Forever 21’s Love & Beauty: Pink Star Glitter Polish

Pink stars remind me of a childhood cereal…

I would have thought those free stickers in the box would have been neat. If kids got those today, they’d be so pissed they’d punch their Mom.

This polish is a bit punchy too. I got it at Forever 21 and since it is pink, I had to get it…

I knew what I was getting myself into with those sparse glittery stars: it was going to be hard to get them onto my nails. But, looking at them in the bottle made them so inviting…

I have already reviewed the base color I used, Milani’s ‘Hot Pink Frenzy’ here. And this is what it looks like with Pink Star glitter polish as a top coat…


I had to fish out the stars. And honestly, I didn’t fish too hard. I knew too many glittery stars were going to be hard to remove later. I did like the glitter over the Milani creme pink though. And the sparse stars made the look more of an accent than a full-blown starry look.

These two polishes played very well together. I used 2 coats of the Pink Stars. That seemed to be just the right amount of charm for me.

I was not too partial to Lucky Charms. The marshmallows were the only tasty part. I liked Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries. Do you like Lucky Charms?

Milani’s Spring Collection: Hot Pink Frenzy High Speed Fast Dry

Milani got in the brightest shades this Spring. Someone said ‘make ’em bright this year.’ And, so they did…

Milani’s High Speed Fast Dry comes in ‘Hot Pink Frenzy’. I would have called it ‘Bright Idea’. 

This is the prettiest shimmer pink I own…

I have on three coats and have Sally Hansen’s Teflon Tuff as a top coat. I love the way Milani’s ‘Hot Pink Frenzy’ wore so well. The edges didn’t chip during the two days I wore this shade.

‘Hot Pink Frenzy’ has such a color impact; I couldn’t stop looking at this hottie…

This polish does a bit of a twist on a bright pink; there’s a touch of coral to it and a bright, true pink as the shimmer. No streaks at all. And it applied smashingly. If you are into nail art, I think you would love this polish, as well.

Whoever came up with the shades for Milani’s Spring collection had a Bright Idea!

It’s bright, no? Which shades did you get of Milani’s Spring collection?

This product was given to me for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Four Product Reviews on NYX Cosmetics

It is by no means a secret that I hate summers in Florida. It’s just too friggin’ hot here! With my job, I’m in and out of the car all day. And my car is a mobile oven. Ugh!

So, the nice people at NYX Cosmetics are on my happy list. They have a few products that are going to make my summer just a bit more tolerable. They helped sponsor the last Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida meet up, and here is what I have to share…


First of all, that is one of the cutest durn packages I have seen!! And inside were 4 full-size goodies.

Let me start with the one that is going to be a BFF this summer…

I have used blotting papers before. This is something that works great for my skin, as it will get shiny as the day goes on and down-right sweaty as the summer goes on.

Yet, NYX’s Tea Tree Blotting Papers are just a bit better than the ordinary blotting papers. These have tea tree oil in them. Tea tree oil is known for its facial oil absorption properties. Now, I know not everyone likes the smell of tea tree oil. But this doesn’t have a heavy scent. And, after using a blotting tissue, the smell does not linger. However, it is what it takes away that makes this Da Bomb…no shiny skin.

It wouldn’t be too pretty to show you a used blotting paper, so I’ll just tell you this: pressing the tissue onto the shiny areas of my face magically disappear and end up on the tissue. INSTANT RESULTS!!!

And, I really want to know how NYX knew to give me a pink polish?…


‘Wild Orchid’ will be getting a review of her own, very soon.

Next, I got a matte bronzing powder…


A little bit is all I need to warm up my complexion for a summer look.

And, an illuminating bronzer powder…


I am, actually, using the illuminating bronzer as a blush. This makes for a very natural look on me. Both of these give me the look of sun without the damaging results. Swatch posts will be coming up very soon on the bronzers as well.

Many thanks to NYX Cosmetics for their sponsorship. These go nicely on the vanity with my many other NYX cosmetics. I get my NYX Cosmetics at Sephora and I have ordered directly from NYX Cosmetics.  

These products have been given to me for my honest review. The opinions are my own.

