanity is approaching 300 followers.
Plus, I thought these items were super cute.  So, here’s the super cute 300 followers giveaway!  WooT!

 A cute pink and black coin purse, NYX’s ‘Sweetie’, a mineral shadow sample of Hi-Fi Makeup’s ‘Last Words’

 Payless Shoes is carrying a couple of lines of makeup.  Seriously!  The 3 mini polishes are: Ballroom, Dancing Queen, Twirl (2 cremes and a shimmer).  The 6 lippie palette is ‘Petal Pinks’ and the shadow palette: ‘Soft Petals’ and it has 4 shadows; 2 matte, 2 shimmer, and 2 creme eye liners; one is blue and the other is brown.

Last is a cute shadow palette I found at Claire’s.  This one is…No Name!! Ack!!  I hereby name thee, in the tradition of those that have gone before you, ‘Pampered Petals.’

I saw these cute items and knew I had a giveaway in the making.
I love the packaging!!!!

It’s evening, so the colors are not photographing well, but I do want to show you what is up for the prize.

Out of the light box for a family portrait.

Here are the rules:

(Just in case, this means you HAVE to do these two things or your entry will not be counted and that would be sad)
1) You must be a follower; let me know how you follow.
2) You need to leave me your email address so I can contact you (all your entries HAVE to have your email address!)

3) Put this on your blog and link back to here, and you’ll get 3 more entries.

4) Tweet about this giveaway linking it back to here.

5) Share this on your FaceBook, link it back, let me know about it and you’ll get an entry.

Be sweet; don’t cheat!  Post in the comments for each entry, separately or all together.  It doesn’t matter.

Giveaway is open internationally and to those who have won with me before.  

This giveaway runs quick because I have another one lined up!  I will close this one Oct. 16, 2010, Saturday at 10 PM EST.

You likey? 

I’ll share with you two of my favorite pink things;  that’s Libby’s pinky lip and her pinky toes.  That is the inspiration for my blog’s name.