Milani’s Hot Pink Manicure Fit For A 5K Race

Race Day! And I won! OK, I didn’t win THE race but I won my own admiration. I set a new, personal best time and I completed the 5K race. Hooray! Oh, and I got a medal too!

Here I am all ready to begin. Yes, it was dark; I got up at 3:30 AM and was at DisneyWorld by 4:15. The race started promptly at 7 AM. I had to get there early because the parking lot was going to fill up fast. There were 5000 runners alone.

Check out the Epcot ball behind me…

It was windy and chilly. But that made it perfect weather for me to run. Before the race I shucked the gloves and about 1 mile into the run, I tied my jacket around me too.

If you look in the middle of this photo, you can spot me in my white visor, coming into the finish line. Yes, running!

Here are my race day nails…

Something fun, festive, princess-like and pink: Milani’s ‘Hot Pink’. This race is called the Princess 5K Fun Run and it was part of the entire Princess 1/2 Marathon weekend. I ran on Saturday; the 1/2 Marathon was Sunday. (Please do not ask when I will run a 1/2 Marathon; that’s not going to happen. 3.1 miles is plenty.)

As jam-packed as this large glitter is, I thought I’d get a heavy coverage. But it turned out like this…

This is 3 coats. I don’t have on a top coat because I wasn’t going to leave it on this weekend. I knew I was going to do more swatching.However, this was a fun manicure and I got a couple of compliments on it.

There is approximately 2/3 magenta glitter to 1/3 silver. The silver helps give it a twinkle. You can imagine how cool ‘Hot Pink’ would be layered over a variety of base colors.

And talk about variety…

 I tried to snap a photo of me running with the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. What a cute Beast at that!

 I came upon a woman dressed like the Chiceta banana lady. Once I got past her, it wasn’t a good idea for me to turn around and snap a photo, though.

 I’m coming up to run around the ball and then into the home stretch.

 A photo of the crowd of runners once I crossed the finish line.

And here I am catching my breath once I finished. I’m still breathing hard and I don’t seem to be able to smile at the same time. 🙂

After more fretting than necessary, the run was fun and I enjoyed running around Epcot. The weather was great and I got some cool swag food after I had my offical race photo taken. I milled around a bit after that then went back into town and celebrated with a Starbucks chai tea.

What grand moment did you have this weekend? Do you find ‘Hot Pink’ a fun polish for the my race?

Color Club’s Poptastic Polish for a Running Princess

It is less than 12 hours before I run the Disney Princess 5K. I’m excited to make this accomplishment. A year ago, I never even imagined being a runner. Now, I’m very proud to say that not only am I a runner but I will have finished my 3rd 5K.

I have a Princess 5K manicure that I’m sporting for tomorrow but, will post that later this weekend. What I do have is a very Disney princess look to show…

This Color Club dolly lips pink came from the Poptastic collection and, is called ‘Poptastic’ itself.

A spring color if I ever saw one…

If I wouldn’t have already picked my Princess 5K polish, I think this one would have been just fine. I went to the ESPN Expo at DisneyWorld to pick up my race number this morning and pink was everywhere! The beauty blogger in me died just a little bit at all there was to see. And, I’ll show more about that when I post after the run photos.

I have 2 coats on and a 3rd one would have taken away that VNL on my thumb. I used Lumos as a top coat because it wears like iron. ‘Popstatic’ didn’t have any streaks and laid down so evenly and smoothly.

Lipstick this color might be for Nicki Minaj but I won’t shy away from wearing this shade on my nails. It’s the Princess thing to do.

Is this a shade of pink you’d wear?

Like A 12 Year Old In A Candy Shop; Claire’s New Polish

This new shade, Claire’s ‘Candy Shop’, is getting some press. I have only found one and boy, did I snatch it up! I hadn’t read anything on this until after I got it. But it is worth the buzz.

This polish makes the 12 year old in me cheer…

‘Candy Shop’ makes me think of ‘Whimsical’. Both are light-hearted and just fun to wear.

Take a gander at this confetti amount of glitter in a dusty pink base…

 I don’t know how many different sizes of glitter are in this polish but I think it is a lot! And there are a lot of colors too. I’m not using this word lightly; jam-packed!

OK, back on track. The base of ‘Candy Shop’ is opaque enough that I didn’t have to put on underwear. Yes, the 12 year old that lives in me laughed out loud too…

This is just 2 coats! And to my surprise, this glitter lays down way better than I thought it would. I topped it with a coat of Seche Vite just to keep my hair from snagging on it,though. But the removal was typical of large glitter polish. It was as stubborn as making a 12 year old go to school on Mondays.

This was a fun manicure to do and to photo, as well. I must have taken 100 pictures. And you might not have noticed until I pointed it out but, I have a really wicked hang nail going on with my middle finger. Puffy and ouchy. Too bad I can’t ignore it.

Have you seen this polish yet? Does it look like a 12 year old’s favorite polish? In 29 days, I am going to be old enough to say, I’m going to start my second childhood. It’s THE ultimate landmark birthday: 50. I think I’ll stay with 12. At lease mentally.

Zoya’s Kylie: All Purpose Nail Polish Shade

Zoya Nail Polish is one of those companies that can make their customers fall in with them. They have frequent giveaways, many deals and collections that are popular and fun.

I was not personally acquainted with Zoya until I started blogging. And, I must say, that I am more than pleasantly surprised with the quality of these polishes.

After a season of glitters and sparkles, my eye fell upon this cutie while looking for something different…

Zoya’s ‘Kylie’ is a dusty pink that has a faint magenta shimmer.

In super bright sunlight, you can see the softness of this color. Need a polish for an interview? Check. Want to wear a polish, other than a French manicure, for a wedding, whether yours, you’re in it or just attending? Check. Have a young lady going to her first junior high dance? Check. Want to look feminine and chic? Check.

As you can tell, I think ‘Kylie’ is a shade that works in about any situation.

This shade of pink works really good with my skintone…

 Afternoon sun.

Afternoon shade.

Zoya’s polishes are so smooth and easy to apply. I have 2 thin coats on (hence, you can see a tell-tale nail line) that dried quickly and evenly. When it came time for removal, ‘Kylie’ was easily removed with Zoya’s own polish remover, Remove+.

It’s sort of nice to wear a quiet and peaceful nail shade. How about you?

Three Polish Brands; One Big Holiday Polish Haul

These are my recent nail polish hauls. And it’s a haulage!!

I got these at Sally’s. I wanted to get ‘Ingenue’ as well, but it was gone!

These two polishes are from Orly’s Holiday Soiree collection. On the left, the gawdawesome ‘Androgynie’. The one on the right, that’s ‘Oui’.

Go ahead and take a closer look…

‘Androgynie’…the final frontier. The baby lacey nail file is cute but utterly useles.

‘Oui’ to a gold and silvery-purple duochrome.

Lovely shades. Nothing terribly new, but these are the shades of polish I like. You can see some ‘hot damn’ swatches of this collection at I Drink Nail Polish’s blog.

I was at the right place at the right time to get this collection from China Glaze…

This China Glaze collection is from the one called Eye Candy 3-D. I don’t know what the 3-D part is because these polishes have no more or less depth to them than any other glitters. But, maybe I missed getting the free 3-D glasses that should have come with these.  I did get in on the sale at Ulta though. I bought 2 and got 1 free. At first, I was only going to get 5 but since that sixth one was free, I got them all.

The first one above is called ‘Lorelei’s Tiara.’ That’s the one that has silver glitter and then some teal glitter swirling around within. That is one of the more unique looks.

Next to that is ‘Marry A Millionaire’. Great saying that goes with a medium purple glitter with holo bar glitter. Another rather new look to me.

And then the last one in this line up is a gold glitter; ‘Blonde Bombshell.’ This is the one I wasn’t going to get at first. It’s a gold glitter but has these larger sizes of gold glitter as well. I feel I have to get my nose right down into it to see the differences in the sizes, however.

Next set…

From left over to right; ‘Material Girl’; ‘Some Like it Haute (named after one of my favorite movies); and then ‘Love Marilyn.’

 ‘Material Girl’ is a dusty pink glitter with larger sized pink holo glitter.

Next is ‘Some Like It Haute.’ This one is another favorite. It’s a dark, slate gray and has holo glitter suspended in it. Last is ‘Love Marilyn’ and this is a gorgeous red glitter sprinkled with silver glitter.

There’s ‘Androgenie’ next to ‘Some Like It Haute’…

 I know they are not the same and the only similarities can be they are both dark and have holo glitter. However, when you put them side by side, they actually bring out the unique flavor of each other.

Blurred for shimmer, you can see both are full of holographic glitter. ‘Androgynie’ has the larger hex shaped pieces.

And lastly, I found the Nicole By OPI’s Holiday Glitter collection. I picked up just two…

 On the left, ‘Orna-ment For Each Other’. Now that’s a Santa suit red! It’s got speckles of gold glitter within a sea of red glitter. Ho Ho Ho!

 And on the right, that’s ‘Glitter In My Stocking.’ It’s a bright gold glitter that has red and copper glitter thrown in for some major holiday awe-ness.

They look like glitter tree ornaments, don’t they?

There were a total of 4 shades to this collection. One was a fuchsia glitter (‘My Sleigh Is In The Shop) and the other was a bright blue with a rainbow assortment of colored micro-glitter called  ‘Snowman of My Dreams.’ I hemmed and hawed over that one and I think I’ve convinced myself that I will have to go back and get it.

I better get busy and Holiday Swatch! Do you have any of these or, are there some here that you know you’ll get?

I Can Cut In Front Of You As Long As I Say ‘Excuse Moi’, Right?

If I don’t put a move on it, Halloween will be here before I can get through all my spooky polishes. I’ll have to move some of them into the ‘Fall Season’ category so I can post them after Halloween.

However, I got ya one here….

From the very much anticipated OPI Muppets Collection, this is ‘Excuse Moi’.

OPI concocted a polish cocktail of fuchsia, pink, silver and green glitter along with micro-glitter of the same shades and put it in a fuchsia transparent base. There is probably more going on in this polish, however, I like to look for myself and tell you what I see for myself.

On the nails, it becomes glam…

I applied 3 coats of ‘Excuse Moi’ and then used Color Club’s ‘Vivid’ as a top coat. The polish is not as gritty as it looks. OPI does fairly good at making their glitters lay flat. But then, I’m not too objectionable about gritty glitter; I love me some glitter!

And since I’m not being very subjectionable, let me say one more thing…

I wish the names of ‘Excuse Moi’ and ‘Wocka Wocka‘ could be changed around. A sexy red would be more apt to be named ‘Excuse Moi’, at least I think so.

And I leave you with this, Miss Piggy…

 reminds me of this character…

Mimi, from The Drew Carey Show. Hee hee! Both Mimi and Miss Piggy are the quintessential ‘Triple O’; over-weight, over-confident and over-bearing.

Both of these characters are characters. Their antics, and over the top personalities, make us laugh. I really do like both of them. They are also gutsy and really run their lives, as well as their fashion looks accordingly to only themselves. I’m envious.

Manicure ‘Sam-mich’

This trend of creating a nail polish sandwich (we say ‘sam-mich’ in my house….because we’re weird like that) is really cute. And I am enjoying the creativity that it beckons.

Go here and look at Nightly Nail’s sammich. Durn cute, eh? Hey, she says ‘sammich’ too! But she’s not weird; she’s a friend.

And this one….ah, take a look at this one here. This is by Never Enough Nails.

I was at Ulta and spotted this polish by Revlon and ‘sandwich’ was the first thing that came to my mind.

Revlon’s ‘Starry Pink.’ This is a dusty, light-pinkish lavender that has silver hexagon and micro-glitter.

I liked it because it looks like a ‘cheater’s’ sammich…

I’m sorry…my cuticles need 911! And, can you see that I have, actually, put cuticle oil on them too? Sigh…

However, am I on track here with ‘Starry Pink’ looking like a polish sandwich. It was a pleasant surprise that it really did have some qualities of the sandwich manicure.

Granted, I am not a fan of dusty pink polishes. I think they look dirty on me. But this one, it almost gets by…

I wore it for a couple of days and it did start to grow on me. I have on two coats with Color Club’s ‘Vivid’: Color Intensifying Top Coat. I used that hoping it would give some luminosity to ‘Starry Pink.’

So, what do you think? Want some ‘tater chips to go with that sammich? Here’s the tidbit on me today; I am not a big sandwich fan at all. There are just a few sandwiches I like. And, this is one that seems to have won me over.